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Cambodia Workers Reduced to ‘Slaves' Amid Rampant Debt Bondage in Cambodia's Brick Sector 2018-05-08 [Biz&Human Rts Res Ctr]

Cambodia PM warns unions ahead of poll 2018-04-23 [The Post]

Cambodia BWI calls for charges against Tola Mouen to be dropped 2018-04-11 [BWI]

Cambodia Global union movement unites in defence of fired education employees 2018-03-20 [Education International]

Cambodia The state of political freedom in Cambodia 2018-03-19 [phnompenhpost]

Cambodia Global Unions, International Human Rights and Workers' Rights Organizations Call for End to Politically Motivated Prosecution of Tola Moeun 2018-03-14 [HRW]

Cambodia Putting a price on gender parity Cambodia's women face growing pay gap, limits on opportunities 2018-03-09 [phnompenhpost]

Cambodia Four unionists from the Cosmo Textile garment factory in Kandal province accused of starting an illegal protest 2018-02-23 [phnompenhpost]

Thailand Thailand handed over a Cambodian labour activist For more info 2018-02-13 [Bangkok Post]

Cambodia Ministry meets with protesting garment workers following factory closures 2018-02-13 [phnompenhpost]

Cambodia Minimum wage law to advance to Council of Ministers 2018-01-31 [The Post]

Cambodia Phnom Penh court calls worker over Veng Sreng strike 2018-01-16 [The Post]

Cambodia Unions and companies alike unhappy with draft changes to law on worker contracts 2018-01-16 [The Post]

Cambodia Despite Arbitration Council ruling, garment factory dispute rolls on 2017-12-28 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia Workers protest over ‘RCAF' factory guards 2017-12-27 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia Little Progress' Seen in Myanmar Press Freedoms, While Rights in Cambodia Decline: Report 2017-12-20 [RFA]

Cambodia Human Rights Day celebrations kept to a minimum amid fears of crackdown 2017-12-11 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia HR defender under threat 2017-12-10 [The Action Network]

Cambodia Garment Unions Fear Possible End of EU, US Trade Preferences 2017-12-03 [RFA]

Cambodia Workers faint from factory polish fumes 2017-11-24 [The Post]

Cambodia Private sector worried over universal wage law 2017-11-23 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia Journalists Urge Court to Drop ‘Espionage' Case Against Former RFA Reporters 2017-11-21 [RFA ]

Cambodia Tola questioned over Kem Ley funeral funds 2017-11-10 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia Wage Hike in Cambodia Rises Higher Than Expected 2017-10-10 [Sourcing Journal]

Cambodia Garment and Footwear Workers to Get Minimum Wage Hike by 2018 2017-10-08 [RFA]

Japan Inspectors link Cambodian trainee's depression to workplace abuse by Japanese co-workers 2017-09-18 [Japan Times]

Cambodia Cambodia's fragile democracy rocked by newspaper closure and ‘treason' arrest 2017-09-06 [Equal Times]

Cambodia Dozens More Faintings Occur at Factory With No Clear Cause 2017-09-01 [The Daily]

Cambodia Hun Sen Promises Cheaper Water Bills for Garment Workers 2017-09-01 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Government Official Implicated in Stranded Maid Ordeal 2017-09-01 [The Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Wage increase not enough: labour confederation 2017-08-26 [The Post]

Cambodia In Charm Offensive, Hun Sen Promises Workers Raises, Pension 2017-08-22 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Ong Kay: The Real Story behind Siem Reap 2017-08-08 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia Ong Kay: The Real Story behind Siem Reap For more info 2017-08-07 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia What's behind the mass faintings in Cambodia's garment factories? 2017-08-03 [Equal Times]

Cambodia Civil servants told the State pays your wages so you must support the ruling party 2017-08-03 [Radio Free Asia ]

Cambodia Cambodia Brewery Workers Win Suit, Charge Intimidation For more info 2017-07-31 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia M&S, Bonmarche and Nygard should compensate Cambodian workers after factory closure For more info 2017-07-13 [CCC]

Cambodia Sok, 19, Paid Poverty Wages as Domestic Worker in Cambodia For more info 2017-07-12 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia Cambrew's $60K case against union begins 2017-06-26 [First Post]

Cambodia Female workers in Nike, Asics and Puma factories suffer mass faintings 2017-06-25 [The Guardian]

Cambodia Garment workers protest at Ministry 2017-06-09 [Phnom Penh Post]

Cambodia Worker Strike Highlights Factory Union Concerns 2017-06-09 [The Daily]

Cambodia Gov't Names Companies Licensed to Send Workers Abroad 2017-06-07 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Migrant Workers Arrested in Thailand; 11 Repatriated From Laos 2017-06-07 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Low-wage Workers Risk Lives in Cambodia's Building Boom For more info 2017-06-02 []

Cambodia Design Students Connect with Cambodia Garment Workers For more info 2017-05-25 [Solidarity Center]

Cambodia Give garment workers paid leave to return home for elections : Unions 2017-05-25 [Cambodia Daily]

Cambodia Unions' Plan to March on Labor Day Rebuffed by City Hall 2017-04-24 [Cambodia Daily]

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