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Philippines Workers' rights caught in the crossfire in Mindanao, Philippines 2018-12-15 [ITUC]

Cambodia Critics, activists and trade unionists in Cambodia: on the verge of outlaw status? 2018-12-03 [Equal Times]

Philippines Vicente Posada Unay Jr: “How can you genuinely create green jobs without talking to the unions?” 2018-11-30 [Equal Times]

Global Transition is a given, but what can trade unions in the Global South do to ensure that it's just? 2018-11-30 [Equal Times]

China Non-Chinese accredited media blocked from APEC meetings 2018-11-19 [IFJ]

Philippines Another Sumifru worker escapes slay try 2018-11-13 []

Asia Journalism Under Threat: IFJ & SEAJU launch research on impunity 2018-11-02 [IFJ]

Philippines Sumifru worker in Southern Philippines gunned down 2018-11-01 []

Myanmar Myanmar garment workers demand sacked colleagues get jobs back 2018-10-30 [Channel NewsAsia]

Asia Thank you Shashi Bala Singh for your dedication to education, educators and students in Asia-Pacific 2018-10-18 [Education International]

Europe Unions unite to defend workers' rights 2018-10-04 [IndustriALL]

Global Global Transport Workers News Headlines Today (17th SEPTEMBER 2018) By Kona Vishnu, Incharge NFIR Media Centre, INDIA. 2018-09-17 [NFIR INDIA, GOOGLE]

Asia ISDS Reforms Shove Human Rights Under Corporate Red Carpet 2018-09-13 [PSI]

USA Nike Called Out for Low Wages in Asia Amid Colin Kaepernick Ad Promotion 2018-09-10 [Newsweek]

Asia ASETUC Youth Summit: The voice of a new generation of trade unionists 2018-08-23 [PSI]

Philippines Workers should improve their skills to deal with automation era 2018-08-15 [Antara]

Asia Manila Youth Summit puts spotlight on young workers in Asia-Pacific 2018-08-13 [BWI]

Asia No part of the world is immune from the threat of commercialisation of education 2018-08-13 [Education International]

Asia Seeing slavery in seafood supply chains 2018-07-26 [Science Advances]

Asia People's movements reject RCEP - Call for parliamentary scrutiny of mega trade deal 2018-07-20 [PSI]

Global Robot workers will lead to surge in slavery in south-east Asia, report finds 2018-07-14 [The Guardian]

Asia Building power to make a difference 2018-07-05 [IndustriALL]

Japan Can a new legal framework for worker coops address growing inequality in Japan? 2018-07-05 [Equal Times]

Pakistan Pakistan's universities are the latest battleground in the war against extremism 2018-07-02 [Equal Times]

Middle East “The Gulf is no longer a dream land for Asian migrants” 2018-06-14 [Equal Times]

Saudi Arabia “The Gulf is no longer a dream land for Asian migrants” 2018-06-14 [Equal Times]

Asia All ready for the wary handshake between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un 2018-06-08 [Equal Times]

Asia South East Asia media unions focus on tackling outsourcing 2018-06-07 [UNI Global Union]

Asia Ericsson unionists strengthen network in South and South East Asia 2018-06-07 [UNI Global Union]

Asia BWI demands ADB implements labour rights safeguards 2018-05-04 [BWU]

Asia Media's #MeToo Moment 2018-05-03 [IFJ]

Indonesia Slow progress in the fight against child labour in Indonesia 2018-04-25 [Equal Times]

Bangladesh “They have forgotten the lessons of Rana Plaza” 2018-04-20 [Equal Times]

Asia PSI South East Asia defines strategies to implement Programme of Action 2018-2022 2018-04-18 [PSI]

Korea (South) Korean companies' treatment of workforce in ASEAN countries raising concerns 2018-04-01 [Hankyoreh]

Indonesia Indonesia's textile workers face a tough battle for severance pay 2018-03-13 [Equal Times]


Canada Unifor vows to fight ratification of CPTPP 2018-03-09 [Unifor]

Asia Apro IT Organizing Network convenes in Kathmandu 2018-03-02 [UNI Global Union]

Nepal The plight of Nepal's migrant workers 2018-02-06 [AlJazeera]

Global Out of Range – Work Risks of Wildlife Protection Officers 2018-02-05 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Thailand Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets 2018-01-26 [Human Rights Watch]

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: plans to adopt Latin-based alphabet sparks backlash 2018-01-23 [Equal Times]

Korea (South) In Korea's multi-million-dollar music industry, labour exploitation is the norm 2018-01-16 [Equal Times]

Asia The gender gap in the electronics factories: women exposed to chemicals and lower pay 2017-12-25 [Equal Times ]

Japan “Many Japanese women still have to choose between having children or having a career” 2017-12-20 [Equal Times]

Asia The costs of sexual harassment in the Asian workplace 2017-12-13 [BBC]

Myanmar Ministry Seeks Agreements With Southeast Asian Countries to Send Maids Abroad 2017-12-12 [RFA]

Vietnam Regional conference highlight female labourers, trade union's role 2017-12-07 [VietnamPlus]

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