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Argentina Teachers Denounce Gov. For Forced Retirement 2018-03-29 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Oilseed workers warn of 'aggressive strike': union 2018-03-28 [AgriCensus]

Argentina Soy crush workers to start wage strike late Tuesday 2018-03-28 [Reuters]

Argentina Buenos Aires Teachers to Strike As School Starts 2018-03-01 [TeleSUR]

USA When Ford Built a Torture Chamber: In the 1970s, Ford was doing more than making cars — they were helping torture and kill leftists 2018-02-24 [Jacobin]

Argentina Union Leader Targeted in Anonymous Email Threat 2018-01-19 [TeleSUR ]

Argentina Gvt Pushes Back Labor Reform Debate as Opposition Grows 2018-01-18 [VOA ]

Argentina Strikes Against Massive Layoffs 2018-01-06 [teleSUR]

Argentina Govt. Not Following Up on Union 'Promise' 2018-01-04 [teleSUR]

Argentina Radio Workers to March After Nearly 400 Laid off Abruptly 2018-01-03 [teleSUR]

Argentina Photographers Protest Police Repression 2017-12-29 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Ford Argentina Former Execs on Trial for Human Rights Crimes 2017-12-20 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Police Injure and Detain Protesting Pensioners 2017-11-12 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Organising and innovating – the winning strategy of Argentina's pharmaceutical trade union 2017-11-07 [Equal Times]

Argentina The question holding Argentina in suspense: Where is Santiago Maldonado? 2017-09-08 [equal times]

Argentina Macri Lays Off Key Job Advisers After Union Strike 2017-08-24 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Argentine Workers To Launch Boycott, Protest Against PepsiCo 2017-07-18 [telesur]

Argentina Veladero spills: Argentine mine's history repeating itself 2017-07-07 [equal times]

Argentina Decent Work Check - Labour Law Guide Argentina 2017-05-16 []

Argentina Port workers in Argentine grains hub to hold wage protests 2017-04-21 [Reuters]

Argentina Rising tension as teachers' protest repressed by police 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Argentina Tensions rise as strike cripples Argentina 2017-04-07 [enca]

Argentina Argentine Professors Announce another National Strike 2017-04-03 [plenglish]

Argentina Anti-immigration rhetoric spreading across Latin America 2017-03-27 [Equal Times]

Argentina Striking teachers stage protest march in capital 2017-03-25 [WaPo]

Argentina Argentine Teachers Continue on Strike 2017-03-18 [plenglish]

Argentina Top Argentine Labor Group Pickets Over Wages, Challenging Macri 2017-03-11 [VoA]

Argentina After Teachers, Now Workers March Against Macri in Argentina 2017-03-11 [TeleSUR ]

Argentina Unions lead mass protests in Argentina against anti-worker policieS 2017-03-11 [UNI Global Union ]

Argentina Threats to union leader overshadow new school year 2017-03-07 [Education International]

Argentina Macri presses on with austerity and finds “scapegoats” for failing to deliver on promises 2017-03-06 [Equal Times]

Argentina Teachers Unions Strike, Boycotting 1st Day of Classes 2017-03-06 [TeleSUR]

Argentina Striking for Ourselves 2017-02-26 [viewpoint magazine]

Argentina Death threat puts union freedom at grave risk 2017-02-13 [Education International]

Argentina Macri Moves to Cut Labor Costs, Work with Unions 2017-02-02 [VoA]

Argentina Government Offers Workers Incentives to Join Formal Labor Market 2017-01-15 [PanAm Post]

Argentina Inequality grows as economy sputters and poverty rises 2017-01-15 [IN news]

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