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Africa A Big Leap on Digital Communication Skills under the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-12-28 [IDWF]

Africa Unions intensify campaign to ban asbestos 2020-12-23 [BWI]

Middle East Approaches and responses to Covid-19 in MENA's energy sector 2020-12-19 [IndustriALL]

South Africa Gauteng Informal miners claim police demand bribes 2020-12-16 [GroundUp]

Africa 16 days: Violence against women, COVID-19's 'second wave' 2020-12-14 [BWI]

Africa BWI Africa joins 16 Days campaign, calls for a gender-equal world 2020-12-09 [BWI]

Africa Teacher unions continue to fight child labour despite Covid-pandemic 2020-12-04 [Education International]

Africa U.S. Hersey Chocolate renegs on workers' premium pay 2020-12-02 [Africa News]

Africa African unions united for Africa Industrialization campaign 2020-11-26 [IndustriALL]

Tunisia Despite landmark legal protections, women continue to face gender-based violence in pandemic-era Tunisia 2020-11-25 [Equal Times]

Uganda Uganda unions engage social partners on African industrialization strategies 2020-11-12 [IndustriALL]

Africa Unions seek greater involvement in OHS monitoring and inspection 2020-11-11 [BWI]

Africa Unionists push for gender lens in collective bargaining 2020-10-28 [BWI]

Africa Women, migrants the hardest-hit by Covid-19 pandemic 2020-10-27 [The Citizen]

Africa Gov'ts and teacher unions renew their working commitment 2020-10-26 [Education international]

Africa UN special rapporteur calls on African gov't to involve teachers unions 2020-10-26 [Education international]

Africa Women hardest hit by income and job losses, reveals study 2020-10-23 [The Citizen]

Africa Governments and teacher unions highlight benefits of collaboration 2020-10-10 [EI]

Africa How Covid-19 affected 53m African workers in Q2 – ITUC 2020-10-08 [Blueprint]

Africa Governments and Teacher Unions renew their working commitment 2020-10-08 [Education International]

Africa FAJ, UNESCO hold African Media Stakeholders Conference on Access to Information 2020-10-01 [IFJ]

Africa The future of the teacher profession and education addressed by education unions and governments 2020-09-29 [Education International]

Africa Teacher unions raise awareness on child labour amidst Covid-19 2020-09-28 [Education international]

Africa African Media Stakeholders Virtual Conference on Access to Information 2020-09-25 [IFJ]

Guinea The ongoing struggle to protect Guinea's domestic workers 2020-09-24 [Equal Times]

Africa Unions call for rapid and sustainable industrialization of Africa 2020-09-17 [IndustriALL]

Africa 2020 WPSD: ITUC tasks member countries on health workers' wellbeing 2020-09-16 [Blueprint]

Africa Sub Sahara Africa automotive sector: potential to boost manufacturing and create decent jobs 2020-09-09 [IndustriALL]

Africa Why SADC should ratify Maritime Labour Convention 2020-09-05 [The Southern Times]

Africa EI Africa Region Adopts Indicators for school reopening 2020-08-07 [Education International]

Africa BWI's Africa and Middle East Regional Conference moved to 2021 2020-07-31 [BWI]

Africa IFJ holds Youth Working Group Webinar Meeting 2020-07-06 [IFJ]

Africa Workers intensify Asbestos ban campaign in Africa and Middle East 2020-06-24 [BWI]

Africa Workers intensify Asbestos ban campaign in Africa and Middle East 2020-06-24 [BWI]

South Africa A massive labour migration is starting in mining industry post-lockdown 2020-06-11 [Fin24]

Africa African Union: African journalists call for the cessation of hostilities against journalists to ensure safe practice of journalism in Africa 2020-06-11 [IFJ]

Africa ACTRAV Webinar Series 2.0: ILO Policy Framework on COVID-19 and the World of Work in Africa 2020-06-11 [ILO ACTRAV]

Africa West African countries alert for child labour spike 2020-05-26 [Thomson Reuters]

Africa After the 'migration crisis': how Europe works to keep Africans in Africa 2020-05-18 [Opendemocracy]

Africa EI African Regional Committee adopts statement of COVID-19 impact and re-opening of schools 2020-05-06 [Education International]

Tunisia In Tunisia, Black Africans face “the harshest exploitation” 2020-05-04 [Equal Times]

Africa Dramatic changes are coming to newsrooms across Africa 2020-04-30 [Mail & Guardian]

Africa Message of Crecentia Mofokeng on behalf of BWI Africa & Middle East region 2020-04-18 [BWI]

Africa COVID-19: ITUC-Africa charges leaders to put continent on war footing 2020-04-08 [Leadership]

Africa As desert locusts wreak havoc throughout east Africa, agricultural jobs and livelihoods hang in the balance 2020-04-01 [Equal Times]

Liberia First coronavirus cases in Liberia bring total in Africa to 1,000 2020-03-27 [PSI]

Africa African trade unions want mining companies to follow COVID-19 protocols 2020-03-25 [IndustriALL]

Africa Francophone Africa: Lack of consultation with education unions creates uncertainty as to how learning can continue during COVID-19 school closures 2020-03-22 [Education International]

Global I saw colleagues die of Ebola. Health workers must not become coronavirus martyrs 2020-03-18 [The Guardian]

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