UGTSARIO celebrates National Day of Sahrawi Workers

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COSATU salutes SAFA boycott of Futsal African cup of Nations 2020-02-14 [COSATU]

Controversial phosphate cargo finally unloads in Dunedin 2019-12-16 [NZ Herald]

Blood phosphate imports from Western Sahara may prompt illegal port strikes-union 2019-12-14 [Radio New Zealand]

Lyttelton Port Workers’ Union Protests in Solidarity With the People of Western Sahara 2019-12-09 [RMTU]

Port workers union protests against arrival of blood phosphate ship 2019-12-02 [RMTU]

Incoming cargo ship embroiled in protest 2019-11-27 [Otago Daily Times]

Western Sahara delegate urges halt on phosphate imports 2019-10-16 [Radio New Zealand]

National Teacher's Day commemorated in the Wilaya of Aaiun 2019-01-02 [SPS]

UGTSARIO celebrates National Day of Sahrawi Workers 2018-10-21 [SPS]

New Zealand's reliance on 'stolen goods' 2018-09-12 [Fairfax media]

Sahrawi Lawyers Union denounces plunder of Western Sahara resources 2018-01-03 [SPS]

International Conference of Solidarity With Sahrawi Workers - UN Urged to End Moroccan Occupation 2016-12-07 [Algeria Press ]

NEHAWU mourns the passing of SAHARAWI President and leader of the Polisario Front Mohammed Abdelaziz 2016-06-04 [COSATU]

Government Blocks Trade Union Mission to Western Sahara 2016-05-28 [ITUC]

Polisario Front takes part in congress of General Union workers in Murcia province 2016-05-15 [SPS]

Authorities Prevent a Press Conference of Unemployed Gradual Saharawis 2015-12-31 [Sahara Press Service]

Occupation Authorities Violently Disperse Saharawi Unemployed Demonstration 2015-12-10 [Sahara Press Service]

Ugtsario Denounces Blockade By Morocco of Ituc Planned Mission to Occupied Territories 2015-09-19 [Sahara Press Services]

Authorities Decide to Postpone ITUC Planned Mission to Occupied Territories of Western Sahara 2015-09-19 [Sahara Press Services]

Moroccan authorities block ITUC planned mission to occupied territories of Western Sahara 2015-09-12 [Sahara Press Service]

UGTSARIO denounces blockade by Morocco of ITUC planned mission to occupied territories 2015-09-12 [Sahara Press Service]

Canarian Workers Trade Union Condemns Moroccan 'Brutal' Repression Against Saharawi Population 2015-07-11 [SPS]

Ugtsario Take Parts in the 2th Trade Union Congress in Brazil 2015-06-09 [El Aiaun]

Labour union of Nigeria protests Morocco’s colonization of Western Sahara 2015-06-02 [Premium Times]

Peaceful Demonstration of Unemployed Saharawis Repressed in Occupied El Aaiun 2015-05-08 [ Sahara Press Service (El Aaiun) ]

NLC Reiterates Commitment to Liberation of Western Sahara 2015-04-18 [Daily Trust]

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