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CWU will march through Port of Spain over TSTT's retrenchment of over 450 workers [CNC3] 2022-06-03


Today's labour news

OWTU seeks settlement for Yara workers' wage talks 2022-08-06 [Newsday]

Angostura settles employee wages to 2025 amid growth 2022-08-06 [Newsday]

Prisons, fire associations upset at CPO's 4 per cent wage offer 2022-08-04 [Newsday]

PSA optimistic negotiations can be resolved with CPO 2022-07-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU signs oil, gas MOU with Guyanese union 2022-07-27 [Newsday]

Republic Bank Ltd to repay 23 workers who refused to work in ‘hazardous conditions’ 2022-07-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

466 TSTT workers say goodbye to company 2022-07-17 [Newsday]

CWU wins appeal against TSTT over changes to health plan 2022-06-30 [T&T Guardian]

Unions pass 'no-confidence motion' against Government: Rowley must go! 2022-06-21 [Trinidad and Tobago Newsday]

CWU gets new retrenchment notices, claims Khamal hired for big bucks 2022-06-18 [Loop News]

CWU: No agreement with TSTT on restructuring exercise 2022-06-15 [T&T Guardian]

TSTT and CWU agree company restructuring, retrenchment will continue 2022-06-14 [T&T Guardian]

TSTT denies retrenched workers called out to fix lines for customers 2022-06-05 [T&T Guardian]

CWU will march through Port of Spain over TSTT's retrenchment of over 450 workers 2022-06-03 [CNC3]

Trinidad Telecommunication TSTT company retrenches nearly 500 employees 2022-06-03 [CNW]

CWU Takes On TSTT 2022-06-02 [TTT News]

CWU gets court stay as TSTT plans to cut 468 workers 2022-06-01 [The Guardian]

Tobago's public servants to intensify protest action 2022-05-30 [Newsday]

Unions lead workers in march to reject CPO's 2% offer Friday 2022-05-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

Prison Officers Association: Government's 2% offer undermines national security 2022-05-27 [Newsday]

Hundreds of Public Servants protest against 2% wage offer 2022-05-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

All Trinidad General and Massy Motors Leasing settle for 8% over 3 years 2022-05-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

Petrotrin retirees demand restart of the medical plan 2022-05-27 [Newsday]

Unions plan to shut down country on Friday over wage offer 2022-05-24 [Newsday]

Trade unions hit government's 2% increase over 8 years offer: Provocation 2022-05-22 [Newsday]

Trade unions vow to push back on 2% offer: 'It's economic abuse' 2022-05-22 [Newsday]

4,000 Tobagonian public servants reject 2% salary increase offer 2022-05-22 [Newsday]

San Fernando health workers protest against CPO's wage offer 2022-05-22 [Newsday]

NATUC calls for shutdown of country 2022-05-21 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU slams Government on wages, property tax, energy 2022-05-21 [Newsday]

Trade unions hit govt's 2% increase over 8 years offer: Provocation 2022-05-21 [Newsday]

Minister meets with unions again on retirement age rise 2022-05-20 [Newsday]

Trade unions sceptical about promised wage increase from windfall revenue 2022-05-19 [Newsday]

Union not reassured by Cabinet committe over possible TSTT retrenchment 2022-05-17 [NewsDay]

OWTU pickets Public Utilities Ministry 2022-05-12 [Newsday]

Labour leaders demand wage hike at May Day rally 2022-05-01 [Newsday]

OWTU calls on Rowley to address $4.6b pension deficit 2022-04-11 [Daily Express]

Petrotrin retirees plead with Prime Minister to revive pension plan 2022-04-10 [Newsday]

Union accuses Prime Minister of politicising Lake Asphalt 2022-04-09 [Newsday]

CPO starts wage talks with T&T's 11 unions 2022-04-03 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU to appeal Industrial Court ruling on T&TEC 2022-04-03 [Newsday]

Industrial Court orders Waste Disposal, Envirotec Holdings to pay 6 unvaxxed workers 2022-03-24 [NewsDay]

CWU: Make Sure EFCL Workers Get Their Money 2022-03-03 [AZP News]

JTUM: Government must talk to unions on WASA restructuring 2022-02-15 [NewsDay]

Elder: No million-dollar offer for retrenched TSTT workers 2022-02-12 [NewsDay]

Union: 450 TSTT workers to go home 2022-02-04 [Daily Express]

CWU leader rings TSTT alarm: Hundreds facing axe 2022-02-03 [NewsDay]

Roget supports CWU's unease over job cuts at TSTT 2022-02-01 [T&T Guardian]

CWU to discuss restructuring with TSTT Tuesday 2022-02-01 [NewsDay]

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