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Hyatt Hotel Hellhole

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Hyatt Hotel Hellhole [NWU] 2020-09-05

The new normal – layoff until further notice/retrenchment [NWU] 2020-06-06

People Need the Money Now [NWU] 2020-05-16

Unions call for action on ‘errant’ employers [Trinidad Guardian] 2020-04-02

One movement! One struggle! TIWU members show the way [NWU] 2020-01-25

BIGWU statement on demonetisation, money laundering and other corrupt financial activities [BIGWU] 2019-12-22

PM: OWTU refinery arrangement a beacon of hope for TT [Newsday] 2019-11-11

Unions call on AG to repeal Sedition Act [Newsday] 2019-09-06

Union leader on sedition charge released on bail [The Observer] 2019-09-02

Indarsingh criticises Sedition Law [The Guardian] 2019-09-02


Today's labour news

100-plus Jaxx restaurant staff want compensation 2020-09-18 [Newsday]

Hyatt Hotel Hellhole 2020-09-05 [NWU]

Govt told to settle all long-standing negotiations 2020-07-22 [Newsday]

TTUTA still has questions about new school rules 2020-07-19 [Newsday]

Privy Council rules in favour of fired garbage collector 2020-07-14 [Trinidad Guardian]

NATUC: No sympathy for PM’s call for union restraint 2020-07-13 [Newsday]

SWMCOL blanks workers seeking better wages 2020-07-10 [Newsday]

TTUTA warns: ‘Dangerous’ disinfectant used in schools 2020-06-26 [Newsday]

NATUC: Pay us or else 2020-06-24 [Newsday]

Reddock: Pregnancy in the workplace seen as act of 'spite' 2020-06-21 [Newsday]

Nurses demand meeting with Minister, threaten more protests 2020-06-20 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU President: Roget slams govt and minister – Imbert taxing people's dreams 2020-06-20 [Newsday]

PSA President: 'No better time' to protest 2020-06-20 [Newsday]

Nurses promise more protests 2020-06-20 [Newsday]

TTRNA: Nurses to do only listed duties 2020-06-17 [Newsday]

Labour Congress, JTUM express solidarity with BLM 2020-06-10 [Newsday]

OWTU: Stork retrenchment like knee on workers' necks 2020-06-09 [Newsday]

Nothing has gone wrong in America 2020-06-06 [NWU]

The new normal – layoff until further notice/retrenchment 2020-06-06 [NWU]

Toco port – what is it for? 2020-05-30 [NWU]

OWTU: TTEC putting workers at risk 2020-05-21 [Newsday]

Defend your health against the employer 2020-05-18 [NWU]

Zoomed then zapped 2020-05-16 [NWU]

People Need the Money Now 2020-05-16 [NWU]

OWTU: No evidence of Venezuela fuel scandal 2020-05-14 [Newsday]

Unions get essential status in covid19 ranking 2020-05-14 [Newsday]

PSA wants non-crisis labour talks 2020-05-14 [Newsday]

JTUM backs covid19 extension 2020-04-27 [Newsday]

TTUTA says principals wrong to mislead teachers to come out on Monday 2020-04-20 [Trinidad Guardian]

TTUTA: Garcia’s public pronouncement may be premature 2020-04-15 [Newsday]

Union wants better compensation and protection for essential workers 2020-04-12 [Newsday]

TTUTA locks horns with MOE 2020-04-12 [Trinidad Guardian]

Estate police to Young: You should have called us 2020-04-08 [Newsday]

TTUTA Exec: Expect schools to remain closed longer 2020-04-06 [Trinidad Guardian]

TUTTA: TT not ready for CXC e-testing, consider 2021 2020-04-05 [Newsday]

Union upset at delay on pandemic leave approval 2020-04-04 [Trinidad Guardian]

POA: Put $50m towards new remand jail 2020-04-04 [Newsday]

Praise song for Scobie 2020-04-04 [NWU]

Unions meet Ansa McAl to discuss worker well-being, business continuity 2020-04-04 [Newsday]

Nurses: Some patients exposing us to COVID danger 2020-04-03 [Trinidad Guardian]

Unions call for action on ‘errant’ employers 2020-04-02 [Trinidad Guardian]

TTUTA: Don't depend on teachers only for schoolwork while home 2020-04-01 [Newsday]

TTRNA head: Keep your faith, but always maintain social distancing 2020-03-31 [Newsday]

NATUC: Trade unions are essential 2020-03-31 [Loop]

NATUC slams Hilton management, Govt 2020-03-31 [Newsday]

OWTU: TTEC workers’ at risk 2020-03-31 [Newsday]

Hilton to lay-off staff from tomorrow 2020-03-30 [Trinidad Guardian]

TIWU stands by claims of lack of PPE despite PTSC’s denial 2020-03-30 [Newsday]

Laid-off workers crowd NIB for salary grants 2020-03-25 [Guardian Trinidad]

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