One movement! One struggle! TIWU members show the way

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Hilton to lay-off staff from tomorrow 2020-03-30 [Trinidad Guardian]

TIWU stands by claims of lack of PPE despite PTSC’s denial 2020-03-30 [Newsday]

Laid-off workers crowd NIB for salary grants 2020-03-25 [Guardian Trinidad]

BP pricing arrangement causes job losses in Trinidad & Tobago 2020-03-17 [IndustriALL]

Union tributes on passing of top Caribbean education unionist Roustan Job 2020-03-15 [PSI]

One movement! One struggle! TIWU members show the way 2020-01-25 [NWU]

PTSC, MTS workers protest, write Imbert 2020-01-24 [Newsday]

BIGWU statement on demonetisation, money laundering and other corrupt financial activities 2019-12-22 [BIGWU]

PM: OWTU refinery arrangement a beacon of hope for TT 2019-11-11 [Newsday]

Labour Minister missed the point 2019-11-03 [The Express]

Roget: Baptiste-Primus didn’t save workers 2019-10-22 [Newsday]

OWTU opens new headquarters in Tobago 2019-10-20 [The Guardian]

NUGFW warns Imbert 2019-10-07 [Newsday]

SWMCOL workers protest colleagues' dismissal 2019-10-04 [The Guardian]

PM fails to meet the fisherfolk 2019-09-29 [NWU]

Roget—Point Fortin people fed of PNM, UNC 2019-09-22 [The Guardian]

OWTU working on refinery plans 2019-09-22 [Newsday]

Steel Workers Union still open to partnerships 2019-09-18 [Newsday]

Sedition charge against union leader sparks debate about freedom of speech in Trinidad and Tobago 2019-09-10 [Global Voices]

Unions call on AG to repeal Sedition Act 2019-09-06 [Newsday]

TCL workers comply with breathalyser tests 2019-09-05 [Newsday]

Independence, sedition and legislative violence 2019-09-05 [T&T News]

NATUC to challenge Sedition Act in courts 2019-09-05 [The Guardian]

Pressure mounts on Govt to amend Sedition Act 2019-09-05 [The Guardian]

OWTU resists mandatory breathalyser tests at TCL 2019-09-03 [Newsday]

State using Sedition Act to constrain free speech 2019-09-02 [Newsday]

MATT: Sedition Act potentially criminalises journalists, activists, etc 2019-09-02 [Wired 868]

Union leader to be charged with sedition 2019-09-02 [The Observer]

Union leader on sedition charge released on bail 2019-09-02 [The Observer]

Indarsingh criticises Sedition Law 2019-09-02 [The Guardian]

NWU: Duke detention ‘meant to intimidate and cower’ threats to ‘political elite’ 2019-08-29 [Wired]

Trinidad’s DPP weighs sedition charges against union boss Watson Duke 2019-08-29 [The Stabroek News]

DPP weighs case against Duke 2019-08-29 [The Guardian]

Under police guard, Duke gets visitors 2019-08-29 [The Daily Express]

Union reports FCB ‘parking offence’ to Industrial Court 2019-08-06 [Newsday]

Sanitation workers carry out strike action at landfills 2019-07-23 [Loop]

Cabrera: Find alternatives to settle disputes 2019-07-23 [Newsday]

Ministry ordered to reinstate bank worker’s complaint 2019-07-23 [The Guardian]

Union accuses CAL of bullying workers 2019-07-13 [NewsDay]

Khan rejects OWTU claims 2019-07-01 [Newsday]

 VIDEO  Nude: Recognise Domestic Workers 2019-06-30 [TV 6]

Workers still suffer poor wages, job insecurity 2019-06-19 [Newsday]

Duke: What is Govt’s labour policy? 2019-06-19 [Newsday]

Duke won't be union 'dinosaur' 2019-06-19 [Newsday]

OWTU to Govt: Pay TTEC debt or citizens will suffer 2019-06-11 [Newsday]

Roget hopeful over refinery bid 2019-05-28 [Newsday]

Union: RBC staff told to apply for VSEP – or else 2019-05-21 [Newsday]

Duke threatens to shut down TT 2019-05-11 [Newsday]

This Trinidadian national heroine is celebrated for her role in the iconic Caribbean workers’ riots in the 1930s 2019-05-04 [Face2Face]

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