South American rail unions make plan to unite

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Unions from five countries meet in Chile to campaign for BHP workers’ rights 2019-09-23 [IndustriALL]

South American rail unions make plan to unite 2019-08-02 [ITF]

Mexico's labour reforms set to bring greater union democracy 2019-05-02 [IndustriALL]

2018, a decisive election year in the Americas 2018-04-17 [Equal Times]

Teamsters Raise Concerns on Canada-Mercosur Trade Talks 2018-03-24 [Teamsters]

Workers Reject Terms of Mercosur-EU Agreement 2018-03-03 [Radio Cadena Agramonte]

Gold mine: About 950 workers trapped underground 2018-02-01 [bbc]

Activists Continue Conference Against Neoliberalism 2017-11-18 [teleSUR]

Teachers, Workers, Students Strike Across Continent 2017-08-25 [TeleSUR]

Crackdown on Slavery After Deadly Factory Fire Exposes Forced Labor 2017-08-04 [VOA]

Argentine strike brings South America tensions to a head 2017-04-07 [The Financial Times]

Why are the people of French Guiana so angry? 2017-04-06 [Equal Times]

Striking for Ourselves 2017-02-26 [viewpoint magazine]

Brazil's Striking Petrobras Oil Workers End Paralyzing Strike 2016-12-27 [WIN]

Latin America: the most deadly region for transgender communities 2016-11-16 [Equal Times]

Ecuador: UN summit turns the spotlight on Quito’s land struggle 2016-10-13 [Equal Times]

Inter-American Court Confirms Workers’ Right to Union Representation 2016-07-12 [ITUC]

Workers in UAE may soon get freedom to move between jobs 2016-05-14 [Gulf News]

NZ at the heart of Panama money-go-round 2016-05-09 [Radio New Zealand]

International action on Zika appropriate 2016-02-02 [ASMS]

Anti-TPP movement converges in Mexico City 2016-01-31 [CUPE]

South Africa: The preparations of the 17th World Trade Union Congress started 2016-01-12 [WFTU]

Venezuela and Guyana unions call for peace in border issue 2015-09-30 [ITF]

Global Hotspots: More labor strikes 2015-05-02 [Farm Futures]

Labor legistoation and the rights of workers 2015-05-01 [Telesur]

Public services unions of the Americas are on the offensive against new international trade agreements 2015-04-24 [PSI Global Union]

Seventy-five union leaders meet in Santiago, Chile For more info 2015-04-14 [ITF]

ITF warns of potential strike action, demonstrations in South America  ActNOW!  2015-04-05 [ITW]

LAN Airlines Faces Conflicts, Delays And Cancellations Over Firing of Female Unionist  ActNOW!  2015-04-05 [PR Newswire]

LAN Airlines Faces Conflicts, Delays and Cancelations 2015-04-03 [ITF]

Teamsters and ITF: LAN Airline flights may be affected by industrial disputes in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador; Protests in Miami 2015-03-25 [Teamsters]

International mission’s ‘reinstate Jimena’ call backed by Ecuador government For more info 2015-03-10 [ITF]

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