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Two media workers shot during power station tour

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Two media workers shot during power station tour 2023-08-03 [IFJ]

Two media workers shot during power station tour 2023-08-03 [IFJ]

Airline association elects union reps 2023-07-09 [The National]

Bougainville leaders call on mining giant Rio Tinto to assist communities 2023-06-07 [Radio New Zealand International]

Sr Sebby, an emergency nurse serving with all her heart 2023-05-12 [PNG Post-Courier]

Concerns raised at swift review period for media policy 2023-02-19 [IFJ]

Nationwide strikes start 2023-01-17 [PNG Post-Courier]

Health workers on strike 2023-01-17 [The National]

Abandoned 2022-09-27 [The National]

Pay rise for public servants 2022-09-23 [The National]

Prime Minister limits journalist communication, threatens restrictions 2022-09-06 [IFJ]

Union still waiting on tribunal decision 2022-06-28 [The National]

OK-Tedi signs industrial agreement with worker's union 2022-05-24 [The National]

PNG journalists walk off the job over sacking of news boss 2022-02-19 [Radio New Zealand International]

EMTV suspends veteran journalist for alleged defamation 2022-02-14 [IFJ]

PNG Communications Workers Union stands against partial privatisation of Telikom 2022-01-27 [The Post-Courier]

PNGTA to work closely with Education division 2022-01-16 [PNG Post-Courier]

Nonga nurses stage protest 2021-11-12 [PNG Post-Courier]

Protest is illegal: Sansan 2021-11-10 [The National]

Govt try to sought out dispute with nurses 2021-11-10 [The National]

Nurses up in arms 2021-11-09 [The National]

'Pay overdue entitlements' 2021-11-08 [The National]

Nurses stage sit-in protest 2021-11-08 [PNG Post-Courier]

PNGNA Sit-in protest 2021-11-08 [TVWAN/Youtube]

Papua New Guinea: Nurses to strike nationwide from Nov 8th over unpaid wages over 2021-11-08 [GardaWorld]

Mt Hagan hospital to close if funding is further delayed 2021-09-27 [PNG Post-Courier]

Hospital staff plan strike over COVID-19 allowance 2021-08-19 [Post Courier]

PNG Power workers stage sit-in protest 2021-06-26 [PNG Post-Courier]

Set example, workers told 2021-06-20 [The National]

Unions merge 2020-07-07 [The Post-Courier]

PMV operators and drivers protest police abuse claims 2020-05-14 [PNG Post-Courier]

Union leader says govt only supporting public sector 2020-04-23 [Radio New Zealand]

4,000 nurses to strike over Covid-19 readiness 2020-03-30 [The Guardian]

Workers' unions unite 2020-02-14 [ITF]

A new political party in the making 2020-01-28 [The Post-Courier]

Indonesia West Papua protest in PNG: 'Do the right thing' 2019-10-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

Detained refugee appointed professor at two top universities will teach over Skype 2019-09-26 [Newsweek]

PPL workers resolve to slow work 2019-09-13 [Post-Courier]

Indonesia West Papuan solidarity march in PNG draws thousands 2019-09-10 [Radio New Zealand International]

Grievances addressed, workers' union told 2019-09-05 [The National]

Union welcomes ILO boss's visit 2019-07-24 [The Post-Courier]

Australia Six years of Manus Island dentention marked by calls to end 'dark and bloody' chapter 2019-07-18 [SBS]

Union welcomes new PM 2019-06-07 [The Post-Courier]

Australia PNGTUC pays tribute to late Bob Hawke 2019-05-20 [The Courrier-Journal]

Manus Paladin workers strike 2019-02-26 [Refugee Action Coalition]

Paladin staff on Manus walk off job over pay and working conditions 2019-02-26 [The Guardian]

Paladin Solutions makes PNG workers redundant, re-hires them for less money 2019-02-23 [MSN Money]

Unions slam 'farcical' UPNG appointments of chancellor, VC 2019-01-28 [Asia-Pacific Report]

Workers in various sectors stay home in protest 0 2018-10-27 [Infosurhoy]

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