The New NAFTA Won’t Protect Workers’ Rights

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Tyre workers sent home as Covid-19 closes factories 2020-03-20 [IndustriALL]

USMCA update puts Canada in the role of labour watchdog for Mexico 2020-03-02 [Automotive News]

What can Bernie Sanders do for US Latinos? 2020-02-29 [Opendemocracy]

The Stain that Mardi Gras Covers Up: Worker Vulnerability in New Orleans 2020-02-28 [Nacla]

Sanders and the unions 2020-02-07 [Workersliberty]

NUPGE rejects new NAFTA 2019-12-23 [NUPGE]

CUPE welcomes improvements to the new NAFTA, but flaws remain 2019-12-18 [CUPE]

ACTRA statement on amended Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement 2019-12-13 [ACTRA]

Steelworkers' union lobbies for upgrades to trade agreement 2019-12-11 [Soo Today]

Steelworkers Recognize NAFTA Improvements, Cite Aluminum/Steel Concerns 2019-12-11 [USW]

Canada should enforce its own labour standards 2019-11-29 [The Star]

Canadian labour backs U.S. Democrats, unions in USMCA impasse, but ratification timing a ‘worry,’ says Canadian Labour Congress 2019-11-27 [The Hill Times]

The New NAFTA Won’t Protect Workers’ Rights 2019-11-09 [The Nation]

From Chile to Chicago to Calgary, it’s the same austerity 2019-11-01 [Rank and File Radio]

Missing Union Activist in Mexico Threatens NAFTA Sign-Off 2019-10-11 [Prospect]

Fate of rewritten North American trade pact rests with labor unions and Democrats 2019-09-10 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Global dialogue needed at Deere and Caterpillar 2019-07-18 [IndustriALL]

Fiat Chrysler and CNHi must increase dialogue with unions 2019-07-16 [IndustriALL]

Workers connect to defend public services at PSI regional conference 2019-07-07 [CUPE]

AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka laughs at Trump's suggestion unions love new trade deal 2019-06-18 [Politico]

Sara Nelson: 'People Are Ready to Fight' 2019-05-22 [Jacobin]

Senate passes labour overhaul needed to get new NAFTA approved 2019-04-30 [Automotive News]

Labour reform passes Mexican congress, making USMCA closer to reality 2019-04-13 [Automotive News]

Goverment on track to pass labor reform required in USMCA 2019-04-10 [Politico]

AFL-CIO warns against 'premature' vote on NAFTA replacement 2019-04-02 [The Examiner]

UAW Joins Canadian Union In Calls To Boycott Mexico-Made Vehicles 2019-02-02 [GM Authority]

Jordan Barab provides important OHS insights 2019-01-15 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Future of USMCA could turn on labour rights 2019-01-12 [Behind the Numbers]

The New NAFTA: A license to discriminate on the basis of sex 2018-12-09 [NUPGE]

The 2018 midterms and the emerging class consciousness in the US 2018-11-29 [Equal Times]

New Obstacles Arise for the New Nafta 2018-11-22 [Bloomberg]

USMCA: A new deal but still a bad one 2018-10-15 [Rank and File]

Renegotiated NAFTA Must “Truly Advance the Interests of Workers in Canada and Across North America' 2018-09-02 [USW]

California The Workers Lab: the union-backed accelerator helping to disrupt capitalism 2018-08-16 [Equal Times]

Building a different narrative around NAFTA 2018-06-27 [Rank and File]

FIFA – North America World Cup in 2026 a New Test for Human Rights 2018-06-19 [ITUC]

California In California, more and more companies want to recruit autistic employees 2018-06-18 [Equal Times]

California En Californie, de plus en plus d’entreprises misent sur le recrutement des autistes 2018-06-18 [Equal Times]

All ready for the wary handshake between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un 2018-06-08 [Equal Times]

NAFTA Update: Nowhere near an Agreement on a modernized NAFTA 2018-06-01 [IAMAW]

Low wages a sticking point in NAFTA talks, but labour woes run deeper 2018-05-23 [The Globe and Mail]

DowDuPont: Don’t Spin Off Worker Rights! 2018-05-18 [IndustriALL]

OPINION In the antechamber of a multi-front trade war 2018-05-16 [Equal Times]

NAFTA talks focus on low wages for Mexican autoworkers 2018-05-12 [The Star]

Higher wages in Mexico's auto sector are a long way off: ambassador 2018-04-11 [CBC]

Teamster Rail Unions Join With A Mexican Union To Endorse NAFTA Improvements 2018-04-10 [Teamsters]

Workers Were Sold a Lie 2018-04-03 [USW]

Centrepiece of major U.S. NAFTA proposal: Higher auto wages 2018-03-29 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Trump tariff plan pushes NAFTA talks to the brink 2018-03-04 [Politico]

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