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50 000 pedagoger streiker

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New Zealand 50 000 pedagoger streiker [Utdanningsnytt] 15-03-2023

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Nurse to patient ratios will ease health crisis 2024-12-31 [NZNO]

NZCTU statement on the death of Fa'anana Efeso Collins 2024-02-21 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Pacific First Union statement on the death of Efeso Collins 2024-02-21 [First Union]

Lack of public funding becoming a major problem for first responders 2024-02-20 [NewstalkZB]

Productivity Commission report shows need for income insurance at redundancy 2024-02-20 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Prime minister's punative welfare will harm children and their learning 2024-02-20 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

St John pulls ambulances off road due to deficit, staffing 2024-02-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Rival anti-vax unions for teachers, nurses and doctors launched by anti-vaccine figures 2024-02-18 [Stuff]

  JOB   Union Organiser 2024-02-18 [RMTU]

  JOB   Te Pou Tuarā – Te Whanganui-a-Tara 2024-02-18 [TEU]

  JOB   Organiser 2024-02-18 [FIRST Union]

Nurses union on mistakes with payback system 2024-02-16 [Radio New Zealand]

Nursing student survey report shows training system costing us nurses 2024-02-16 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Nurses furious at Te Whatu Ora Holidays Act pay remediation pay delays 2024-02-15 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

OIA request shows the eye-watering true cost of charter schools 2024-02-14 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Cook Straight connection in limbo 2024-02-14 [MUNZ]

Coalition government's failure to fund new inter-island ferries example of short -term thinking 2024-02-14 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Coalition government's failure to fund new inter-island ferries example of short -term thinking 2024-02-14 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Government must deliver increases to minimum wage that keep up with inflation 2024-02-14 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Deadline looms for plans to cut public services for New Zealanders 2024-02-14 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Eastgate Countdown didn't shut deli section after mouse reported 2024-02-13 [Radio New Zealand]

TEU members to strike at Yoobee 2024-02-12 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

  JOB   National Industrial Organiser 2024-02-10 [AMEA]

  JOB   Industrial Adviser – Fixed term (6 months) 2024-02-10 [NZNO]

'We did it for our brothers who were trapped'-Uttarkhashi rescue miners 2024-02-09 [AICCTU]

Government policies will make it harder for unemployed workers 2024-02-08 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

New Zealand Successful resolution for Australian port workers at DP World – MUNZ 2024-02-07 [The Daily Blog]

Te Tiririti must continue to be honoured and advanced in our secondary schools 2024-02-06 [PPTA-Te Wehengarua]

E tu union advocates for exploited migrant workers amidst growing employment uncertainty 2024-02-04 [E tu union]

School lunches essential but reinvest any savings into education 2024-02-04 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Hospital waiting lists snow-balling as doctors leave-union 2024-02-04 [RNZ]

  JOB   Organiser – Auckland 2024-02-03 [NZNO]

  JOB   Organiser – Whangarei 2024-02-03 [NZNO]

  JOB   Organising Administrator (Fixed Term 0.6 FTE) – Nelson 2024-02-03 [PSA]

  JOB   TEU Te Hautū Kahurangi – Te Pou Ahurei Takirua – Ahumahi – Assistant National Secretary – Industrial – Wellington 2024-02-03 [TEU]

Minimum wage decision a signal of what this government really think about workers 2024-02-03 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

New environment same energy 2024-02-01 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

Athlete union scores significant win over High Performance Sport NZ in landmark employment case 2024-02-01 [Radio New Zealand]

Postal Workers Union on NZ Post plans to hire only contractors 2024-01-31 [RNZ]

South Port union workers strike called off after compromise 2024-01-31 [Stuff]

Postal workers start talks with NZ Post in attempt to reverse job cuts 2024-01-31 [Radio New Zealand]

NZCTU calls on the government to protect frontline services 2024-01-30 [nzctu]

Union dismayed by foreign flag and crew on local ship 2024-01-30 [Newroom]

South Port and union negotiate ahead of strike 2024-01-29 [Stuff]

E tu takes major cleaning companies to Employment Relations Authority 2024-01-29 [E tu union]

Nurses support keeping childhood immunizations in primary care 2024-01-29 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

  JOB   Field Officer 2024-01-28 [PPTA]

  JOB 2024-01-28 [PPTA]

  JOB   unior Solicitor/ Legal Officer 2024-01-28 [E tū Union]

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