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Welcome end to residency uncertainty-now lets fix MIQ

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Welcome end to residency uncertainty-now lets fix MIQ [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora] 2021-09-30

Unions welcome residency announcement for working people and their families [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2021-09-30

Bread shortage looms as bakery staff go on strike [Newshub] 2021-09-23

Your work rights at alert level 4 [E tu union] 2021-08-18

More than 30,000 midwives, health workers prepare to strike [Radio New Zealand] 2021-08-17

Napier Port Workers’ Union Protests Against Arrival Of Blood Phosphate Ship [RMTU] 2021-08-13

Midwives striking and marching on Monday [Radio New Zealand] 2021-08-05

More people employed-now wages need to rise [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2021-08-04

NZNO disturbed DHB's are seeking emergency cover ruling [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2021-08-02

New Zealand Nurses Organisation issues strike notice as safety negotiations break down [] 2021-08-02


Today's labour news

Why our ships haven't come in 2021-12-23 [Newsroom]

Minimum hourly rate increase at all Silver Fern Farm sites 2021-10-19 [NZMWU]

Inflation figures demonstrate need to protect low-income New Zealanders from inflation 2021-10-19 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

NZPFU supports research into the impact organizational structures can have on health and wellbeing 2021-10-19 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Firefighters say they were exposed to asbestos in Ponsonby and Onehunga incidents 2021-10-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Lockdowns have shone a light on employers bad behaviour 2021-10-17 [Stuff]

AFL-CIO welcomes step forward by all DHS to ensure work rights for all 2021-10-16 [AFL-CIO]

Actors union calls for fair funding for Maori stories on screen 2021-10-15 [Equity New Zealand]

Nurses accept DHB offer with firm majority 2021-10-15 [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa]

Wide gap between aspiration and action in emissions reduction plan 2021-10-14 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Endemic Covid will expose lack of health workforce investment and cost lives 2021-10-14 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Missing from the anti-Covid action 2021-10-14 [Chris Trotter]

Government's plan to outsource emissions makes no sense-union 2021-10-14 [Radio New Zealand]

Missing detail essential in government's emission reduction plan, says CTU 2021-10-13 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Auckland uni staff to get $7m in bonuses, but money should go to student support-MP 2021-10-13 [Stuff]

Pay gap for Pasifika women largest in NZ 2021-10-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Covid-19: NZEI says most members will be supportive of vaccine mandate 2021-10-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Rail unions say new locomotives in the future of Kiwirail 2021-10-12 [RMTU]

NZPFU priority is to provide jobs if mandatory vaccination order implemented 2021-10-12 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Covid vaccinations vital to keep our educators and tamariki safesafe 2021-10-12 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Primary teacher's union responds to vaccine policy 2021-10-11 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Covid-19: Government wields biggest stick yet with 'no jab, no job' in health and education 2021-10-11 [Stuff]

Mandatory vaccines announced for health, education sector workers 2021-10-11 [Radio New Zealand]

No confirmation yet on scope of Government's mandatory vaccination plan 2021-10-11 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Mandatory vaccination welcome -booster planning next step 2021-10-11 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Covid-19: Mandatory vaccination for health staff 'right thing to do', union says 2021-10-11 [Stuff]

Are our emergency departments Covid-fit? 2021-10-11 [Radio New Zealand]

Palmerston North Hospital wards short staffed thirty percent of the time 2021-10-10 [Stuff]

Physios question why retail can open in level 2, but they still can't work 2021-10-10 [Radio New Zealand]

NZPFU does not support mandatory vaccination 2021-10-09 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Opening of early childhood centres highlights issues in a sector already under pressure. 2021-10-09 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

'History of broken promises': Canterbury's bus drivers to strike for living wage 2021-10-08 [Stuff]

Westpac to give staff five days 'wellbeing' leave but union says workers wanted annual leave instead 2021-10-08 [NZ Herald]

All workers deserve the right to decent work 2021-10-07 [E tu union]

Cuts at Otago University not safe or appropriate 2021-10-07 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

' No one deserves that': Linfox worker shocked over manager's racist message 2021-10-07 [Stuff]

Teachers feeling anxious about return to school: 'It is far too soon' 2021-10-07 [Radio New Zealand]

Government plans to require all teachers and support staff to be vaccinated 2021-10-07 [Newshub]

South Canterbury home support breakthrough-legal action withdrawn 2021-10-06 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

New Maori Vice-President role for PPTA-te Wehengarua 2021-10-06 [PPTA-Te Wehengarua]

Teachers welcome NCEA announcement 2021-10-06 [PPTA-Te Wehengarua]

NZPFU cancels function commemorating 40 years of career women firefighters 2021-10-05 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Teachers encouraged to get vaccinated, but no mandate-NZEI 2021-10-05 [Radio New Zealand]

Covid 19: Delta outbreak 'Unwelcome' nurses leaving New Zealand over immigration rules 2021-10-05 [NZ Herald]

Successful campaign to win pathways to residency led by Unite Union 2021-10-04 [Unite Union]

Migrant teachers offered residency visa for skills shortage but more needs to be done on pay parity 2021-10-04 [NZEI-Te Riu Roa]

Survey report shows tertiary education at breaking point 2021-10-03 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

'I just want to feel safe': Modern slavery in New Zealand 2021-10-02 [Stuff]

Welcome end to residency uncertainty-now lets fix MIQ 2021-09-30 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

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This month in labour history

9-10-1913 In Huntly, miners at the Allison Taupiri Coal Company strike after the dismissal of 16 of theirs, including 3 recently elected union officials. This is the start of The Great Strike. [more]

18-10-1913 Wellington's shipwrights go on strike over wage increases, paid time off and other demands. [more]

20-10-1913 1,500 dockworkers stop work to hold a meeting and submit their demands to the UFL. Returning to work, they see the scabs hired in their place arriving. [more]

24-10-1913 Dockworkers stop work and occupy several ships. No truck driver or miner at work in Huntly. The union refuses the employers' offer to extend the 1912 collective agreement. [more]

29-10-1912 Auckland and Westport waterside workers join the Great Strike. [more]