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Government Needs To Reprioritise Regulating Gig Work

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Government Needs To Reprioritise Regulating Gig Work [First Union] 2021-02-22

Midwives plead for more government funding as workforce plummets [Newshub] 2021-02-17

'Crap pay and horrible conditions': MIdwives at breaking point in Capital DHB [Radio New Zealand] 2021-02-16

Air NZ CEO recognises 'poor judgement' in helping Saudi Arabian military, but work to continue [TVNZ] 2021-02-08

Exclusive: Air NZ has been secretly helping Saudi Arabian military despite its role in Yemen humanitarian crisis [TVNZ] 2021-02-08

Covid threat in New Zealand ports has a solution [MUNZ] 2021-01-30

Lifewise workers continue strike action despite lockout threat [E tu union] 2021-01-22

Striking home support workers face two weeks without pay after lockout [Stuff] 2021-01-18

Gore shearer Megan Whitehead sets new world record [Stuff] 2021-01-14

Managed isolation and quarantine health and safety committees took months to roll out [Radio New Zealand] 2020-12-30


Today's labour news

Why our ships haven't come in 2021-12-23 [Newsroom]

Calls for gig worker protection after British court rules Uber drivers are workers 2021-02-24 [Stuff]

Union calls on Air NZ to rebuild better 2021-02-24 [E tu union]

Government needs to progress transformation plans to save mill 2021-02-24 [E tu union]

Child poverty: the bullshit factor 2021-02-24 [Redline]

Whakatane mill faces closure. 210 jobs at risk 2021-02-23 [Stuff]

Covid-19: OPSM's 25pc pay offer to employees during Auckland lockdown 'appalling' 2021-02-23 [Stuff]

Media watch: Australia just beat Google and Facebook-where is our cowardly lion broadcasting minister 2021-02-23 [The Daily Blog]

Improvements to Holdays Act secured 2021-02-23 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Government action can achieve digital inclusion 2021-02-23 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Public servants have earned New Zealand's trust 2021-02-23 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Fewer children living in poverty, but more work needed 2021-02-23 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Holidays Act overhaul planned, including earlier entitlements 2021-02-22 [Radio New Zealand]

Uber: New Zealand could follow UK ruling that drivers are employees - expert 2021-02-22 [Stuff]

Government Needs To Reprioritise Regulating Gig Work 2021-02-22 [First Union]

A tribute to Canterbury health workers on tenth quake anniversary 2021-02-22 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

10th anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake 2021-02-22 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Labour's first 100 days in Parliament-Winners & Losers 2021-02-22 [The Daily Blog]

Song for Ernie Abbot 2021-02-22 [Don Franks]

Union fears more job losses at Refining NZ in Northland 2021-02-21 [NZ Herald]

MERAS Co-leader Jill Ovens on The Project 2021-02-21 [MERAS]

Choked Auckland port urged to halt auto project for rethink before kiwi firms short of stock fall over 2021-02-20 [NZ Herald]

Vaccinated border staff say they were thinking of their famillies, communities 2021-02-20 [Radio New Zealand]

'It's all fake': Chinese migrant builders sold a dream, left exploited and hungry 2021-02-20 [Stuff]

'Fatigie, burnout', as DHB's stretched to the limit, union warns 2021-02-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Wage shame: Why MIQ cleaners have fallen through the cracks 2021-02-19 [NZ Herald]

FENZ peiously close to repeating the mistakes of the past 2021-02-19 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Nurses in San Joaquin County's health system to hold three-day strike, starting Feb 27th 2021-02-18 [National Nurses United]

Midwives Union MERAS on Midwifery crisis 2021-02-18 [MERAS]

Call for Nurses Organization to release review into board's performance 2021-02-18 [Radio New Zealand]

Govt to fund free period products for all school, kura students 2021-02-18 [Radio New Zealand]

To keep our borders safe, involve border workers 2021-02-18 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

MIQ 'soldier' on the frontlines of Covid battle among two-thirds of hotel workers earning under the living wage 2021-02-17 [TVNZ]

Call for Nurses Organization to release review into board's performance 2021-02-17 [Radio New Zealand]

Midwives plead for more government funding as workforce plummets 2021-02-17 [Newshub]

On the case for investing in coastal shipping 2021-02-17 [MUNZ]

'Stigmatized' and refused gym memberships: E tu shares Jacinda Arderns' concern for border workers 2021-02-17 [Newshub]

Latest Ports of Auckland automation shows project needs to go on icebungle 2021-02-17 [MUNZ]

Pike River Recovery Agency at top of mine tunnel 2021-02-17 [Stuff]

Pike River Agency reaches rockfall 2021-02-17 [Greymouth Evening Star]

Capital's hospital maternity service stretched 'paper thin': Midwives union 2021-02-16 [Radio New Zealand]

'Crap pay and horrible conditions': MIdwives at breaking point in Capital DHB 2021-02-16 [Radio New Zealand]

Support a people's vaccine 2021-02-16 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Unite Union renews calls for a living wage for MIQ workers as New Zealand's largest hotel chain moves to the living wage 2021-02-16 [Unite Union]

Covid-19: LSG Sky Chefs employees' following all the rules'-union 2021-02-16 [Radio New Zealand]

Covid-19: Workers shouldn't be penalized in vaccine rollout-unions 2021-02-15 [NZ Herald]

FENZ regional manager ignores union concerns around America's Cup 2021-02-15 [NZPFU-Te Kahui Kaipatuahi O Aotearoa]

Work rights still hold under Covid-19 alert levels 2021-02-15 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Unions keen workers aren't penalized during vaccine rollout 2021-02-13 [Radio New Zealand]

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27-02-1951 Troops are sent onto the Auckland and Wellington wharfs to attempt to break the dockers' strike [more]