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Statsansatte inspirert av norsk likestilling 2019-12-05 [Bistandsaktuelt]

Arbeidere ved sukkerrørplantasjer blir syke og dør av nyresvikt 2019-11-25 [Bistandsaktuelt]

UNI Americas signs new agreement with UPAEP to promote cooperation, social dialogue and sustainable development 2019-11-22 [UNI Global Union]

Andean Unrest: The Neoliberal Cycle Comes to an End? 2019-11-19 [NACLA]

More women, more inclusion, more equality: historic agreement between Banacol, Sintrainagro, and IUF Latin America 2019-11-18 [IUF]

Mass protests in Latin America against the neoliberal model 2019-11-13 [Equal Times]

Et kontinent i uro – protester og kuppanklager 2019-11-12 [Dagsavisen]

New report sheds light on the threat privatisation poses for higher education in Latin America 2019-11-06 [EI]

Regional Solidarity with Cuba 2019-10-16 [BWI]

Skills workshop for women in public transport 2019-10-03 [ITF]

Workers discuss future of the mobility sector and employment in Latin America 2019-08-23 [IndustriALL]

Latin American unions condemn the rise of precarious work at General Motors 2019-08-20 [IndustriALL]

Latin America and Caribbean education unionists call for reforms of copyright rules for education and research 2019-08-15 [Education International]

South American rail unions make plan to unite 2019-08-02 [ITF]

The worrying reversal of peace in Colombia 2019-07-18 [Equal Times]

Workers connect to defend public services at PSI regional conference 2019-07-07 [CUPE]

IAMRECON is underway until 28 June in Buenos Aires 2019-06-26 [PSI]

Latin America defines the next steps in the fight against privatization 2019-05-25 [EI]

Despite its new rhetoric, the IMF still promotes failed policies 2019-05-23 [Equal Times]

Colombia’s medical marijuana industry: a way to end the stigma surrounding drugs? 2019-05-02 [Equal Times]

Latin American trade union alliance denounces anti-worker conduct at ICTS company Liberty 2019-04-23 [UNI Global Union]

Swedish unions help to strengthen their Latin American peers 2019-04-22 [IndustriALL]

In Brazil, thousands of people are still living under the threat of bursting mining dams 2019-03-25 [Equal Times]

Bodies of Pasta de Conchos victims may be recovered 2019-02-26 [IndustriALL]

Two decades of labour flexibilisation in Mexico has left workers facing “drastic” precarity 2019-01-30 [Equal Times]

Extreme poverty increases in Latin America and the Caribbean 2019-01-24 [BWI]

PSI Interamerica Regional Conference: The Future of Work and Ending Violence and Harassment in Public Services 2018-12-19 [PSI]

4th BWI Regional Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean 2018-12-19 [BWI]

Renewed leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018-12-19 [BWI]

In just seven months in power, Costa Rica’s new government has experienced three months of confrontation with public sector unions 2018-12-14 [Equal Times]

An equal seat at the table 2018-11-16 [PSI]

Brazil’s public universities are in crisis 2018-10-26 [Equal Times]

New project launched for young Latin Americans 2018-08-22 [IndustriALL]

IndustriALL creates a ‘macro sector’ for manufacturing industries 2018-08-21 [IndustriALL]

Public education is a social right and is essential to building equality 2018-08-01 [Education International]

Brazilian indigenous women’s leader, Leonice Tupari: “We not only want to be represented, we want to be heard” 2018-07-31 [Equal Times]

The Venezuelan exodus is already structural: migration agencies are appealing for more funding to assist the receiving countries 2018-05-28 [Equal Times]

Latin America and the Caribbean activates its strategic plan for the region 2018-05-24 [IndustriALL]

Racial Equality Tops Domestic Workers Meeting in Brazil For more info 2018-05-16 [Solidarity Center]

Descendants search for lessons in the shameful treatment of Japanese-Latin Americans during WWII 2018-04-27 [Equal Times]

2018, a decisive election year in the Americas 2018-04-17 [Equal Times]

One hundred years of servitude in Brazil 2018-03-27 [Equal Times]

The Alternative World Water Forum has begun! 2018-03-20 [PSI]

The precarious status of domestic workers in Brazil 2018-03-14 [Equal Times]

The bid for dialogue following the post-electoral crisis in Honduras 2018-03-07 [Equal Times]

The Right to Travel to Seek Work Is the Right to Survive 2018-03-01 [Truth Out]

In Colombia, the ELN steps up the conflict as the options for peace run out 2018-02-28 [Equal Times]

We the unions are vital forces for equal pay 2018-02-07 [PSI]

Brazil: a tragic example of our fractured world 2018-01-23 [Equal Times]

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