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Sjåførstreik truer den globale forsyningskjeden

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Sjåførstreik truer den globale forsyningskjeden [Fremover/NTB] 2022-11-24

Slutt på lastebilstreik. Beholder minstelønnsordning [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-06-15


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Truckers vote to end strike for minimum wage protections 2022-12-09 [Saltwire]

Korean truckers call off strike on day 16, with 62% in favor of returning to work 2022-12-09 [Hankyoreh]

Korea issues another round of back-to-work orders for striking truckers 2022-12-08 [Hankyoreh]

KCTU denounces Yoon administration’s strikebreaking at ILO gathering 2022-12-07 [Hankyoreh]

ILO’s letter to Yoon admin: Back-to-work orders restrict workers’ freedom of association 2022-12-07 [Hankyoreh]

Fuel runs dry at South Korean petrol stations as truckers strike 2022-12-07 [Al-Jazeerah]

S. Korean president likens striking truckers to N. Korean nuclear threat, vows to “lay down law” 2022-12-06 [Hankyoreh]

Korea puts into motion plan to punish striking truckers who do not return to work 2022-12-06 [Hankyoreh]

Korean government claims TruckSol isn’t a union — Korean courts, ILO say otherwise 2022-12-06 [Hankyoreh]

Thousands of unionized workers hold rallies nationwide to denounce return-to-work order 2022-12-06 [Yonhap]

Despite government’s back-to-work order, South Korean truckers continue strike 2022-12-05 [Peoples Dispatch]

Yoon’s nonchalance at ILO notice is worrying sign for labor rights in Korea 2022-12-05 [Hankyoreh]

ILO “immediately intervened” over Korean government’s return-to-work order for striking truckers 2022-12-05 [Hankyoreh]

Yoon prepares to widen back-to-work order amid truckers' strike 2022-12-04 [SwissInfo]

Labor declares all-out fight 2022-12-04 [JoongAng Daily]

Workers rally in support of truckers 2022-12-03 []

KHMU brings international perspectives to its first ever policy conference 2022-12-03 [UNI]

Thousands protest in South Korea in support of truckers 2022-12-03 [Associated Press]

International outrage at South Korea’s illegal, heavy-handed attempts to break strike 2022-12-03 [ITF]

“Regular services resumed for all trains” Korail labor and management reach last minute agreement 2022-12-03 [Kyunghyang Shinmun]

Welcome verdict freeing SsangYong workers from punitive damage suit 2022-12-01 [Hankyoreh]

Korean Supreme Court overturns ruling in police damage case against striking SsangYong workers 2022-12-01 [Hankyoreh]

Seoul subway union, company reach deal to end strike 2022-12-01 [Yonhap]

KCTU Threatens General Strike in Retaliation to Gov't Return-to-Work Order 2022-11-30 [KBS]

Unionized Seoul Metro workers go on strike; few disruptions reported during morning rush hour 2022-11-30 [Yonhap]

Yoon’s historic new lengths to quash trucker strike 2022-11-30 [Hankyoreh]

Yoon’s tough talk adds to clash between striking truckers, S. Korean government 2022-11-30 [Hankyoreh]

Striking truckers call Yoon’s work start order akin to declaration of martial law 2022-11-30 [Hankyoreh]

Strike still threatened for Seoul Metro 2022-11-29 [JoongAng Daily]

Striking truckers ordered back to work 2022-11-29 [Al Jazeera]

Hyundai Heavy Industries workers to strike next week 2022-11-29 [Upstream]

Korea (South) TWU statement on south Korean government’s plans to issue return-to-work orders against striking truck drivers 2022-11-29 [TWU]

Gov' orders striking truckers in cement industry back to jobs 2022-11-29 [Saltwire]

UN & ILO must urgently intervene as South Korea weighs forcing striking drivers back to work 2022-11-29 [International Transport Workers' Federation]

KCTU Demands Gov't Withdraw Return-to-Work Order 2022-11-29 [KBS]

Seoul subway's unionized workers set to strike Wednesday as talks fail to resolve disputes 2022-11-29 [Yonhap]

Yoon vows all possible steps to cope with 'unjustified' demands by striking truckers 2022-11-29 [Yonhap]

Labor minister refuses to adopt basic wage system for truck 2022-11-29 [Korea Times]

President signs executive order to force striking truckers back to work 2022-11-29 [Korea Times]

Government poised to order striking truckers back to work 2022-11-28 [Korea Times]

Transport ministry to meet with striking truckers union on Monday 2022-11-26 [Saltwire]

Striking cargo truckers, gov't to sit down for negotiations next week 2022-11-26 [Yonhap]

Korean government threatens to order striking truckers back to work 2022-11-25 [Hankyoreh]

President warns of crackdown as trucker strike enters second day 2022-11-25 [Saltwire]

Save lives, make safe rates permanent in Korea 2022-11-24 [International Transport Workers' Federation ]

Truck strike: South Korean government risks people’s lives and economic damage by reneging on safety law promise 2022-11-24 [The International Transport Workers’ Federation]

Tension grows as labor groups launch protests nationwide 2022-11-24 [Korea Herald]

Rather than negotiate, S. Korean government, ruling party browbeat truckers ahead of mass strike 2022-11-24 [Hankyoreh]

Sjåførstreik truer den globale forsyningskjeden 2022-11-24 [Fremover/NTB]

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