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Rights activists criticize wage discrimination against migrant boat crews 2023-12-01 [Korea Times]

30,000 South Korean workers and citizens, march for climate justice 2023-11-24 [PSI]

Seoul subway won’t go on strike on Wednesday after reaching agreement 2023-11-22 [JoongAng Daily]

Seoul Metro labor, management to meet on eve of threatened strike 2023-11-21 [Yonhap]

KBS union presses charges against new CEO for “trampling” democratic broadcasting procedure 2023-11-21 [Hankyoreh]

FKMTU leader released on bail 2023-11-15 [IndustriALL]

Gov't to relax controversial 52-hour workweek 2023-11-13 [JoongAng Daily]

Business groups condemn labor union immunity bill 2023-11-13 [The Herald]

Fear lingers of another subway strike 2023-11-12 [The Times]

2 umbrella unions stage large-scale rallies in Seoul 2023-11-11 [Yonhap]

Seoul Subway Workers Launch 2-Day Strike on Thursday 2023-11-09 [KBS]

Metro workers launch strike 2023-11-09 [Reuters]

Foreign workers' deaths get weak sanctions For more info 2023-11-02 [The Korea Herald]

Costco korea under heavy scrutiny over cart pusher's death For more info 2023-11-02 [KED Global]

South korean worker's death spotlights harsh working conditions For more info 2023-11-02 [GL]

1 in 10 construction accident fatalities are foreign workers For more info 2023-11-02 [The Korea Times]

Trade union officials accused of espionage released on bail For more info 2023-11-02 [Korea JoongAng Daily]

Labor ministry to expand vocational training for migrant workers For more info 2023-11-02 [The Korea Times]

The FKTU president Dongmyeong Kim, together with the FKTU busan regional office, held a rally joined by more than 3000 people For more info 2023-11-02 [FKTU]

South korea teachers seek protection from harassment by students' parents For more info 2023-11-02 [NPR]

Platform Company Dominance and Labor Struggles in the Digital Economy 2023-11-01 [Monthly Review]

South Korea: teachers plan to protest outside the national assembly building in seoul from 14:00 oct. 28 For more info 2023-10-30 [Crisis24]

South Korea's ageing workforce filling labour shortage gap For more info 2023-10-30 [HRM Asia]

South Korea unemployment rate edges up to 2.6% in sept For more info 2023-10-30 [Reuters]

Koreatown grocery store workers protest ceo's anti-union tactics at conference For more info 2023-10-30 [LATimes]

Facing a labor crisis, south korea turns to migrants. Why are they more likely to die on the job? For more info 2023-10-30 [LATimes]

UNI supports South Korean affiliate in defence of public broadcasting 2023-10-30 [UNI Global Union]

Unions challenge government at UN 2023-10-26 [IndustriALL]

South korea passed a bill to protect underage k-pop idols from exploitation 2023-10-19 [QZ]

Kia corp and south korea union reach tentative wage deal For more info 2023-10-19 [Reuters]

Railway workers threaten general strike next week For more info 2023-10-19 [The Korea Times]

South Korea: rail strike indicative of yoon's long-term labor stance For more info 2023-10-19 [RANE]

Rail strike set to begin Thursday For more info 2023-10-19 [The Korea Herald]

Subway strike looms as negotiations face challenges For more info 2023-10-19 [The Korea Times]

Hyundai motor's union in south korea votes to strike For more info 2023-10-19 [Reuters]

Samsung union warns of historic walkout as slump persists For more info 2023-10-19 [Bloomberg]

[KH explains] shipbuilders scramble to secure labor force amid booming industry For more info 2023-10-19 [The Korea Herald]

South korea turns to migrant labor to fuel growth For more info 2023-10-19 [Nikkei Asia]

Over 73% of Unionized Seoul Metro Workers Vote in Favor of Strike 2023-10-16 [KBS]

Seoul subway workers vote for strike plan 2023-10-16 [The Herald]

Wage talks between Kia, labor union fail again 2023-10-15 [The Times]

Sixteen years of unwavering solidarity of Hyundai/Kia workers Add to favourites Read this article in: English 13 October, 2023The global Hyundai/Kia union network meeting in Bekasi Indonesia, marked 16 years of unwavering solidarity of Hyundai/Kia 2023-10-13 [IndustriALL]

Tecaher suicide prompts soul searching in s korea For more info 2023-10-10 [UCA News]

South korea's teachers, government at odds over rally set for sept. 4 For more info 2023-10-10 [ANN]

Korea: public service workers nationwide to begin strike oct. 11 For more info 2023-10-10 [Crisis24]

Is south korea failing women in the workplace? Just look at hyundai motor 2023-10-10 [CNN]

Teachers to hold nationwide protest despite warning For more info 2023-10-10 [The Korea Herald]

Abused, traumatised and powerless: south korea's teachers on why they are protesting For more info 2023-10-10 [The Guardian]

Thousands of s. korean teachers protest after colleague's suicide exposes parent bullying For more info 2023-10-09 [NextShark]

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