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Unions advance peace education for a brighter future in East Asia

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Stop the flow of goods and change the world: Korean truckers lead global campaign on safe rates 2023-09-21 [Asian Labour Review]

South Korea declared war on unions. Workers are fighting back 2023-09-21 [In These Times]

Statement of solidarity in support of KPTU-Korean Railway Workers’ Union strike 2023-09-18 [PSI]

Unionized railway workers end 4-day strike 2023-09-18 [JoongAng Daily]

Korean railway workers go on strike to fight privatization 2023-09-15 [Hankyoreh]

Rail workers go on 4-day general strike 2023-09-14 [Yonhap]

Hyundai Motor, South Korea union reach tentative wage deal -union official 2023-09-12 [Reuters]

After record earnings, large-scale walkout looms at Chanel Korea 2023-09-11 [The Post]

Railway workers threaten general strike next week 2023-09-07 [Yonhap]

After record earnings, large-scale walkout looms at Chanel Korea 2023-09-07 [The Herald]

South Korean teachers hold mass protests after suicide highlights pressures from parents 2023-09-06 [CNN]

Japan Unions advance peace education for a brighter future in East Asia 2023-09-06 [Education International]

A cry for justice: Solidarity with teachers in South Korea 2023-09-04 [Education International]

Hyundai Motor's union in South Korea votes to strike 2023-08-25 [Saltwire]

Korean public care workers fight to save quality care and decent jobs in Seoul 2023-08-18 [PSI]

Fallen on deaf ears: Costco Korea cart pusher's death 2023-08-13 [KED]

Actors in Netflix originals want better pay. The company refuses to meet with their union 2023-08-07 [The Times]

Labor union calls for protection measures for construction workers during heat wave 2023-08-02 [Yonhap]

Trade unions protest against escalating repression 2023-07-26 [IndustriALL]

KFSU-Mart Industry Union calls for investigation into the recent death of Costco Korea worker 2023-07-23 [UNI]

Finance Industry Union declares industrial negotiation breakdown 2023-07-23 [UNI]

Health workers’ strike validates union’s demands and gains public support 2023-07-23 [PSI]

Hyundai hires female auto technicians in South Korea—for the first time 2023-07-22 [The Sun]

Hyundai BNG Steel hit for repeated fatal industrial accidents 2023-07-20 [The Times]

64,000 health workers in Korea stage walk out 2023-07-14 [UNI Global Union]

Employee killed in accident at Hyundai Motor plant in Ulsan 2023-07-14 [JoongAng Daily]

Tens of thousands of Korean health care workers go on general strike 2023-07-14 [Hankyoreh]

Health workers in South Korea prepare for nationwide strike 2023-07-12 [Peoples Dispatch]

50,000 healthcare workers in South Korea to go on nationwide strike on Thursday 2023-07-12 [The Straits Times]

KMPDU issues two-week strike notice at KNH 2023-07-09 [KBC]

Labor Minister urges KCTU to halt 'political' strike 2023-07-07 [The Herald]

Government must negotiate workplace policies with unions, says ILO 2023-07-05 [PSI]

Half a million S. Korean workers set for 2-week nationwide strike against President Yoon Suk-yeol 2023-07-03 [The Straits Times]

Biggest labour union launches 2-week anti-government strike 2023-07-03 [AA]

Half million workers set for two-week nationwide strike against Yoon 2023-07-03 [Korea Herald]

Business lobby asks gov't to cut minimum wage of migrant shipbuilding workers 2023-06-29 [Korea Times]

At Korean unionist’s mass funeral march, calls for an end to Yoon administration 2023-06-22 [Hankyoreh]

“Rest in peace, we will achieve your wishes” Funeral for Yang Hoi-dong 2023-06-22 [Kyunghyang Shinmun]

Hyundai Motor union to stage first walkout in five years 2023-06-22 [JoongAng Ilbo]

MSD workers ‘devastated’ by planned discipline of ERP meet rejecters 2023-06-19 [KBR]

Mass funeral rally held in Seoul 47 days after unionist’s self-immolation 2023-06-19 [Hankyoreh]

Gov't to make dues paid to unions defying accounting disclosure ineligible for tax deduction 2023-06-15 [Yonhap]

Supreme Court orders recalculation of strikers' liabilities 2023-06-15 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Logistics Workers Organizing and Korean Truckers’ Strikes 2023-06-14 [Asian Labour Review]

Logistics Workers Organizing and Korean Truckers’ Strikes 2023-06-14 [Asian Labour Review]

Tensions reach new height as unionists accuse President Yoon at ILO 2023-06-14 [ANN]

Korean Metal Workers� Union stands up to anti-union government 2023-06-14 [IndustriALL]

LOTTE Chemical Union Announces Withdrawal from KCTU 2023-06-13 [Business Korea]

ILO chief says he is closely watching labor union persecution in S. Korea 2023-06-13 [Hankyoreh]

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