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Women in Samjiyon’s work units fall victim to sexual assault

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Women in Samjiyon’s work units fall victim to sexual assault [DailyNK] 2019-12-11

Guest workers lauded at home yet abused overseas [The Times] 2019-11-03

150,000 workers head to Wonsan in extreme cold [DailyNK] 2019-02-18

Country is World's Leading Slave State, says report [RFA] 2018-07-25

Rushed Work Schedule Leads to Fatal Fire at North Korean Resort [RFA] 2018-05-15

Trump urged to push North Korea to end slavery [Reuters] 2018-06-12

Sexual abuse of workers by local party leader goes unchecked [UMG] 2017-11-20

PSI affiliates call for immediate de-escalation of tensions between US and North Korea at PSI Congress [PSI] 2017-11-06

Visas for North Korean workers stopped as diplomatic missions shut down [Daily Sabah ] 2017-10-13

Workers Wear ‘Brave Face’ on Forced Return From China [RFA] 2017-10-08


Today's labour news

The Pyongyang General Hospital project’s dark side 2020-06-26 [DailyNK]

Women in Hyesan voice discontent over forced labor 2020-06-05 [DailyNK]

Rights Monitor Group Tracking 60,000 North Korean Workers in Northeastern China 2019-12-24 [Radio Free Asia]

Women in Samjiyon’s work units fall victim to sexual assault 2019-12-11 [DailyNK]

Citizens Living Near Samjiyon Fed Up With Being Mobilized to Prepare for Kim Jong Un Visits 2019-12-08 [RFA]

Kim Jong-un wants to be recognized as the leader of a normal country... 2019-12-05 [CINA]

Guest workers lauded at home yet abused overseas 2019-11-03 [The Times]

'Workers' Paradise' &its sad reality (#1) 2019-10-09 [CINA]

NK Forces Workers Returning from Russia to Snitch on Each Other 2019-09-15 [RFA]

Middle school students mobilized to harvest opium resin 2019-08-30 [DailyNK]

Forced mobilization of residents continues at Samjiyon project site 2019-08-23 [DailyNK]

Miners’ Families Suffer Cancers, Birth Defects From Uranium Exposure 2019-08-22 [RFA]

Dangerous Directive: Kim’s On-Site Order Causes Series of Fatal Construction Accidents 2019-07-30 [Rimjin-Gang]

Citizens in Yanggang Province Skip Out on Forced Labor Project 2019-06-26 [RFA]

Economic activity: for NK, a form of warfare 2019-06-20 [Asia Times]

Neighborhood watch heads share stories about Samjiyon construction site conditions 2019-06-18 [DailyNK]

Boycott the 'Grand Gymnastics and Artistic Performance'! 2019-06-09 [CINA]

NK mobilizes factory workers to make giant propaganda slogan signs 2019-06-04 [RFA]

Child labor continues in state construction projects 2019-05-24 [DailyNK]

Workers rebel against orders to work at the Samjiyon construction site 2019-05-09 [DailyNK]

Shock brigade workers face horrific conditions at Samjiyon site 2019-04-17 [DailyNK]

Majority of Pyongyang state-run factories close after US-DPRK summit fails to bear fruit 2019-04-04 [DailyNK]

Workers subjected to dismal conditions at Tanchon Power Station construction site 2019-03-20 [DailyNK]

Regime squeezes its migrant workers in China for funds 2019-03-03 [DailyNK]

Gov't deducts money from workers’ salaries to pay for Kim Jong Il birthday events 2019-02-21 [DailyNK]

'Socialist utopia' needs mass labor... 2019-02-19 [Reuters]

150,000 workers head to Wonsan in extreme cold 2019-02-18 [DailyNK]

Musan Mine workers pay fees to skip work and enter smuggling trade 2019-02-15 [DailyNK]

Gov't Cuts Wages of Workers on Chinese Payroll 2019-01-31 [RFA]

The 'paradise' of the working class... 2019-01-01 [CINA]

בתעשיית האופנה נושאים עיניים ליעד הניצול הבא: קוריאה הצפונית 2018-12-28 [דבר ראשון]

Amid nationwide construction spree, factory workers pay for mobilization exemption 2018-12-27 [DailyNK]

N. Korean Migrants in Vladivostok Forced to Repatriate... 2018-12-18 [RFA]

North Korean worker demands accountability for slave labour in supply chain 2018-12-06 [Equal Times]

Poor food rations leading to rise in absenteeism among public workers 2018-11-26 [DailyNK]

Construction workers in Samjiyon face long hours in icy temperatures 2018-11-23 [DailyNK]

Chongjin factory roof collapse leads to fatalities 2018-11-20 [DailyNK]

Senior manager at Songjin Steel Complex banished to Musan Mine 2018-11-09 [DailyNK]

Workers mobilized into shock troop units face difficult choices 2018-09-19 [DailyNK]

Forced labor prescribed for malnourished street children 2018-08-20 [DailyNK]

Workers from the two Koreas played rare football matches on Saturday 2018-08-12 [The Times]

DPRK workers to play ROK counterparts for fourth time 2018-08-11 [CGTN]

Regime takes up to two-thirds of salaries from workers for ‘loyalty funds’ 2018-08-08 [DailyNK]

Russia allows entry of thousands of North Korean workers 2018-08-04 [Reuters]

No comment... 2018-07-26 [CINA]

Country is World's Leading Slave State, says report 2018-07-25 [RFA]

Kim Jong-un 'blasts workers at factories for not working hard enough' 2018-07-02 [Telegraph]

Kim Jong-un visits textile plants, chastens workers for not working hard 2018-07-02 [Yonhap]

Authorities improve treatment of laborers at Wonsan-Kalma 2018-06-27 [DailyNK]

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