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Bakhurst takes to loudhailer at RTÉ staff rally, says it's been 'horrendous period' for workers 2024-02-28 [The Journal]

Congress supports a YES YES in upcoming referenda 2024-02-28 [ICTU]

Ireland Northern Ireland Strikes: Where each sector stands as unions ponder over pay deals 2024-02-27 [Belfast Telegraph]

Ireland Northern Ireland Health staff and civil servants offered 5% rise 2024-02-27 [BBC]

Minister's ex-driver let go in 'sham redundancy', WRC told 2024-02-27 [RTÉ]

Ireland Northern Ireland Translink: Bus and rail strikes suspended after latest pay offer 2024-02-25 [BBC]

What are 'termination agreements' and why are they kept confidential 2024-02-25 [RTÉ]

Discount retailer Centz ordered to pay €77,000 in gender pay discrimination case 2024-02-25 [RTÉ]

WRC orders record €440,000 unfair dismissal award for founder of tech firm 2024-02-22 [RTÉ]

SIPTU calls for greater protections for transport workers 2024-02-20 [RTE]

Trade union campaign launches in Limerick 2024-02-20 [Live]

Ireland Northern Ireland Junior doctors in NI vote for strike action over pay 2024-02-20 [BBC]

Unions announce first trade union week 2024-02-17 [UNI]

Ireland Northern Ireland Executive’s £688m for public sector pay may not end industrial action, unions warn 2024-02-16 [Belfast Telegraph]

Garda boss not invited to rank-and-file conference 2024-02-16 [BBC]

Ireland Northern Ireland Doctors' pay: BMA 'disappointed' after talks with health officials 2024-02-16 [BBC]

Employer ordered to repay €2.24m in Covid wage supports 2024-02-16 [RTÉ]

Unite to recommend acceptance of public sector pay deal 2024-02-16 [RTÉ]

Louth workers invited to join Trade Union Week 2024-02-16 [The Democrat]

Ireland Northern Ireland Transport unions give Department of Infrastructure ‘two weeks’ to resolve pay dispute 2024-02-14 [Belfast Telegraph]

Food delivery workers take strike action in Dublin 2024-02-14 [RTÉ]

What to do with a giant pot of Euros 2024-02-13 [SIPTU]

Ireland Northern Ireland School strikes: teaching unions postpone industrial action 2024-02-13 [BBC]

Global Dublin food delivery riders to join international strike on Valentine’s Day 2024-02-13 [Irish Times]

ICTU recommends private sector pay increases of 4% to 6% 2024-02-13 [RTÉ]

Government approves public sector pay deal 2024-02-13 [RTÉ]

Ictu targets big pay rises for private sector workers in talks this year 2024-02-12 [The Irish Independent]

Time to hold business accountable for their impact on human rights and the environment 2024-02-09 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

SIPTU requests meeting with Glen Dimplex over plans to cut 300 jobs 2024-02-09 [Business Post]

Claims of ageist pay discrimination at top levels of Prison Service dismissed 2024-02-09 [RTÉ]

Draft remote working code completed by WRC 2024-02-09 [RTÉ]

Ireland Northern Ireland Transport workers to delay strike to allow space for pay offer 2024-02-06 [SIPTU]

Ireland Northern Ireland Bus and train workers cancel planned February strike 2024-02-06 [BBC]

Union give amazing gift of new bus to Laois special school 2024-02-05 [Live]

Ireland Northern Ireland Pay must be priority for new government, union boss says 2024-02-04 [RTÉ]

Israel Congress response to ICJ ruling on Israel 2024-02-01 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Ireland Northern Ireland MenoVest event – raising awareness of menopause in the workplace 2024-02-01 [Belfast Telegraph]

Ireland Northern Ireland Bus and train workers strike again despite Stormont progress 2024-02-01 [BBC]

More than 200 jobs at PayPal under threat 2024-02-01 [RTÉ]

HSE to pay worker €31,666 for unpaid leave over 15 years 2024-02-01 [RTÉ]

SIPTU to ballot members on public sector pay deal 2024-01-31 [RTÉ]

Interpreters sent for WRC case where everyone spoke English 2024-01-31 [RTÉ]

Fórsa to begin ballot on public sector pay deal in February 2024-01-31 [RTE]

Ireland Northern Ireland Seagate Technology workers vote for union recognition 2024-01-31 [BBC]

Charities worried funding won't be enough to cover pay deal 2024-01-30 [RTÉ]

Public sector workers to get 10.25% pay raise after agreement 2024-01-29 [BNN]

Unions to assess implications of public sector pay deal for voluntary sector workers 2024-01-28 [Irish Times]

Ireland Northern Ireland Translink strike to go ahead without more pay detail - union 2024-01-28 [BBC]

Public sector pay deal hailed as good news for staff and State 2024-01-27 [Irish Times]

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