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Women hold all-day strike for gender equality

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General Women’s Strike Organised For Seventh Time 2023-10-29 [The Grapevine]

Women across Iceland, including the Prime Minister, go on strike for equal pay and no more violence 2023-10-26 [Stuff]

Why are thousands of women, including the Prime Minister of Iceland, on strike? 2023-10-25 [Daily O]

Women go on strike in Iceland, the world's most gender equal society 2023-10-25 [The Union-Leader]

Women across Iceland, including the prime minister, go on strike for equal pay and no more violence 2023-10-25 [BNN]

Women hold all-day strike for gender equality 2023-10-25 [Deutsche Welle]

Unemployed, Not Broke 2023-10-24 [The Grapevine]

PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir joins a national strike for women in 'equality paradise' 2023-10-24 [Europa Press]

Women in Iceland, including the prime minister, to strike over gender inequality 2023-10-24 [CNN]

Women in Iceland go on strike for a day to protest pay gap and violence 2023-10-24 [NBC]

Iceland PM to take part in first women’s strike in almost 50 years: ‘Women’s Day Off’ 2023-10-24 [The Independent]

Women in Iceland, including the Prime Minister to strike over gender inequality 2023-10-24 [CNN]

Do you calll this equality? Icelandic women strike against gender injustice 2023-10-24 [Reuters]

No one was thinking about whether it was an extra burden on women 2023-10-23 [Iceland Monitor]

Heated trade union row over, but embers remain 2023-05-30 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Union Leaders Express Alarm at Central Bank’s Interest-Rate Hike 2023-05-25 [The Review]

Equal pay for equal work! 2023-05-13 [BSRB]

Hotel Employees and Truck Drivers On Strike 2023-03-05 [Grapevine]

The Labour Dispute Heats Up As SA Approves Efling Work Ban 2023-03-05 [Grapevine]

Union Optimistic Management Will Approve Short-Term Collective Bargaining Agreement 2022-12-05 [Grapevine]

Immigrants Paid Less, Have Fewer Options Than Locally-Born Icelanders, Study Finds 2022-08-28 [Grapevine]

Union chief quits among infighting 2022-08-18 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Taxi Drivers’ Unions Frustrated With Bill 2022-08-07 [Grapevine]

Female Managers Must Prove Themselves In Workplace, Survey Finds 2022-06-13 [Grapevine]

Union Shop Stewards: Mass Firing “Wrong, Unwise, And Completely Unnecessary” 2022-04-16 [Grapevine]

RVK Newscast 178: Union Leader Fires Her Entire Staff 2022-04-16 [Grapevine]

Agreement Reached With Shop Stewards Regarding Mass Firing At Labour Union 2022-04-13 [Grapevine]

Mass Firing At Labour Union On First Day Of New Board In Office 2022-04-12 [Grapevine]

Efling Elects New Directorship 2022-02-19 [Grapevine]

‘Abject poverty compels Asha workers to work without pay' 2021-11-28 [The Times]

New employers' organisation while trade union chair resigns 2021-11-16 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Union Heads Resign: Conflict Between Leadership, Current And Former Members 2021-11-07 [Grapevine]

Wage increase outstrips the rest of Europe 2021-10-13 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Play is flying on wage dumping 2021-09-05 [ASI]

Air Traffic Controllers To Strike Next Week 2021-08-25 [Grapevine]

Four-day week 'an over-whelming success' in Iceland 2021-07-06 [BBC]

Discussions Held In Parliament Over 30 Hour Working Week 2021-05-03 [Grapevine]

„Konur í kafi – kynjajafnrétti á tímum heimsfaraldurs“ – rafrænn hádegisfundur 8. mars 2021-03-06 [BHM]

Pistill forseta - Skerðingalaust ár 2021-01-30 [ASI]

Opið bréf til félags- og barnamálaráðherra 2020-10-17 [Efling]

Strike at Rio Tinto Begins 2020-10-16 [Review]

Straumsvík Aluminium Smelter Workers Vote to Strike 2020-10-12 [Steel Guru]

Aluminium Smelter Workers Vote to Strike 2020-10-10 [The Financial Review]

In Wake Of Worker-Led Actions, Union Head Demands Gov't Make Wage Theft Punishable 2020-07-21 [The Grapevine]

Icelandair withdraws mass cabin crew lay-off after new deal emerges 2020-07-19 [Flight Global]

Icelandair and flight attendants make a last-ditch effort to negotiate 2020-07-19 [Monitor]

Icelandair sacks all its cabin crew and says spare pilots must look after passengers 2020-07-19 [The Independent]

Icelandair fires all flight attendants after collective bargaining fails 2020-07-19 [Monitor]

Icelandair orders pilots to take over after dismissing all its cabin crew 2020-07-19 [Flight Global]

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