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Domestic helpers earn average of nearly HK$5,000 per month, survey shows, up 3 per cent from last year 2019-09-12 [The South China Morning Post]

Journalism bodies slam attacks on reporters, as police deny wrongdoing 2019-09-09 [HKFP]

Over 50 organisations call on government to guarantee media freedom 2019-09-06 [IFJ]

Protests are taking a toll on restaurant and hotel workers 2019-09-05 [WBAP]

MTR Corporation workers’ unions appeal to Hong Kong government for extra police protection from protesters 2019-09-05 [The South China Morning Post]

Hong Kong students, workers on strike as commutes disrupted 2019-09-03 [CBC]

Students, workers strike as commutes disrupted 2019-09-02 [The Union-Tribune]

Unions show solidarity for Hong Kong general strikes 2019-09-02 [ACTU]

Ontario We stand with Hong Kong. An Injury to One is an injury to all 2019-09-01 [OFL]

Cathay Pacific warns staff face sack if they join strike 2019-08-30 [HKFP/AFP]

Another citywide strike... 2019-08-30 [Asia Times]

Hundreds gather in Central to protest against Cathay Pacific’s sacking of cabin crew union leader Rebecca Sy 2019-08-29 [The South China Morning Post]

Protest at Cathay Pacific over sackings 2019-08-28 [Asia Times]

Protests must not be used to curtail labour rights, warns union for migrant domestic workers 2019-08-28 [HKFP]

Flight Attendant Union Leader Sacked for Expressing Political Views White Terror Looms Over Hong Kong Workplaces For more info 2019-08-28 [HKCTU]

Police ban rally at Cathay Pacific HQ... 2019-08-27 [HKFP]

Democracy protests in Hong Kong 2019-08-26 [CLC]

Journalists violently harassed during weekend protests 2019-08-26 [IFJ]

Cathay Pacific's crisis just got even uglier 2019-08-24 [CNN]

Anti-extradition protesters occupied West Kowloon station, burning PRC's back column 2019-08-23 [HKCTU]

Core industries hammered by anti-government protest crisis with deep drops in retail, tourism and stock market 2019-08-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Five retired Cathay Pacific flight attendants sue airline for lack of bonuses in 2017, seeking total claim of HK$175,000 2019-08-23 [The Financial Post]

Unions urge Cathay Pacific to end 'white terror' 2019-08-23 [The Financial Post]

Cathay Dragon fires flight attendant union chief amid pressure from China 2019-08-23 [The Free Press]

Cathay Dragon cabin crew union leader becomes latest casualty of Hong Kong’s political crisis after her employment is ‘terminated’ 2019-08-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Statement of Support by NTEU for Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions 2019-08-21 [NTEU]

Unite seeks job assurances as pub giant Greene King is taken over in mega-deal For more info 2019-08-20 [Unite the union]

Protesters turn to Uber and Pokemon 2019-08-20 [BBC]

Monitoring Hong Kong's protests: June 2019 - ongoing 2019-08-20 [IFJ]

China Pressures Business Over Hong Kong. Workers Get Caught in the Middle 2019-08-19 [NYTimes]

Frank Hoffer: Liberals, where are you? 2019-08-18 [GLU]

China state media journalist attacked at airport protests 2019-08-16 [IFJ]

UNI joins calls for the protection of democracy in Hong Kong as protests continue 2019-08-15 [UNI Global Union]

BWI supports Hong Kong mobilization in defence of liberty and autonomy 2019-08-14 [BWI]

Pepper spray and arrests as Hong Kong police stage 'rescue' during airport sit-in protests 2019-08-14 [Hong Kong Free Press]

Hong Kong protests: Chinese military build up filmed on Hong Kong border 2019-08-14 [The Independent]

Cathay Pacific staffers sacked and stood down over Hong Kong protest involvement 2019-08-14 [Newshub]

Increased repression in Hong Kong: now is the time to act! 2019-08-13 [Scoop World]

Increased repression in Hong Kong: Now is the time to act! 2019-08-12 [ITUC]

Rights Group Demands Immediate Release of 'iLabour Three' as China Deepens Crackdown on Labour Activists 2019-08-12 [VOA]

China bans Cathay Pacific staff seen to support protests 2019-08-10 [BBC]

Police must stop use of abusive force towards journalists 2019-08-08 [IFJ]

ITUC in Solidarity with HKCTU 2019-08-07 [ITUC]

Mass strike in Hong Kong shows the depth of support for the democracy movement 2019-08-07 [IUF]

Another general strike possible, says organiser 2019-08-07 [RTHK]

Hong Kong in crisis: Hundreds of flights cancelled amid protests and strikes 2019-08-07 [Simple Flying]

Hong Kong prepares for transport nightmare and massive flight cancellations as citywide strike against extradition bill crisis targets MTR, airport and roads 2019-08-07 [South China Morning Post]

Union warns of further strike as calm descends on Hong Kong after Monday chaos 2019-08-06 [The Straits Times]

Traffic returning to normal after strike chaos leads to transport disruption, police station sieges and tear gas dispersals 2019-08-06 [The South China Morning Post]

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