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Furukawa-saken er det hittil verste eksempelet på moderne slaveri 2019-09-04 [Bistandsaktuelt]

Vil frata slaveri-anklaget norsk konsul tittelen 2019-06-27 [Bistandsaktuelt]

ITUC warns of IMF agreement’s attack on workers 2019-05-07 [ITUC]

Plantasjearbeidere planlegger protestmarsj 2019-04-08 [Bistandsaktuelt]

Norsk konsul i slaveri-skandale 2019-04-07 [abc nyheter]

Norsk konsul i slaveri-skandale 2019-04-02 [Bistandsaktuelt]

Ministry of Labour denies trade union registration 2018-06-12 [BWI]

Quito: greater recognition of the role of municipal waste workers but their rights remain vulnerable 2018-04-30 [PSI]

Taxi Drivers, Cooperatives Protest Against Cabify, Uber 2018-03-27 [TeleSUR]

Workers dismissed for organising unions 2018-03-06 [BWI]

Fagforeningsleder på bananplantasjene truet på livet 2018-03-05 [Dagbladet]

Workers Rally to Support Moreno in 'Yes' Campaign 2018-01-07 [TeleSUR]

Floods in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador: natural disasters or state incompetence? 2017-07-17 [Equal Times]

Educators receive widespread support at ILO 2017-06-12 [Education International]

Women Blaze Trail in Scoring Labor Rights for Domestic Workers 2017-03-08 [TeleSUR ]

Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages 2017-01-04 [Equal Times]

Brutal persecution of teacher unionists is worsening  ActNOW!  2016-11-04 [Education International]

Ecuador: UN summit turns the spotlight on Quito’s land struggle 2016-10-13 [Equal Times]

Time is pressing to halt the imposed dissolution of the teacher union UNE 2016-08-12 [Education International]

Union resists government threat of dissolution  ActNOW!  2016-08-03 [EI]

Union resists government fire that threatens its dissolution 2016-07-27 [Education International]

First Domestic Worker Union Founded in Ecuador 2016-06-22 [Telesurtv]

Education unions under fire 2016-06-07 [Education International]

Oljefondet må bidra til at Chevron tar ansvar for miljøkriminaliteten 2016-05-13 [Industri Energi]

Humanity Fund Contributes $15,000 for Clean Water for Ecuadorian Communities Hit by Earthquake 2016-04-28 [USW]

The ILO demands that government respect public workers’ human and trade union rights 2015-11-18 [Education International]

Supreme Court victory one step closer for victims of Chevron's Dirty Hand 2015-09-14 [UFCW]

Indigenous protesters and unions chase off police 2015-08-20 [Times Union]

Protests by 1,000s of Ecuadorians meet with brutal repression 2015-08-20 [The Guardian]

Opposition Unions Call for National Strike 2015-08-20 [teleSUR]

Correa protest: Ecuadorian union leaders join indigenous ribes to block roads 2015-08-17 [TV Newsroom]

Protests against president shut down country 2015-08-16 [Waging Nonviolence]

Correa Sings while Ecuador Erupts in Protest 2015-08-15 [PanAmPost]

Union leaders, indigenous block roads in Correa protest 2015-08-14 [Reuters]

General strike hits Ecuador in Correa protest 2015-08-14 [Deutsche Welle]

Rafael Correa’s Citizen Revolution Faces Its Biggest Protest Yet 2015-08-13 [PanAmPost]

Labor Groups Oppose National Strike 2015-07-28 [teleSUR]

Galapagos briefly paralyzed as islanders strike over losing subsidies; troops fire tear gas 2015-06-14 [Associated Press]

Galapagos paralyzed as islanders protest losing subsidies 2015-06-14 [Associated Press]

ITF Ecuador action week builds pressure for Lopez reinstatement 2015-03-18 [ITF]

International mission’s ‘reinstate Jimena’ call backed by Ecuador government  ActNOW!  2015-03-11 [ITF]

International mission’s ‘reinstate Jimena’ call backed by Ecuador government For more info 2015-03-10 [ITF]

Teamsters Stand With Jimena Lopez, Women Union Leaders On International Women's Day  ActNOW!  2015-03-08 [MarketWatch]

Reinstate Jimena - a campaign for International Women's Day 2015  ActNOW!  2015-03-04 [ITF]

Technical Mission from the International Labour Organization (ILO) visits Ecuador 2015-01-28 [PSI]

Ecuador’s 20-year-old mining conflict 2015-01-12 [Equal Times]

Dismissal of trade union leader is unconstitutional 2014-12-20 [Scoop]

13 workers killed at power plant site 2014-12-15 [ssociated Press]

Union leaders win government action over LAN Ecuador dismissal 2014-12-12 [ITF]

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