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In Honduras and El Salvador, “trade union leaders are vulnerable to possible assassination at any moment”

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UNI calls for finance to be included in European due diligence directive, and warns legislators not to be swayed by ugly industry lobbying 2023-10-21 [UNI]

Europe's travel strikes in June and July: When, where and what disruption you can expect 2023-06-19 [Euronews]

WFTU statement: The WFTU is on the side of the workers and the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua 2022-06-02 [WFTU]

Central America New York Death of a Dairy Farm Worker Exposes Dangerous Conditions and Labor Abuse 2022-06-01 [Documented]

Central America Costa Rica, a well-known and applauded environmental model, is faced with lesser known but major challenges 2021-11-22 [Equal Times]

VIDEO Central America Trade unions on Costa Rican pineapple plantations continue to grow 2021-07-27 [Banana Link]

Central America Sixty workers dismissed at Costa Rican banana plantation undermining union recruitment efforts 2021-07-05 [Banana Link]

Their son was murdered on his way to the United States 2021-03-23 [Arbetet Global]

VIDEO  Donations provide hurricane relief for banana workers in Central America For more info  ActNOW!  2021-01-22 [Banana Link]

USA El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua: so far from God, so close to the United States 2020-09-03 [Equal Times]

Central America Michigan 50 immigrants helping Michigan flood recovery got coronavirus, say safety was neglected 2020-07-21 [Detroit Free Press]

Central America Central American Workers Demand $1.7B in Back Pay From U.S. Firms 2020-05-15 [WWD]

Central America A Former Farmworker on American Hypocrisy: In the pandemic, “illegal” workers are now deemed “essential” by the federal government 2020-05-10 [NYTimes]

Deportation Contagions 2020-03-26 [Nacla]

COVID-19: ‘Maquila Workers Shouldn't Bankroll Employers' 2020-03-24 [Solidarity Center]

Central America Guatemala: a workers' paradise? 2020-03-11 [Equal Times]

In Honduras and El Salvador, “trade union leaders are vulnerable to possible assassination at any moment” 2020-03-04 [Equal Times]

Central America Robert Lobell: U.S. exploitation in South and Central America 2019-08-24 [The Union]

Mexico Declaration of solidarity with the Central American Migrant Caravan 2018-12-19 [PSI]

Central America Immigration agents arrest 160 workers at Texas trailer plant 2018-08-30 [Reuters]

Central America Uncontrolled development turns Mexican tourist paradise into an environmental time bomb 2018-01-18 [Equal Times]

Central America Ending Temporary Protection For Foreign Workers Could Hurt U.S. Rebuilding Efforts 2017-12-07 [NPR]

Central America Banana importer is trying to push Fairtrade into the mainstream 2017-10-23 [The Globe and Mail]

Young trade unionists organize 2017-09-11 [BWI]

Central America The Inter-American Development Bank's ‘investment shock' will not benefit Central American workers 2017-08-15 [Equal Times]

Central America As El Salvador increases its minimum wage, big business increases the pressure to reduce worker gains 2017-06-27 [Equal Times]

Caribbean Hipster Icon American Apparel Buys Honduras Sweatshop Shirts 2017-04-09 [TeleSUR]

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