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Ansatte vendte ryggen mot statsministeren under sykehusbesøket


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Ansatte vendte ryggen mot statsministeren under sykehusbesøket [VG] 2020-05-18


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Ny LO-leder i den sosialist-orienterte FGTB landsorganisasjonen 2020-09-10 [LO]

Skjebnessvanger flørt med høyreliberalt parti 2020-06-12 [LO]

Hospital staff turn their backs on Prime Minister in silent protest 2020-05-20 [Upworthy]

Ansatte vendte ryggen mot statsministeren under sykehusbesøket 2020-05-18 [VG]

Social partners in construction sector conclude agreement during pandemic 2020-04-22 [BWI]

Construction unions decry employers’ disregard of COVID-19 measures 2020-04-15 [BWI]

Workers strike at Belgian supermarkets amid coronavirus crisis 2020-04-04 [Politico]

Workers deal with COVID19 lockdown 2020-03-19 [BWI]

Care workers call out dangerous levels of understaffing in Orpea nursing homes 2020-03-15 [UNI]

IFJ Brussel's headquarters closed for at least 3 weeks 2020-03-15 [IFJ]

Invitation to the European Forum on self-regulation in the digital age 2019-12-18 [EFJ]

Orwell in Brussels and the future of social dialogue 2019-11-29 [Social Europe]

Lav økning i minstelønn 2019-11-11 [LO]

Silence Hate final conference – Changing words, change the world, 18 November, Brussels 2019-11-08 [EFJ]

Umicore and IndustriALL renew Global Framework Agreement 2019-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Brussels: Press Briefing tomorrow on Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong 2019-10-15 [IFJ]

Oppsigelser i fagbevegelsen pga endringer i arbeidsledighetstrygden 2019-10-08 [LO]

 VIDEO  A message from the BTB Belgium dockers youth movement 2019-09-20 [MUA]

Freelancers in Belgium: wages remain precariously low 2019-08-09 [EFJ]

Blumenthal ship detained for nine days in Belgium port finally released 2019-08-06 [ITF]

Court of appeal decision threatens right to strike in Belgium 2019-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Brussels police have been ‘poisoned for years’ 2019-07-08 [The Times]

Delays expected as work-to-rule action hits Brussels Airport 2019-07-02 [The Times]

Handler Swissport unions threaten to take action at Brussels Airport from Monday onwards 2019-06-30 [Aviation 24]

Belgian Deliveroo riders demand justice 2019-06-21 [ITF]

Unions on the Qui-Vive following warnings of at Lufthansa 2019-06-18 [BT]

Local labour laws apply to Ryanair employees says Belgian court 2019-06-17 [Business World]

Landmark ruling in favour of Ryanair crew 2019-06-15 [ITF]

Unions denounce poor working conditions of crews on international ships 2019-05-21 [The Times]

Study shows woman journalists are leaving the job 2019-05-10 [EFJ]

Union members in Belgium take action to stop workplace deaths 2019-04-30 [BWI]

Workers demand better protection from EU-wide rules 2019-04-27 [The Financial Post]

Trade union march for ‘A Fairer Europe for workers’ 26 April 2019-04-25 [ETUC]

Fair transport is safe transport 2019-03-28 [ITF]

Ja, ja og nei til lønnsoppgjøret 2019-03-27 [LO]

Unions to toughen social actions at skeyes, yet with “relatively small disturbances” for air traffic 2019-03-19 [Aviation 24]

Air cargo traffic disrupted between Wednesday night and Thursday morning 2019-03-14 [The Times]

Kvinner oppfordres til å streike 8.mars 2019-03-08 [LO]

Agreement at Danone Dairy Belgium restricts casual employment For more info 2019-03-01 [IUF]

ITF solidarity with Belgium strike 2019-02-19 [ITF]

February 21st – Brussels vigil for Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak – One year on 2019-02-19 [EFJ]

Massive student rally on climate change 2019-02-14 [Education International]

Generalstreik 13. februar 2019-02-11 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Belgium enforces largely opposed €50 security check fee to cover the EU 2019-02-04 [EFJ]

Stramme lønnsrammer 2018-2020 2019-01-21 [LO]

Proximus unions announce strike next Tuesday: call centres and phone shops affected 2019-01-12 [The Brussels Times]

Workshop 26/02 in Brussels – Advancing Gender Equal Media: Challenges, Strategies and DIY Culture 2019-01-11 [EFJ]

Event: Advancing Gender Equal Media 2019-01-10 [EFJ]

Belgian-French road blocked in protest against EU transport 2019-01-07 [The Straits Times]

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