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Canada Processors Fabricate Excuses for Illegal Cod Lockout 2019-08-16 [FFAW]
USA Armstrong Flooring workers, supporters rally to end month-long lockout 2019-08-08 [Lancaster Online]
Canada Sides in Bathurst lockout wait for each other to blink 2019-07-30 [CBC]
Canada Bathurst City Council Didn’t vote on the Lockout 2019-07-28 [CUPE]
Canada The City of Bathurst imposes a lockout on members of CUPE Local 1282 2019-07-25 [CUPE]
Canada Contract that ended B.C. port lockout wards off robots taking human jobs, union and employers say 2019-07-18 [The Star]
USA Three Forks-lockout union leader named Montana AFL-CIO president 2019-07-18 [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]
Canada Long lockout at ABI, Canada, ends in win 2019-07-04 [IndustriALL]
Canada ABI aluminum smelter to reopen as workers accept offer 18 months after lockout 2019-07-04 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada ABI aluminum smelter workers accept Alcoa's offer; 18-month lockout ends 2019-07-03 [S&P]
Canada After 18-month lockout, Quebec smelter employees will return to work 2019-07-03 [CBC]
Canada ABI Lockout Ends 2019-07-02 [USW]
Canada ABI union complains to UN about Legault's comments during lockout 2019-06-11 [The Gazette]
Hong Kong Carpenters protest lockout by Leighton subcontractor 2019-06-05 [BWI]
Hong Kong Carpenters protest lockout by Leighton subcontractor 2019-06-04 [BWI]
Canada Lockout ends for 6,500 B.C. port workers after tentative deal reached 2019-05-31 [CBC]
Canada Tentative deal reached to end B.C. port lockout 2019-05-31 [Global]
Canada Port workers still on the job in B.C., despite lockout notice 2019-05-30 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Port workers and employers back at table as lockout looms 2019-05-30 [The Star]
Canada Longshore union and employers continue bargaining on eve of lockout 2019-05-30 [The Sun]
Canada Port shutdown looms as B.C. longshore employees get lockout notice 2019-05-29 [The Sun]
Canada Port workers lockout could begin Thursday as negotiations stall 2019-05-29 [CBC]
Canada Metro Vancouver port workers handed lockout notice, effective Thursday 2019-05-29 [Global]
USA Lockout continues at Dow Texas chemical plant 2019-05-22 [IndustriALL]
Canada CUPE members continue picketing Wood Buffalo Housing lockout 2019-05-18 [Today]
Canada Wood Buffalo Housing pushes staff to the street: Lockout notice served to employees 2019-05-08 [CUPE]
USA IndustriALL condemns DowDuPont lockout of USW in Texas 2019-05-02 [IndustriALL]
Canada Glencore Smelter Lockout Culminates Years of Anti-Labour Hostility 2019-04-28 [USW]
Canada ABI Lockout: Minister's Hypothesis Solution Is a Copy-and-Paste of Company's Offer 2019-04-25 [USW]
Canada Labour minister proposes settlement in 15-month ABI lockout 2019-04-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Strike — or lockout — looms for Placentia municipal workers 2019-04-19 [CBC]
Canada Steelworkers Take ABI Lockout Battle to Global Stage 2019-04-05 [USW]
Canada ABI Upends Conciliation, Rejects Negotiated Settlement to Lockout 2019-04-04 [USW]
Canada ABI rejects negotiated settlement to lockout 2019-04-04 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Steelworkers Submit Counter-Proposal in 14-Month ABI Lockout 2019-03-22 [USW]
Canada 14-month lockout at Quebec smelter to continue as union rejects offer 2019-03-13 [CBC]
Canada ABI unionized workers to vote Monday on company offer to end lockout 2019-03-06 []
Canada ABI submits proposal to end 14-month lockout at aluminum smelter 2019-03-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Australia Port Kembla Coal Terminal to lockout workers following strike 2019-02-01 [S&P Global]
USA What Workers Can Learn From “the Largest Lockout in U.S. History” 2019-01-26 [Slate]
Canada 42-day lockout at Satin Flooring in North York, Ont., ends 2019-01-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada ABI Lockout Hits One-Year Mark 2019-01-12 [USW]
Canada Lockout at one of Canada's largest smelters drags into 2nd year, with no end in sight 2019-01-11 [CBC]
USA National Grid lockout ends with new 6-year contract 2019-01-08 [IndustriALL]
USA National Grid gas workers ratify new deal, ending months-long lockout 2019-01-08 [WCVB]
USA National Grid, unions have tentative agreement after lockout 2019-01-03 [Boston Herald]
USA Charlie Baker signs lockout benefits bill 2019-01-02 [Boston Herald]
USA National Grid lockout to likely extend into 2019 2018-12-31 [WCVB]
USA No deal yet to end six-month National Grid lockout 2018-12-30 [AP]
USA Lockout bill enacted; would extend benefits for National Grid workers 2018-12-25 [Telegram]
Canada Bill to prevent strike or lockout at OPG has passed 2018-12-21 [CLR]
USA Facts about the lockout at National Grid 2018-12-21 [USW]
Canada Bill to prevent strike or lockout at power utility expected to pass 2018-12-20 [CTV]
Canada Prince George, B.C., Coast Hotel workers protest lockout threat 2018-12-14 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
USA National Grid urged to end lockout that began June 25 against 1200 unionized employees 2018-12-11 [Salem News]
USA Lockout and Gas Work Moratorium Hold Up New Businesses 2018-12-08 [NBC]
USA Baker ‘frustrated’ with National Grid lockout 2018-12-07 [Boston Herald]
Canada D-J Composites Dispute Reaches End After Two-Year Lockout 2018-12-04 [VOCM]
Canada Lockout over for D-J Composites workers, but not everyone gets to return to work 2018-12-04 [CBC]
USA Natl Grid workers lockout may be taking steps forward 2018-11-23 [Boston Globe]
New Zealand ITF statement: Go Bus must end 'pathetic' lockout 2018-11-23 [ITF]
Canada Yellow Pages ends lockout of Quebec sales employees after deal ratified 2018-11-21 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Lockout looms for Grey County roads workers 2018-11-04 [CUPE]
Canada Unions urge teachers to avoid Royal Winter Fair amid lockout 2018-11-02 [CBC]
USA Lockout ends at Three Fork talc plant; workers sign new 3-year deal 2018-11-02 [KPAX]
USA Three Forks labor standoff, lockout ends with agreement, “win” for working Montanans 2018-11-01 [Missoula Current]
USA National Grid Workers Pressure Investors on 4-Month Lockout 2018-10-31 [BNA]
Canada Our Union Will Deliver Pension and Social Assistance Cheques, and Ensure Safety of Live Animals in the Event of a Lockout or Strike 2018-10-15 [CUPW]
Canada Unifor finally gets meeting with Dwight Ball over D-J Composites lockout 2018-09-29 [CBC]
Canada Unifor determined to bring an end to lockout 2018-09-29 [Unifor]
Canada D-J Composites lockout is a refresher on reality of picket lines 2018-09-29 [rabble]
Canada Unifor expands pickets from D-J Composites to government offices in lockout 2018-09-28 [CBC]
Canada Day 646 of D-J Composites lockout marked by big union rally 2018-09-27 [CBC]
Canada Union Activists Shut Down D-J Composites in Gander as Lockout Enters 92nd Week 2018-09-26 [VOCM]
USA Meeting planned in roads lockout 2018-09-23 [Daily News]
USA National Grid, union stuck in lockout with gas safety in spotlight 2018-09-21 [Boston Herald]
USA Gas explosions put spotlight on Natl Grid lockout, safety 2018-09-19 [Boston Globe]
Canada Unifor Posts Photos of Replacement Workers as Gander Lockout Drags On 2018-09-15 [The Law of Work]
USA Latest On The Long-Running Labor Lockout At National Grid 2018-09-14 [WGBH]
USA Bull Moose Tube lockout continue; workers still unemployed 2018-09-14 [WRCB]
Canada No lockout at Ottawa Citizen, Sun 2018-09-13 [CBC]
USA AG seeks probe of National Grid lockout 2018-09-12 [Boston Herald]
USA More than 160 road projects in Michigan affected by union lockout 2018-09-12 [Crain's Detroit Biz]
Canada Union official calls lockout of 130 Yellow Pages workers 'disgraceful' 2018-09-12 [The National Post]
Canada Hawkins Weighs in on DJ Composites Lockout 2018-09-11 [VOCM]
Canada Canada Post strike or lockout possible later this month 2018-09-10 [CTV]
Canada Ottawa Citizen, Sun workers staring down potential lockout, members meeting to decide to vote on contract on Sunday 2018-09-09 [CBC]
Canada Alcoa, USW say awaiting call to return to bargaining table for ABI smelter lockout 2018-09-08 [Platt's]
USA Labor lockout delays Washtenaw County roads projects 2018-09-08 [MLive]
Canada Boy-band Brockhampton cancels Toronto show, citing Exhibition Place lockout 2018-09-08 [The Star]
USA Union lockout under way at road construction sites 2018-09-05 [Crain's Detroit Biz]
USA Union lockout halts work at some Mich. road projects 2018-09-05 [The News]
Canada Lyft cancels CNE promotion amidst lockout drama 2018-09-02 [blogTO]
USA Union lockout could disrupt projects throughout Southeast MI 2018-09-01 [Crain's Detroit Biz]
Canada Labour Day Parade to recognize IATSE lockout 2018-09-01 [CWA Canada]
USA Talc mill workers, managers to resume talks amid lockout 2018-08-31 [KULR]
USA Talc mill workers, managers to resume talks amid lockout 2018-08-30 [News Tribune]
Canada Agreement ends four-month lockout 2018-08-23 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Hamilton youth facility workers vote in favour of contract, ending four month lockout 2018-08-23 [OPSEU]
Canada Events are starting to abandon Exhibition Place because of lockout 2018-08-23 [blogTO]
Canada Lockout hurting ticket sales at CNE, says CEO 2018-08-22 [CBC]
Canada Toronto council to discuss lockout of some Exhibition Place workers 2018-08-22 [CTV]
Canada Labour dispute heats up as CNE opens amid worker lockout 2018-08-18 [The Star]
USA Lockouts appear to be giving employers more clout as union strikes fade 2018-08-17 [Boston Globe]
Canada Public refusing to cross picketline as CNE lockout continues 2018-08-14 [blogTO]
Canada Tentative agreement reached in lockout at Hamilton, Ont., youth detention facility 2018-08-14 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Out-of-province workers brought in as lockout continues and CNE opening nears 2018-08-14 [The Daily Hive]
Canada Toronto Mayor John Tory refuses union offer to negotiate an end to Exhibition Place lockout 2018-08-13 [IATSE]
New Zealand Lockout backfires as Atlas workers strike 2018-08-10 [Waatea News]
Australia Passports, cash safe amid worker lockout 2018-08-10 [7 News]
Canada D-J Composites workers host barbecue on Day 597 of lockout 2018-08-08 [CBC]
New Zealand Lockout on quarry workers in Northland lifted 2018-08-08 [FIRST Union]
USA Lockout begins at Imerys Talc plant after union rejects offer 2018-08-04 [MT Standard]
New Zealand Atlas Quarry workers issued with lockout notice after strike in Northland 2018-08-04 [The Advocate]
USA Union workers to picket round-the-clock after talc mill lockout 2018-08-04 [NBC]
USA National Grid set for Massachusetts lockout protest 2018-07-30 [The Times]
USA National Grid workers' lockout rally 2018-07-24 [Youtube]
Canada Everyone Loses from Alcoa's Lockout at ABI Smelter 2018-07-19 [USW]
Norway Shipowners' organization considers lockout to bust oil rig strike 2018-07-18 [Shipping Watch]
USA New Back Door:National Grid Labor Lockout Takes Detour Through Everett Neighborhood 2018-07-13 [Everett Independent]
USA Lockout Costs National Grid Workers Wages, Benefits 2018-07-13 [NECN]
USA Somerville joins growing list of cities and towns responding to National Grid Worker Lockout 2018-07-13 [Somerville Times]
New Zealand Hoyts workers told they will face lockout if they strike for better pay 2018-07-07 [NewsHub]
Canada Employer's New Demands Impede Settlement in ABI Lockout 2018-07-05 [USW]
New Zealand Cruel threat from across the ditch-Hoyts workers face month-long lockout 2018-07-03 [Unite Union]
Canada Arrell managers refuse to end lockout, even though they’ve admitted they can afford to 2018-07-03 [NUPGE]
New Zealand Hoyts workers face month-long lockout 2018-07-02 [Unite]
USA National Grid lockout leads to Lowell picket 2018-06-28 [Lowell Sun]
USA National Grid lockout, Lowell picket, enter second day (SLIDESHOW) 2018-06-27 [Lowell Sun]
India Lockout At Bengal Textile Factory, 5,700 Jobs At Stake 2018-06-26 [NDTV]
India CITU holds 36-hr Mahapadav against lockout of Diamond restaurant 2018-06-20 [United News]
Canada Lockout looms for Toronto bail workers 2018-06-16 [OPSEU]
India Workers' lockout over pay panel 2018-06-09 [The Telegraph]
New Zealand Strikes and lockouts to banned during negotiations for new fair pay agreements 2018-06-05 [TVNZ]
Canada Trois-Rivières university ordered to end lockout of professors 2018-05-12 [Ricochet]
Canada Hamilton youth jail emptied for lockout 2018-04-29 [The Spectator]
Canada ABI lockout costs Alcoa, Rio Tinto $150 million: USW 2018-04-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada ABI Lockout Costs Alcoa, Rio Tinto $150 Million - and Counting 2018-04-19 [USW]
Denmark National strike and lockout postponed by two weeks 2018-04-18 [The Post]
Denmark Lockout looms with no agreement between Danish unions, authorities 2018-04-12 [The Local]
New Zealand Lyttelton Port strike notices extendand lockout issued 2018-04-12 [Fairfax Media]
USA Nurses: Labor Board finds hospital to have unlawfully interfered during lockout last year 2018-04-10 [Greenfield Recorder]
USA Trial scneduled to investigate the Mayo Christmas lockout 2018-03-29 [KIMT]
Denmark Danish public sector workers cancel holidays as 'historic' strike, lockout threaten to become reality 2018-03-11 [thelocal]
Canada Workers at KIA Longueuil in Quebec vote yes to new deal, ending months-long lockout 2018-03-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
New Zealand Lyttelton Port workers protest alleged 'illegal lockout' 2018-03-08 [Radio New Zealand]
India Exedy India workers protest against lockout and suspensions 2018-02-22 [IndustriALL]
Canada Government Calls for Negotiated Settlement to ABI Smelter Lockout 2018-02-11 [USW]
Canada Both sides in ABI smelter lockout to meet with provincial officials on Friday 2018-02-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Australia Glencore action to terminate Oaky North agreement “disproportionate”, 200 day lockout continues 2018-02-03 [CFMEU]
Canada Sobeys begins illegal lockout of hundreds of workers 2018-02-02 [UFCW]
Canada Lockout of aluminium workers enters third week 2018-01-31 [Steel Guru]
Australia 200 days: Glencore lockout continues at Oaky North in Australia 2018-01-26 [IndustriALL]
Fiji Victorious return to work: God gave us the strength in 36 day lockout of 200-plus airport workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-24 [Fiji Times]
Fiji 225 airport workers prepare to return to work today after 35 day lockout which tested their faith in God  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [Fiji Times]
Fiji Airport boss lifts month long lockout on court orders but threatens more disciplinary action against 200-plus returning workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [Fiji Village]
Fiji Airport workers back inside gate after tribunal orders boss to end month-long lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-22 [RNZI]
Australia Labor says use of lockouts and labour hire to undercut wages 'won't be tolerated' 2018-01-21 [Guardian Australia]
Australia Labor says use of lockouts and labour hire to undercut wages 'won't be tolerated' 2018-01-21 [Guardian Australia]
Fiji Big win for Fijian aviation workers as ATS ordered to end lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-21 [ITF Global Union]
Fiji Union win! Judge rules against boss; orders end to month-long lockout of airport workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-20 [RNZI]
Fiji ATS bosses given 48 hours to end lockout and allow airport workers to return - but will they accept the Judge’s ruling?  ActNOW!  2018-01-20 [Fiji Village]
Canada Alcoa's Lockout of Quebec Employees Is a Poor Business Decision 2018-01-18 [USW]
Fiji Amnesty concerned about Fiji airport worker lockout impasse  ActNOW!  2018-01-16 [Fiji Times]
Fiji Audio explainer on on-going Fii airport lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-13 [RNZ]
Fiji Air New Zealand confirms incident at Nadi Airport during lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-12 [Fiji Times]
Fiji Kiwi workers deliver a message to Fiji Gvt - end the aviation lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-12 [NZCTU]
Australia Port Kembla lockout ends. Workers back 2018-01-12 [Illawarra Mercury]
UK Ritzy Cinema bosses threaten staff with a lockout if they dare to take strike action 2018-01-12 [Morning Star]
Canada Maintenance of defined benefit pension the key issue in smelter strike/lockout 2018-01-12 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Fiji Damage to Air NZ jet not reported by Fiji ground handlers underlines union concerns about scab labour used in lockout  ActNOW!  2018-01-11 [RNZI]
Australia ACTU calls for lockout law changes in response to Port Kembla coal dispute 2018-01-09 [AFR]
Fiji ITF Global Unipn Call For End to Lockoutof Fiji Workers  ActNOW!  2018-01-09 [ITF Global Uniom]
Fiji Bishop must act on Fijian airport lockout 2018-01-09 [ACTU]
Australia Port Kembla coal terminal launches unprecedented lockout to counter CFMEU threat 2018-01-08 [AFR]
Australia Port Kembla lockout continues pattern of heavy-handed employer action 2018-01-08 [ACTU]
Australia 'We feel devalued': Workers picket Port Kembla Coal Terminal after lockout 2018-01-08 [Illawarra Mercury]
Australia CFMEU condemns Port Kembla coal loader lockout 2018-01-08 [CFMEU MINING ]
India Labour officer submits ‘failure report’ over tea estate lockout 2018-01-07 [The Tribune]
Fiji As airport lockout dispute enters Day 22 workers say they are unfazed  ActNOW!  2018-01-06 [Fiji Times]
USA Trump NLRB drops lockout complaint against Honeywell 2018-01-06 [WNDU]
Fiji Company pressures individual Fiji airport service workers as lockout dispute stretches into Day 20  ActNOW!  2018-01-04 [Fiji Times]
Fiji Dispute over numbers: How many Fiji airport service workers have changed sides, returned to work, as lockout stretches into 3rd week  ActNOW!  2018-01-02 [Fiji Times]
Fiji FTUC holding emergency national council meeting to discuss airport services lockout now stretch8ng into Day 14  ActNOW!  2017-12-30 [Fiji Times]
Fiji ATS employees trust wants an independent mediator to be invoved in ATS lockout issue  ActNOW!  2017-12-28 []
Fiji Tourists warned by international workers union over lockout  ActNOW!  2017-12-23 [The Times]
Fiji International union condemns airport lockout warns travellers to wear their bathers under their jeans  ActNOW!  2017-12-22 [Fiji Times]
New Zealand Hurunui District Council issues lockout notices to striking utilities officers 2017-12-20 [Fairfax media]
Fiji It’s a lockout - not a strike says FTUC leader 2017-12-18 [Fiji Times]
Australia Prosegur lockout begins for Sth Australia cash delivery workers 2017-12-14 [TWU]
Finland Lockout in ski resorts 2017-11-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]
India Rotor blade unit workers withdraw protest after talks over lockout 2017-11-19 [The Hindu]
India Lockout: Workers of rotor blade unit continue protest for second day 2017-11-16 [The Hindu]
Canada Mediator appointed in 11-month old D-J Composites lockout 2017-11-02 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Women fleeing violence threatened further by shelter operators’ decision to force lockout/strike deadline 2017-10-29 [CUPE]
Canada Lockout Begins in Paradise 2017-10-23 [VOCM]
Canada Mediator called in to help settle 10-month DJ Composites lockout 2017-10-21 [CBC]
USA As lockout of nurses at BMC ends, issues remain at bargaining table 2017-10-08 [Berkshire Eagle]
Canada College workers could strike or face lockout as of Oct. 15 2017-09-29 [CTV]
Denmark Danish government orchestrated teacher lockout: former minister 2017-09-29 [The Local]
Canada Conciliator sets Oct. 15 strike lockout date set for colleges 2017-09-29 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Province needs to act now to end 10-month lockout: Unions 2017-09-29 [rabble]
Canada Company must work to rebuild trust after lockout: USW 2017-09-28 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Freedom Mobile threatens lockout of Windsor workers 2017-09-17 [CTV]
Canada Children's Aid lockout/strike settled 2017-09-08 [Bay Today]
New Zealand Supreme Court dismisses Affco-Talleys unlawful lockout appeal 2017-09-08 [NZ Herald]
Canada Lockout blamed on ‘cultural shift’ 2017-08-26 [Now]
Canada Pacific Blue Cross harming its brand with lockout: Labour 2017-08-11 [CUPE]
Canada Lockout at OLG Woodbine ends 2017-08-07 [rabble]
Canada Woodbine OLG workers reach deal that ends 3-week lockout 2017-08-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Lockout could end for OLG Slots workers at Woodbine Racetrack 2017-08-01 [Inside]
Canada Lockout begins at OLG Woodbine Racetrack 2017-07-18 [rabble]
Canada Lockout reduces service at OLG Slots at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto 2017-07-15 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
USA Tufts nurses return to picket lines during lockout 2017-07-14 [Boston Herald]
Australia 60 day lockout. CFMEU welcomes Bill Shorten’s plea for PM Turnbull to act to save the town of Myrtleford 2017-06-27 [ CFMEU]
USA Baystate Franklin nurses begin planned strike after lockout, hold afternoon, evening rallies 2017-06-27 [Greenfield Recorder]
USA Nurse lockout at Baystate Franklin Medical Center begins Sunday night 2017-06-26 [Mass Live]
Australia Victory for Myrtelford Mill workers after 50 day lockout 2017-06-13 [CFMEU]
Canada Lockout in small town Saskatchewan 2017-06-11 [Rank and File]
USA As lockout nears 6 weeks, N.J. workers struggle with no pay, health benefits 2017-06-09 []
USA Westinghouse, Union Reach Deal to End Newington Employee Lockout 2017-06-07 [NHPR]
Canada Union applies to Labour Relations Board to end lockout at Outlook group home 2017-06-02 [The Star-Phoenix]
USA Westinghouse workers seek support from State House legislators in 2nd week of lockout 2017-06-02 [NH Union Leader]
USA Shore Point won't be at Jersey Pride on Sunday but not because of lockout 2017-06-01 [Asbury Park Press]
Canada Canada Bread and its Langley workers reach four-year deal, lockout ends 2017-05-27 [The Advance]
USA Labor dispute leads to lockout Westinghouse plant in Newington 2017-05-25 [NHPR]
USA Workers protest lockout at Westinghouse 2017-05-24 [Fosters]
Canada Negotiations to resume in lockout at Canada Bread in Langley 2017-05-21 [The Observer]
USA Union accepts American Crystal Sugar contract to avoid labor lockout 2017-05-20 [Twin Cities Pioneer Press]
Sweden Gothenburg dockworkers to vote on APMT lockout 2017-05-13 [JOC]
Australia Carter Holt Harvey non-union employees seek return to work after lockout nudges fourth week 2017-05-13 [Border Mail]
Australia Australian rail union responds to Pacific National lockout by resuming talks 2017-05-09 []
Canada Toronto Zoo workers prepare for possible May 11 strike/lockout 2017-05-05 [Inside]
Canada Canada Bread workers ratify deal ending month-long lockout 2017-04-29 [The Gazette]
Australia Myrtleford Carter Holt Harvey timber mill workers enter second week of workplace lockout 2017-04-27 [Border Mail]
Canada Quebec union protests lockout by picketing temp warehouse in Cornwall 2017-04-26 [The Standard-Freeholder]
Canada Workers’ solidarity delivers an end to four-month lockout at Nipissing and Parry Sound CAS 2017-04-26 [CUPE]
Canada CAS backs down. Strike/lockout is over 2017-04-22 [Bay Today]
Australia Mill workers picket after lockout 2017-04-20 [AAP]
Canada Unifor files labour complaint against D-J Composites as lockout continues 2017-04-06 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Co-op Refinery workers ratify contract, avoid strike or lockout 2017-04-05 [CBC]
Canada Workers at Regina refinery told to prepare for potential lockout: Report 2017-04-01 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Co-op refinery workers prepare for potential lockout 2017-03-31 [CJME]
Australia Echuca members victorious at Parmalat after 62 day lockout 2017-03-30 [AMWU]
Australia Parmalat lockout ends 2017-03-28 [Country News]
Canada Niagara Catholic elementary school teachers back to work after lockout 2017-03-28 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Watson Lake, Yukon, town workers begin strike as lockout ends 2017-03-28 [CBC]
Canada Children's aid lockout in North Bay area stretches into fourth month 2017-03-28 [CBC]
Canada Strike or lockout possible after Regina Co-op refinery contract offer rejected 2017-03-22 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Australia Lactalis/Parmalat lift lockout as Australian workers win an important victory 2017-03-21 [IUF]
Canada “We have given Nipissing and Parry Sound CAS the tools it needs to end the lockout”: CUPE 2049 2017-03-20 [CUPE]
Australia Victory for ETU in Parmalat lockout 2017-03-20 [ETU national]
Canada LafargeHolcim lockout sting lingers for United Steelworkers Local 816 2017-03-16 [The Peak]
Canada Texada Island Steelworkers Ratify New Agreement, Lafarge Canada Must Work to Rebuild Trust After Lockout 2017-03-11 [USW]
Australia Parmalat maintains its lockout of Australian workers 2017-03-10 [IUF]
Canada Lockout at LafargeHolcim Texada in Canada ends with agreement 2017-03-09 [IndustriALL]
USA Upstate Honeywell plant workers can return to work after 10-month lockout 2017-02-27 [NYDaily News]
USA Local UAW workers vote to end labor lockout with Honeywell 2017-02-26 [WNDU]
USA Honeywell Offer Could End 9-Month UAW Lockout 2017-02-23 [WIN]
Nepal FNJ lockout lifted 2017-02-19 []
USA There Were Fewer Worker Strikes and Lockouts in the Past Decade Than Used to Happen Every Year 2017-02-10 [WSJ]
Canada Strike or lockout will trigger default in Essar Algoma's financing 2017-02-01 [NOB]
Canada School lockout can begin on Tuesday 2017-01-27 [TB Newswatch]
Canada Lafarge Lockout Tearing Texada Island Apart 2017-01-24 [The Tyee]
Canada Strike, agree to terms or lockout is coming by mid-February for local 2251 2017-01-21 [Sault Online]
Canada No end in sight for D-J Composites lockout in Gander 2017-01-10 [CBC]
Canada The MANA lockout in Hamilton 2017-01-05 [Rank and File]
Canada MPP to visit CAS lockout picket line 2017-01-02 [Now]
Canada As lockout looms, child protection workers call on Nipissing and Parry Sound CAS to join forces with them to defend services for vulnerable children and families 2016-12-23 [CUPE]
Canada Children's Aid lockout looming 2016-12-22 [Bay Today]
Canada D-J Composites in Gander picket after 'shocking and disrespectful' lockout 2016-12-21 [CBC]
Canada Atlantic Minerals, employees reach agreement after 35-day lockout 2016-12-17 [CBC]
Canada Atlantic Minerals, unionized workers reach tentative agreement after 6-week lockout 2016-12-16 [CBC]
Canada Lockout continues at Lower Cove quarry 2016-12-15 [The Telegram]
Australia AGL calls off Christmas lockout at Australian power station 2016-12-15 [Reuters]
Canada Lockout continues at Lower Cove quarry 2016-12-14 [The Western Star]
Canada Court ruling gives Saskatoon transit union another shot at 2014 lockout pay 2016-12-10 [CBC]
UK Unite union to meet waste firm management over lockout 2016-12-10 [BBC]
USA After six-month lockout, workers reject UAW-Honeywell ultimatum 2016-11-27 [Dophnsix]
Canada No end in sight for Texada Island quarry lockout 2016-11-25 [The Peak]
Canada Day 12 of lockout at Atlantic Minerals operation, with no end in sight 2016-11-24 [CBC]
India Estate workers harvest tea in protest against lockout 2016-11-11 [The Hindu]
Canada Strike/lockout averted in Black River-Matheson 2016-10-28 [CUPE]
Canada Strike/Lockout deadline triggered for Thunder Bay municipal workers 2016-10-14 [CUPE]
USA Honeywell workers say 4-month lockout aims to destroy union: It is corporate greed 2016-10-04 [Guardian]
USA Honeywell workers rally over contract dispute and lockout 2016-09-22 [WNYT]
USA Union says Europtec lockout could cost the company hundreds of thousands 2016-09-20 [WDTV]
USA UAW Willing To Set More Bargaining Sessions As Honeywell Lockout Continues 2016-09-19 [Workers Independent News]
USA Anatomy of a Lockout 2016-09-17 [In These Times]
USA Dominion Transmission ends lockout, union employees return to work 2016-09-16 [Times Reporter]
USA Solidarity Forever! Union Victory As Faculty Busts Long Island University Lockout 2016-09-16 [WORT]
USA Behind the Lockout 2016-09-16 [Jacobin]
USA Faculty Lockout at L.I.U.-Brooklyn Ends With Contract Agreement 2016-09-15 [NY Times]
USA LIU faculty lockout ends as parties agree to extend previous contract and keep negotiating 2016-09-15 [NYTimes]
USA Dominion, union enter agreement to end lockout 2016-09-15 [Loudoun Times-Mirror]
USA LIU Faculty Lockout Ends 2016-09-15 [Inside HIgher Ed]
Canada Friday vote in lockout 2016-09-15 [The Mercury]
USA Dominion lockout continues; no date set for new negotiations 2016-09-14 [Exponent Telegram]
Canada Guelph Hematite lockout: 'No one's really benefiting from this' 2016-09-14 [The Mercury]
USA Dominion lockout continues 2016-09-13 [WDTV]
USA Union reps, workers hope federal mediator helps end lockout 2016-09-09 [Metro]
USA First Faculty Lockout in US History 2016-09-07 [Workers Independent News]
USA Labor Day lockout of professors at Long Island University 2016-09-06 [Inside Higher Ed]
India Oil Country Tubular to lift lockout 2016-08-26 [BL]
USA Appeals court overturns pro-union order on Kellogg lockout 2016-08-22 [Commericial Appeal]
Canada Halifax outside staff reject contract despite lockout notice 2016-08-19 [CBC]
Canada Canada Post workers fearing lockout hold information picket in Richmond Hill 2016-08-13 [The Region]
Canada Now magazine could face lockout by end of August 2016-08-12 [The Star]
Canada NOW Magazine workers face possible lockout by company 2016-08-11 [Unifor]
Nepal Unilever says lockout of factory continues 2016-08-10 [The Post]
USA For Unions, Sometimes a Lockout Is Better Than a Strike 2016-08-09 [Labor Notes]
Canada Nurses’ Union employee lockout turns into strike 2016-07-27 [Rank and File]
Canada Nurses' Union support staff on strike following lockout 2016-07-23 [CBC]
Australia Parmalat/Lactalis workers beat lockout to win important gains in new agreement 2016-07-20 [IUF]
New Zealand Aviation security lockout and strikes to be called off as provisional agreement reached at mediation 2016-07-14 [PSA]
Canada Possible strike or lockout for Happy Valley-Goose Bay workers, says town 2016-07-13 [CBC]
Australia End the lockout of dairy workers by multi-national Parmalat 2016-07-13 [NUW]
New Zealand Unions seek injunction to restrain lockouts at airports 2016-07-12 [PSA]
Canada Talks continue between Canada Post, union after lockout threat withdrawn 2016-07-12 [CP24]
New Zealand Unions seek interim injunction over threatened lockout of aviation security workers 2016-07-12 [Share Chat]
Canada Lockout threat against Canada Post workers lifted 2016-07-11 [CBC]
Canada Canada Post drops lockout threat, negotiations continue 2016-07-11 [rabble]
USA When Corporations Lock Out Their Own Workers: Lockouts used to represent less than 4 percent of work stoppages. Last year, they topped 10 percent 2016-07-09 [The Nation]
New Zealand Unions head to court over lockout threat 2016-07-08 [Stuff]
Canada Canada Post open to union request for 30-day extension to avoid lockout 2016-07-08 [CBC]
Canada Canada Post extends lockout deadline to Monday 2016-07-07 [CBC]
Canada Canada Post lockout likely, but not guaranteed, says union 2016-07-07 []
Canada Safeway stores on notice for possible strike or lockout 2016-07-07 [BNN]
Canada Postal workers’ union rejects binding arbitration as lockout deadline extended 2016-07-07 [The Star]
New Zealand Lockout notices issued over air security strike plan 2016-07-06 [Radio New Zealand]
New Zealand Aviation security service lockout illegal and irresponsible-unions 2016-07-06 [The Daily Blog]
New Zealand Lockout notices issued at airports set to strike 2016-07-06 [Newstalk]
Canada Canada Post’s lockout is a sham 2016-07-06 [Rank and File]
Canada Safeway workers on notice for possible strike or lockout 2016-07-06 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
New Zealand Aviation security service lockout illegal and irresponsible-unions 2016-07-06 [PSA]
Canada Canada Post Issues 72-Hour Lockout Notice 2016-07-05 [VOCM]
Canada Canada Post issues 72-hour lockout notice, work stoppage possible Friday 2016-07-05 [CBC]
Canada Canada Post lockout looms 2016-07-04 [The News]
Canada Canada Post strike or lockout possible as of July 2 2016-06-24 [CTV]
Canada Postal workers fear Canada Post lockout July 2, union rep says 2016-06-24 [York Region]
USA No new talks set in Hartford Distributors’ union worker lockout 2016-06-19 [Journal Inquirer]
Canada Province prepares for potential Canada Post lockout 2016-06-17 [CBC]
USA Honeywell workers in Green Island protest over contract dispute and lockout 2016-06-16 [ABC]
USA Lockout Of Union Workers At Hartford Distributors 2016-06-10 [Hartford Courant]
Canada The 24-hour Factory Strike at Sandoz is Now a Lockout 2016-06-09 [Teamsters]
Canada Raceway workers, OLG agree to arbitration to end slots lockout 2016-05-29 [The Citizen]
Canada Postal union braces for July lockout 2016-05-28 [The Star]
Canada 5-month lockout at Rideau Carleton Raceway will end in binding arbitration 2016-05-28 [CBC]
Australia Patrick dock workers reject pay offer, lockout possible 2016-05-11 [ABC]
Australia Patrick threatens Port of Melbourne staff lockout over bitter pay feud with union 2016-05-10 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]
Australia Waterfront dispute looms as Patrick threatens wharfies with lockouts 2016-05-10 [The Australian]
Canada Union claims victory following Nanaimo Golf Club lockout 2016-05-04 [The Bulletin]
Canada Libraries to close Monday if there’s a strike or lockout 2016-04-30 [The Star]
Philippines Solon wants probe on illegal lockout in Cebu maternity hospital 2016-04-19 [Bulatlat]
Canada Negotiations between Toronto Public Library and workers' union scheduled; strike/lockout deadline May 2 2016-04-17 [Inside]
New Zealand Affco heads to Court of Appeal over unlawful lockout case 2016-04-13 [Radio New Zealand]
Canada Lockout over after union accepts Brault & Martineau's demands 2016-04-10 [CJAD]
Canada Brault & Martineau lockout ends as workers accept deal 2016-04-10 [CTV]
Canada Accucaps lockout ends with new agreement 2016-04-08 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
India Trade unions threaten stir over jute mill lockout 2016-03-31 [The Hindu]
Canada Unifor, Accucaps Reach Deal To End Strathroy Lockout 2016-03-29 [CFPL]
India Lockout at tea estate 2016-03-18 [The Times]
New Zealand Affco seeks leave to appeal Employment Court ruling on unlawful lockouts 2016-03-15 [National Business Review]
Canada OPSEU Staff Union prepares for potential strike/lockout 2016-03-08 [OPPSU]
USA Union ratifies ATI contract, lockout ends 2016-03-04 [Democrat-Herald]
Canada Rideau Carleton OLG Slots revenue falls by $1M as lockout talks continue 2016-03-04 [The Citizen]
New Zealand Talleys/AFFCO lockout lifted by court order, rights abuses continue 2016-02-26 [IUF]
Canada Labour board rules city won't have to pay for second half of transit lockout 2016-02-25 [The Star-Phoenix]
USA USW reaches tentative agreement on contract, end of lockout at ATI 2016-02-23 [USW]
New Zealand After a five-month union lockout, 170 Wairoa meat workers will be returning to the town's AFFCO plant on Monday. 2016-02-17 [Radio New Zealand]
Canada Talks continue ahead of this week's strike or lockout deadline 2016-02-16 [Newstalk]
New Zealand 65th anniversary of the 1951 waterfront lockout 2016-02-13 [MUNZ]
USA Federal complaint alleges ATI lockout of workers illegal 2016-02-12 [Trib Live]
Canada Toronto unions and city negotiators swap proposals as strike or lockout looms 2016-02-12 [Global]
Australia Lockout laws rile Sydney sex workers 2016-02-10 [AAP]
Canada City of Toronto workers closer to strike or lockout after ‘no board’ reports 2016-02-05 [The Star]
Canada 26,000 City of Toronto workers move closer to strike or lockout 2016-01-30 [CBC]
Canada Strike or lockout possible for 26,000 municipal employees in Toronto 2016-01-30 [The Globe and Mail]
Canada Labour board hears arguments on Saskatoon Transit lockout pay 2016-01-30 [The Star-Phoenix]
Canada Saguenay mechanics set to return to work after 3-year lockout 2016-01-24 [CBC]
Canada Deadline for midnight strike or lockout looms at Halifax Chronicle Herald 2016-01-22 [CTV]
Canada 6 Reasons Freelancers Should Refuse Work From the Chronicle Herald During a Lockout 2016-01-21 [Rank and File]
Canada Labour relations board decision could open door for legal transit strike, lockout 2016-01-20 [The Star-Phoenix]
New Zealand Lockout, dismissals, intimidation - serial rights abuses by New Zealand meat company Talleys/AFFCO 2016-01-18 [IUF]
Canada Nobody likes a scab: Journalists must oppose Chronicle Herald lockout 2016-01-16 [rabble]
Canada The Chronicle Herald newsroom employees face lockout countdown 2016-01-12 [Global]
Canada The Chronicle Herald could see strike or lockout in 2 weeks 2016-01-10 [CBC]
USA Gloversville nurse strike ends; lockout continues 2016-01-08 [ABC]
USA Strike leads to lockout for Nathan Littauer nurses 2016-01-08 [CBS]
Canada Sudbury jail workers looking at possible strike, lockout, by Sunday 2016-01-06 [CBC]
Canada OLG Lockout Is The Result Of A Decade Of Dysfunction 2016-01-05 [Huffington Post]
Canada Odds poor for early resolution to OLG Slots lockout 2016-01-01 [The Citizen]
Canada Strike or lockout likely for Ontario's correctional officers 2015-12-31 [CTV]
USA NLRB says ATI lockout of Steelworkers is illegal 2015-12-30 [nwLaborPress]
Canada Jan. 10 strike-lockout date set for corrections workers, union says 2015-12-26 [London Free Press]
Canada Ontario correctional workers strike-lockout deadline set for Jan. 10 2015-12-25 [The Star]
Canada Strike-lockout date set for Ontario corrections workers: union 2015-12-25 [Global]
Canada Correctional workers facing strike or lockout in the new year after talks break down 2015-12-23 [My Kawartha]
Canada Union calls suspension of Montreal blue-collar workers an illegal lockout 2015-12-22 [The Gazette]
Canada BCAA lockout ends: “We got what we were fighting for.” 2015-12-21 [Rank and File]
USA NLRB to issue complaint alleging four-month ATI lockout is illegal 2015-12-19 [USW]
USA NLRB rules ATI lockout illegal 2015-12-19 [Pittsburgh Biz Times]
USA ATI lockout of Steelworkers illegal, labor relations board says 2015-12-19 [Trib Live]
New Zealand Meat workers union helping whanau survive lockout 2015-12-18 [Maori Television]
New Zealand Meat Workers Union helping whānau survive lockout 2015-12-17 [Maori TV]
USA Sherwin Alumina Lockout in Second Year 2015-12-16 [Talking Union]
Canada OLG lockout shutting down Rideau Carleton Raceway Slots 2015-12-16 [The Citizen]
Canada Weekend Video: Voices from the Ottawa Taxi lockout 2015-12-14 [Rank and File]
Canada Unity rally draws large anti-lockout crowd 2015-12-13 [Bay Today]
Canada Union says Rideau Carleton Raceway Slots staff facing lockout 2015-12-12 [The Citizen]
Canada Workers heading back to BCAA call centre after lockout 2015-12-12 [The Sun]
Canada City of Saskatoon to pay transit union $651K over illegal lockout 2015-12-11 [CBC]
Canada End ONTC lockout Fedeli tells Wynne. 2015-12-10 [Bay Today]
Canada Ontario premier urged to end ONTC lockout 2015-12-07 [ITF]
Canada Premier urged to end ONTC lockout 2015-12-07 [ITF Global Union]
USA Lockout! Allegheny Tech Steel Mill and Its Workers at a Crossroads 2015-12-04 [NYTimes]
USA Steelworkers lockout by Allegheny Technologies has gone on since August as union fights givebacks 2015-12-04 [NY Times]
USA ATI lockout drags into Christmas holiday season: Allegheny Technologies employees were locked out in August 2015-12-02 [WTAE]
USA ATI Lockout Update: Fighting to Keep Good Jobs in Our Community For more info 2015-12-01 [USW]
Canada Labour Board rules against Egg Films lockout 2015-11-26 [The Media Co-op]
New Zealand Affco workers hope to return on Monday after seven-week lockout 2015-11-20 [Stuff]
Canada Sudbury RONA workers ratify contract, after 5-day lockout 2015-11-18 [CBC]
Canada How to avoid getting “Ubered”: inside the Ottawa taxi lockout 2015-11-18 [Rank and File]
Canada ONTC begins lockout of 195 bus and rail mechanics in North Bay, Cochrane 2015-11-17 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Unifor responds to latest offer from Coventry Connections, hoping to put an end to three month taxi lockout 2015-11-17 [Unifor]
Canada Sudbury Rona Workers Ratify New Deal: 5-Day Lockout Ends 2015-11-17 [UFCW]
Canada Unifor lockout unavoidable 2015-11-14 [The Nugget]
Canada ONR workers back on the job after illegal lockout 2015-11-13 [Bay Today]
Canada Rona lockout centres on Sunday work: union 2015-11-13 [Northern Life]
Canada ONTC mechanics off the job, with lockout to officially begin Saturday 2015-11-12 [CBC]
Canada Strike, lockout possible for Radius Child and Youth Services employees 2015-11-06 [Canadian Labour Reporter]
Canada Town of Plympton-Wyoming triggers possible lockout of municipal workers 2015-10-21 [CUPE]
USA Union rallies to end year-long lockout 2015-10-19 [The Caller-Times]
New Zealand Union & Affco workers back in court over lockout 2015-10-06 [Maori Television]
New Zealand Lockout a powerful economic weapon, court told 2015-10-05 [Radio New Zealand]
New Zealand Union & AFFCO workers back in court over lockout 2015-10-05 [MTV]
Canada No end in sight to Brantford casino lockout 2015-10-01 [The Expositor]
Canada Brantford casino lockout 2015-09-20 [CHCH]
Canada Ottawa’s ‘Unruly’ Cabbies: Explaining the Lockout 2015-09-20 [Rank and File]
Canada Punk legends D.O.A. playing rally for local workers in 2-year lockout 2015-09-18 [CBC]
Canada Saskatoon transit union sees 'progress' a year after lockout 2015-09-18 [The Star-Phoenix]
Canada Lockout noise irks neighbours 2015-09-17 [Now]
Korea (South) Riot police at Kumho strike rally after lockout 2015-09-08 [JoongAng Ilbo]
Korea (South) Riot police at Kumho strike rally after lockout 2015-09-08 [JoonAng]
Korea (South) Kumho calls a lockout after 21 days of strike 2015-09-07 [JoongAng Ilbo]
Canada Deal ends Qualicum Beach lockout 2015-09-05 [CUPE]
India Industrial strikes and lockouts see steep decline 2015-09-02 [Livemint]
Canada Algoma CAS workers in mediation talks to avert strike or lockout 2015-08-25 [The News]
Canada Talks to resume in Qualicum Beach town lockout 2015-08-25 [CUPE]
Canada Township, workers agree to no lockout, strike 2015-08-22 [The Whig-Standard]
Canada Unwinding Egg Films’ spin of its illegal lockout 2015-08-20 [Rank and File]
USA New Bedford United Steelworkers rally in South End after lockout 2015-08-17 [South Coast Today]
USA ATI lockout of Steelworkers 2015-08-16 [Trib Total Media]
Canada Burnco lockout ends as workers accept new contract 2015-08-15 [CBC]
Canada BURNCO drivers vote in favour of new contract ending lockout/strike 2015-08-15 [The Herald]
Canada A lockout, pickets and hurt feelings at union battleground 2015-08-13 [HRM]
Canada Burnco lockout spurs picket line in southeast Calgary 2015-08-11 [CBC]
Canada BURNCO employees declare strike following lockout 2015-08-11 [The Echo]
Canada Meeting, ocean swim cancelled by lockout 2015-08-07 [The News]
USA Rauner: 'No lockout' of state workers, but strike possible 2015-08-06 [The Times-Union]
Canada Lockout of Qualicum Beach workers reaches its fourth day 2015-08-05 [The News]
Canada Rowdy rally greets Qualicum Beach lockout 2015-08-02 [CUPE]
Australia Esso continues lockout of maintenance workers amid enterprise bargaining agreement dispute 2015-07-31 [ABC]
Canada Town of Qualicum Beach serves lockout notice to its unionized workers 2015-07-31 [The News]
Australia ETU condemns Esso for worker lockout 2015-07-30 [ETU Victoria]
Canada CUPE workers appear destined for strike or lockout 2015-07-30 [The Whig-Standard]
Canada Strike/Lockout deadline extended for North Bay AIDS Committee 2015-07-24 [CUPE]
Canada Guelph Transit lockout one year ago this month still fresh for bus drivers 2015-07-16 [The Mercury]
Canada Strike/Lockout deadline set for North Bay AIDS Committee 2015-07-14 [CUPE]
India Workers protest as jute mill declares lockout 2015-07-05 [The Hindu]
USA USW, allies lobby Swiss Government to help end Sherwin Alumina lockout 2015-06-25 [USW]
USA Government reaffirms illegality of Kellogg's Memphis lockout 2015-06-18 [IUF]
USA Century, union reach new tentative labor deal in lockout's fourth week 2015-06-10 [Reuters]
Canada Union accepts offer to end lockout at valve maker Velan 2015-06-06 [The Gazette]
Canada Weekend Video: Halifax Water Lockout 2015-05-31 [Rank and File]
USA Legislation to prohibit union strike, Rauner lockout gets House approval 2015-05-30 [State Journal-Register]
USA State union pushes bill to blunt lockout, strike threat 2015-05-29 [Pantagraph]
Canada Halifax Water poised for strike or lockout; both sides say they want talks to continue 2015-05-14 [Global]
USA Century Aluminum US plant lockout in prospect after union rejects deal 2015-05-13 [Reuters]
USA Century Aluminum delays lockout as union votes on new deal 2015-05-11 [Reuters]
USA USW, allies call on Glencore to end 7-month lockout at Sherwin Alumina 2015-05-08 [USW]
USA Century Aluminum braces for lockout as USW reject deal 2015-05-06 [Reuters]
Canada City of Hamilton strike/lockout on the horizon? 2015-04-30 [CHML]
USA Honeywell lockout in the US ends with new agreement 2015-04-13 [IndustriALL Global Union]
Canada Halton high school teachers in strike-lockout position April 18 2015-04-10 [Inside]
Canada Union files grievance over lockout 2015-04-10 [The Labradorian]
India Auto component major Bosch declares lockout at Jaipur plant 2015-04-06 [The Times]
USA Illegal lockout at Sherwin Alumina costs company profits and production 2015-03-04 [USW]
Canada Herald union asks readers to cancel subscriptions for duration of lockout 2015-02-26 [The Media Co-op]
Canada CN Rail, Unifor reach tentative late-night deal to avoid lockout 2015-02-24 [The Star]
Canada CN Rail, Unifor negotiators to resume talks Monday as lockout looms 2015-02-23 [CBC]
Canada CN Rail, Unifor Resume Talks Ahead of Lockout Deadline 2015-02-23 [Bloomberg]
Canada CN Rail heading for Monday lockout 2015-02-22 [Canoe]
Canada CN Rail headed for Monday lockout after Unifor rejects binding arbitration 2015-02-22 [CBC]
Canada Union seeks legal intervention in looming lockout in Halifax 2015-02-22 [CWA]
Canada CN sets Feb. 23 lockout unless union accepts arbitration 2015-02-21 [The Star]
Canada CN headed for Monday lockout after union rejects binding arbitration 2015-02-21 [iPolitics]
Canada CN Railway will lockout 4,800 workers on Monday if settlement isn’t reached 2015-02-21 [The Financial Post]
Canada CN plans lockout of nearly 5,000 workers 2015-02-21 [The Chronicle-Herald]

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