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Vote for the Labour Website of the Year 2004

These sites have been nominated by LabourStart correspondents from around the world. They represent a selection of some of the very best trade union websites around, and we invite you to check them out -- click on the "Visit this site" links. However, you can only vote once, so be careful!

Voting ends on 15 January 2005. Remember - you can vote for sites which are not on this list too (simply scroll down to the bottom of this page).

You can hear daily updates on this competition on Radio LabourStart. The easiest way to listen to Radio LabourStart is to download iTunes (Apple's free software that runs on Windows), and then hit Ctrl + U, and key in If this doesn't work for you, let us know - email us.

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Type in the URL of a labour website which is NOT listed above. Make sure this is a correct address!

If you wish to nominate a site to appear on the list above, click here.