The Labour Movement and the Internet: Chapter 7 (Selection)
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The Labour Movement and the Internet

Chapter 7 (Selection)

The New Internationalism

Until now, I've been talking about the past. Every book about the Internet is necessarily a work of history. When I look at the "Guaranteed Timely and Accurate" symbol on the back of one of my 1993 Internet books, I smile. "Timely" is not the adjective that jumps most readily to mind.

In this final chapter, I'll return to the theme with which this book began. I'll discuss the construction of a global labournet and the next International.

I'll begin by discussing the good news (and the bad) about the emerging global labournet. The bad news is that there is no real global labournet. The good news is that serious efforts are being made by trade unionists and others to overcome all the obstacles standing in the way.

Some fascinating proposals are being made for the next few years -- including online company councils and an international labour university -- and we'll look at each of these. Then I'll "push the envelope" and go further, with a handful of radical proposals for the labour movement to consider in the years ahead.

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