Jobs in Trade Unions

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Canada Executive Secretary (Governance) [PIPSC] 2022-12-01

Canada Communications and Campaigns Division - Assistant Director, Media and Public Relations, Full-time continuing position [BCTF] 2022-11-30

Canada Compensation & Benefits Manager [PIPSC] 2022-11-30

Canada Negotiator [PSAC] 2022-11-29

Canada Labour Relations Officer � Servicing [ONA] 2022-11-29

Canada IT Systems Application Analyst [ETFO] 2022-11-29

Canada Assistant Manager, Operations [ETFO] 2022-11-29

Canada Administrator, Local Services & Member Organizing [OPSEU] 2022-11-29

Canada Legal Support Coordinator [CUPE 2626] 2022-11-29

Canada Union Representative 2 [MoveUP] 2022-11-29

Canada Policy and Government Relations Officer [CAUT] 2022-11-29

Canada Administrative Work Leader – Full Time Regular [MoveUP] 2022-11-21

Canada Research Officer [AUPE] 2022-11-17

Canada Records Management Clerk [AUPE] 2022-11-17

Canada Research Officer [AUPE] 2022-11-17

Canada Labour Relations Assistant (WSIB Appeals) [ONA] 2022-11-17

Canada Administrative Assistant | Adjointe administrative ou adjoint administratif [PSAC] 2022-11-17

Canada Director of Organizing [SEIU] 2022-11-17

Canada Communications Specialist [UNITE-HERE] 2022-11-17

Canada Administrative Clerk [MTS] 2022-11-09

Canada Bilingual Administrative Assistant | Adjoint·e administratif·ive bilingue [MTS] 2022-11-09

Canada Union Representative 2 – Full-Time Regular [MoveUP] 2022-11-09

Canada Manager, Staffing and Office Services [ETFO] 2022-11-09

Canada Manager, Technology and Computer Services [ETFO] 2022-11-09

Canada Caretaker – Two (2) positions – Calgary and Edmonton [AUPE] 2022-11-09

Canada Payroll & Benefits Specialist [ONA] 2022-11-09

Canada Dues & Membership Processing Clerk [ONA] 2022-11-09

Canada Human Resources Advisor – HRMS Project [PSAC] 2022-11-09

Canada Assistant Director, Human Resources [PSAC] 2022-11-09

Canada Organizing Program Officer [PSAC] 2022-11-09

Canada Temporary Full Time Campaign Coordinator [CUPE Ontario] 2022-11-09

Canada / British Columbia Union Representative 2 - Full-Time Regular [MoveUP] 2022-11-07

Canada Assistant Director, Co-ordinator Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression - Full-time term position [BCTF] 2022-11-06

Canada Procurement and Store Clerk [PSAC] 2022-11-02

Canada Regional Coordinator – North [PSAC] 2022-11-02

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-11-02

Canada Senior Financial Analyst [ONA] 2022-11-02

Canada Financial Accountant [ONA] 2022-11-02

Canada Labour Relations Officer- Servicing [ONA] 2022-11-02

Canada In House Legal Counsel [HEU] 2022-11-02

Canada Audio-Visual (AV) Technician – 6 month trial position [AUPE] 2022-11-02

Canada Permanent Part-Time Senior Accountant [CUPE Ontario] 2022-11-02

Canada Bilingual secretary [OPSEU] 2022-11-02

Canada Web developer, information technology unit [OPSEU] 2022-11-02

Canada Network specialist, information technology unit [OPSEU] 2022-11-02

Canada Political Assistant to the National President [CUPW] 2022-11-02

Canada Communications Officer [CFNU] 2022-11-01

Canada Policy and Research Specialist [CFNU] 2022-11-01

Canada Multi Media Technician – New Media Producer [AUPE] 2022-11-01

Canada Grievance and Adjudication Officer [PSAC] 2022-11-01

Canada Labour Lawyer [Unifor] 2022-11-01

Canada Organizer [SEIU] 2022-11-01

Canada Labour Relations Assistant [ONA] 2022-11-01

Canada Labour Relations Assistant- Leadership Development and Member Support [ONA] 2022-11-01

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Servicing [ONA] 2022-11-01

USA Development Organizer [Labour Notes] 2022-10-28

Canada Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, Western Canada and Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, Ontario & Atlantic— Education & Equality Department [USW] 2022-10-28

Australia Union Summer Application [Unions NSW] 2022-10-26

Canada Secretary, Regional Office [PSAC] 2022-10-21

Canada Disability Insurance Officer [PSAC] 2022-10-21

Canada Payroll & Benefits Specialist [ONA] 2022-10-21

Canada Facilities Staff [MTS] 2022-10-21

Canada Accounts Clerk Payable [CLC] 2022-10-21

Canada Union Representative (Disputes and Arbitration) – Two (2) positions [AUPE] 2022-10-21

Canada Union Representative [SEIU] 2022-10-21

Canada Senior Labour Relations Advisor [YEU] 2022-10-21

Canada Executive Director [YEU] 2022-10-21

Canada National Service Representative [Unifor] 2022-10-18

Canada Employment Relations Officer (12-Month Term) [PIPSC] 2022-10-18

Canada Senior Research Officer [PIPSC] 2022-10-18

Canada Employment Relations Officer (12-Month Term) [PIPSC] 2022-10-18

Canada Membership Engagement and Communications Officer [WLUFA] 2022-10-18

Canada Communications Officer [AUPE] 2022-10-18

Canada In-House Editor [ETFO] 2022-10-18

Canada Administrator, Political Action and Education [OPSEU] 2022-10-18

Canada Grievance and Adjudication Analyst [PSAC] 2022-10-18

Canada Regional Representative – Health & Safety [PSAC] 2022-10-18

Canada Administrative Assistant, Regional Office [PSAC] 2022-10-18

Canada Classification and Equal Pay Specialist – Negotiator [PSAC] 2022-10-18

Canada Labour Relations Officer [ONA] 2022-10-18

Canada Labour Relations Officer [ONA] 2022-10-18

Canada Labour Relations Officer- [ONA] 2022-10-18

Canada National Service Representatives [Unifor] 2022-10-18

Canada National Service Representative, National [Unifor] 2022-10-18

Canada National Service Representative, Eastern Canada [Unifor] 2022-10-18

Canada National Representative, Health, Safety and Environment – National [Unifor] 2022-10-18

South Africa SASBO wins hard-fought agreement at Old Mutual [UNI Global Union] 2022-10-14

Europe Public Outreach Coordinator [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-10-14

Global Job opening at the TUAC (Administrative and Communications Assistant ) [TUAC] 2022-10-13

Canada / British Columbia Network administrator [BCGEU] 2022-10-13

Canada / British Columbia Administrative support [BCGEU] 2022-10-13

Canada Casual Administrative Support Position [BCTF] 2022-10-11

Canada Development Associate (Processing) [CCPA] 2022-10-09

Europe Public Outreach Coordinator [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-10-07

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-10-06

Canada Women’s and Human Rights Program Officer [PSAC] 2022-10-06

Canada Bookkeeper – Accounts [PSAC] 2022-10-06

Canada Staff Officer [MTS] 2022-10-06

Canada Education Technician [AUPE] 2022-10-06

Canada Three full time temporary Union Representatives [UFCW 1518] 2022-10-06