Jobs in Trade Unions

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Canada Administrative Assistant – Gatineau Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Administrator, Membership Dues and Information Management (Phoenix) [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Regional Representative, Ottawa Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Senior Human Resources Advisor – Labour Relations [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Transitional Membership Services Officer (MSO) – Organizing [PSAC] 2021-12-02

Canada Office Administrator – Temporary Part Time Position [AFL] 2021-12-02

Canada Lunchroom Attendant Assistant [OSSTF] 2021-12-02

Canada Office Assistant [NASA] 2021-12-02

Canada Temporary Labour Relations Officers – Provincial Office [UNA] 2021-12-02

Canada Communications Officer – URFA [URFA] 2021-12-02

UK New job: IT Support Advisor [GMB] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Branch Caseworker (12 months contract, North Tyneside Based) [UNISON] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Press Officer, Campaigns and Communications Department [RMT] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Industrial Relations Officer [RMT] 2021-12-02

UK New job: Organiser, South of England [RCM] 2021-12-02

Canada Secretary, Halifax Regional Office [PSAC] 2021-11-25

Canada Administrative Assistant, Regional Office – Edmonton [PSAC] 2021-11-25

Canada Director, Human Resources [PSAC] 2021-11-25

Canada Labour Relations Assistant (Provincial Services) [ONA] 2021-11-25

Canada Coordinator, Education Regular Full-Time [BCNU] 2021-11-25

Canada Representative II (multiple openings) [HEU] 2021-11-25

Canada We’re Looking for a Business Manager [Our Times] 2021-11-23

South Africa Congress of South African Trade Unions has a vacant position of Industrial Policy Coordinator, based in its head office in Braamfontein [COSATU ] 2021-11-18

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Servicing [ONA] 2021-11-18

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Litigator [ONA] 2021-11-18

Canada Grievance and Adjudication Officer [ONA] 2021-11-18

Canada Administrative Assistant, National Conferences and Convention [PSAC] 2021-11-18

Canada Director, Communications [CLC] 2021-11-18

Canada Workers Compensation Appeals Representative [MoveUP] 2021-11-18

Canada Chief Operating Officer [BCNU] 2021-11-18

Canada Assistant to the Executive Director [OCUFA] 2021-11-18

Asia Regional research, communications and campaigns officer - South Asia Office [IndustriALL] 2021-11-17

Global / France PSI Vacancy: Project support coordinator [PSI] 2021-11-15

Canada Union Representative 2 – Full Time Regular [MoveUP] 2021-11-12

Canada Job Evaluation Appeals Representative – Full Time Temporary (12 months) [MoveUP] 2021-11-12

Australia Experienced Trade Union Growth & Campaigning Organisers [CFMMEU] 2021-11-10

Global BWI seeks researcher on climate change [BWI] 2021-11-10

Canada Job Posting: Organizer [LCTYR] 2021-11-08

Canada Clerk I – Mailroom – 6 month temp position [AUPE] 2021-11-05

Canada Secretary [PSAC] 2021-11-05

Canada Finance Technician [UNA] 2021-11-05

Australia Branch Organiser (QLD) – NTEU [NTEU] 2021-11-01

Australia Organiser – HSU [HSU] 2021-11-01

Australia Organiser – Professionals Australia [HSU] 2021-11-01

Australia Experienced Growth & Campaigning Organisers (QLD) – CFMEU [CFMMEU] 2021-11-01

Australia / New South Wales Unions NSW – Union Summer Internship 2022 [Unions NSW] 2021-11-01

Australia Organiser – FBEU [FBEU] 2021-11-01

Australia Industrial Officer – FBEU [FBEU] 2021-11-01

Australia Communications Officer – FBEU [FBEU] 2021-11-01

Australia Women in Construction: Industry Coordination Officer – CFMEU [CFMMEU] 2021-11-01

Canada Finance Technician [UNA] 2021-11-01

Canada / British Columbia Regional Coordinator - Lower Mainland Area Office [BCGEU] 2021-10-31

France Social Care Organiser [PSI] 2021-10-28

Canada Senior Marketing and Communications Manager [IUOE] 2021-10-28

Canada Communications Officer [CFNU] 2021-10-28

Canada Junior translator (developmental position) [PSAC] 2021-10-28

Bangladesh Job Opportunity: Country Program Director [Solidarity Center] 2021-10-26

Nepal Job Opportunity in Kathmandu [Solidarity Center] 2021-10-26

Canada Administrative Support Casual [BCTF] 2021-10-24

Canada Research Representative (Contract) [CUPE] 2021-10-20

Canada / British Columbia Finance Support Staff (Regular) - BCGEU [BCGEU] 2021-10-17

Canada / British Columbia Secretary (Purchasing Assistant) - LEVEL 5 - Facilities Department - BCGEU [BCGEU] 2021-10-17

Canada Brand Journalist [SEIU] 2021-10-13

Canada Administrative Assistant [SEIU] 2021-10-13

Canada Temporary Administrative Assistant (Labour Relations) – 6 months [UNA] 2021-10-13

Canada Temporary Full Time Administrative Coordinator (Member Services) [SEIU] 2021-10-13

Canada Temporary Administrative Assistant (Labour Relations) - 6 months [UNA] 2021-10-10

Canada Building Maintenance Person [NAPE] 2021-10-10

Australia New job: Content officer [ACTU] 2021-10-08

Canada Administrator, Membership Dues and Information Management (Phoenix) [PSAC] 2021-10-06

Canada Trainer and Junior Project Manager [PSAC] 2021-10-06

Canada Regional Coordinator – Ontario [PSAC] 2021-10-06

Canada Labour Relations Specialist (Government and External Relations) [ONA] 2021-10-06

Canada Staff Officer – Teacher Welfare [MTS] 2021-10-06

Canada Part-time secretary [CUPE] 2021-10-06

Canada Temporary Full Time Administrative Coordinator (Staff & Operations) [SEIU] 2021-10-06

Canada Communications Assistant [IATSE] 2021-10-06

Canada Administrative Secretary, Temporary, Full-Time [BCTF] 2021-09-26

Canada Case Manager, FT Term [BCTF] 2021-09-26

Canada / British Columbia Organizer (Temporary) - Organizing Department [BCGEU] 2021-09-26

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2021-09-22

Canada Administrative Assistant, Staffing [PSAC] 2021-09-22

Canada Administrative Assistant, Negotiations, Essential Services and Exclusions [PSAC] 2021-09-22

Canada Regional Political Communications Officer [PSAC] 2021-09-22

Canada Labour Relations Officer (Contract) – Servicing [ONA] 2021-09-22

Canada Labour Relations Officer – Servicing [ONA] 2021-09-22

Canada Manager II-Team Lead, Government Relations [ONA] 2021-09-22

Canada Permanent Full time Administrative Assistant [SEIU] 2021-09-22

Canada Case Manager, FT Term [BCTF] 2021-09-22

Canada Manager of Hospitals [SEIU] 2021-09-22

UK New job: Administrative officer [Justice for Colombia] 2021-09-21

France Projects Officer - Union Development [PSI] 2021-09-20

Canada Staff Representative - Nanaimo Area Office (2 Positions) [BCGEU] 2021-09-19

Canada / British Columbia Staff Representative (Temporary) - Negotiations Department [BCGEU] 2021-09-18

Canada Research Officer [PSAC] 2021-09-15

Canada Web Developer – Digital Communications [PSAC] 2021-09-15

Canada Labour Relations Officer – WSIB Appeals Specialist [ONA] 2021-09-15

Canada Regional Director, Atlantic Region [CLC] 2021-09-15

Canada Labour Relations Officer Regular Full-Time [BCNU] 2021-09-15

UK Justice for Colombia Hiring Administrative Officer [JFC] 2021-09-13