Jobs in Trade Unions

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Canada STAFF REPRESENTATIVE (Temporary) [BCGEU] 2022-06-26

UK New job: Trainee Economist: PhD work/study post [Unite the Union] 2022-06-23

Canada On-call Administration Assistant [YEU-PSAC] 2022-06-23

Canada Labour Relations Advisor [YEU-PSAC] 2022-06-23

Canada Communications Officer [cupe 905] 2022-06-23

Canada Communications Lead [OCUFA] 2022-06-23

Australia / Tasmania New job: TAFE Project Officer [AEU] 2022-06-21

Australia / New South Wales New job: Field Organiser - Sydney [CPSU] 2022-06-21

UK New job: Legal Officer [Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)] 2022-06-20

UK New job: Organiser, Midlands and East of England [Royal College of Midwives] 2022-06-20

Australia New job: Senior Industrial Officer / Industrial Officer [UWU] 2022-06-20

Canada Join The Tyee to Report on Labour and Workers [The Tyee] 2022-06-19

Canada FINANCE SUPPORT STAFF (Temporary) (2 Positions) [BCGEU] 2022-06-19

UK New job: Digital Engagement and Communications Officer (Maternity cover) [HCSA] 2022-06-18

UK New job: Senior Policy Officer - Race Equality [NEU] 2022-06-17

UK Regional and Branch Development Support Officer [UNISON] 2022-06-17

UK Regional Official (South West) [NASUWT] 2022-06-17

UK / England New job: Support Worker - London Region [GMB] 2022-06-17

UK / Wales New job: Employment Adviser [BMA] 2022-06-17

Belgium Secretary / Administrative Assistant [EPSU] 2022-06-17

Canada Political Communications Officer [PSAC] 2022-06-17

Canada Assistant Coordinator, Negotiations [PSAC] 2022-06-17

Canada Administrative Assistant [PSAC] 2022-06-17

Canada Communications Officer – Digital Media [PSAC] 2022-06-17

Canada Administrative Assistant I [HSAA] 2022-06-17

Canada Writer, Political Action and Communications [CLC] 2022-06-17

Canada Administrative Coordinator [FPSE] 2022-06-17

Canada Administrative Officer [ETFO] 2022-06-17

Canada Membership Services Officer (MSO) [AUPE] 2022-06-17

Canada Administrative Professional – Temporary – 1-Year Cover-Off [AUPE] 2022-06-17

Canada Poste de coordonnateur·trice aux communications | Communications coordinator [CUPE 2626] 2022-06-17

UK New job: Branch Administrator [UNISON Barts] 2022-06-16

Global / Europe Vacancy at the ETF – Head of Maritime [ETF] 2022-06-15

Global / Europe Vacancy at the ETF – Administrative Assistant [ETF] 2022-06-15

UK Digital Projects Officer [Prospect] 2022-06-09

Global The IFJ is hiring a campaigns and communications officer to join its team in Brussels [IFJ] 2022-06-08

Canada Administrative Support Position [UTE/PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Manager of Labour Relations (Home and Community Care) [SEIU] 2022-06-06

Canada Administrative Coordinator Permanent Full-Time [FPSE] 2022-06-06

Canada Membership Services Officer (MSO) – Camrose [AUPE] 2022-06-06

Canada Clerk I – Day Porter [AUPE] 2022-06-06

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Regional Education Officer [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Communications Officer – Digital Media [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Trainer and Junior Project Manager (Developmental) [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Administrative Assistant [PSAC] 2022-06-06

Canada Director of Communications, [AFL] 2022-06-06

Australia National Legal Officer [MUA] 2022-06-04

Canada Intake Clerk/Administrative Secretary - Full-Time, Temporary position [BCTF] 2022-05-29

Canada Essential Services Officer (Organizer) [AUPE] 2022-05-27

Canada Bilingual Secretary [OPSEU] 2022-05-27

Canada Labour Relations Officer [BCNU] 2022-05-27

Canada Director of Campaigns and Communications [BCBTC] 2022-05-27

Canada Website design and development [Unifor] 2022-05-27

Canada Research and International Program Assistant - Full-time, Temporary [BCTF] 2022-05-23

Canada Network Administrator - Administration Department [BCGEU] 2022-05-23

Canada Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis [ONA] 2022-05-11

Canada Labour Relations Officer- Campaigns Officer [ONA] 2022-05-11

Canada Administrator, Membership Dues and Information Management (Phoenix) [PSAC] 2022-05-11

Canada Membership Dues and Management Information Officer [PSAC] 2022-05-11

Canada Secretary [PSAC] 2022-05-11

Canada Regional Coordinator – NCR [PSAC] 2022-05-11

Canada Human Resources Pay & Benefits Clerk [PSAC] 2022-05-11

Canada Director, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Office [BCTF] 2022-05-11

Canada Education and Project Coordinator [SFL] 2022-05-11

Canada Executive Assistant [UVFA] 2022-05-11

Canada Provincial Coordinator [NSHC] 2022-05-11

France Project Finance and Administration Coordinator [Public Services International] 2022-05-03

Canada National Communications Representative [Unifor] 2022-05-01

Canada Labour Relations Staff Officer (Temporary) [SoUP] 2022-04-27

Canada Labour Relations Officer [HSAA] 2022-04-27

Canada Bilingual Administrative Officer (Pension) [CUPE] 2022-04-27

Canada Representation Case Administrator [PSAC] 2022-04-27

Canada Labour Relations Assistant (Leadership Development and Member Support) [ONA] 2022-04-27

Canada Disability Claims Assistant - Full-Time, Term Position [BCTF] 2022-04-24

Australia National Executive Assistant [MUA] 2022-04-21

Mexico / USA Program Officer, Mexico (USDOL) [Solidarity Centre] 2022-04-21

Australia Now Hiring: ITF Inspector [MUA] 2022-04-19

Canada Regional Representative, Ontario Region Northern Ontario [CLC] 2022-04-14

Canada Senior Labour Relations Advisor [yeu] 2022-04-14

Canada Pensions & Benefits Research Analyst [OCUFA] 2022-04-14

North America ITUC - Director – Washington D.C. Office [ITUC] 2022-04-12

Canada Communications Officer [SGEU] 2022-04-08

Canada Staff Representative [CUPE 3902] 2022-04-08

Canada Digital Communications Coordinator (Bilingual) [CAUT] 2022-04-08

Canada Part-Time Campaign Organizers [OFL] 2022-04-06

Europe We’re hiring – are you our next projects and policy officer? [Eurocadres] 2022-04-02

Canada Labour Relations Officer- Servicing [ONA] 2022-04-02

Canada Staff Organiser [CUPE 3902] 2022-04-02

Canada Communications Officer [YEU-PSAC] 2022-04-02

Canada Shop Steward Advisor [YEU-PSAC] 2022-04-02

Canada Negotiator | Négociateur [PIPSC] 2022-04-02

Canada Employment Relations Officer | Agent(e) des relations du travail (ART) [PIPSC] 2022-04-02

Canada Classification Officer | Agent(e) de classification [PIPSC] 2022-04-02

UK New job: Worker Organiser [CPC] 2022-04-02

Global IndustriALL Global Union is looking for a content-driven communications officer [IndustriALL] 2022-03-30

Canada Staff Lawyer - Full-time Continuing position [BCTF] 2022-03-27

Canada Bilingual Communications Coordinator [FNBFA] 2022-03-23

Canada Training Advisor [PSAC] 2022-03-23