Jobs in Trade Unions

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Canada Legal Officer – Ottawa [PSAC] 2022-09-25

Canada Member Information Manager [PSAC] 2022-09-25

Canada Bookkeeper – Accounts [PSAC] 2022-09-25

Canada Labour Relations Assistant [ONA] 2022-09-25

Canada Financial Accountant [ONA] 2022-09-25

Canada Director – Communications and Campaigns [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada Director – Member Representation [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada Director – Bargaining and Negotiations [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada Administrative Assistant (Finance) [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada Administrative Assistant (Member Records) [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada Administrative Coordinator [UFCW 1518] 2022-09-25

Canada General Administrative Support - Full-time, Temporary [BCTF] 2022-09-19

Canada Director of Organizing [SEIU] 2022-09-14

Canada Senior Communications Officer [CAUT] 2022-09-14

Canada Permanent Full-Time Events Coordinator [CUPE] 2022-09-14

Canada Education Technician [AUPE] 2022-09-14

Canada Project Manager, IT [BCNU] 2022-09-14

Canada National Union Representative (NUR) [CEIU-PSAC] 2022-09-14

Canada Communications Assistant (1 Permanent, 1 Temporary) [HSAA] 2022-09-14

Canada Clerk Typist #4, Arbitrations Unit [OPSEU] 2022-09-14

Global Personnel Manager [PSI] 2022-09-08

Canada Administrative Assistant to the Director [PSAC] 2022-09-07

Canada Regional Negotiator [PSAC] 2022-09-07

Canada Bilingual Staff Representative [OPSEU] 2022-09-07

Canada [HEU] 2022-09-07

Canada MSO – North and South Regions – Temporary (Relief) Positions [AUPE] 2022-09-07

Canada Deskside Support Technician [AUPE] 2022-09-07

Canada Organizing and Mobilization Officer [BUFA] 2022-09-07

Canada Labour Relations Officer [BCNU] 2022-09-07

Canada Administrative Assistant (2 positions) [SGEU] 2022-09-07

Canada Coordonnateur·trice syndical·e – Union Coordinator [CUPE 2626] 2022-09-07

Canada Caretaker – permanent [AUPE] 2022-09-07

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-09-07

Canada Union Representative [SEIU] 2022-09-07

UK Communications officer [FBU] 2022-09-07

Belgium / Global New job: Administrative Assistant in the Events, IT, and Administration Unit [Education International] 2022-09-06

France PSI Vacancy: Manager Global Administration [PSI] 2022-09-02

UK Communications officer [FBU] 2022-09-02

Canada Senior Communications Specialist (Media & PR) [CCPA] 2022-08-29

Canada Labour Relations Officer [SGEU] 2022-08-29

Canada Energy Industry Liaison (St. John’s) [FFAW-Unifor] 2022-08-28

Global / Europe Vacancy at the ETF - Administrative Assistant [ETF] 2022-08-22

Canada Clerk Typist 50/50 [OPSEU] 2022-08-21

Canada Director, Representation and Legal Services Branch [PSAC] 2022-08-21

Canada Director, Oppression Prevention [PSAC] 2022-08-21

Canada Regional Education Officer [PSAC] 2022-08-21

Canada Payroll Administrator [PSAC] 2022-08-21

Canada Regional Representative Health & Safety Représentante ou représentant régional – santé et sécurité [PSAC] 2022-08-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer [HSAS] 2022-08-21

Canada Union Representative – Negotiations [AUPE] 2022-08-21

Canada Union Representative – Negotiations [AUPE] 2022-08-21

Canada Manager of Labour Relations [HSAS] 2022-08-21

Canada Executive Director [HSAS] 2022-08-21

Canada Front Desk & Staffroom Coordinator - Full-time, Temporary Position [BCTF] 2022-08-21

Europe PayYourWorkers / RespectLabourRights Campaign Coordinator [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-08-19

Canada / British Columbia Staff Representative - Advocacy Department [BCGEU] 2022-08-17

Canada CUPE Ontario is seeking a Permanent Full-Time Communications Associate [CUPE] 2022-08-13

Australia HACSU is hiring: Area Organiser [HACSU] 2022-08-12

Canada Regional Representative [PSAC] 2022-08-10

Canada Executive Assistant to the Regional Executive Vice-President [PSAC] 2022-08-10

Canada Human Rights/Indigenous Rights Officer [PSAC] 2022-08-10

Canada Director, Oppression Prevention [PSAC] 2022-08-10

Canada Labour Relations Assistant – Communications and Government Relations [ONA] 2022-08-10

Canada Membership Services Officer (MSO) [AUPE] 2022-08-10

Canada Organizing Officer | Agente/Agent de la syndicalisation [CAUT] 2022-08-10

USA Assistant Editor [Labour Notes] 2022-08-05

Australia Field Organiser [CPSU] 2022-08-04

Australia Field Organiser [CPSU] 2022-08-04

Australia Media Advisor [CPSU] 2022-08-04

Canada / British Columbia Finance support staff (temporary) [BCGEU] 2022-08-04

Canada Media union CWA Canada seeks staff representative [CWA Canada] 2022-08-03

Canada Records & Information Management Lead [ETFO] 2022-07-29

Canada Union Business Representative – Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Hospital and Health Care [LIUNA] 2022-07-29

Canada Union Business Representative – Western Canada [LIUNA] 2022-07-29

Australia We’re hiring! National Industrial Officer [ASU] 2022-07-28

Canada Accounting Clerk - Full-time, Temporary Position [BCTF] 2022-07-24

Canada Labour Relations Assistant [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Labour Relations Assistant- Litigation [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer - Health & Safety Specialist [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer- Servicing [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer - Servicing [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Labour Relations Officer - WSIB Appeals Specialist [ONA] 2022-07-21

Canada Membership Services Officer (MSO) - Calgary [AUPE] 2022-07-21

Canada Regional Representative, Ontario Region [CLC] 2022-07-21

Canada Representative, Health, Safety and Environment [CLC] 2022-07-21

Canada Bilingual Communications Officer [OPSEU] 2022-07-20

Canada Administrative Assistant [SGEU] 2022-07-20

Canada Administrator [OPSEU] 2022-07-20

Canada Communications Officer [SGEU] 2022-07-20

Canada Member Information Services (MIS) Coordinator [SGEU] 2022-07-20

Canada Project Coordinator [SEIU] 2022-07-20

Canada Temporary Full‐Time I.T. Support Person [CUPE] 2022-07-20

Canada Transitional Membership Services Officer (MSO) - Organizing - Calgary [AUPE] 2022-07-20

UK PayYourWorkers / RespectLabourRights Campaign Coordinator [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-07-20

UK Digital Organiser/Campaigner [TUC] 2022-07-20

Australia Now Hiring: Paralegal [MUA] 2022-07-20

Canada Staff Lawyer - Full-Time, Continuing Position [BCTF] 2022-07-18

UK PayYourWorkers / RespectLabourRights Campaign Coordinator [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2022-07-15

UK Digital Organiser/Campaigner [TUC] 2022-07-15

Canada Assistant to the National Executive Vice-President [PSAC] 2022-07-14