Jobs in Trade Unions

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Canada / British Columbia Communications specialist [UniteHere Local 40] 2024-05-24

Canada Health and Safety Representative [CUPE] 2024-05-23

Canada Director, Regional Offices Branch [PSAC] 2024-05-23

Canada Employment Opportunity – Labour Relations Officer [UTE-PSAC] 2024-05-23

Canada / British Columbia Administrative Assistant - Lower Mainland Area Office (Regular) [BCGEU] 2024-05-22

New Zealand Industrial Organiser [DWU] 2024-05-21

New Zealand Union Organiser [PSA] 2024-05-21

New Zealand Union Organiser [FIRST Union] 2024-05-21

Europe Vacancy at the ETF – Policy Officer for Road [ETF] 2024-05-18

Belgium / Europe EPSU is looking for a Project and Administrative Assistant [EPSU] 2024-05-17

Europe New job: Vacancy at the ETF – Senior Digital Communications Officer [ETF] 2024-05-14

Canada Communications Officer (Temporary) [HSAA] 2024-05-12

Canada Executive Services Coordinator / Coordonnatrice/Coordonnateur des services exécutifs [CAUT] 2024-05-12

Canada Organizing, Membership Engagement and Communications Coordinator [MUNFA] 2024-05-12

Canada Communications Manager [ATA] 2024-05-12

Canada Volunteer Board Member [CLiFF] 2024-05-12

New Zealand Union Organiser [PSA] 2024-05-12

UK Regional Officer - South East [NEU] 2024-05-12

Belgium ETUI is looking for a documentalist (full-time) [ETUI] 2024-05-07

Canada / British Columbia Shareholder Engagement Assistant [BCGEU] 2024-05-07

New Zealand Membership Administrator/Accounts Clerk [STONZ] 2024-05-04

New Zealand Senior Finance Officer [PSA] 2024-05-04

Canada Classification and Pay Equity Officer (12-month Term) [PIPSC] 2024-05-03

Canada Temporary Full-Time Administrative Assistant [CUPE Ontario] 2024-05-03

Canada Union Representative [SEIU] 2024-05-03

Canada Union Representative [SEIU] 2024-05-03

Canada Executive Assistant (Bilingual) [LUFA] 2024-04-26

Canada Administrative Assistant (Bilingual) [LUFA] 2024-04-26

Canada Executive director | directeur général / directrice générale [AJC] 2024-04-26

Canada Legal counsel/director of representation services | avocat/avocate et directeur/directrice des services de représentation [AJC] 2024-04-26

Canada Team, Lead, Consultation (Labour Relations) [PIPSC] 2024-04-26

Canada Staff representative – Labour Relations [FPSE] 2024-04-26

Canada National Child Care Coordinator | Coordonnatrice ou coordonnateur national de la garde d’enfants [CUPW] 2024-04-26

Canada / Ontario Temporary Full-Time Administrative Assistant CUPE Ontario Office [CUPE Ontario] 2024-04-25

Canada Assistant Coordinator (SR4) Advocacy Department [BCGEU] 2024-04-23

New Zealand Union Organiser [NZCTU] 2024-04-21

New Zealand Regional Administrator [NZCTU] 2024-04-21

New Zealand Union Industrial Officer [NZPFU] 2024-04-21

Canada Assistant Director, Staff Lawyer - Full-time, permanent position [BCTF] 2024-04-15

Canada Assistant Director, Field Service Division - Full-time permanent position [BCTF] 2024-04-15

New Zealand Field Officer [PPTA] 2024-04-13

New Zealand Union Organiser [NZCTU] 2024-04-13

Canada Senior Grievance & Adjudication Analyst | Analyste principal(e) aux griefs et à l’arbitrage [PSAC] 2024-04-12

Canada Regional Political Communications Officer NCR [PSAC] 2024-04-12

Canada / British Columbia BCGEU has several new job postings [BCGEU] 2024-04-10

Canada Employment Relations Manager [SEIU] 2024-04-06

Canada Accounting Clerk - Full-time, temporary position [BCTF] 2024-04-06

New Zealand Union Organiser [PSA] 2024-04-06

New Zealand Organiser positions [FIRST Union] 2024-04-06

Europe Call for Consultant: Expert to Analyze Women’s Role in European Rail Sector [ETF] 2024-04-04

New Zealand Union Organiser [PSA] 2024-04-01

New Zealand Member Advisory Officer [NZEI] 2024-04-01

Canada Bilingual Research Representative [CUPE] 2024-04-01

Canada Organizer Trainee [SEIU] 2024-04-01

Canada Communications Officer (Editor) [BCNU] 2024-04-01

Canada Communications Officer [BCNU] 2024-04-01

Canada Labour Relations Officer [BCNU] 2024-04-01

Australia Campaign Organiser - Pilliga Campaign [MUA] 2024-03-25

Canada Decent Work and Health Network Organizer [DWHN] 2024-03-21

Canada Union Organizer [SEIU] 2024-03-17

Canada Union Representative [SEIU] 2024-03-17

Canada Bookkeeper [BC Building Trades] 2024-03-17

Canada Administrative Assistant Job Posting [TYRLC] 2024-03-14

Canada / British Columbia Union Representative 2 – Full Time Regular [MoveUP] 2024-03-14

Canada Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Advisor (regular full time) [UNA] 2024-03-12

Canada Maintenance - On-Call/Casual position [BCTF] 2024-03-11

Canada Administrative Assistant, British Columbia / Yukon Territory Regional Union Office [CEIU-PSAC] 2024-03-10

Canada National Union Representative (NUR)/Représentante syndicale nationale ou représentant syndical national (RSN) [CEIU-PSAC] 2024-03-10

Canada Labour Relations Officer [UTE-PSAC] 2024-03-10

Canada Permanent Full Time Technology Assistant| recherche d’un(e) assistant(e) technologique [CUPE Ontario] 2024-03-10

Canada Political Communication Officer/ Agent-e des communications politiques [CEIU-PSAC] 2024-03-10

New Zealand Union Organiser [FIRST Union] 2024-03-10

New Zealand National Sector Leader [PSA] 2024-03-10

New Zealand National Support Leader | [PSA] 2024-03-10

New Zealand Field Officer / Kaitakawaenga [NZEI] 2024-03-10

New Zealand Organiser [NZNO] 2024-03-10

New Zealand Organiser [NZNO] 2024-03-10

Canada / British Columbia Staff rep - Cariboo office [BCGEU] 2024-03-10

North America PSI Sub-regional Secretary, North America [PSI] 2024-03-08

France / Europe Global Head of Operations (Finance, Administration, and IT) [PSI] 2024-03-06

Togo / Africa PSI Regional Secretary, Africa and Arab Countries [PSI] 2024-03-06

Canada / Ontario CUPE Ontario seeking Permanent Full Time Technology Assistant [CUPE Ontario] 2024-03-06

Canada Intake Clerk Administrative Secretary - Full-time, temporary position [BCTF] 2024-03-05

Canada / British Columbia Admin support - conventions [BCGEU] 2024-03-05

New Zealand Union Organisers [PSA] 2024-03-02

New Zealand Organiser [E tu] 2024-03-02

New Zealand Governance Advisor [NZCTU] 2024-03-02

Global PSI is looking for a Global Head of Operations to lead Finance, Admin and Information Management [PSI] 2024-02-29

Canada Communications Officer – Temporary Relief [AUPE] 2024-02-29

Canada Political Assistant to the National President – Adjointe ou adjoint politique à la présidence nationale [CUPW] 2024-02-29

Canada National Child Care Coordinator – Coordonnatrice ou coordonnateur national de la garde d’enfants [CUPW] 2024-02-29

Canada Personnel, Pay & Benefits Administrator [CEIU-PSAC] 2024-02-29

Canada Représentante syndicale nationale ou représentant syndical national | National Union Representative [CEIU-PSAC] 2024-02-29

Canada Executive Assistant [OPSEU 110] 2024-02-29

UK / Europe LRD is looking for three permanent staff memebers [] For more info Image 2024-02-28

Canada Temporary Senior Officer, Union Education Branch, CUPE National Office [CUPE] 2024-02-26

Kenya Programme Officers [COTU] 2024-02-25

Canada Shop Steward Coodinator [YEU - PSAC] 2024-02-22

Canada Communications Officer [YEU - PSAC] 2024-02-22

Canada Membership Services Intake Officer [YEU - PSAC] 2024-02-22