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How to write a better campaign

Always bear your end goal in mind- what do you want to achieve and how? Your campaign should do two main things:

To do this you should think about and clearly state:

In order to achieve this, you should be specific, concise and to the point.

Your campaign should be no more than a paragraph long and should communicate the key aspects of your campaign:

Avoid overusing emotive language- state the facts! Facts speak louder than appeals to emotions but don’t over-rely on statistics.

For example, instead of “Last week a truly horrendous atrocity occurred where workers were brutally sacked”, try “On Monday the 16th of January, 12 workers were illegally dismissed.”

Remember that your campaign will run for three months, so do state dates, instead of writing “last month…”, state “In December…”

The most important thing is to keep it short, sharp and simple.

Remember that not everyone is prepared to read a lot of text and that not everyone can understand complex or technical language. For this reason, you should write as if you’re talking to a friend – use everyday language and avoid too many acronyms as these can be off putting. Keeping the text short will encourage people to read on and eventually, sign their names to your campaign.

Good luck!

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