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Updated: Wednesday 22 March 2023, 08:04:25
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Canada CFL players’ unions fighting for workers’ compensation coverage for pro athletes [OHS Canada] 2023-03-21

Canada / Saskatchewan Library workers seeing rise in violent incidents according to survey [Now] 2023-03-21

Canada CFLPA, NLLPA fighting to give their memberships access to workers’ compensation [The Spectator] 2023-03-21

UK MET Police - PCS response to Casey Report [PCS] 2023-03-21

UK Unite member says he feels fully vindicated in Crossrail health and safety “blacklisting” case as open court statement delivered [Unite] 2023-03-21

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Israel 'Judicial reform' [Davar] 2023-03-20

UK / Global Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late [The Guardian] 2023-03-20

Canada / British Columbia ‘Our new reality’: BC Paramedics Union outlines dangers within the job [Global] 2023-03-19

Afghanistan Journalists Remain In The Line Of Fire [The Citizen] 2023-03-19

USA / California The Pajaro Levee Break, Immigrants, Labor & Climate Crisis With PVFT1936 Delegate Pamela Beth Sexton [LVP] For more info 2023-03-18

Qatar FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: No legacy without trade union rights [BWI] 2023-03-18

USA / California Nightmare In Ohio-Piketon, Ohio Nuclear Whistleblower Vina Colley [WW] For more info 2023-03-17

UK Headteacher killed herself after news of low Ofsted rating, family says [The Guardian] 2023-03-17

Korea (South) Backflip on 69-hour work week after millennial, Gen Z backlash [SBS] 2023-03-16

UK Women’s health and the workplace - TUC response to call for evidence on a women’s health strategy [TUC] 2023-03-15

New Zealand Port workers back port health and safety plan [MUNZ] 2023-03-15

Pakistan Unsafe Pakistani mines continue to claim workers’ lives [IndustriALL] 2023-03-14

UK ‘Harrowing’ work pressure giving NHS junior doctors panic attacks, study finds [The Guardian] 2023-03-14

USA / Global / Connecticut Pandemic, Big Pharma & Biotech Safety With Pfizer Molecular Biologist Whistleblower Becky McClain [WorkWeek] For more info 2023-03-14

UK Workers killed by Covid-19 remembered on anniversary of the pandemic [Morning Star] 2023-03-13

New Zealand Unions call on Auckland transport, bus operators for 'immediate intervention' before a 'driver is killed' [Newshub] 2023-03-13

Kyrgyzstan Unions in Kyrgyzstan push to ratify ILO C190 [IndustriALL] 2023-03-12

India Sanitation rights: Rinku’s story [ITF] 2023-03-12

New Zealand Bus driver stabbed during altercation with passenger in Mt Roskill, Auckland [Stuff] 2023-03-11

Canada / Saskatchewan Regina court adjourned for union looking to overturn workplace harassment decision [Global] 2023-03-10

Canada / British Columbia Safety board report says deadly tug sinking in B.C. highlights systemic safety issues [The Globe and Mail] 2023-03-09

UK / Global Is covid an industrial disease? [The Medical Republic] 2023-03-09

Canada / Ontario Mill Local President sets positive precedent with bargaining of Women’s Advocate language [Unifor] 2023-03-09

India Domestic workers face abuse, exploitation [Deutsche Welle] 2023-03-09

Canada / Ontario Jamaican farm worker says he's still waiting for proper compensation after 2008 accident in Niagara Region [CBC] 2023-03-08

USA / Ohio OSHA opens two investigations into clean-up practices in East Palestin [WOIO-TV] 2023-03-08

Zambia Unions hold field education on workplace health and safety [BWI] 2023-03-07

Global 8 March: Rising Together for Women’s Health and Safety [UNI Global Union] 2023-03-07

UK Strikes Bill “huge step backwards” for tackling racism at work – TUC, Runnymede, Equality Trust and JCWI [TUC] 2023-03-07

Australia Union demands improved safety standards [Sky] 2023-03-07

Australia Transport Workers Protest Outside Aldi Stores Across The Country [Triple M] 2023-03-07

UK Most of those held after crossing Channel referred as potential slavery victims [The Press & Journal] 2023-03-07

UK Thousands march for Million Women Rise [Morning Star] 2023-03-06

Yemen 'My role involves a great deal of accuracy and impartiality and the need to preserve the safety of my team' [IFJ] 2023-03-06

Australia / Australian Capital Territory What happens when an EV catches fire? ACT firies say it's 'sobering' [Riotact] 2023-03-06

UK RMT marks Herald of Free Enterprise 36th Anniversary [RMT] 2023-03-06

Canada / Ontario Ontario expands cancer coverage for firefighters [City News] 2023-03-06

UK Anger grows over Afghan journalists still stranded by Home Office inaction [The Observer] 2023-03-05

India / Karnataka Severe staff crunch affecting health of Karnataka government employees [The Express] 2023-03-05

UK Restaurant worker sacked for being pregnant wins £16k compensation [The National] 2023-03-05

Australia WHS Ministers commit to model reforms to protect workers from deadly silica dust [AWU] 2023-03-05

Canada / British Columbia A Crane Worker Died. Investigations Followed. What’s Changed? [The Herald] 2023-03-04

USA / China 'Buy with 1-click: independent contracting and migrant workers in China’s last-mile parcel delivery' [The Asia-Pacific Journal] 2023-03-04

South Africa Sanitation rights: Mabu’s story [ITF] 2023-03-04

UK Women in UK ‘more likely than men to be on low pay and struggling’ [The Guardian] 2023-03-03

UK Teaching unions hit out at Sir Gavin Williamson's ‘contemptible’ comments [Morning Star] 2023-03-03

Pakistan Transgender news anchor survives gun attack [IFJ] 2023-03-03

Canada / British Columbia Conflicting Federal Investigations Raise Deltaport Safety Concerns [The Tyee] 2023-03-03

Canada / Ontario Ontario to expand cancer coverage for firefighters [The Globe and Mail] 2023-03-03

UK Plans to disentangle British and EU laws will cause more uncertainty, poll says [FT] 2023-03-02

UK Regulation: what does UK business think? [] 2023-03-02

Europe Women three times more likely than men to suffer from unwanted sexual attention in the workplace [RTÉ] 2023-03-02

China Former worker at Dongguan electronics factory kills three, sparking discussion about agency labour in China [China Labour Bulletin] 2023-03-01

Canada / Saskatchewan Union goes to court to overturn Sask. WCB decision about workplace sexual harassment [CBC] 2023-03-01

UK Lessons must be learned from government’s pandemic care home policy [UNISON] 2023-03-01

UK Labour pledges paid time off and workplace support for menopause [The Guardian] 2023-02-28

Canada Government ratifies convention to end workplace harassment, violence [rabble] 2023-02-28

UK Regulator to protect high-rise residents in England from unsafe building practices [HSE] 2023-02-28

UK Working safely with display screen equipment [HSE] 2023-02-28

Australia / New South Wales SafeWork confirms investigation into food hygiene at Snowy 2.0 workers' camps [ABC] 2023-02-28

Australia / New South Wales Workers 'served maggot-infested steaks' threaten to quit hydro energy project [The Mirror] 2023-02-28

Australia ‘It’s no change’: Frustration as ministers defer decision on banning deadly stone [The Times] 2023-02-28

Australia Unions issue ultimatum over deadly silica dust ban [The Examiner] 2023-02-28

Australia Union campaign against silicosis getting results [ETU] 2023-02-28

UK Victims of blacklisting could seek compensation from government, lawyers concur [The Canary] 2023-02-28

UK How cops may have helped blacklisting [Novara Media] 2023-02-28

Australia Burke to urge states to consider ban on engineered stone [The Morning Herald] 2023-02-27

Australia Silicosis response 'tantamount to industrial manslaughter [The Age] 2023-02-27

Australia / New South Wales School cleaners share horror conditions amid calls for better work [The Australian] 2023-02-27

USA / Ohio Crew tried to stop train before toxic derailment, NTSB preliminary report says [Daily Kos] 2023-02-27

India Rights and respect: Domestic Workers Union commit to protecting dignity of women [The Express] 2023-02-26

USA Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. [New York Times] 2023-02-26

USA Child Labor Today A Times exposé has revealed that young teenagers work long shifts, sometimes for nationally known brands. What can be done? [New York Times] 2023-02-26

Ukraine Statement by the Partner Organisations to the Safety of Journalists Platform on the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [IFJ] 2023-02-25

Global Protecting LGBTI+ workers in the workplace [UNI] 2023-02-25

USA / USA / Ohio 'Nuking A Town With Chemicals To Get A Railroad Open' & Railroad Labor With SMART's Jerad Cassity [LVP] For more info 2023-02-24

UK Blacklisted workers ‘vindicated’ after spycops inquiry acknowledges police snooped on trade unionists [Morning Star] 2023-02-24

UK Blacklisting of workers and union infiltration by Spy Cops a dark stain on the police and ‘no stone must be left unturned’ in learning the full truth [Unite] 2023-02-24

Kenya Union wants State to eliminate violence at the workplace after BBC tea plantation expose [The Standard] 2023-02-24

India Improving construction safety [Construction Week] 2023-02-24

USA / California The NTSB, East Palestine Railroad Catastrophe, Rail Safety & Nationalization With RWU's Hugh Sawyer [LVP] For more info 2023-02-24

UK Spycops' targets urge inquiry to conclude the unit was ‘unlawful, unjustified and illegitimate’ [Morning Star] 2023-02-23

UK REUL Bill could undermine UK democracy, new legal analysis reveals [Client Earth] 2023-02-23

China Coal mine collapse in Inner Mongolia kills five, injures six, and leaves dozens missing [China Labour Bulletin] 2023-02-23

Turkey Journalists reporting from earthquake- affected areas face safety, hygiene and health problems [EFJ] 2023-02-23

UK Doctors in Unite reject government plans to force the sick to work [Unite] 2023-02-23

USA / New York ‘Lavatory waste comes on us’: New York airport workers protest unsanitary conditions [The Guardian] 2023-02-23

Canada / Ontario Paramedic union raising concerns about rats at Kitchener encampment [CTV] 2023-02-23

Australia Silica dust leads to “death sentences” for workers [Australian Unions] 2023-02-23

UK NHS Strikes, Shattered Staff, and Moral Injury [Psychology Today] 2023-02-23

Australia 60 Minutes investigates disease killing Australian workers [AWU] 2023-02-23

Australia / Victoria ‘No one was feeling safe’: Young McDonald’s workers walk off the job after claims of sexual harassment [The Morning Herald] 2023-02-23

South Africa Natu expresses concern abou rising incidents of violence in schools [The Star] 2023-02-22

India Karnataka's sex workers raise pitch to take their successful telemedicine-based healthcare service national [Udayavani] 2023-02-22

UK Royal Mail boss blames rogue managers for tracking devices on workers [BBC] 2023-02-22