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Updated: Friday 25 September 2020, 12:44:24
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USA / USA / California 'Stop Rigging The Election' SEIU 1021 Oakland Workers Demand Union Democracy In Midst Of Covid Pandemic [LVP] For more info 2020-09-25

Ireland Concern about burnout among Dublin Fire Brigade staff [98FM] 2020-09-25

UK Major COVID testing site disappears overnight leaving key workers with nowhere to go [GMB] 2020-09-25

Canada / Ontario To save lives, federal and provincial governments must order GM to make N95 masks says coalition [CUPE] 2020-09-25

Canada / Manitoba Transcontinental abandons Manitoba workers during pandemic [Unifor] 2020-09-25

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Canada / Ontario To Save Lives, Federal and Provincial Governments Must Order GM to Make N95 Masks Says Coalition [The Whig-Standard] 2020-09-25

Ireland Manor Farm defends charging staff for provision of PPE [] 2020-09-24

Canada / Alberta End of special paid leave for nurses amid pandemic 'mind boggling,' union official says [CBC] 2020-09-24

UK Nursing in ‘emerging crisis’ due to critical lack of staff and burnout from ‘gruelling shifts’ [Morning Star] 2020-09-24

UK Growing numbers of NHS nurses quit within three years, study finds [The Guardian] 2020-09-23

UK The UK Government's Covid-19 response is like a car skidding uncontrollably towards a brick wall [Hazards Campaign] 2020-09-23

Ireland 'We don’t have six months': Government under fire for lack of action on sick pay [] 2020-09-23

UK Tube outsourcing company profiteering whilst slashing jobs [RMT] 2020-09-23

UK Raise a toast to public track and trace [UNISON] 2020-09-23

UK / Scotland RMT members to strike on Caledonian Sleeper [RMT] 2020-09-23

UK New restrictions must be met with jobs support or communities face ruin [Unite the union] 2020-09-23

Canada / Ontario Nurses, PSWs leaving health care industry amid COVID-19 pandemic [CITY] 2020-09-23

Australia / New South Wales Women at JB Hi-Fi speak out against 'boys club' and sexual harassment [The Morning Herald] 2020-09-23

Europe EU protects workers from 3 cancerous substances – but more action needed [ETIC] 2020-09-23

Democratic Republic of the Congo Nurses brutally raped while on duty [PSI] 2020-09-22

USA 'A Silent Pandemic': Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers [PSI] 2020-09-22

UK Work from home if you can, says Michael Gove [The Guardian] 2020-09-22

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland 'Future tsunami of acute spinal problems' among home workers [Irish News] 2020-09-22

USA Hollywood unions announce pandemic agreement [Irish News] 2020-09-22

Canada / Manitoba Canada Post worker says employer not doing enough to keep them safe from COVID-19 [CBC] 2020-09-22

Nigeria Health workers end strike despite no coronavirus hazard pay [Yahoo] 2020-09-22

Zimbabwe Teachers to boycott work over pay, demand COVID-19 allowance [Nasdaq] 2020-09-22

UK PCS meets Cabinet Office to discuss Michael Gove's U-turn on homeworking [PCS] 2020-09-22

UK PM must get a grip on safety at work and extend support for jobs [TUC] 2020-09-22

South Africa Eliminating sexual harassment in the mining industry [Financial Mail] 2020-09-21

UK Labour publishes ‘file of failure’ detailing Tory mismanagement of £3.9bn during Covid crisis [Morning Star] 2020-09-21

South Africa Exxaro collaborates with trade unions to curb Covid-19 stigma [Witbank News] 2020-09-21

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Union dispute over Queen's on-campus teaching [BBC] 2020-09-21

Ireland ICTU calls for mandatory sick pay for all workers [] 2020-09-21

Ireland Teachers' unions issue warning amid Covid concerns [Irish Independent] 2020-09-21

USA America Is Lagging Behind the World in Protecting Meat Workers [Bloomberg] 2020-09-21

Australia Workers demand Action for Aged Care [ACTU] 2020-09-21

France “You don’t ask for power, you grab it!” – in Paris, migrant housekeeping staff are taking on a hotel giant [Equal Times] 2020-09-21

USA School and Campus Workers Say: Not Until It's Safe [Labour Notes] 2020-09-21

Canada / Alberta Time for action [ATA] 2020-09-21

Canada / Alberta Research project quantifies teacher concerns [ATA] 2020-09-21

UK NEU demands urgent action on testing [NEU] 2020-09-21

Canada / Ontario For-profit long-term care home chain calls for rules to be relaxed as death toll rises [NUPGE] 2020-09-21

Canada / Saskatchewan Staffing, infrastructure concerns an issue for COVID-19 testing capacity increase: Union [SUN] 2020-09-21

UK Safety measures must be the priority to tackle increased infection spread [UNISON] 2020-09-21

Ireland ASTI members to ballot for industrial action over school reopening issues [RTÉ] 2020-09-20

Canada / Quebec Union demands pregnant teachers be withdrawn from schools because of risks tied to COVID-19 [CTV] 2020-09-20

Canada / Quebec Asbestos: Debate over Canadian city’s name change turns toxic [The Union-Journal] 2020-09-19

Ireland SIPTU and meat processors agree safety protocol for workers in the industry [SIPTU] 2020-09-19

Ireland More than 50 meat employers face sick pay claims in safety protocol row [Irish Independent] 2020-09-19

Australia How one stylist tackled workplace bullying [HSA] 2020-09-19

Cambodia Unions laud appointment of 362 construction inspectors [BWI] 2020-09-19

Japan Japan Teachers’ Union secures resources for safe school reopening and monitors their expenditure [EI] 2020-09-19

Canada / Ontario School bus system crisis continues due to government inaction [Unifor] 2020-09-18

Canada / Ontario Arbitrator Finds Employer's Blanket Policy Requiring All Employees Who Cross Us Border To Self-Isolate Unreasonable [MONDAQ] 2020-09-18

Australia Airservices Australia staff sacked for bullying and harassment amid warnings of cultural problems [ABC] 2020-09-18

Global Strong Unions Are Pivotal For Safety Of Healthcare Workers And Patients [Scoop] 2020-09-18

UK Sign up for PCS reps meeting on coronavirus safety and no forced return to workplaces [PCS] 2020-09-18

UK Usdaw welcomes clarification that spitting and coughing is assault [USDAW] 2020-09-18

USA / USA / Colorado Profit Over Lives At JBS: Covid, OSHA and Life & Death With UFCW 7 President Kim Cordova [LVP] For more info 2020-09-17

Canada / Saskatchewan SHA employees struggle with overtime, understaffed labs due to increased COVID-19 testing [CBC] 2020-09-17

Canada / Ontario Algoma Steel workers allege company had ‘full knowledge’ of exposure to lethal, cancer-causing chemicals [The Narwhal] 2020-09-17

Australia TWU in new call for Cleanaway crash probe reopening [Owner-Driver] 2020-09-17

Australia / Queensland Industrial Manslaughter Laws for Resource Workers Introduced Into Qld Parliament [AWU] 2020-09-17

Canada / Ontario Do Ontario’s Collective Bargaining Laws Protect Migrant Worker Dismissed for Raising Collective Workplace Concerns? [The Law of Work] 2020-09-17

Canada / Nova Scotia Fired for quarantine [Rank and File] 2020-09-17

Global Paper, packaging and graphical unions team up on safety rights [IndustriALL] 2020-09-17

South Africa / Mpumalanga Generations of farm dwellers face eviction [New Frame] 2020-09-16

New Zealand Maritime workers back Ports of Auckland health and safety review [MUNZ] 2020-09-16

Brazil Unions release COVID-19 protocols for construction workers [BWI] 2020-09-16

Laos Activists and rights groups demand release of Mouay [IFJ] 2020-09-16

Australia / South Australia TWU in new call for Cleanaway crash probe reopening [ATN] 2020-09-16

UK Can the tsunami of covid work clusters be stopped - Thursday 24th September – 18.00-19.30pm [Hazards Campaign] 2020-09-16

UK Stop private sector outsourcing, as NHS laboratories ‘sidelined’ for Covid-19 testing [Unite the union] 2020-09-16

UK Less than half of school staff given COVID-19 health and safety training [GMB] 2020-09-16

India The growing fatigue with work from home [Mint] 2020-09-16

South Africa / Limpopo 3 miners believed to be killed at mine [JacarandaFM] 2020-09-16

South Africa / Limpopo NUM flabbergasted by rising number of fatal incidents around mines [COSATU] 2020-09-16

UK Usdaw calls for better protection of shop workers [USDAW] 2020-09-15

UK TUC 2020: A trade deal with Trump could erode workers' rights, congress hears [Morning Star] 2020-09-15

UK TUC 2020: O’Grady calls on government to repay key workers by scrapping zero-hours contracts [Morning Star] 2020-09-15

UK Tribunal awards 10 UK homecare workers £10,000 each in back pay [The Guardian] 2020-09-15

Zimbabwe Hotels-Cum-Quarantine Centres Ignore Covid-19 Rules – ZCTU [New Zimbabwe] 2020-09-15

Australia / Tasmania COVID-19 Recovery Survey Results [Unions Tasmania] 2020-09-15

UK Women lose state pension age appeal against government [BBC] 2020-09-15

UK 'Bus drivers were forced to play Russian roulette' – the shocking truth about the death of Mervyn Kennedy [The Guardian] 2020-09-15

USA / USA / California The Foster Farms Covid-19 Deaths and The Community With Deep Singh of The Jakara Movement [LVP] For more info 2020-09-14

UK Watch this video message - oppose any forced return to workplaces [PCS] 2020-09-14

Australia / Queensland Lynham leaves a legacy of important mine safety reforms [CFMMEU] 2020-09-14

China Trade union officials in Sichuan indifferent to dangers at firework factory [CLB] 2020-09-14

UK Virtual TUC Congress begins today [Union News] 2020-09-14

UK Jo Grady tells TUC a second Covid wave can be prevented, but unions must lead the way [UCU] 2020-09-14

UK Coughed on, spat at: UK shop workers fear asking customers to wear masks [Guardian] 2020-09-14

Ukraine Labour activists speak out about underground miners' protest in Ukraine [Opendemocracy] 2020-09-14

UK BME workers have been asked to 'shoulder more risk' during pandemic, says TUC [TUC] 2020-09-14

UK No Going Back to Normal [UNISON] 2020-09-14

UK RSPCA lone workers at risk from violent pet owners, warns Unite [Unite the union] 2020-09-14

UK Government ordered to hand more US trade deal documents over to campaigners [Global Justice] 2020-09-14

UK Hundreds of trade unionists demand Ikea reinstate sacked workplace rep [Morning Star] 2020-09-14

UK Government’s £40 million Green Recovery Challenge Fund opens for applications [DEFRA] 2020-09-14

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