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+1,700 Cyber Picket Line - UK
The most comprehensive directory of labour on the Web. Period.
Organized geographically. Clickable image map of the world. Includes other resources, such as Trade Union Resources, Cartoons, News from the British Labour Movement, a Solidarity Corner and a guest book.
+ 1,600 dmoz - Open Directory Project
A new addition to our list -- with well over 200 UK sites listed, this directory is becoming comprehensive in some countries, but needs help.
If any of you out there want to create similarly comprehensive sections for your own countries, why not become a dmoz editor? Write to Eric Lee for details.
623 Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation - Canada
Apparently not updated since November 1998. "A fairly intensive list of Unions and Federations on the internet" is what they call it. Modest, those teachers.
An unlikely place to find one of the great mega-lists of trade unions online. The alphabetically sorted list is broken down into 2 categories: teaching related (about 50 sites) and "Federations and Unions on the Internet" (all the rest). Now includes a very powerful search engine on the sites listed. The site also includes a list of all additions made in the previous month, using Linkbot -- a good idea!
+500 EIROnline: European Industrial Relations Links - Ireland
A new addition to our list; a superb European resource.
With so many Internet sites being USA-centric, it's a pleasure to find this huge list of hundreds of European sites. (Did you know that there were 5 labour websites in Luxemburg? Even the comprehensive Cyber Picket Line didn't find them all!)
+500 Union Resource Network - USA
A massive list.
Organized geographically. We're still counting -- 170 union websites in Canada, 60 in the UK, hundreds in the USA (145 in just 5 states), . . . The nationalist/protectionist stuff may be off-putting to those of you who are not into "Buy American" campaigns, but it's still a heck of long list.
+492 Labornet - USA
For years, this was the list. Now facing competition, but still one of the best lists.
Still a predominantly US list, the worst thing here is the organization (by alphabet), making it nearly impossible to locate unions by country or industry. Recently reorganized, with separate lists for unions, labour media, etc.
+438 Labour Left Briefing Links Page - UK
An impressive effort, particularly regarding the UK and the international Left. Organized in the following categories: the labour movement (UK); the international labour movement; socialists, communists and revolutionaries; campaigns and pressure groups; radical media; newsgroups and e-mail lists; socialist and progressive links sites. Attractive graphics. Note new URL!
412 Yahoo! - USA
Organized in some incomprehensible fashion. Links to many of the subsections do not work. But it has been improving lately. For some odd reason, Yahoo has once again shifted the whole labour section to its "Business" directory -- but this is being taken care of, we're told. Meanwhile, lots of ITSs, national trade union centres, and even the ICFTU site have finally been added. Note new URL.
+331 FNV Trade Union Sites on the World Wide Web - Netherlands
The best directory published by a national trade union center.
Organized geographically. Part of the broader FNV (Dutch national trade union center) site. Now reports when links were checked -- how many directories do that? (Or bother to check links at all?)
+300 International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) - Belgium
The best organized list of them all.
Organized by international, national and local levels, within industries and countries, including many local unions around the world.
275 Labournet - UK
An up and coming list.
Organized geographically. Part of the broader Labournet site. Not updated since June 1998!
+202 International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) - UK
Includes many non-union sites relating to the industry.
Organized by subject. Part of the broader ITF site.
167 Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)
This page aims to provide a labour links resource, primarily for South African trade unionists and labour activists. Its focus is thus on African links, mainly those in South Africa. The page contains information about and links to a variety of web sites and pages, as well as to struggles with which COSATU expresses its solidarity. There is also a facility to request a new link or to point out an error.
  National Union of Government & Federated Workers (NUGFW) - Trinidad and Tobago
A comprehensive -- albeit short -- list of links to Caribbean labour websites.

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