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Israeli university faculty in solidarity with AUT

Ms. Sally Hunt

General Secretary of AUT

Dear Ms. Hunt

I'd like to offer our support of the AUT struggle for a pay increase. We strongly believe that a nation's success is directly linked with the level of education provided to its people. Higher education is one of the best criteria for predicting national growth and success. This can hardly be done without properly compensating the faculty. We wish you success in your struggle for a reasonable salary, especially as I understand that the requested increase would come from top up fees, rather than directly from the employers. We too were involved in a prolonged series of negotiations lasting almost 5 years to improve our pension. It ended only after we have notified the universities and the ministry of treasury that unless the contract is signed we would declare an open ended nation-wide strike.

On behalf of my colleagues I'd like to wish you success.

Best regards


Prof. Zvi Ha Cohen

Chair, the Coordinating Council of Israel's Faculty Associations

Chair, BGU Faculty Association

Maks and Rochelle Chair in Desert Research

J. Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research

Ben Gurion University

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