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Active Correspondents

Last updated: 24-5-2024 10:25:01 GMT

This page is automatically updated from LabourStart's database. At the moment, some of the details about our correspondents are incomplete, but we are constantly working to keep these up to date and accurate.

  1. Danny Millum: Danny has been a union member at the University of London for ten years, and has been working actively since 2010 with outsourced workers, first on the living wage campaign, and secondly as part of the 3 Cosas campaign for equality in terms of sick pay, pensions and holidays. [recent stories] [send message] @
  2. Wolfgang: Wolfgang is a long time trade union activist in IG Metall in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  3. Kona Vishnu: Kona is a member of the All India Railwaymen's Federation (AIRF) in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  4. Lambros: From the union ASE-OTE, in Greece. [recent stories] [send message] @
  5. Adekunle Theophilius: Adekunle is Vice Chairman of the Senior Staff Association of University teaching hospitals, research and allied institutions branch and also works with the National Labour Institute. [recent stories] [send message] @
  6. Adriana do Amaral: Jornalista Coordenadora/Siemaco [recent stories] [send message] @
  7. Anthony Hayes: Anthony is a digital campaigner at the TUC. [recent stories] [send message] @
  8. Alexander: [recent stories] [send message] @
  9. Ali Behroozian: Ali is a political and union activist, based in Canada. He is interested in Iranian labour struggles. [recent stories] [send message] @
  10. Alison Rahill: I worked in broadcast news media for 10 years followed by 16``years as an organiser in the trade union movement.``My current role as National Network Coordinator at the Freedom``Partnership to end modern slavery The Salvation Army is to build``relationships with NGOs, unions, academics and community organisations``for the purpose of raising awareness, collaborating, advocating to stop``the exploitation of migrant workers and to end modern slavery.``We assist migrant workers through our program for victims of modern``slavery and we operate the only dedicated refuge in the country for women``who have experienced modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking,``deceptive recruitment, and debt bondage.``I am passionate about promoting a voice for the most vulnerable workers``in society. [recent stories] [send message] @
  11. Amy McGann: [recent stories] [send message] @
  12. Anna Roberts: Anna works for Burma Campaign UK, which works to promote human rights and democracy in Burma. [recent stories] [send message] @
  13. Basem Ahmad Azzam: Basem is a member of the executive board of a municipality trade union in Jordan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  14. Jane Siwa: Jane is a labour organiser for the BPO industry in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  15. Benjamin Nagy: Benjamin is the Senior Communications Coordinator for SMART Transportation Division in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  16. Bronislaw Czarnocha: Bronislaw reports on the Polish labour movement for LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  17. Brian Winkler: Brian is a Field Coordinator for SEIU Local 105. [recent stories] [send message] @
  18. Keegan Elmer: Keegan is a student and researcher of China labor issues, trying to translate and publicize news of big strikes that generally only make the Chinese dissident websites: [recent stories] [send message] @
  19. Bart Louwman: Bart is a member of FNV in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  20. Paul Doran: Paul Doran is a community based activist in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland. He strongly believes that we in the union movement do not do our unions a service by our failure to deliver information to our members, hence his decision to become a LabourStart correspondent. [recent stories] [send message] @
  21. Bir Bahadur Ale: Bir is Joint General Secretary of the Nepal Telecom Workers [recent stories] [send message] @
  22. Bob Simpson: Bob lives in the Chicago area and writes a labor blog on the Daily Kos. [recent stories] [send message] @
  23. Rachid Boussairi: Rachid works for the Union Marocaine du Travail/ Federation Nationale des Travailleurs de l'Energie in Morocco. [recent stories] [send message] @
  24. Joonas Tuomivaaea: Joonas is Chairman of the Representative Assembly of Palvelualojen ammattiliitto PAM (Service Union United PAM) [recent stories] [send message] @
  25. Sarah Springer: Sarah works as a communications consultant with SEIU Local 121RN and the SEIU Nurse Alliance of California on their California Safe Care Campaign to get a comprehensive workplace violence prevention standard for healthcare workers adopted by Cal/OSHA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  26. Joel Brito: Joel is Director of the Independent Trade Union Coalition of Cuba (CSIC) is an independent labor union organization formed by three main independent labor organizations in the Island. CSIC members work towards creating a trade union movement independent from government or political parties, struggling against a centralized and oppressive one-party government and an official (non-independent) national labor organization. [recent stories] [send message] @
  27. Leo Tang: Leo is a researcher at the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union, responsible for research and Labour News on Hong Kong / China worker's matters. He is also responsible for media/ communication work for HKCTU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  28. Henry Evans-Tenbrinke: Henry is an Executive-At-Large at the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  29. Calum Mackenzie: Calum is the GMB union Convenor for the Orkney Islands Branch in the north of Scotland. His primary role is with the local authority sector including the Marine Division where he has been a trade union rep for the last 10 years. He also covers some private sector companies. [recent stories] [send message] @
  30. Carl Anthony Olalo: Carl is Secretary General of Kilusang Mayo Uno in Southern Mindanao in Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  31. Catta Chou: [recent stories] [send message] @
  32. Jean Yves Chavrimootoo: Jean Yves is a Negotiator for the General Workers Federation in Mauritius. [recent stories] [send message] @
  33. Cherisse Fredricks: Cherisse works for the International Metalworkers Federation, in Switzerland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  34. Chris Ford: The IWGB is an active union in London which has also engaged in international activity we wish to bring our work to the wider movement. Notably our activity for vulnerable workers [recent stories] [send message] @
  35. Ciaran O'Fathaigh: Ciaran is a web assistant at the International Transport Workers' Federation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  36. Cristiano de Sousa Santos: Assembleia nacional de Estudantes livre - ANEL (Picos-Pi) [recent stories] [send message] @
  37. Doug Cunningham: SAG-AFTRA [recent stories] [send message] @
  38. Hikmet Sahin: Dayanisma TV (Solidarity TV) is based in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  39. Dmitry Yakushev: Dmitry works for the Confederation of Labour of Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  40. Douglas Cage: Douglas is a member of the Denver branch of the IWW. [recent stories] [send message] @
  41. Declan Peter Clune: Declan is a trade union activist and Socialist Party member living in Southampton, UK. Currently, he is a workplace representative. In his spare time, he is involved in community campaigns helping to arrange demonstrations and rallies all around the south coast of England. [recent stories] [send message] @
  42. Denise Moore: Denise is a member of Unifor Local 1285 in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  43. Dmitriy Kozhnev: Dmitry is an organizer for Novoprof, in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  44. Dmytro Stepanyuk: Dmytro is IUF TNC coordinator in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  45. Daniel Oberko: Daniel has worked with the General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana for 3 years and is currently studying under the Global Labour University. [recent stories] [send message] @
  46. Fettah ELMAJDOULY: Fettah is a LabourStart correspondent in Morocco. [recent stories] [send message] @
  47. Emilie Schultze: Emilie works for Traidcraft Exchange,UK-based international development charity focusing on trade and workers' rights. [recent stories] [send message] @
  48. Erik Larsson: Erik is the editor at the Swedish trade union magazine Arbetet. [recent stories] [send message] @
  49. Euan Gibb: Euan has been a trade unionist for a little over two decades and is currently based in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  50. Ayoub Saoud: Ayoub is general secretary of FNCAMO - UMT in Morocco. [recent stories] [send message] @
  51. George Lafferty: George is Professor, Employment Relations, Western Sydney University. He's been active in the NTEU (in roles from executive member to president) since the late 1980s. His main areas of teaching and research are industrial relations, political theory, unions and workplace issues. [recent stories] [send message] @
  52. Levan Gogitauri: Levan works for the Georgian Trade Union Confederation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  53. Pauline Overeem: Pauline is Coordinator of the Good Electronics Network of organisations and individuals that are concerned about human rights, including labour rights, and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain. It includes trade unions, grass roots organisations, campaigning and research organisations, academics, and activists. [recent stories] [send message] @
  54. Gopinathan K. Parakuni: General Secretary, Cividep-India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  55. Graham Dent: Graham is a lawyer specialising in work health safety, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  56. Sung-Jin Kim: Kim works for the Korea Daily Labor News(Labortoday), based in Seoul [recent stories] [send message] @
  57. Giga Bekauri: Giga is an organizer for the Georgian Trade Union Confederations. He is now head of GTUC Youth, making a common platform for the young workers and students. [recent stories] [send message] @
  58. Claire McIlveen: Claire is the local secretary for Halifax Typographical Union Local 30130, CWA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  59. Hamdy Ezz: Hamdy is Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the Liberties Organisation for Human Rights in Egpyt, and also the General Secretary of the Tourism Syndicate union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  60. Hamid Gharajeh: Hamid is in charge of media relations for Iran Democratic Association of Canada. His organization is an NGO that follows the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people for a free and democratic Iran. They echo the voice of Iranian workers and the general population who struggle to establish a secular democratic government. [recent stories] [send message] @
  61. Hannah Millinship: Hannah is Communications and Campaigns Writer at the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). [recent stories] [send message] @
  62. Harald Haukaa Fjoertoft: Harald is a Norwegian trade unionist based in Palestine as a solidarity worker for The Norwegian Palestine Committee. His task is to follow the Palestine trade unions, especially the independent The Palestine New Confederation of Trade Unions, and create solidarity ties between, at the moment, Norwegian and Palestinian trade unions, later on international cooperation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  63. Henrique Da Silva Cardoso: Henrique works for the UGT in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  64. Huia Welton: Huia is a campaigns advisor for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  65. Luke Menzies: Luke works for the International Transport Workers' Federation in Sydney. [recent stories] [send message] @
  66. Adjélé Mensah: Adjele works at the ITUC-Africa, a pan-African union confederation created in 2007, with 16 million affiliated members in 48 countries. [recent stories] [send message] @
  67. Jonathan Jewell: Jonathan is the comms officer for the IWW in Europe. [recent stories] [send message] @
  68. Med Iyadh Ben Sassi: The executive director of FGAT. [recent stories] [send message] @
  69. Iftikhar Ahmad: Iftikhar is a LabourStart correspondent in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  70. Ignacy Jóźwiak: Ignacy is a social researcher and a union activist from Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  71. Irini Mavroudis: Irini works for Union to Union in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  72. Justina Beltrame: Justina is an industrial officer for UFUA - Aviation Branch, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  73. José Pablo Hernández Ramírez: José is a labor law academic in Mexico. [recent stories] [send message] @
  74. Judith Richardson: Judith is Chair of the OPSEU Peterborough Area Council, in Ontario, Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  75. Josua Mata: Josua is Secretary General of the Alliance of Progressive Labor in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  76. Charles Mkula: Charles is general secretary of the Journalists Union of Malawi (JUMA). [recent stories] [send message] @
  77. Jacques Tricot: Jacques is a Conseiller syndical at CSN (Confédération des syndicats nationaux, in Quebec. [recent stories] [send message] @
  78. Jahni Cowley: Jahni is a trade union organiser, specialising in the recruitment and organising of skilled, professional workers in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  79. Jessica Sauerwald: Jessica works for ver.di. [recent stories] [send message] @
  80. Johanne Fillion: Johanne is communications officer for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  81. Josef Stingl: Josef is a LabourStart correspondent in Austria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  82. Joacir: Joacir is a journalist in the communications department of the UGT Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  83. Joseph Welsh: Joe is a delegate to the New York City Central Labor Council, a member of UA Lu638 Steamfitters, and is a co-administrator of Union Review. [recent stories] [send message] @
  84. Joseph Buckley: Joe holds an MSc degree in Labour, Social Movements and Development, in which he focuses on Southeast Asia, Vietnam. He currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, studying to improve his Vietnamese, writing about labour and related issues, working as a teacher, and making connections with the union. He intends to begin PhD research in 2015 about the informalisation of labour in Vietnam. [recent stories] [send message] @
  85. Joe DeFrancesco: Joe is a former hotel worker and UNITE HERE 217 member. He currently works on campaigns for service workers' rights in Rhode Island and runs the service worker website [recent stories] [send message] @
  86. John McManus: John is a member of the National Union of Journalists, and was founder and director of the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO). In this capacity he has spoken at union meetings and conferences across the UK and Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  87. Jones: Jones is a full-time organiser, writer and instructor at the BMP (Solidarity of Filipino Workers) union in Manila, Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  88. Eric Barare-Orina: Eric is Secretary general of the Kenya Union of Judiciary Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  89. Miles Quero-Asa: Miles Quero-Asa is Secretary of the International Department of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement Philippines). [recent stories] [send message] @
  90. Kathleen Quinn: Kathleen works as an independent journalist with Operation Maple, an alternative Canadian media website. Kathleen says: "We are known for covering labour, poverty, environmental and social justice movements in a way they would not be represented in the mainstream. I focus primarily on finding and producing short pieces for video that effectively educate the general public about these very important and often overlooked issues. Our team travels across the country to highlight the issues and individuals actively fighting for a fairer society and I am hoping through LabourStart we can work together to make those voices heard." [recent stories] [send message] @
  91. Kamil Ahmed: Kamil is a Marxist and a member of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq. [recent stories] [send message] @
  92. Szilard Peter Karacsony: I became a trade unionist more than 25 years ago. I started it like volunteer. Later I was editor one of the oldest union magazines in Hungary, and I was vice president of the biggest Railway Workers Trade Union of Hungary. I was member of Executive Committee of European Transport Workers Federation from 2009 to 2011. Now I am again a volunteer trade unionist at the Trade Union of Multinational Companies Workers in Hungary. [recent stories] [send message] @
  93. Károly György: International secretary of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation [recent stories] [send message] @
  94. Kazem Nik khah: Kazem is head of the international relations of Free Them Now, the campaign to free jailed workers in Iran. [recent stories] [send message] @
  95. Keita Seydina Ousmane: Keita is a LabourStart correspondent in Senegal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  96. Kimber: Kim works for the office of IndustriALL Global Union in Uruguay. [recent stories] [send message] @
  97. Prince Leo Kponbowoe: Secretary General of the Amalgamated Financial Sector & Communication Workers' Union of Liberia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  98. David Doonan: David is web manager for the Labor Heritage Foundation ( [recent stories] [send message] @
  99. Lisa Mastrobuono: Lisa is a member of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario. [recent stories] [send message] @
  100. SYNACITS: SYNACITS is a trade unionist in Cameroon. [recent stories] [send message] @
  101. Walton Pantland: Walton is Communications officer for IndustriALL. [recent stories] [send message] @
  102. Lizaveta Merliak: Liza is international secretary of the Belarusian Independent trade union of Miners. [recent stories] [send message] @
  103. Liudmilla Exarkhova: Liudmila is a journalist and film maker, press-secretary of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan and leader of Independent Union of Media Employees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  104. Justice Baako NTARMAH: Justice is the General Secretary and Head of Education in International of the Migrant Labour General Workers Union (MLGWU) in Ghana. [recent stories] [send message] @
  105. Michelle Langlois: Michelle is a steward in the Ontario Public Service Staff Union. She says: "I would like to get involved with LabourStart because it's a great way to build international solidarity between labour activists around the world. LabourStart is a great source of information and I like that it uses a crowd-sourcing model of citizen journalists. I'd like to be one of them!" [recent stories] [send message] @
  106. Mariana Arellano-Renteria: Mariana is a union organizer with SEIU and steward in CWA staff union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  107. Maria Rohaly: Maria is the coordinator for Mission Free Iran, an organization that emerged to support the 2009 revolutionary uprising in Iran and which continues to support the struggle of Iranian people for freedom and equality, and especially the struggles of the Iranian working class. [recent stories] [send message] @
  108. Oniha Erazua: Oniha works as an Assistant Secretary General, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  109. Michael Allen: Michael is a former labor union tutor-organizer, labour relations journalist and union strategist. He is now with National Endowment for Democracy in DC. [recent stories] [send message] @
  110. Mike Wright: Mike is a member of ver.di and GEW. [recent stories] [send message] @
  111. Mike Cowley: Mike is a Social Sciences lecturer and EIS-FELA activist at Edinburgh college. [recent stories] [send message] @
  112. Henrik Johansson: Henrik is working in a support group for strikers at the Alfa Laval plant in Pune, India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  113. Moustapha Diagne: Moustapha is a youth leader in the Syndicat National des Travailleurs de la Marine Marchande (SNTMM) Senegal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  114. Sandi Mtshemla: Sandi is UNI Africa SA Grow Lead Organiser, in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  115. Mirjam van Heugten: Mirjam is public outreach co-ordinator at the Clean Clothes Campaign, which works to improve conditions and support the empowerment of workers in the global garment industry. [recent stories] [send message] @
  116. Harpreet Saluja: Harpreet Singh Saluja is General Secretary & founder of National Information Technology Employees Sena – NITES - in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  117. Nick MacWilliam: Nick is Trade Unions & Programmes Officer at Justice for Colombia (JFC), the TUC's official campaign to support trade unionism, human rights and peace in Colombia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  118. Nizzan Zvi Cohen: Nizzan is the labour correspondent for the Davar Rishon news website in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  119. Olivier Delbeke: Militant du syndicat CGT Ouvrier/Maitrise de l [recent stories] [send message] @
  120. Ryan Kelly: Ryan is a teacher and a member of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF). He says: "I am always looking for opportunities to become more involved in the labour movement, and engage people on-line. At the OSSTF's recent summer leadership conference, I delivered a workshop on digital tools for federation engagement and activism where I highlighted LabourStart to many members. I would be able to advance OSSTF information to a broader audience by participating in this activity." [recent stories] [send message] @
  121. Ole Borgard: Ole is a LabourStart correspondent in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  122. Elen Riot: Elen is a LabourStart correspondent in France. [recent stories] [send message] @
  123. Michal Tulik: Michal is a member of the Priama Akcia union in Slovakia [recent stories] [send message] @
  124. PANKAJ KUMAR: Pankaj is a LabourStart correspondent in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  125. Pasi Ahtiainen: Pasi is a member of the PRO trade union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  126. Pasquale Pignatale: Pasquale is a member of CGIL in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  127. Paul Donal Dillon: Paul is a member of the Financial Services Union in Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  128. Paul Day: National Officer for the Pharmacists Defence Association Union, a relatively unknown union, with 25,000+ pharmacists in membership across UK [recent stories] [send message] @
  129. Manfred Neugroda: Manfred is a LabourStart correspondent in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  130. Phumelele Dlamini: Phumelele is the President of Swaziland Union In Learning and Allied Institutions (SULAI) and coodinator for Domestic Workers in Swaziland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  131. Pierre Lebel: Pierre works for the Canadian Association of Professional Employees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  132. Piergiorgio Moro: Piergiorgio has for many years been involved in the Australia Asia Worker Links weekly radio program, Asia Pacific Currents, that highlights labour issues from the Asia Pacific region. The program is also available as a podcast [recent stories] [send message] @
  133. Ricky Sloan: Ricky, now retired, was a member of the APWU in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  134. Pat Bulmer: Pat is a shop steward for Unifor and launched the North Okanagan Labour Council's website in the past. [recent stories] [send message] @
  135. Valua Gremson: Valua is a union organizer from the Vanuatu National workers ``union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  136. Ray Jones: USW Local 5 Oilworkers [recent stories] [send message] @
  137. Mary-Murphy Walsh: Mary-Murphy is a staff organizer in Providence RI for District 1199 NE where she represent workers in healthcare facilities. [recent stories] [send message] @
  138. Stephanie Price: Stephanie edits the Workers and Unions section of Red Flag newspaper, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  139. Rhys Harrison: Rhys is a member of the IWW in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  140. Reko Ravela: Reko is a postal worker, activist and shop steward in PAU (Postal and Logistical Workers Union, Finland) and active in labour solidarity group "Vastavoima". [recent stories] [send message] @
  141. Roberto Luzzi: Roberto is a former assembly line worker and shop steward (at Necchi SpA in Pavia, Italy). He has been volunteering for over ten years with the SI Cobas labor union, where now he is in charge of international solidarity. SI Cobas organizes mostly immmigrant workers in all sectors, but mainly in the logistic sector, where struggle after struggle they have achieved big improvements in wages and working conditions. In the last years this has been, and still is, the most combative section of the working class in Italy, but is facing a hard pushback by employers and the government. [recent stories] [send message] @
  143. Bill Dugovich: Bill is Communications director for the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001. His union represents 26,500 engineers, technical workers, pilots and other professionals in the U.S. aerospace industry. [recent stories] [send message] @
  144. Shikha Sethia: Shikha is a labour activist and researcher from India, based in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  145. Sameer Pandey: Sameer is a LabourStart correspondent in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  146. Sanne van der Gaag: Sanne works as a policy advisor for the Executive Committee of FNV, the biggest trade union federation in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  147. Sarah Brown: Sarah is an assistant branch secretary for the UCU, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  148. David D. Saytonneh: David is President of APM Terminals Workers of Liberia (Dock Workers Union of Liberia-local 1). [recent stories] [send message] @
  149. Noel Murphy: Noel is a trade unionist in the PSEU and LabourStart correspondent from Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  150. Ana Maria Seifert: Ana is a conseillčre syndicale en santé et sécurité for the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  151. Shahrokh Tavakoli: Shahrokh is Co-President of the Association to Defend Iranian Workers, and Director of the Iran News Wire Website, [recent stories] [send message] @
  152. Sharza Dethick: Sharza is an equality officer for Unite, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  153. Shemaine Rose: Shemaine works for the PDA in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  154. Irene Doda: Irene is a Media Assistant at StreetNet International. [recent stories] [send message] @
  155. David Simpson: David is a member of Unison and a LLB student in Portsmouth, Hampshire. [recent stories] [send message] @
  156. Mike Harris: Mike Harris has been active in the US labor movement for 20 years. He has been a member of several unions, both as a factory floor worker and as a staffer. Along with the Swedish SAC, he was on of the first people to help introduce the NGWF (Bangladesh) to western trade unionists. [recent stories] [send message] @
  157. Jordan House: Jordan is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World's (IWW) Toronto General Membership Branch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  158. Tania Ehret: Tania works for, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  159. Gabriel Octavio Tapia Fraijo: Gabriel is a trade unionist in Mexico. [recent stories] [send message] @
  160. Taurai Mereki: Taurai is Vice President of the Communication and Allied Services Workers Union of Zimbabwe. [recent stories] [send message] @
  161. Thandi Tshabalala: Thandi is an International Relations and Media Studies student currently completing an Honours Degree in Media studies at Wits University, and Interning for Cosatu's Communications Department. [recent stories] [send message] @
  162. Terrance Heath: Terrance is Communications Officer for the Solidarity Center. [recent stories] [send message] @
  163. Thiago Siqueira: I'm journalist at Sindicato dos Trabalhadores da Limpeza Urbana``do Distrito Federal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  164. Max Bang: Max is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Toronto [recent stories] [send message] @
  165. J.L. Turner: Turner is a contracts officer for the International Orgainization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, ILA, AFL-CIO. [recent stories] [send message] @
  166. UWS Press: UWS Press covers stories that impact workers and organized labor in the US and beyond, as well as the intersection of Occupy and organized labor. Their subscribers include many organized workers in the US. Readers can follow them on Twitter at UWSDigitalNews. [recent stories] [send message] @
  167. Matt O'Connor: Matt organizes public and internal communications for AFT Connecticut, which includes than 90 local unions representing 29,000 PreK-12 education, higher education, healthcare and municipal and state government employees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  168. Uwe Stecher: Uwe is a member of the federal sindicate ÖGB and works as a labour inspector. He is a representive in the Austrian Esperanto-Federation, and founded the Esperanto translation group for LabourStart. He aims to post news in Esperanto. [recent stories] [send message] @
  169. Volodymyr Sayenko: Volodymyr is Vice President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  170. Basil Leodoro: Basil is an organiser for the Vanuatu Association of Public Service Employees (VAPSE). [recent stories] [send message] @
  171. Lawrence Wittner: Lawrence is a member of the executive committee, Albany County Central Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO). [recent stories] [send message] @
  172. Yoav Tamir: Yoav is a member of Workers' Advice Centre (Ma'an) in Israel, an organisation that fights for independent workers' organisation, and for workers' unity across national and religious divides in Israel and Palestine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  173. Mary Unan: Mary is Comms Strategist for CEP Local 72M (Communications, Energy and Paperworkers) in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  174. Alexandr Zakharkin: Alexandr is Chairman of the trade union committee of the primary trade union organization - the Independent Trade Union "Profsvoboda" workers "Surgutneftegas";``Regional Union "Profsvoboda" Khanty-Mansiysk District-Yugra SOTSPROF; Acting Chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of oil and gas mining and processing industries SOTSPROF. [recent stories] [send message] @
  175. Zamile Hector Sinuka: Zamile is president of Consawu in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  176. Aalya Ahmad: Aalya is a communications specialist working with media for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  177. António Albuquerque: António is a member of the leadership of the Sindicato dos Funcionários Judiciais in Portugal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  178. Abdoulaye Kabore: Abdoulaye is secretary general of the CSB union federation in Burkina Faso. [recent stories] [send message] @
  179. Abdul Aziz: Abdul is a LabourStart correspondent in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  180. Abdullah Muhsin: Abdullahis a representative of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  181. Abhinav Sinha: Abhinav is a political activist working among the informal sector workers of the National Capital Region of Delhi. He's been associated with a workers' newspaper 'Bigul' for the last decade. [recent stories] [send message] @
  182. Amri Abdelwahab: Responsable des relations exterieures - Observatoire tunisien des droits et des libertés syndicales [recent stories] [send message] @
  183. Adam Lee: Adam is an officer at the United Steelworkers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  184. Dan O'Neill: Dan is Social Media Campaigner for SIPTU in Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  185. Souaré: Souaré works for ILO ACTRAV. [recent stories] [send message] @
  186. Rochelle Wong: Rochelle is the Online Communications Officer for the ACTU, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  187. Adena Nima: Adena is the head of the Iran News Wire website [recent stories] [send message] @
  188. Asghar Abzari: Asghar is the director of the Association in Defense of Freedom in Iran. [recent stories] [send message] @
  189. Adil Ahmed: Adil works with the Oil Workers Support Campaign. [recent stories] [send message] @
  190. Terry Inigo-Jones: Terry is Communications Director for the Alberta Federation of Labour. [recent stories] [send message] @
  191. Anita Gardner: Anita is Communications Officer at Industriall, based in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  192. Nikolay Ilchenko: Nikolay is a labour activist from Transdniestria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  193. Ahmed Syed Shakeel: Ahmed is a LabourStart correspondent based in Bhopal, India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  194. Sebastián Orozco: Sebastián is a journalist working for the Escuela Nacional Sindical (Or Unionized National School) in Medellín, Colombia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  195. Andrea Imperia: Andrea is a LabourStart correspondent in Italy. He is assistant professor in political economy at the University of Rome: [recent stories] [send message] @
  196. Aisha Bahadur: Aisha does communications work for the IMF Africa region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  197. Alexandr Nurik: Alexandr works for the Institute "Collective Action" and KTR, in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  198. Peter Watson: Peter is a retired worker and a Community Member of Unite the Union, as well as the Labour Representation Committee and thepeoplespress. [recent stories] [send message] @
  199. Arun Kumar: Arun is a retired teacher and freelance socialist journalist in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  200. Ĺke Näsholm: Ĺke works for IF Metall in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  201. Andrew Khan-Gordon: Andy is a communications officer at the International Transport Workers Federation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  202. Martin Mair: Martin is chair of Active Unemployed Austria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  203. Alan Levy: Alan is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  204. Alan Maki: Alan is Director of Organizing for the Red Lake Casino, Hotel, and Restaurant Employees' Union Organizing Committee, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  205. Aldiério Floręncio Pereira: FSDTM-MG activist [recent stories] [send message] @
  206. Alex Djedovic: Alex is a Trustee for Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3902. [recent stories] [send message] @
  207. Alex Diceanu: Alex is a grievance officer for CUPE local 3906. [recent stories] [send message] @
  208. Alex Gordon: Alex Gordon is an elected official of the RMT union in Britain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  209. Alex Hogan: Alex is a communications specialist for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  210. Alexander Ivanou: Alex works for IndustriALL global union, based in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  211. Alex McCallum: Alex is Assistant Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union of Australia - Southern States Branch and is based in Melbourne. Responsible for monthly eTUonline newsletter, ETU website and quarterly ETU News. [recent stories] [send message] @
  212. Alice Mazy: Alice works for the CNE in Belgium. [recent stories] [send message] @
  213. Alice Nguyen: Alice is press and communications officer for IndustriALL Europe. [recent stories] [send message] @
  214. Al Jamil Jalaludeen: Al Jamil is Vice President of the National Union Of Bank Employees in Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  215. Alroy Fonseca: Alroy is Political Action & Communications Officer for the Public Service Alliance of Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  216. Pranab Jyoti Ghosh: Ghosh is a member of the West Bengal Government Employees Union (Nabaparjay) in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  217. Amin Kazemi: Amin is the International Organiser of Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network (IWSN) and the European representative of Workers' Action Committee (Iran). [recent stories] [send message] @
  218. Amirul Haque Amin: Amin is president of the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) in Bangladesh. [recent stories] [send message] @
  219. Amos Netzer: Amos is a LabourStart correspondent in Israel [recent stories] [send message] @
  220. Ana Cernov: Ana works for Instituto Observatório Social, a NGO created by the CUT (biggest Brazilian Central Union), that concentrates in developing research and making its results public, so that union leaders can have accurate information to plan action and also to negotiate with companies. [recent stories] [send message] @
  221. Ana Cosel: Ana will post Romanian labour news to LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  222. Anabella Rosemberg: Anabella works for the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). [recent stories] [send message] @
  223. Andrew Casey: LabourStart Senior Correspondent in Australia, covering the Asia/Pacific region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  224. Andrew Jones: Andrew is the national web strategist for the LHMU, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  225. Andrew Oxford: Andrew is a journalist in San Antonio, Texas. [recent stories] [send message] @
  226. Andy Neufeld: Communications consultant working for UFCW Local 1518, one of the largest unions in British Columbia with 26,000 members in both the private and public sectors (approximately 3500 Health Care workers) [recent stories] [send message] @
  227. Andy Nesbitt: Andy is an Area Organiser for the IWW in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  228. Andy Funnell: Andy is a LabourStart senior correspondent and looks after the French pages. He was born in Britain in 1955 and has lived in France since the age of 20. A union activist in the hospitality sector with the CFDT since 1979, he believes unions must get over their rivalry (in France, there are five main unions) and get on with tackling the important issues stemming mainly from globalisation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  229. Anil Bharda: Anil is secretary general of the All India Train Controllers Association. [recent stories] [send message] @
  230. Anna Lindman: Anna works for the Union of Civil Servants in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  231. Annemari Anttila: Annemari is a press officer in PAM, is a Finnish trade union for the private services sector. PAM has 230,000 members. [recent stories] [send message] @
  232. Anne Mette Řdegĺrd: Anne Mette is a LabourStart correspondent in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  233. Antonia Mau Tempo: Antonia is a temp worker and railway electrician in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  234. Antonio Batista Tonhao: Antonio is a LabourStart correspondent in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  235. Antonio Carlos Castro: Antonio is based in Brazil and is in charge of the website for ORIT the Americas regional organization of the ICFTU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  236. Anthony Turyahebwa: Turyahebwa works for the National Organisation of Trade Unions of Uganda (NOTU). [recent stories] [send message] @
  237. Anthony Hiron: [recent stories] [send message] @
  238. Andy Pedersen: Andy is a communications specialist and a member of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). [recent stories] [send message] @
  239. Alex Praca: Alex is the communications officer of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas. [recent stories] [send message] @
  240. Michael: Arbejderen is a Danish left-wing daily newspaper. [recent stories] [send message] @
  241. Arieh Lebowitz: Arieh is Executive Director of the New York-based Jewish Labor Committee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  242. Alison Rose: Alison is Senior Industrial Officer for APESMA, an Australian union representing workers who include engineers, scientists and IT professionals. [recent stories] [send message] @
  243. Asaf Adiv: Asaf is one of LabourStart's correspondents in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  244. Andy Hall: Andy writes: 'Working with migrant workers in Thailand, I see first hand the horrific conditions they face including labour rights violations, especially those who have fled from Burma. One of my tasks as campaign coordinator for HRDF's migrant work is to liaise with domestic and international media to cover migrant issues, and also monitor media generally, so I am always coming across interesting news articles. I believe it would be of interest to unionists across the world to be able to gain access to these articles through Labourstart, to see how un-unionised migrant workers are suffering in Thailand, and perhaps in the future to help them.' [recent stories] [send message] @
  245. Atosha McCaw: Atosha is Campaigns and Communications Officer for the National Tertiary Education Union Victorian Division, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  246. Averlon Toussaint: Averlon works in the Information Unit of the ILO Subregional office for the Caribbean, in Trinidad. [recent stories] [send message] @
  247. Avinash: Avinash is a trade union activist working with a national trade union, Hind Mazdoor Sabh. He has worked with the International Metal Workers Federation as a coordination commitee member of its South Asian Organising Project. He works Labour Times, a Hindi Journal published from Lucknow, U.P. India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  248. Thomas Campbell: Thomas is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he's an activist, writer, and translator. [recent stories] [send message] @
  249. Ayadi Mohamed: Ayadi is the coordinateur de l'observatoire tunisien des droits et libertés syndicaux. [recent stories] [send message] @
  250. Burcu Ayan: Burcu works for the IUF in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  251. Mohamed Azhaan: Mohamed is a practicing merchant navy officer from Maldives who is keen to work for the rights of fellow seafarers. He runs a social media platform for seafarers; named Seafarer Circle. The website is He is working towards forming a trade union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  252. Sinead Kirwan: Sinead is the producer of the Trade Union and Crowdfunded award-winning miners strike documentary STILL THE ENEMY WITHIN (THE ENEMY WITHIN internationally) [recent stories] [send message] @
  253. Yokogawa Labor Union: The union for Yokogawa workers in Bahrain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  254. Jonas Bals: Jonas is a former shop steward in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  255. Bärbel Schönafinger: Bärbel an editor of in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  256. Hassan Barghouthi: Hassan Barghouthi is the General Director of the Democracy and Workers Rights Center (CWRC) in Ramallah, Palestine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  257. John Burgess: John is the Branch Secretary of Barnet UNISON. We represent almost 3000 members working across the public/private and voluntary sector. [recent stories] [send message] @
  258. Barry Kennedy: Barry is a Regional Representative for CAW-Canada, National Council 4000. [recent stories] [send message] @
  259. Basem Kuwaitan: Basem is head of external affairs for the Alba labour union in Bahrain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  260. Yannick Etienne: LabourStart correspondent in Haiti. [recent stories] [send message] @
  261. Guyana Bauxite & General Workers Union: This union advocates for and advance the interest of workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  262. Jason Mann: Jason works for the British Columbia Federation of Labour, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  263. Teresa Marshall: Teresa is a communications officer for one of British Columbia's largest unions, and a filmmaker. [recent stories] [send message] @
  264. Donna Sacuta: The BC Labour Heritage Centre is a non-profit, charitable``society which engages in projects and partnerships that celebrate the stories of BC workers and their unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  265. Bernard Corden: Bernard has been actively involved in workplace health and safety over many years in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  266. Bill Dugovich: Bill is Communications director for the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA). [recent stories] [send message] @
  267. Belinda Hogan-Collis: Belinda is Media/Communications Officer for the Queensland Services Union, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  268. Bekkich: Bekkich is a member of ENTM in Morocco. [recent stories] [send message] @
  269. Marc Belanger: Marc, an international labour educator now based in Canada, is the founder of RadioLabour, which launched in February 2010. [recent stories] [send message] @
  270. Ben Davis: Ben is Mexico Country Program Director for the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center. [recent stories] [send message] @
  271. Kirsten Burgard: Kirsten runs the UnionGal blog and is based in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  272. Benedicta Duvor: Benedicta is a LabourStart correspondent in Ghana. [recent stories] [send message] @
  273. Weronika Szydlowska: Weronika is one of our correspondents in Warsaw, Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  274. Marco: Marco works for CISL in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  275. Bernard Harbor: [recent stories] [send message] @
  276. Bruce H. Vail: Bruce is a LabourStart correspondent in Baltimore, Maryland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  277. Greg Anderson: Greg is a member of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). [recent stories] [send message] @
  278. Bill Templer: Bill Templer is an American linguist living in Bulgaria. He says, "The situation of the large Roma ethnic minority is especially dire in terms of racism, discrimination , poverty and massive unemployment. Labor struggles here need to be known more widely." [recent stories] [send message] @
  279. Derek Blackadder: [recent stories] [send message] @
  280. Blair Golson: Blair is New Media Manager for SEIU ULTCW in California. [recent stories] [send message] @
  281. Bob Linton: Bob is Director of Legislative Affairs at UFCW Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  282. Tim Petty: Tim is Vice Chairman - Secretary/Treasurer of BMWED-IBT and has been a union member for more than 40 years. [recent stories] [send message] @
  283. Brigid Marasco: Brigid is Communications Officer for the ASU, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  284. Bernadette Moloney: Bernadette Moloney is the National Publicity Officer of the CFMEU Construction Division in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  285. Sirajul Islam Rony: Sirajul is President of the Bangladesh National Garments Workers Employees League (BNGWEL), working for better safety and collective bargaining in the country's textile factories [recent stories] [send message] @
  286. Bob Beck: [recent stories] [send message] @
  287. Bob Chandler: Bob, a member of OPEIU Local 343, is a LabourStart correspondent in Toronto. [recent stories] [send message] @
  288. Bob Funk: Bob is the Director of [recent stories] [send message] @
  289. Bob Gallie: Bob is a member of the Labor Beat board and producer for 20 years. He is also the Labor Beat web site developer. [recent stories] [send message] @
  290. Bob Ramsay: Bob Ramsay works for the Building and Wood Workers' International (formerly the IFBWW). [recent stories] [send message] @
  291. Khalil Bohazza: Khalil is a journalist based in Bahrain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  292. Bojan Stanislavski: Bojan is a vice-chief-editor of the Polish trade-union magazine "New Popular Weekly" which is the only nation-wide trade union magazine in the country. [recent stories] [send message] @
  293. Bonface Mugoya: Bonface is a LabourStart correspondent in Kenya. [recent stories] [send message] @
  294. Bernard Pollack: Bernard has led dozens of political and organizing campaigns across 40 U.S. states as a Senior Political Strategist for a major political organization in the United States for 8 years. [recent stories] [send message] @
  295. Mohamed Bouamrirene: Président du comite nationale pour la défense des travailleurs licenciés arbitrairement [recent stories] [send message] @
  296. Pete Firmin: Pete is president of Brent TUC, in London. [recent stories] [send message] @
  297. Akhtar Masih: Akhtar is legal advisor to the Bricks Kiln workers Federation in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  298. Bright Ogbonna: Bright is a LabourStart correspondent in Nigeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  299. Bronislaw Czarnocha: Bronislaw is a member of PSC/AFT in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  300. Bryan Cook: Bryan is a community legal worker that deals solely with worker's compensation matters in Ontario. [recent stories] [send message] @
  301. Acharya Buddhi Ram: Buddhi works for the Nepalese national trade union center, GEFONT, and is involved with the websites of GEFONT and Labour Nepal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  302. Oluwabunmi Isarinde: Bunmi is LabourStart intern currently studying at York University in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  303. Peter Sagar: Peter is Trade union Co-ordinator for the Burma Campaign UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  304. Tewarit: Tewarit is one of our correspondents in Thailand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  305. Cameron Cannon: Cameron is a student at the University of Manitoba and a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  306. Cameron Brooks: Cameron is a lead organizer for a public sector labor union in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  307. Carl Biers: Carl is Education Director for International Longshoremen's Association Local 1588 in Bayonne, New Jersey (USA). [recent stories] [send message] @
  308. Charles Arthur: Writer and researcher specialising in the politics and economics of Haiti as well as covering other Caribbean countries for Latinamerica Press amongst others. He is also part-time director of the activist Haiti Support Group based in London, UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  309. Sameer Gupta: Sameer is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  310. Svitlana Lukhymovych: Communications Officer at NGO Labor Initiatives (LI) is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  311. Carolyn Butler: Carolyn writes global worker rights stories for the Solidarity Center's website. [recent stories] [send message] @
  312. Craig Griffiths: Craig does Strategic Media and Communications for the Community and Public Sector Union, is Marketing Resource Consultant for the Australian Nursing Federation and is also a freelance writer/designer with a BA in Sociology and Journalism. He lives in Tasmania. [recent stories] [send message] @
  313. Rosemari Södergren: Rosemari is responsible for the webc ommunication for LO - the Swedish Trade Union Confederation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  314. Chai Montgomery: Chai is a Unit Steward for Teamsters Local 214. [recent stories] [send message] @
  315. Chaitanya Prakash Audichya: Chaitanya is associated with the Pune Municipal Corporation workers, in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  316. Charity Ryerson: Charity is program coordinator for US Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP), a nonprofit organization that supports workers who are organizing in Latin America. [recent stories] [send message] @
  317. Charley Lewis: Charley Lewis is a former teacher, former computer programmer, current South African Communist Party activist, and formerly headed the COSATU Information Technology Unit. [recent stories] [send message] @
  318. Chee Yeeh Ceeu: Chee is an exco member of the National Union Of Bank Employees of Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  319. Hanna Danilovich: Hanna is an international representative of REP - the largest independent union of Belarus. [recent stories] [send message] @
  320. Meng Quan: Meng Quan studies labour relations in Beijing. [recent stories] [send message] @
  321. Chloe Gaul: Chloe is a a union educator and organiser who has a keen interest on global social justice issues and movements for social change, and a member of the Victoria Independent Education Union in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  322. Choo Chon Kai: Choo Chon Kai has been involved in workers' issues through Network of the Oppressed People (JERIT) and Network of Government Contract Workers/Jaringan Pekerja Kontrak Kerajaan(JPKK) and is also the international coordinator for the Socialist Party of Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  323. Chris Garlock: Chris is the Managing Editor for Union City, the daily (weekdays) email publication (and associated website at covering labor news in the metropolitan Washington DC area. [recent stories] [send message] @
  324. Christiane Labarre: Christiane is a Belgian trade unionist. [recent stories] [send message] @
  325. Christian Karl: Active since 2003 in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions ETU-MB, organizing international solidarity for the resistance of migrant workers in South Korea. [recent stories] [send message] @
  326. Christie Miedema: Christie is Campaigns and Outreach Coordinator for the Clean Clothes Campaign. [recent stories] [send message] @
  327. Christine Hare: Christine has worked as a letter carrier for Canada Post for eight years. She has been a member of a guild and two unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  328. Cindy Berman: Cindy is a LabourStart correspondent in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  329. Chris Snyder: Chris is a business agent for IUOE Local 3, in Oakland, California. [recent stories] [send message] @
  330. Carolyn Jacobson: Carolyn is the Outreach Coordinator for Working Woimen ROCC! (Reaching Out against Cervical Cancer) at the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), in Washington, D.C. For more information about this project, visit the website. [recent stories] [send message] @
  331. Caroline Jacobsson: Caroline is Information and Communications officer at the European Metalworkers Federation in Brussels. [recent stories] [send message] @
  332. Clara Garcia Pleyan: Clara is a LabourStart correspondent in Spain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  333. Diana Beaumont: Diana is an intern at the Asia Monitor Resource Centre in Hong Kong, and co-ordinator of China Labor News Translations (CLNT). [recent stories] [send message] @
  334. Ming Lam: Ming is Project Manager for the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  335. Cho Ming Lam: Cho is Managing Director of Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor. [recent stories] [send message] @
  336. Can Kaya: Can works for EPSU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  337. CNT Barcelona: [recent stories] [send message] @
  338. Bilge Coban: Bilge is Director of International Relations Department at GIDA-IS, in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  339. Calin Orlando Cocis: President of CNSLR-Fratia Mures County, in Romania. [recent stories] [send message] @
  340. Cornell Organization for Labor Action: A student group at Cornell University, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  341. Colin Jones: Colin is a shop steward for Unison, Britain's largest public sector union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  342. Philippe Matzkowski: Le Collectif LBO est la premičre association qui a porté dans le débat public la question de la place et du rôle des fonds d'investissement dans l'économie. [recent stories] [send message] @
  343. Collin Virgo: Collin is Asst. General Secretary for the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union in Jamaica. [recent stories] [send message] @
  344. Colleen Reynolds: Colleen is Senior Communications Officer, New Media, at CUPE. [recent stories] [send message] @
  345. Duncan Harrod: Duncan is communications officer for the Community trade union, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  346. Krung T.: [recent stories] [send message] @
  347. COSATU: COSATU in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  348. Catherine Pajic: Catherine works for the Solidarity Center, a nonprofit organization based in Washington and operating worldwide to promote worker rights and international labor solidarity. [recent stories] [send message] @
  349. CPSU: [recent stories] [send message] @
  350. Charles Rachlis: Charles is "a rank and file scientist working for socialism" in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  351. Patrick Craven: Patrick is a former spokesperson for both Cosatu and Numsa and is now working as a freelance journalist specialising in labour issues. He was previously a LabourStart correspondent when working at Cosatu. [recent stories] [send message] @
  352. Cristian Bortolin: Cristian is a workers' representative for FIOM CGIL, Italy's largest metal workers' union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  353. Cameron Ritchie: Cameron is a Digital Comms Officer with the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association as well as being a member of the United Services Union and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. [recent stories] [send message] @
  354. Gloria Hsu: Gloria is in charge of international affairs for Labor Union of China Steel Corporation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan [recent stories] [send message] @
  355. Daisy Arago: Daisy works as executive director of the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights in the Philippines, labour rights organizations engaged in monitoring, research, investigation, documentation, advocacy as well as capacity building for unions, workers and community organizations. CTUHR also advocates for gender equality at work and women's empowerment. [recent stories] [send message] @
  356. Center for Trade Union and Workers Services: The Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS) is an Egyptian non-governmental organization established in March 1990 by some labor leaders and activists guided by their experience in the Egyptian labor movement. They vowed to meet the urgent need to form an independent organization that advances and supports the needs of workers in a democratic manner, provide direct support and services to the workers and fill the void created by the "official" trade union organization which failed to achieve its fundamental obligations. [recent stories] [send message] @
  357. Marek Canek: Marek is a PhD student at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, researching labour immigration to the Czech Republic. [recent stories] [send message] @
  358. Dag Westhrin: Dag is the national secretary of the Norwegian Civil Service Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  359. Doug Allan: Doug is a Research Representative for CUPE in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  360. Damisa Cympa: Damisa is a trade union leader in Nigeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  361. Dan Bouchard: Dan is Recording Secretary for CUPE Local 2544 and has designed their website [recent stories] [send message] @
  362. Daniel Crute: Daniel is a LabourStart correspondent in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  363. Darlene A. Dunlop: Darlene is executive assistant to the president of the Farmworkers Union of Alberta. [recent stories] [send message] @
  364. Dave Rosborough: Dave is an Organizer with ATU Canada, currently working on in Hamilton, Ontario. [recent stories] [send message] @
  365. Dave Smith: Dave Smith is Director of Communications, National Union of Government and Federated Workers of Trinidad and Tobago. [recent stories] [send message] @
  366. David Alejandro Isaacs P.: David is studying at the Global Labour University and is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  367. David Shih: David is program coordinator for China Labor Watch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  368. David Hollis: Dave is the founder of LabourNet Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  369. David Shai: David is a member of Kibbutz Ein Dor and works in its wire and cable factory. [recent stories] [send message] @
  370. Dawit Samuel: Dawit Samuel is chairman of the Sheraton Hotel workers union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  371. Derek Blackadder: Derek, now a retired trade union official, coordinates LabourStart [recent stories] [send message] @
  372. Daniel Blackburn: Daniel is director of the International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR), based in London. [recent stories] [send message] @
  373. Dennis Britton: Dennis is the LabourStart correspondent in the Bahamas. [recent stories] [send message] @
  374. Molly Charboneau: Molly is a member of the New York Chapter of National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981, AFL-CIO [recent stories] [send message] @
  375. Deborah Duffy: Deborah works for NUPGE in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  376. Derek Blackadder: [recent stories] [send message] @
  377. Deborah Duffy: Deborah is a National Representative for NUPGE, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  378. Dee Luxford: Dee is a branch organiser, Sussex Taxes, for the PCS union in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  379. Fabien Delmotte: Je souhaite diffuser des informations syndicales ou des articles plus approfondis, sans me limiter ŕ mon propre syndicat( [recent stories] [send message] @
  380. David Empey: David is President of the University of Western Ontario Staff Association, an independent union which represents 1050 administrative and technical staff. [recent stories] [send message] @
  381. Denis B.: Denis is an IT engineer working in a national union office in Russia; he also runs this site - Profsoyz. [recent stories] [send message] @
  382. Denis Levin: Denis is a member of the Free union of railroad workers of Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  383. Deniz Akdogan: Deniz is a union officer, responsible at International relations, multinational organizing campaigns, media, web site and research, in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  384. Derek Johnstone: Derek is a National Representative for UFCW Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  385. David Gibney: David is the new National Communications Officer for the AMWU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  386. David Gibney: David is Communications Officer at Mandate Trade Union in Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  387. Steve Diamond: Steve writes: "Nearly thirty years experience in the labor movement, beginning with my first union card (UFCW) at age 14. Grandparents were in the SF General Strike. Currently study and teach international labor rights, international economy and corporate law. Frequently advise labor unions on these issues." [recent stories] [send message] @
  388. Dick Nichols: Dick writes for Green Left Weekly and is a member of the Sindicat de Periodistes de Catalunya. [recent stories] [send message] @
  389. Dirmansu Sitompul: Dirmansu is a Branch Chief of FSPTI-KSPSI in Indonesia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  390. Daniel Kopp: Daniel is Director of Communications at UNI europa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  391. Dave Trumble: I am currently managing the Labour Council's internet profile through social media and our website. In addition I have been authoring letters to the editor and the Labour Council official correspondence for many years. Providing material for LabourStart seems a logical extension of this work.sol [recent stories] [send message] @
  392. David Marlow: David is a union organizer for AFSCME's state affiliate in Illinois (council 31). [recent stories] [send message] @
  393. Trung Doan: Trung Doan is General Secretary of the Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  394. Doerte: Doerte is editor of LabourStart's German language edition. [recent stories] [send message] @
  395. Dolores Chew: Dolores is a founder member of the Montreal's South Asian Women's Community Centre. [recent stories] [send message] @
  396. Dom Tuvera: Dom is a trade union researcher and editor/publisher of [recent stories] [send message] @
  397. Donald Brown: Donald an organiser with the LHMU in Queensland, Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  398. Don Sutherland: Don Sutherland is the National Industrial Officer at the AMWU, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  399. Marko Ajdaric: Marko is a member of the CTB union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  400. Priyanka Dorsetwar: I am a young trade union leader of my state and I'll like to add my organisational activities. [recent stories] [send message] @
  401. Danny Postel: Danny is a writer and activist living in Chicago. He is Communications Coordinator for the organization Interfaith Worker Justice (, which campaigns against the pernicious practice of wage theft. He is also a Contributing Editor of the online journal Logos ( and used to be Senior Editor of the online magazine openDemocracy ( He writes frequently about Iran, with a particular focus on the Iranian labor movement (see He also does solidarity work and antiwar activism around Iran. He's a founding member of the Chicago Committee in Solidarity with the People of Iran ( and a member of the No War on Iran Coalition ( He's written for The Guardian, The Nation, The Progressive, In These Times, and other such outlets. [recent stories] [send message] @
  402. Drew Povey: Drew is monitoring strikes in Nigeria for the monthly publication, Socialist Bulletin. [recent stories] [send message] @
  403. Andrew Mizzi: Andrew is national secretary of the General Workers' Union in Malta. [recent stories] [send message] @
  404. Nick Durie: Nick is Central Scotland Organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). [recent stories] [send message] @
  405. Dylan Murphy: Dylan is a union rep for the National Union of Teachers in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  406. Edanur Yazici: Edanur is working as an intern at LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  407. Eddie Chow: Eddie is campaign officer for the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  408. Edd Mustill: Edd is currently an intern at LabourStart in London. [recent stories] [send message] @
  409. Eddy Stam: Eddy Stam is a national officer for FNV Bondgenoten in the Netherlands and is posted as a guest secretary at the European Metalworkers Federation in Brussels, Belgium. He has an (inter)national background in metal- transport- and service-industry and is a trained expert on organizing. [recent stories] [send message] @
  410. Ed Goddard: Ed is a UNISON shop steward in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  411. Edlira Xhafa: Edlira works with the mine workers union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  412. Eduard Swanepoel: Eduard is currently doing a second degree in International Relations and Politics at the University of Reading. He is originally from South Africa and he has worked for trade unions and civil society affiliates in Cape Town for over a decade. [recent stories] [send message] @
  413. Erinn Graham-Barter: Erinn is a Research Associate with Service Employees International Union Canada, and a member of CEP. [recent stories] [send message] @
  414. Efraim Davidi: Efraim is a LabourStart correspondent in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  415. Michael Eisenscher: Michael is National Coordinator of US Labor Against the War. [recent stories] [send message] @
  416. Martin van der Linden: Martin works for CNV Vakcentrale, in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  417. Elias Thorsson: Elias is an Icelandic English student at the University of Copenhagen with a focus on North American Studies. [recent stories] [send message] @
  418. Elin Moberg: Elin is Project Coordinator for the Union of Civil Servants in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  419. Lisa Vartanova: Lisa is a LabourStart correspondent in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  420. Emmett Nolan: Emmett is a member of and organizer with the IWW and its Food and Retail Workers United (FRWU). [recent stories] [send message] @
  421. Equal Times: [recent stories] [send message] @
  422. Eren Korkmaz: Eren is international officer for the Turkish Leather and Shoe Workers Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  423. Eric Lee: Eric Lee is the founding editor of LabourStart. He is the author of a number of books, most recently The Experiment: Georgia's Forgotten Revolution 1918-1921 (Zed Books, 2018). [recent stories] [send message] @
  424. Eric Hustvedt: Eric is the information officer for in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  425. Erin Lim: Erin is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  426. Espen Loken: Espen works for the Norwegian trade union Industri Energi, organizing oil and industry worker. [recent stories] [send message] @
  427. Elizabeth Tang: Elizabeth is International Coordinator of the International Domestic Workers' Network, coordinated and assisting in organizing activities with domestic workers organizations so that they will become stronger and be connected with each other and workers in other sectors, nationally, regionally and internationally. [recent stories] [send message] @
  428. Ebenezer Tan: Ebenezer it the National Vice President for the island of Mindanao in Philippines of the workers' labour centre Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement). [recent stories] [send message] @
  429. Ethan Clarke: Ethan is Organizing Coordinator for Workers United Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  430. Etin Rodiana: Etin is general secretary of FSP2KI (Indonesian Paper Workers Union). [recent stories] [send message] @
  431. Stéphanie Wouters: Stéphanie Wouters is media officer at the European Trade Union Confederation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  432. Evelyn Encalada: Evelyn works for Justice for Migrant Workers in Ontario, Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  433. Evrim Yaban: Evrim works for KESK in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  434. Chief Ewoukem Atabong: President of the National Autonomous Union of Energy, Water and Mineworkers of Cameroon (SYNATEEC) [recent stories] [send message] @
  435. Eyup Ozer: Eyup is a university student and a member of the Social Rights Association in Turkey, which produces a monthly report about Social Rights with a focus on Labor Rights. It collects news from every newspaper, website and trade unions on a daily basis, publishing some of the news on its website (in Turkish only). [recent stories] [send message] @
  436. Fabio Della Ragione: Member of the Italian metalworkers' union FIOM. [recent stories] [send message] @
  437. Sergey Ilcenco: Sergey is an editor of the international department of the Ukrainian website 'Protecting Labour'. [recent stories] [send message] @
  438. Farid C. Partovi: Farid is working with the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran and is also a member of CUPE Local 4772 in Toronto, Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  439. Farshid Heshmati: Farshid is an Iranian living in Greece and will post news about the struggles of migrant workers and refugees in that country. [recent stories] [send message] @
  440. Fatmi: Fatmi is a member of Syndicat national autonome de Personnels de l'Administration Publique in Algeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  441. Jan-Robert Fevang: Jan-Robert is a trade union activist in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  442. Shamir Brown: Shamir is a delegate in the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO). [recent stories] [send message] @
  443. Fish IP: "We'd like to share news of domestic workers movement around the world. We will also call for support for campaign in domestic workers' rights, e.g. ratification of ILO Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers, adoption of legal protection, urgent appeal for maltreatment of domestic workers etc." [recent stories] [send message] @
  444. Flavia Marconi: Flavia is a LabourStart correspondent in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  445. Fons Vannieuwenhuyse: Fons is the campaigns and research assistant at the Brussels-based ICEM. [recent stories] [send message] @
  446. Fortune Rera-Makoni: Fortune is Education Officer for UFAWUZ in Zimbabwe. [recent stories] [send message] @
  447. Francesco Andreini: Francesco is a member of COBAS in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  448. Francine Filion: Francine is Director of Communications for the Canadian Teachers Federation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  449. Francisco d'Oliveira Raposo: Francisco is a leader of the Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Municipio de Lisboa - Lisbon Council Workers Union and is involved in its international work. [recent stories] [send message] @
  450. Shahla Daneshfar: Shahla is spokeswoman of Free Them Now (Campaign to free jailed workers in Iran), and spokeswomen of Workers Intentional Solidarity committee- Iran. [recent stories] [send message] @
  451. Ellen David Friedman: Ellen writes: 'I spend up to 1/2 of each year in China, teaching labor studies at Sun Yat-sen University, and working within the Chinese labor movement at different levels. In the U.S. I am on the Executive Committee of Labor Notes, and am active on the "union democracy" side of the U.S. labor movement. In the last 18 months I have primarily organized solidarity support for the National Union of Healthcare Workers in their struggle to rebuild their union following SEIU trusteeship.' [recent stories] [send message] @
  452. Rana Moawad: Rana is Communications and PRoduction Officer at the Finance Sector Union, which exists to promote, improve and protect the working conditions and entitlements of its members in the finance and insurance industry. [recent stories] [send message] @
  453. Ahmad Fuad Rahmat: Ahmad is a researcher for a media freedom watchdog with interests in labor issues in Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  454. Fundizwi Sikhondze: Fundizwi has established a media platform (a blog) for trade union news as well as views in Eswatini ( and the developing world in general called the Eswatini Labour Insight. [recent stories] [send message] @
  455. Aubin: Webmaster at SQEES-FTQ. [recent stories] [send message] @
  456. Gaochao: Gaochao is a LabourStart correspondent in China. [recent stories] [send message] @
  457. Brian Gardiner: Brian is Communications officer with the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU), based in Burnaby , B.C. [recent stories] [send message] @
  458. Gary Lawrence: Gary is a union steward at Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU Local 533). [recent stories] [send message] @
  459. Glen Hart: Glen is an LTRC BEM Officer for the RMT in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  460. Gregory Elich: Gregory is a member of the AFGE. He follows labour news in Korea. [recent stories] [send message] @
  461. Martin Gemzell: Martin is a Swedish trade unionist based in Cambodia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  462. Genevičve F. Kalina: Genevičve works for the BWI in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  463. George Martin: George is a member of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia China National Nuclear Corporation Rossing Uranium Branch Executive Committee who was unlawfully dismissed with 8 other members of the executive. [recent stories] [send message] @
  464. Ginger Goodwin: [recent stories] [send message] @
  465. Gregory N. Heires: Gregory is the sr. associate editor at Public Employee, which is the official publication of DC 37, the largest municipal employees union in New York City. [recent stories] [send message] @
  466. Hyun-su Hwang: Hwang is an international director of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers' Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  467. Gillian Birkett: Gillian is an official of Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  468. Gisela Neunhoeffer: Gisela is a LabourStart correspondent based in Berlin. [recent stories] [send message] @
  469. Samuel Githire: Samuel is the national organizing secretary for the truck drivers union of Kenya. [recent stories] [send message] @
  470. Vives Lisa: Vives is the U.S. distributor of the Inter Press Service news wire which covers issues of human rights and social justice in the developing world. IPS carries high quality stories on labor that often appear in mainstream media lacking the workers' perspective. [recent stories] [send message] @
  471. George Kofi Mude: George is Public Affairs Officer (Publications) for the Ghana Trades Union Congress and editor of TUC's quarterly newspaper, The Ghanaian Worker. [recent stories] [send message] @
  472. Ken Marciniec: Ken works for the Ontario Nurses' Association. ONA is the union representing 55,000 registered nurses and allied health professionals as well as more than 12,000 nursing student affiliates providing care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health, the community, clinics and industry. [recent stories] [send message] @
  473. Göran Gustavsson: Goran is a member of the Municipal Workers Union of Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  474. Graham Armitage: Graham is a member of Unite, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  475. Greg Banton: Greg is the webmaster of Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) [recent stories] [send message] @
  476. Gurmeet Singh: Gurmeet works for the National Trades Union Congress in Singapore. [recent stories] [send message] @
  477. George Temple: George is spokesperson for the Teaching Support Staff Union in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  478. GTUC: The Georgian Trade Union Confederation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  479. Guilherme Moreira da Silva: Guilherme is a member of the SINDIPETRO-BA union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  480. Guio Jacinto: Guio is a researcher for the United Steel Workers in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  481. Ryan Hagen: Ryan is a political science undergrad student at Dalhousie in Halifax. [recent stories] [send message] @
  482. Edwin: Members of the Confédération des travailleurs haitiens, in Haiti. [recent stories] [send message] @
  483. Hannah Casey: [recent stories] [send message] @
  484. John Hanrahan: John was elected as President of the Confederation of Canadian Unions in September 2013. [recent stories] [send message] @
  485. Hargun Sodhi: Hargun is a LabourStart correspondent based in the US. [recent stories] [send message] @
  486. Harlan Baker: Harlan is a LabourStart correspondent in Maine, USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  487. Harold Tor: Harold is co-ordinator of the web communications unit for the Education International, based in Brussels. [recent stories] [send message] @
  488. Harry Robbins: Harry works at Outlandish. [recent stories] [send message] @
  489. Hasan: Hasan is Campaigns Coordinator for Justice for Colombia, a trade union organisation in the UK focused on international solidarity with Colombia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  490. Hasnein Chavda: Hasnein is an activist and community organizer in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  491. Louise Haysom: Louise works for StreetNet, an international federation of street vendor organisations organising as a sector of informal economy workers, and is based in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  492. Hazel Ripoll: Hazel works for Public Services International at its headquarters in France. [recent stories] [send message] @
  493. Lee Heard: Lee is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  494. Heather Stefan: Heather is a member of UA Local 60 in Louisiana. [recent stories] [send message] @
  495. Hector Fabio Barandica: Hector is a trade unionist in Colombia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  496. Heikki Jokinen: Heikki is a journalist following trade union news, writing both in Finnish and English, for websites including that of the JHL public sector union: [recent stories] [send message] @
  497. Heity Ariaty: Heity works for the Indonesian Railway Workers Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  498. Helena Hamalainen: Helena works for the Finnish national trade union centre SAK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  499. Helen Martin: Helen is a Unison (UK) activist concerned about the problems faced by trade unionists in Colombia. She runs a new website called OtraVoz (another voice), supported by the NUJ and the SW FBU, which shows stories from Voz, an opposition newspaper in Colombia, in English. Otravoz focuses on the trade union and human rights stories as well as the main national news. [recent stories] [send message] @
  500. Herbert Claros: Herbert is vice-president of the Metalworkers Union of So Jose dos Campos city in Brazil, and works at Embraer (aircraft maker). He is also responsible for international relations of CSP-Conlutas. [recent stories] [send message] @
  501. Maureen Hermitanio: Maureen is currently KMU's Public Information Officer, in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  502. Hidayat Greenfield: Hidayat is regional secretary of the IUF Asia/Pacific. [recent stories] [send message] @
  503. Doris Lee: Doris is an activist based in Hong Kong. [recent stories] [send message] @
  504. Steve Thornton: Steve is a member of Local 1199 of the SEIU in the USA. He's on the steering committee of US Labor Against the War. [recent stories] [send message] @
  505. Houcine Krimi: Houcine is a trade unionist who militantly campaigns in defence of workers' rights and conditions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  506. Hugo Dias: Hugo is a researcher and invited professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. My main research interest and activism is around labour issues. [recent stories] [send message] @
  507. Larry Hubich: President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour. [recent stories] [send message] @
  508. Huey Ying Lim: Huey works for the IUF Asia Pacific region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  509. Iftikhar Ahmad: Iftikhar is a LabourStart correspondent in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  510. Ian Allinson: UNITE EC member for Electrical Engineering, Electronics & IT. Runs a blog. Chair of UNITE’s Fujitsu UK Combine Committee. Chair of UNITE Greater Manchester IT Branch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  511. Ian Raines: Ian is executive officer of the General Union in Japan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  512. Ian Vincent: Ian is a LabourStart correspondent in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  513. Ian Woff: Ian is a Workplace Delegate as an employee at the Australian Taxation Office, for the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  514. Irma Arkus: Irma hosts the 355 Daily News (samples can be found at, a syndicated radio headlines show, dedicated to promotion of labour news, environmental and science issues, and coverage of Canadian politics and economy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  515. Ian Clysdale: Ian works for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). [recent stories] [send message] @
  516. Mekkideche Idriss: Mekkideche is Communications Officer at the Algerian SNAPAP union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  517. Arsen Igityan: Arsen works for the Union of State, Local Government and Public Service Employees in Armenia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  518. Igor Zustand: Igor is a trade union activist and journalist at the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions of Belarus. [recent stories] [send message] @
  519. Ilaria Costantini: Ilaria is an Italian trade unionist. [recent stories] [send message] @
  520. Ilya Znamenskiy: Ilya is a member of the Russian Socialist Movement. [recent stories] [send message] @
  521. Indah Budiarti: Indah is Organising and Communication Coordinator for Public Services International-Asia Pacific Regional Organisation, based in Singapore. [recent stories] [send message] @
  522. Peter Moss: Peter is a journalist in Sydney. He has been working for unions and the labour movement for more than 20 years. ````He has an interest in South East Asia and Indonesia in particular. [recent stories] [send message] @
  523. Terry Inigo-Jones: Terry is a Communications Officer with the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA). [recent stories] [send message] @
  524. Steve Ongerth: Steve is the system administrator for the website of the Industrial Workers of the World. [recent stories] [send message] @
  525. Iqtidar Naqvi: President of a trade union in Karachi,Pakistan. Campaigns for workers' welfare and rights, women's leadership in trade unions, and support for trade unionists. [recent stories] [send message] @
  526. Peter Galvin: Peter is a retired member of the MEAA in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  527. Andrew Irvine: Andrew is Media Officer for ETU QLD NT, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  528. Isabel Hay: Isabel is an Amicus rep in the IT industry in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  529. Isabel Nieh Hou: Isabel is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  530. ITF: [recent stories] [send message] @
  531. Ivana Saula: Ivana is a member of COPE in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  532. Ivan Milykh: Ivan is Vice-President of the Interregional Union Novoprof in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  533. Ivan Franceschini: Ivan is an Australian-based researcher specialising in Chinese and Cambodian labour. Among other things, he co-edits "Made in China - A Quarterly on Chinese Labour, Civil Society, and Rights" (see [recent stories] [send message] @
  534. Ivar Andersen: Ivar works as a journalist for Arbetet, in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  535. Ivar Andersen: Ivar is a LabourStart correspondent in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  536. Ishani: Ishani is an organizer with the Alberta Federation of Labour. [recent stories] [send message] @
  537. Jean-Martin Veilleux: Jean-Martin is active in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Montreal, Quebec. [recent stories] [send message] @
  538. Michael Whitney: Michael works with the Workin' It / The Jackie Guerra Show, a labour radio show in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  539. Jacob Avid: Jacob is an activist in Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed - the youth section of the Histadrut, in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  540. Jagath Bandara: Jagath works for the National Organising Unit- AMWU(Australian Manufacturing Workers Union) in New South Wales, Australia. He mostly covers India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka news for LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  541. Jahnavi Dave: Jahnvai is international coordinator for HomeNet International. [recent stories] [send message] @
  542. Jake Lagnado: Jake is acting secretary of the Latin American Workers Association in the U.K. [recent stories] [send message] @
  543. Jakub Sobik: Communications Manager at Slavery International. [recent stories] [send message] @
  544. James Taylor: James is Health and Safety Officer for CUPE local 3906. [recent stories] [send message] @
  545. Jamie Doucette: Jamie tracks Korean Labour and Social movements and is a PhD student at UBC in Vancouver, Canada studying East Asian Political Economy. He has a blog on Korean Social Movements at [recent stories] [send message] @
  546. Jan Godrey: Jan is leader of the student committee for Industri Energi in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  547. Jason Gregory: Jason is campaigns director for the Transport Workers Union in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  548. Jason Newton: Jason is International Officer and Welfare Officer for West Mercia Police Branch of UNISON. [recent stories] [send message] @
  549. Julianna Angelova: [recent stories] [send message] @
  550. Francisco Javier López Martín: Javier works for CCOO in Spain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  551. Jawad Qasrawi: Jawad works on Hazards, the health and safety magazine. Check out its website, which won the Labour Website of the Year award a couple of years back -- [recent stories] [send message] @
  552. Jeremy Baiman: Jeremy is a union organiser from the Ohio Education Association [recent stories] [send message] @
  553. Jeff Ballinger: Jeff Ballinger is working on a Pol-Sci PhD at McMaster University near Toronto. Starting in mid-70s, worked in garment union boycotts and organizing campaigns. Went to Asia for the AFL-CIO in 1984, returning to the U.S. in 1995. Most of his time was spent directing A.I.D.- and union-funded programs in Indonesia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Founder and Director of Press for Change, a consumer-information NGO which monitors worker rights in Asia. While at the University of Pisa in 2003, he developed an international workers' rights web-site for the Center for Interdisciplinary Study of the Science of Peace. [recent stories] [send message] @
  554. Jordan Barab: Jordan has been working for 18 years for US labor unions in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, and three years as Labor Liaison at OSHA in the Clinton Administration. Since March of 2003, he has been the author of Confined Space, a weblog addressing workplace safety, labor and politics. [recent stories] [send message] @
  555. John B. Russo: John is a Visiting Scholar, Kalmanovitz Instiative for Labor and Working Poor, Georgetown University. He is also a Retired Professor, coordinator, Labor Studies Program and co-director, Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown State University. He is Co-editor, Working-Class Perspectives blog. And finally, he's a former UAW member, CWA Local 189, a past president and chief negotiator the YSU-OEA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  556. Joe Burns: Joe is a long time trade unionist author and commentator on labor issues, and currently works as a bargainer in the airline industry in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  557. Jeff Booth: Jeff is a member of AFSCME Local 3650, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  558. Julius Carandang: Julius is currently an officer (Board Member) of MWAP, Metal Workers Alliance of the Philippines, an affiliate of Industriall. [recent stories] [send message] @
  559. Jessica Champagne: Jessica works as a Community & Political Officer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) focussing on international solidarity and will help cover Indonesian labour news. [recent stories] [send message] @
  560. Jim Coleman: Jim works in the USW Communications office in Pittsburgh. [recent stories] [send message] @
  561. John Mallon: John is recording secretary for CEP Local 43, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  562. Józef J Drozdowski: Józef is 3rd Vice President of the National Federation of Federal Employees, Federal District 1, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. He is also a local president and an officer of NFFE FD1's Forest Service Council. NFFE's FS Council is comprised of about 90 locals which represent U.S. Forest Service employees from Alaska to Puerto Rico. [recent stories] [send message] @
  563. Jean-Luc Flavenot: Jean-Luc is a member of the CGT in France. [recent stories] [send message] @
  564. Jeffrey Boyd: Jeffrey is International Officer: Campaigns & Communications for the IUF in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  565. Jenny Chan: Jenny is an assistant professor of sociology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2016-present) and a labor activist based in Hong Kong [recent stories] [send message] @
  566. Janet Reasoner: Janet is a member of the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981, and holds several leadership positions, including At-Large Chapter Steering Committee and being a member of the National Election Committee -- both elected positions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  567. Jessica Nuti: Jessica is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  568. James Godfrey: James is an organiser for the ASU in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  569. Jennifer Huang: Jennifer works as a campaigns organizer at the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. [recent stories] [send message] @
  570. Jossel I. Ebesate: Jossel is a nurse supervisor at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital and currently National Executive Vice President and Manila Chapter Secretary of the All U.P. Workers Union (AUPWU). [recent stories] [send message] @
  571. Jim Cotter: Jim is a member of SIPTU and helps out unions on local and international issues. [recent stories] [send message] @
  572. Jim Marr: Jim works as a media officer with United Voice, in Sydney. [recent stories] [send message] @
  573. Jim Quinn: Jim is Team Leader Organising Dept, ATGWU in Northern Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  574. Jimmy Tong Yee Shen: Jimmy is deputy financial secretary for the Malaysian Trade Union Congress. He's also general secretary of an enterprise level union for workers in the largest bank in the country. [recent stories] [send message] @
  575. J.J. Fueser: J.J. works as a research analyst for UNITE HERE in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  576. John M. Briffa: John is a secretary for the UHM in Malta. [recent stories] [send message] @
  577. Joerg Nowak: [recent stories] [send message] @
  578. Joseph Catron: Joseph Catron is an organizer for the Metropolitan Council on Housing, a citywide tenants' union in New York, and an active supporter of Domestic Workers United, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, and other innovative labor organizing campaigns in the metropolitan area. [recent stories] [send message] @
  579. David Jobson: David was the Treasurer of the Foreign Workers Caucus of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo South as well as a branch president of a union local. He was very active in organizing migrant worker English teachers in public schools, creating the first union local at a dispatch company for Japanese public schools. [recent stories] [send message] @
  580. Joe Carolan: Joe is an organizer for the Unite trade union in Auckland, New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  581. Joel Duff: Joel is Communications Director for the Ontario Federation of Labour. [recent stories] [send message] @
  582. Joe Macare: Joe works for In These Times. [recent stories] [send message] @
  583. Johanne Hovland: Johanne works as an information officer in the international departmentin LO Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  584. Johan Boyden: Johan is an activist with the "Youth Union Movement," the Toronto and York District Labour Council Youth Committee, in Canada. He also covers youth and young worker issues for the Peoples Voice Newspaper. [recent stories] [send message] @
  585. John Campbell: John is a Unison branch secretary, a Regional Convenor for Unison Yorkshire and Humberside, and President of the Sheffield Trades Union Council, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  586. John Millington: John is a freelance labour relations journalist with four years experience, always looking for the next big union story. [recent stories] [send message] @
  587. John MacDonald: John is a Labour Staff Representative for the Canadian Auto Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  588. John Wood: John works as Campaigns & New Media Office for the TUC in Britain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  589. John Millington: John is an intern working for LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  590. Ray Jones: Ray is an oil workers in Northern California and a USW H&S Rep, Local 5 E-Board. [recent stories] [send message] @
  591. Joseph Lapp II: Joseph is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  592. Ignacy Józwiak: Ignacy is a member of the National Committee of the Inicjatywa Pracownicza / Workers' Initiative Union from Poland and is responsible mostly for international contacts and relations. [recent stories] [send message] @
  593. Janna Pea: Janna is Deputy Communications Director at the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU), responsible for posting content on the union's site and social media outlets. [recent stories] [send message] @
  594. Jordan Pomeranz: Jordan is Research and Communications Specialist for a union in Ohio. [recent stories] [send message] @
  595. J Solomon: Solomon is general secretary of the National Union of Bank Employees in Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  596. Jay Sreedharan: Jay is the website editor for the Trades Union Congress in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  597. Juha Keltti: Juha is a journalist and lawyer in Finland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  598. Julie Jobin: Julie works for CUPE. [recent stories] [send message] @
  599. Julio Cardoso: Julio works for the CGTP in Portugal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  600. Justice Baako Ntarmah: Justice is the General Secretary of Migrants and Domestic Workers' Union (MDWU) in Ghana. [recent stories] [send message] @
  601. Russ Davis: Russ is Executive Director of Massachusetts Jobs With Justice. [recent stories] [send message] @
  602. Kaanane Khalil: Kaanane is a LabourStart correspondent from Morocco. [recent stories] [send message] @
  603. Sergey Kagermazov: Sergey is a journalist at the St-Petersburg regional news portal [recent stories] [send message] @
  604. Desai Kalpana: Kalpana works in the port industry in India, and is Treasurer & Women's coordinator of union, National Secretary & Chairperson of Women's committee on All India Port & Dock Workers' federation, Member HIV/AIDS Policy at workplace and Member Secretary Sexual Harassment Committee of Mumbai port. [recent stories] [send message] @
  605. Olivier Spencer: Olivier is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  606. Kannan R: Kannan is Sub Regional Secretary for PSI South Asia, in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  607. Kara Deniz: Kara works in the Communications Department at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, working to bring public and media attention to workers' stories and assist in organizing workers, in particular, in the school bus and transportation industry. [recent stories] [send message] @
  608. Karin Ahlgren: Karin works for the Union of Civil Servants in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  609. Karin Lindstrom: Karin is the Head of Communications at the LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Cooperation, in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  610. Kashamanka: [recent stories] [send message] @
  611. Angie Hsu: Angie works in Tel Aviv for an organization called Kav LaOved - Worker's Hotline. Kav LaOved is committed to upholding the rights of the most marginalized workers in Israel, including contract and hourly workers, refugee and asylum seekers, migrant workers, and Palestinian workers from the West Bank employed by Israelis. [recent stories] [send message] @
  612. Katarina Bredberg: Katarina has been a member of several unions since 1987, has been a web editor, involved in international solidarity, and is a member of the Social Democratic Party district in Gothenburg, Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  613. Kevin Buchanan: Kevin works for the Scottish Trades Union Congress in Glasgow. [recent stories] [send message] @
  614. Kevin Crank: Kevin is an Industrial Officer (an unelected official) of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF)/Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union (QNMU). [recent stories] [send message] @
  615. Ken Nash: Ken Nash produces and hosts the radio program 'Building Bridges'. [recent stories] [send message] @
  616. Kent Peterson: Kent isDirector of Communications and Research for the Saskatchewan Building Trades. [recent stories] [send message] @
  617. Kevin Davies: Kevin is a Health & Safety Rep for UNITE in the UK, and works for Fujitsu in Manchester. [recent stories] [send message] @
  618. Kevin Lin: Kevin has been doing research on Chinese labor issues for the last seven years, and has participated in research projects and published in academic and popular publications and online platforms. He follow news on the Chinese labour movement closely and writes regularly on the development of the labour movement in China. He currently co-edits a quarterly journal, Made in China. [recent stories] [send message] @
  619. Jonny Keyworth: Jonny is a postgraduate student at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, studying a Msc in African Politics. The focus of his studies and research is African labour and worker movements in Africa, with his dissertation focusing on Tanzania. [recent stories] [send message] @
  620. Karl Fluri: Karl is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  621. Kevin Hill: Kevin is a lead organizer with AFSCME. [recent stories] [send message] @
  622. Khalid Mahmood: Khalid is Director of Labour Education Foundation in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  623. Kiley Hernandez: Kiley is a communications representative for the IAMAW in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  624. Khushi Mehta: Khushi works for Wage Indicator in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  625. Julia Ryzhenkova: Julia works for the FNPR newspaper "Solidarnost" in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  626. Kirill Buketov: Kirill works for the IUF in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  627. Guy Mpembele Kisoka: Guy is Secretaire Executif en charge du Département International for the Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Congo (UNTC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [recent stories] [send message] @
  628. Kyle Webster: Kyle is a nurse in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  629. Kyle Mytruk: Kyle is a union activist who studied Labour Studies in University, and currently works at the Winnipeg Public Library. [recent stories] [send message] @
  630. Kjell Tore Sagen: Kjell is a LabourStart correspondent in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  631. Kjerski Nordby: [recent stories] [send message] @
  632. Klementina: Klementina is regional youth president of the Union of Metallworkers in Lithuania (LITMETAL). [recent stories] [send message] @
  633. Dirk Kloosterboer: Dirk works for the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV where he is involved with local / municipal issues (decentralisation of social assistance and labour market policies; development of local role of the FNV). He is responsible for the website which aims to provide activists at the local level with news and background info. As a researcher he also follows developments such as trade union revitalisation abroad. [recent stories] [send message] @
  634. Kevin McNamara: Kevin is Political Action Chair of California Teachers Association / NEA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  635. Anna Leah Escresa: Anna is researcher/trainer at the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research, Inc. (EILER) in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  636. Kent Mukoya: Kent is a member of Kenya Local Government Workers Union (KLGWU) and the immediate former branch secretary of the Nairobi Branch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  637. Ken Knapman: Ken is a trade union activist on the Isle of Wight. [recent stories] [send message] @
  638. Svetlana Kolganova: Svetlana is a LabourStart correspondent in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  639. Kollo: Kollo is a LabourStart correspondent in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  640. Cole Dorsey: Cole is secretary of the Grand Rapids GMB of the IWW, in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  641. Jan Kooy: Jan is the Europe Press Officer at Human Rights Watch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  642. Don Kossick: Don is a member of the Grain Services Union in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  643. Kristyne Peter: Kristyne is the Director of the International Affairs Department at the United Auto Workers’ International Union, UAW, based in Washington, DC, USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  644. Wol-san Liem: Wol-san Liem is the Director of International Affairs at the Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers [recent stories] [send message] @
  645. Kristina Henschen: Kristina is the Director of the LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Cooperation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  646. Robert Kulaya: Robert is a labor and lobbying consultant/trainer and a writer retired from a 25 year career of local union leadership within the National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 153 at JFK International Airport in New York City. [recent stories] [send message] @
  647. Juhani Kulo: Juhani is an officer for IF Metall, a union that covers most industrial companies in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  648. Peter Owiti: Peter is a branch committee member of the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation & Allied Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  649. Wehbe Badarni: Wehbe is founder and General Secretary of the Arab Workers Union, in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  650. Tom Hemaidan: Tom works for Workers Independent News. [recent stories] [send message] @
  651. Lev Lafayette: Lev is a LabourStart correspondent in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  652. Lil Anderson: Lil is a Recruitment Officer with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Vic Branch) and also a member of the Australian Services Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  653. Jean-Pierre Larche: Jean-Pierre works for the Confédération des syndicats nationaux in Quebec. [recent stories] [send message] @
  654. Larry Wells: Larry is the 1st Vice President of the Oakville and District Labour Council and is a member of CAW local 707, he is also a labour and human rights activist. Larry has fought for rights of Colombian trade unionist and is presently working on a project to build a school and medical clinic in Guatemala for the Mayan people and sits as a Board of Director of Cantabal Health and Education (CHE). [recent stories] [send message] @
  655. LaToya Egwuekwe: LaToya is a writer for the Machinists Union (IAMAW) in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  656. Laura Maclean: Laura works for Essential Media Communications in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  657. Lauren Lishansky: Lauren works in the International Affairs Department at the United Auto Workers' International Union, UAW. [recent stories] [send message] @
  658. Dhr. Poot: The LBV is the fourth largest union in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  659. Laura Carter: Laura is the Assistant to the General Secretary of the International Textile Garment and Leather Workers' Federation, the Global Union Federation representing workers in the sector in 110 countries around the world. [recent stories] [send message] @
  660. Richard Leitch: Richard helps cover Mexican labour news. [recent stories] [send message] @
  661. Len Bush: National Representative for the National Union of Public and General Employees in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  662. Leonie Guguen: Leonie works at the communications department of IndustriALL [recent stories] [send message] @
  663. Luis Feliz Leon: Luis Feliz Leon is a journalist and organizer. His writing has been featured in The Nation, The New Republic, The American Prospect, Jacobin magazine, and elsewhere. He’s staff writer and organizer at Labor Notes. Hailing from the sun-drenched, cerulean shores of the Caribbean, the birthplace of the modern world by some accounts, he ``brings a strong sense of place and history to movement journalism and organizing. [recent stories] [send message] @
  664. Carol Ferguson: Carol is a project officer for the New Brunswick Labour History Project, a bilingual research project based at the University of New Brunswick and the Universite de Moncton researching the history of work and unions in the province. [recent stories] [send message] @
  665. Liisa Tuokko: Liisa is a student in Finland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  666. Linda Gale: Linda Gale works as Senior Industrial Officer with the NTEU Victorian Division, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  667. Lisa: Lisa is a LabourStart correspondent in Austria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  668. Deborah Littman: Deborah is a National Officer for UNISON in the UK, doing bargaining research and campaigning around living wage. She has helped UNISON to build alliances with local community organisations to combat poor pay and conditions for private contract staff. UNISON's Bargaining Zone can be found on [recent stories] [send message] @
  669. Luke James: Luke is ETUC Media Officer. [recent stories] [send message] @
  670. Larry Kuehn: Larry is the director of research for the British Columbia Teachers Federation, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  671. Laura Revelo: Laura is HomeNet International's Communications Manager. [recent stories] [send message] @
  672. Mateusz Trzeciak: Mateusz is a member of Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Workers Initiative), in Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  673. Luiz Denis Graça Soares: Luiz was a leader of the Electricians Union in the state of Bahia and of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores also in Bahia. He is now retired and contributes to the union movement working on social networks and through the blog where his is the only writer. [recent stories] [send message] @
  674. Bob Perillo: Bob is the primary author of 2 reports by the AFL-CIO under their "Justice for All" series (1 on Guatemala, 1 on Colombia). He worked for ten years for USLEAP as their Latin America liaison and has lived for 20 years in Guatemala. [recent stories] [send message] @
  675. Lyle Stewart: Lyle works for the Confederation des syndicats nationaux (CSN) in Quebec. [recent stories] [send message] @
  676. Eamonn Lynch: Eamonn is a rep for the RMT union working for London Underground. [recent stories] [send message] @
  677. Maciek Śmigielski: Maciek is a high school student and LabourStart correspondent based in Toruń, Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  678. Mac Urata: Mac works for the International Transport Workers Federation in London. [recent stories] [send message] @
  679. Andrea Ferrari Toniolo: Andrew works for the international office of FIM CISL, in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  680. Maham Siddiqui: Maham is Gender Equality Officer at the IUF Asia Pacific region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  681. Mahesh Upadhyaya: Mahesh has been associated with the Indian trade union movement and left in Gujarat since his student days. He worked as a full-time volunteer on environmental and other issues including the Bhopal gas tragedy. He specialised as a trainer and does freelance work with NGOs doing capacity-building work. He set up a Solidarity Centre in Ahmedabad to give support to small membership organisations and do human rights work. The Centre is currently concentrating on working with youth on the Gujarat communal violence which took place in 2002. [recent stories] [send message] @
  682. Christian Mahieux: Co-animateur du Réseau syndical international de solidarité et de lutte ( [recent stories] [send message] @
  683. Mahir: Mahir is a LabourStart correspondent in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  684. Mairin Power: Mairin is assistant international officer at UNISON, in the U.K. [recent stories] [send message] @
  685. Malaika Jeter: Malaika is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  686. Idrees Hussein: [recent stories] [send message] @
  687. Mangala Abeywickrama: Mangala is a branch president in the Ceylon mercantile industrial & General workers union, in Sri Lanka. [recent stories] [send message] @
  688. Juan de la Cruz: Juan works for the media and public information committee of the Partido ng Manggagawa (Labor Party-Philippines). [recent stories] [send message] @
  689. Aldwin Quitasol: Aldwin is a journalist based in the Philippines, writing on human rights issues, articles focused on labour rights, struggle of peasants, the Filipino poor and the indigenous peoples. Prior to being a journalist, he was active with the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU or the May 1st Movement, a national alliance of progressive labour unions and organizations) as a community organizer, researcher and an activist. [recent stories] [send message] @
  690. Gopalakrishnan Manicandan: Gopalakrishnan works for the International Metalworkers Federation as a Research and Communications Officer. [recent stories] [send message] @
  691. Maragtas S.V. Amante: Maragtas is a professor of labor and industrial relations, University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City (on leave) and now is a professor at the College of Economics & Business Administration, Hanyang University Ansan Campus, Republic of Korea. Also an officer of the All U.P. Academic Employees Union, and previously, the All U.P. Workers Union, University of the Philippines (10 campuses nationwide). [recent stories] [send message] @
  692. Marcel Kounouho: Marcel is joint general secretary of Syndicat National des travailleurs des services de la santé humaine du Bénin. [recent stories] [send message] @
  693. Marco Veruggio: Marco is a labour, economics and politics writer, a translator and former union organizer [recent stories] [send message] @
  694. Paul Tulloch: Paul runs the website LivingWork in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  695. Margaret Bozik: Margaret works for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia which is a registered trade union representing professional employees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  696. Marie Badarne: Marie works with Sawt el-Amel: The Laborer's Voice, a Palestinian workers' rights NGO in Nazareth, Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  697. Mario Lechner: Mario is a LabourStart correspondent in Austria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  698. Mario Pierre: Mario is a member of May First Federation - Batay Ouvriye in Haiti. [recent stories] [send message] @
  699. Mark Hagen: Mark is a former ver.di union official, Global Labour University alumni & UNI Global Union freelancer now a consultant for (international) labour & progressive development projects with a wide range of contacts within the national and international labour movement. [recent stories] [send message] @
  700. Mark Metcalf: Mark is a member of the National Union of Journalists in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  701. Mark Kilian: Mark is one of the editors of the Dutch website [recent stories] [send message] @
  702. Markus Shikari: Markus is part of "Angry Workers of the World" which regularly translates and writes longer articles about workers' struggles abroad, primarily in the logistics sector. [recent stories] [send message] @
  703. Art Martynuska: Art is the president of IAFF Local 463 (and has been so for 10 years), and is a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program, '03. Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association Trustee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  704. Mary Robertson: Mary supports a number of social justice/ freedom of speech/workers' rights organisations including 'No Sweat' and is enthused by fair trade, worried about climate change and very interested in efforts to amplify the voice of progressive grassroots movements such as Via Campesina. [recent stories] [send message] @
  705. Krzysztof Strużyński: Krzysztof is a LabourStart correspondent in Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  706. Masja M. Zwart: Masja is a union official of FNV working at the construction site in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  707. David Moreno: David is a LabourStart correspondent in Colombia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  708. Mat Danaher: Mat is Transformation Campaigns Team Lead at New Zealand's biggest private sector union E tū (Te Reo Māori for stand up or stand tall). [recent stories] [send message] @
  709. Matthew Dell: Matthew is a reseacher specializing in West Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  710. Matti Mamia: Matti is a Finnish trade unionist who has been involved in LabourStart conferences, and would like to report on union news from Finland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  711. Matt O'Connor: Matt is the Communications Director for CSEA/SEIU Local 2001, which represents 25,000 active and retired public sector workers serving in state, municipal, and town agencies, as well as local school boards across Connecticut. [recent stories] [send message] @
  712. Matt Wells: Matt is a representative of the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign, Britain [recent stories] [send message] @
  713. Maxim Karpikov: Maxim is an information worker at the Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR). [recent stories] [send message] @
  714. Max Watson: Max is chair of UNISON at London Met University. [recent stories] [send message] @
  715. Miguel A. Cavallin: Miguel is webmaster for CWA local 9412. [recent stories] [send message] @
  716. Maddalena Colombi: Maddalena works for EFFAT in Brussels. [recent stories] [send message] @
  717. Margo Cross: Margo is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  718. Frank Emspak: Frank produces a weekly labor-centered radio program. [recent stories] [send message] @
  719. Mehrzad Mehrbeomid: Mehrzad is an Iranian expat, currently teaching at university level in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  720. Molly McGrath: Molly McGrath works in research and international campaigns at the AFL-CIO in the Organizing Dept. She has worked on numerous organizing campaigns in the U.S., Turkey and other countries around the world. [recent stories] [send message] @
  721. Mendson Mpofu: Mendson is director of the Worker-Rights Trust in Zimbabwe. [recent stories] [send message] @
  722. Edwin C. Mercurio: Edwin is a writer working in the legal system who has been published in North American and Asian media. [recent stories] [send message] @
  723. Cassidy Alpern: Cassidy is a LabourStart correspondent in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  725. Muhamad Ali Bin Aman: Muhamad is a former union branch chairman in Singapore. [recent stories] [send message] @
  726. Michael Forman: Michael is a national representative for UFCW Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  727. Mischa Gaus: Mischa is an editor of Labor Notes magazine, in the U.S. [recent stories] [send message] @
  728. Margarita Gavanas: Margarita works for the Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  729. Maria Grazia Meriggi: Maria is a LabourStart correspondent in Italy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  730. Matthew Heaney: Matthew is a LabourStart correspondent based in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  731. Michele Nigra: Michele is a member of FIBA/CISL, a Federation of Italian Bank and Insurance Employees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  732. Mick Holder: Journalist and campaigner on workplace, community and environmental health and safety issues. NUJ member. [recent stories] [send message] @
  733. Jennifer Miconi-Howse: Jennifer works for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety as head of media relations. [recent stories] [send message] @
  734. Mike Harman: Mike is a UNISON member in the education sector in Hackney, London will report news of organising in the education sector and in general around the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  735. Mike Treen: Mike is National Director of Unite, in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  736. Mike Murphy: Mike is a member of the Irish Federation of University Teachers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  737. Mohamed Ridha Bouazza: Mohamed is a Tunisian trade unionist committed to defending workers' rights and human rights [recent stories] [send message] @
  738. Ron Oliver: Ron runs the website for union millwrights at [recent stories] [send message] @
  739. Minsun Ji: Minsun is a ph.d candidate, writing about labor``movements in three countries, South Korea, United States, and Argentina.``He was a labor and student organizer in South Korea and a labor union organizer with SEIU organizing janitors. [recent stories] [send message] @
  740. Misty Malott: Misty is a shop steward for the Newfoundland and Labrador Nurse Union in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  741. Maksim Kulaev: Maksim is a union activist from St. Petersburg, Russia. He represents 'Novoprof', the interregional trade union which is a member of the IUF, with about 1,500 members from different regions of Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  742. Michael Laffan: Michael is web officer for PCS in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  743. Manon Lajoie Beaulne: Manon works for CUPE in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  744. Michael Lynch: Michael is branch secretary the European Passenger Services branch of RMT which organises Eurostar and contractor workers on the Eurostar international services from London to Paris and Brussels. [recent stories] [send message] @
  745. Manrico Moro: Manrico is a member of the National Council and Victorian State Council of the National Tertiary Education Industry Union (NTEU). He is also Information Convenor of Australia Asia Worker Links, which is a labour movement solidarity organisation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  746. Mary Muldowney: Mary trains shop stewards in organising, recuiting and campaigning in Ireland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  747. Anna Kostyakova: Anna works for the Miners' & Metallurgical Workers' Union of Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  748. Mbuso Nkosi: Mbuso is editor of the Global Labour Column: [recent stories] [send message] @
  749. Matt Noyes: Matt is Internet Coordinator for the Association for Union Democracy, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  750. Molly McGrath: Molly is a research analyst for the Writers Guild of America, West. [recent stories] [send message] @
  751. Joe Golowka: Joe is a teaching assistant and graduate student who specializes in US labor history and a member of the IWW. [recent stories] [send message] @
  752. Mark Phillips: Mark is Media Co-ordinator for the Australian Council of Trade Unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  753. Michael Pidgeon: Michael works for the Trades Union Congress as a digital campaigner. [recent stories] [send message] @
  754. Maura Pond: Maura works for the UFCW in the United States as a web communications specialist. [recent stories] [send message] @
  755. Ian Tuit: Ian is Work Health & Safety Industrial Officer for the Public Service Association of NSW, Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  756. Clayton Sinyai: Clayton is Director, Strategic Campaigns for the ATU, in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  757. Michel Saucier: Michel works for CUPE National Communications [recent stories] [send message] @
  758. Muhammad Suhail: Muhammed is active in the Pakistan Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers Unions (PCEM) affiliated to ICEM, and the Pakistan Metalworkers' Federation (PMF) affiliated to IMF [recent stories] [send message] @
  759. Michael Walker: Michael is the author of [recent stories] [send message] @
  760. Mark Carter: Mark is Secretary(soon to be Treasurer), Webmaster, Health and Safety Committee rep, and jack-of-all-trades within the ETFO Niagara Occasional Teachers' Local ( [recent stories] [send message] @
  761. Martin Wicks: Martin is Secretary of Swindon TUC, in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  762. Ari Myllyviita: Ari is one of our correspondents in Finland and works as a Teacher Educator in Viikki Teacher Training School (University of Helsinki) and as a principal in the Helsinki Civic Institute. More information is available in his own website: [recent stories] [send message] @
  763. Priscilla Kwegyir-Aggrey: Priscilla is a member of UNICOF/GTUC in Ghana. [recent stories] [send message] @
  764. Nangyalai Attal: Nangyalai researches the Afghanistan labour movement. [recent stories] [send message] @
  765. Naomi: [recent stories] [send message] @
  766. Natalija Radic: Natalia is International Secretary for the Independent Serbian Union of Culture and Arts [recent stories] [send message] @
  767. Nat Bender: Nat is vice president of the Union of Rutger Administrators (AFT), in the United States. His personal website is located here. [recent stories] [send message] @
  768. Nathanael Cheng: Nate is an intern at LabourStart, based in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  769. Nayanjyoti: Nayanjyoti is a member of the Gurgaon Prabasi Mazdoor Union in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  770. Nikolai Blohin: Nikolai works for the FNPR International Department in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  771. Neill Staurland: Neill was born in Canberra, Australia and I has lived in Norway since 1973. Rosenberg yard in Stavanger has been his workplace since 1986 and he is a member of LO and Fellesforbundet in Norway. In March 2007 he was elected deputy shop steward at Rosenberg yard. He supports the Burmese democracy movement and will contribute with labour and union news from Burma to LabourStart. He is a member of The Burma Campaign UK and Amnesty International. In addition he is a moderator/ member of, D4B in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  772. Nelly Katsama: Nelly is a member of the Panellenic Federation of Journalists Unions in Greece. [recent stories] [send message] @
  773. Neva Woolmer: Neva is Director of Media and Communications for United Voice in Queensland, Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  774. Vishnu: Vishnu is in charge of the media centre for the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen. [recent stories] [send message] @
  775. Nicholas McCallum: Nicholas is national communications coordinator for the Electrical Trades Union of Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  776. Nicholas Allen: Nick is Campaign Director at Change to Win (USA). [recent stories] [send message] @
  777. Nick Fillmore: Nick is a social activist and blogger in Toronto. [recent stories] [send message] @
  778. Nick Holden: Nick Holden is a freelance webdesigner based in Leicester in the UK; his website is and his most recent effort is the No Sweat! site. [recent stories] [send message] @
  779. Nicolas Pons-Vignon: Nicolas is the editor of the weekly Global Labour Column. [recent stories] [send message] @
  780. Niels Peuchen: Niels works for Wage Indicator. [recent stories] [send message] @
  781. Nikos Lountos: Nikos is a LabourStart correspondent in Greece. He has been active in campaigns of solidarity around education, anti-war and labour issues in Greece in the last 10 years, and also a journalist in the weekly newspaper "Workers Solidarity" (Greek). [recent stories] [send message] @
  782. Nathan Metcher: Nathan works with the Communications Electrical Plumbing Union, NSW Postal and Telecommunications Branch, in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  783. Norbert Braun: Norbert is webmaster for Unia, the largest trade union in Switzerland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  784. Nick Rudikoff: Nick is working on global affairs for Change to Win, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  785. Nanne Sierkstra: Nanne works for Abvakabo FNV, in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  786. Ntai Mampane: Ntai is an Editor of COSATU's Shopsteward Magazine, in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  787. Nasir A Mansoor: Nasir is deputy general secretary of the National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  788. Alpkan Birelma: Alpkan is a volunteer at Bagimsiz Tekstil ve Deri scileri Sendikasi (Bagimsiz-Sen), a union in Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  789. Lauren Snowball: the Communications Officer at the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, the largest organization of nurses in Canada [recent stories] [send message] @
  790. Ismael Noo Onyango: Ismael is a trade union leader in Kenya. [recent stories] [send message] @
  791. Jaron Phillips: Jaron is webmaster for the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union and are responsible for their website. [recent stories] [send message] @
  792. Řyvind Berge: Řyvind works for FAFO in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  793. Miquel Loriz: Miguel is webmaster of Comfia CCOO (Comisiones Obreras) a Spanish union which is in charge of the following sectors: Financial, Insurance, Clerical (little offices), Call Centers, IT, and Temporary Work Companies. [recent stories] [send message] @
  794. Gary Busch: Gary is Former Director of Research UAW International Affairs. [recent stories] [send message] @
  795. Domingos Savio de Oliveira: Domingos is a LabourStart correspondent in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  796. Oliver Duwor Vanyanbah: Oliver is Assistant Secretary General of the Liberia Industrial Workers Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  797. Oliver Luethi: Oliver is a LabourStart correspondent in Central America. [recent stories] [send message] @
  798. Pieter Westerbeek: Pieter is retired and is a life member of United Voice in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  799. Onder Ozdemir: Onder edits LabourStart's Turkish language edition and is based in Istanbul. [recent stories] [send message] @
  800. Jared Akama Onyari: Jared is secretary-general of the Kenya union of Judiciary workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  801. Oleg: Oleg is chairman of the Media Workers' Union of Russia "Labor and Creativity." [recent stories] [send message] @
  802. Davide Orrechio: Davide Orecchio is a LabourStart correspondent based in Italy. He is a journalist, and editor of [recent stories] [send message] @
  803. Ossai Ilome: Ossai, based in Nigeria, runs African LabourWatch. [recent stories] [send message] @
  804. Tina Řstberg: Tina works at Fafo in Oslo, Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  805. Julia Ostrovskaya: Julia works for the Center for Social and Labour Rights in Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  806. Lorraine Endicott: Lorraine is editor of Our Times, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  807. Douglas Oxer: Douglas is a Trade Council Representative for the RMT. [recent stories] [send message] @
  808. Řyvind Hopland: Řyvind is a LabourStart correspondent in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  809. Pablo Sanchez: Pablo Sanchez: has been active in Solidarity campaigns with Venezuela, Honduras and Brazil. He currently works in the Communications department of the European Public Services Union [EPSU]. [recent stories] [send message] @
  810. Paco Soriano: Paco writes: "Je travail au Comité économique et social européen, dans le groupe des travailleurs.... je suis disponible pour vous envoyer des informations concernant les affaires sociales et économiques qui touchent les travailleurs et leurs organisations syndicales." [recent stories] [send message] @
  811. Mike Palecek: Mike is a National Union Rep with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  812. Pance Stojkovski: Pance is a former member of Steelworkers Local 8300 in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  813. Paolo Secci: [recent stories] [send message] @
  814. Ron Taylor: Fired during the PATCO (air traffic controllers) strike of 1981 by President Reagan, Ron is currently President of PATCO, now an independent labor union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  815. Patrick Karengera: Patrick is a LabourStart correspondent in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  816. Patrick O'Shaughnessy: Patrick is a shop steward and a member of CLAC. [recent stories] [send message] @
  817. Patrick Poon: Patrick is the chairman of his union - WorkRight Union (Rights Workers Trade Union Hong Kong) [recent stories] [send message] @
  818. Paul Garver: Paul blogs on Talking Union and used to work for the IUF. [recent stories] [send message] @
  819. Paul Lievens: Paul is Communications Officer at BananaLink in the UK. Banana Link works to provide support and solidarity to trade unions in banana producing areas of the world, with support and funding from UK trade unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  820. Peter Bosrotsi: [recent stories] [send message] @
  821. Pepijn Brandon: Pepijn is the editor of a Dutch socialist monthly, called de Socialist. [recent stories] [send message] @
  822. All Pakistan Labour Federation: President of the All Pakistan Labour Federation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  823. Phil Smith: Phil is Communications Director for the United Mine Workers of America. [recent stories] [send message] @
  824. Kong Athit: Kong Athit is Vice-President of the CLC-C.CAWDU union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  825. Peter Kenworthy: Peter is Information and Campaigns Officer at the Danish solidarity organisation Africa Contact [recent stories] [send message] @
  826. David Peetz: David is a Professor of Employment Relations at the Griffith Business School in Queensland, Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  827. Penny Schantz: Penny is a member of the LabourStart Executive and lives in France. [recent stories] [send message] @
  828. Peter Dempsey: Peter is a LabourStart correspondent in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  829. Peter Hall-Jones: Peter is based in France and works with the New Unionism network and Force Ouvriere. [recent stories] [send message] @
  830. Peter Murphy: Peter is a member of the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  831. Peter Rossman: Works for the Geneva-based International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF). [recent stories] [send message] @
  832. Anna Petrovich: I am a program officer in Solidarity Center in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  833. Petra Brännmark: Petra is Communications Director at IndustriALL global union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  834. Petros Elia: Petros is treasurer of the Industrial Workers of Great Britain (IWGB). [recent stories] [send message] @
  835. Petya Klimentova: Petya is the editor of LabourStart's Bulgarian language edition. [recent stories] [send message] @
  836. Peter Goodrick: Peter is a union activist and researcher, campaigning for workers' rights and to protect the NHS and the benefits system. [recent stories] [send message] @
  837. Phelim MacCafferty: Phelim is the Projects and Events Officer at The Institute of Employment Rights, which brings the information and history needed to develop an alternative and more equitable framework of labour law in the UK, by providing comparative information and details of internationally accepted standards. [recent stories] [send message] @
  838. Phoebe Moore: Phoebe is a lecturer in International Relations in the UK, and is a member of the UCU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  839. Phumzile Ncube: Phumzile is co-editor of the Global Labour Column website. [recent stories] [send message] @
  840. Pierre Rose: Pierre is the webmaster for the CEP, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  841. Pip Hinman: Pip is one of the editors of Green Left, a not-for-profit based in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  842. Piya Kritayakirana: Piya works for the Thai Labor Solidarity Comittee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  843. Piotr Kuligowski: Piotr is a LabourStart correspondent in Poland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  844. Pius Quainoo: Pius is General Secretary of the Construction and Building Materials Workers' Union of Ghana Trades Union Congress. [recent stories] [send message] @
  845. Prathap Simha: Prathap Simha is General Secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions [recent stories] [send message] @
  846. Pravin Khotkar: [recent stories] [send message] @
  847. Piet Schouten: Piet is a member of ABVAKABO FNV, in the Netherlands. [recent stories] [send message] @
  848. Caroline Taleb: Caroline Taleb works for Public Services International (PSI). [recent stories] [send message] @
  849. P S Ramankutty: P S Ramankutty is national president of the All India BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association. [recent stories] [send message] @
  850. Oladapo Sunday Moses: Moses is the national president of the Private Telecommunications & Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  851. Peter Lerner: Peter is the DG of International Relations in the Histadrut, in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  852. Paige Shell-Spurling: Paige has been supporting the struggle of the injured Colombian General Motors workers from the association ASOTRECOL for almost 2 years. [recent stories] [send message] @
  853. Purificacion Salas: Purificacion is a new LabourStart correspondent in Spain. [recent stories] [send message] @
  854. Patrick van Klink: Patrick is a member of FNV Bondgenoten in the Netherlands, where he works for Unilever Rotterdam. He is involved in international union work within Unilever and member of the national negotiating committee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  855. Padri Veum: Padri is a member of the IWW in New Mexico. [recent stories] [send message] @
  856. Padraig Yeates: Padraig was a journalist for 30 years and Industry and Employment Correspondent of the Irish Times for the last seven before he took early retirement. He was also very active in the NUJ. [recent stories] [send message] @
  857. Patrick Quinn: Patrick is a retired ILO official with trade union background. [recent stories] [send message] @
  858. Patricia Chong: Patricia is a union organizer, labour educator, researcher, labour studies lecturer, etc. and a member of the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance. [recent stories] [send message] @
  859. Rabia: President du Conseil National du secteur de l'enseignement superieure, SNAPAP. [recent stories] [send message] @
  860. Rabia: Rabia is a LabourStart correspondent in Algeria. [recent stories] [send message] @
  861. Rachel Bernstein: Rachel teaches in the Graduate Program in Public History at New York University, and conducts workshops in Oral History for unions, schools and many others. is one of her projects, jointly founded (in 2001) and continued in collaboration with Henry Foner and Evelyn Jones Rich. Debra Bernhardt and Rachel wrote the book Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives - A Pictorial History of New York Working People (NYU Press, 2000), and created a traveling exhibit and a web exhibit with the same name. [recent stories] [send message] @
  862. Rachel Bennett Steury: Rachel works with the Steelworkers union in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  863. Mohanty Raghadbinda: Mohanty is an Area Secretary at the Orissa Collieries Mazdoor Sangh union, affiliated to the INTUC. [recent stories] [send message] @
  864. Roger Jönsson: Roger is a retired member of the Union of Civil Servants in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  865. Francis Mourgues: Francis is a member of the CGT, in France. [recent stories] [send message] @
  866. Rajavelu Jayaraman: Member of the All india center council of trade union & Hyundai motor india employees union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  867. Raj Gill: Raj is a Full Time GMB Branch Secretary attending to members in Hotels and Catering and Hospitality and Security Industry. He is also President of Harrow Trade Union Council, and Ealing delegate to GLATC and SERTUC. He chairs the GMB Race and Equality Committee. [recent stories] [send message] @
  868. Raman Yerashenia: Raman is press secretary of The Belarusian Independent Trade Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  869. Ram Hari Gautam: Ram Hari Gautam is general secretary of the National Employees' Organisation of Nepal (NEON). [recent stories] [send message] @
  870. Ramon Certeza: Ramon is National Coordinator of IndustriALL Global Union - Philippine project on Building Union Power. [recent stories] [send message] @
  871. Ramune Motiejunaite-Pekkinen: Ramune works for the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation. [recent stories] [send message] @
  872. Rand Wilson: Rand Wilson has worked as a union organizer and labor communicator for more than twenty five years. Currently, he is a Communications Coordinator for the national AFL-CIO's Center for Strategic Research. In addition to a number of senior staff positions with both national and local unions, Mr. Wilson was the founding director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice and as a candidate for state Auditor, helped establish the Massachusetts Working Families Party. He is President of the Center for Labor Education and Research, and is on the board of directors of the ICA Group, the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund and the Center for the Study of Public Policy. [recent stories] [send message] @
  873. Peter Rasmussen: Peter is a freelance journalist editing an international news bulletin from 3F - the United Federation of Danish Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  874. Ron Blum: Ron is Automotive Director for the International Metalworkers Federation, based in Geneva, Switzerland. [recent stories] [send message] @
  875. Rachel Cohen: Rachel is Head of Communications for UNI Global Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  876. Robert E Beatty Jr.: Robert is Treasurer of the IWW Ohio Valley GMB, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  877. Ajamu Nangwaya: Ajamu is Chair External, Local 3907 of CUPE. [recent stories] [send message] @
  878. Gilberto Garcia: Gilberto is an activist in SITCOM, the communication workers union in El Salvador. [recent stories] [send message] @
  879. Renato Palmi: Renato is a researcher and writer on the apparel industry sector in South Africa. [recent stories] [send message] @
  880. Serg Reshetin: Serg is press secretary of Confederation of Labour of Russia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  881. Stephanie Basile: Stephanie works for the Retail Action Project, a workers' rights organization that fights for the rights of retail workers in New York City. The Project is a part of the RWDSU and the Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES.) [recent stories] [send message] @
  882. Tim Bowron: Tim is a shop floor activist in the National Distribution Union in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  883. Ricardo Hernandez: Ricardo works for the non-profit organization American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Philadelphia. His program is called Mexico-U.S. Border Program which more than 20 years ago pioneered the efforts to organize rank and file maquiladora workers in Mexican border cities. Those efforts led to the creation of the Comité Fronterizo de Obreras (CFO) which is now a Mexican workers-led organization. AFSC and CFO continue working together and one product of that collaboration is the production of information from original sources. [recent stories] [send message] @
  884. Rhonda Sussman: Rhonda is a member of United Steelworkers Local 1998 in Canada. She maintains a list for the Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) which posts news, events, and viewpoints of interest to unionists and labour studies academics. [recent stories] [send message] @
  885. Rhys Harmer: Rhys is an active trade unionist within the RMT (UK) and is currently holding the position of RMT vice chair of young members nationally. [recent stories] [send message] @
  886. Ricard Bellera i Kirchhoff: Ricard works for CCOO de Catalunya, in Barcelona. [recent stories] [send message] @
  887. Rick Bujold: Rick is a member of the Syndicat des cols bleus regroupés de Montréal, in Quebec, Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  888. Brett Banditelli: Brett is the producer of the Rick Smith Show, a progressive radio show in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  889. Joseph Riedel: Joseph is a member of the American Federation of Government Employees and is currently based in the Washington, DC area. He runs this labor blog: [recent stories] [send message] @
  890. Rwatirinda Mahembe: Rwatirinda is president of the Zimbabwe Graphical Workers Union which is an affiliate of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions at national level and affiliated to UNI at the international level. [recent stories] [send message] @
  891. Rob McGuffin: Rob is a member of the Canadian Auto Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  892. Peter North: Peter is Web Officer - London Transport Region, RMT. [recent stories] [send message] @
  893. Roy Nitzberg: Roy Nitzberg is based in New York City. He is a member of The Professional Staff Congress (AFT). Roy is a former editor of The New International Review and holds a Ph.D. in music theory. [recent stories] [send message] @
  894. Robert Mkwezalamba: Robert is general secretary of the Communication Workers Union of Malawi. [recent stories] [send message] @
  895. Robin Alexander: Robin works for the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, a democratic national union representing some 35,000 workers in a wide variety of manufacturing, public sector and private non-profit sector jobs. [recent stories] [send message] @
  896. Rodrigo Silva do Ó: Rodrigo is a member of the Sindicato dos Bancários do Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  897. Johan Rřed Steen: [recent stories] [send message] @
  898. Ramiro Ramon Gongora: Ramiro is General Secretary of the Belize Workers' Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  899. Rainer Santi: Rainer works for IndustriALL global union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  900. Dan Rugsveen: Dan is a shop steward in Parker Scanrope, in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  901. Russell Bannan: Russell is a state organizing director for the American Federation of Teachers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  902. Levi Nayman: Levi works for the RWDSU in New York City. [recent stories] [send message] @
  903. Robert Wechsler: Robert is the former Research and Education Director of the national Transport Workers Union of America. [recent stories] [send message] @
  904. Paul Bansen: Paul is a member of the California Teachers Association/National Education Association. [recent stories] [send message] @
  905. Saeed Valadbaygi: Saeed is currently studying political science and Journalism at York University in Toronto [recent stories] [send message] @
  906. Salomee Levy: Salomee is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @
  907. Sam Dawson: Sam is press and publicity manager for the London-based International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF). [recent stories] [send message] @
  908. Sam Gribben: Sam is comms officer at E tū in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  909. Sam Huggard: Sam is campaigns officer for the National Distribution Union in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  910. Samia Gabriela Teixeira: Samia is a member of CSP-Conlutas in Brazil. [recent stories] [send message] @
  911. Sam Salvidge: Sam is Web Content and Info Officer for the Public Service Association of New South Wales. [recent stories] [send message] @
  912. Sandeep Samwad: Sandeep is a member of Bigul Mazdoor Dasta in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  913. Sandra Dann: Sandra Director of a community based organisation in Australia that with union support for almost 30 years has provided industrial support, information and advocacy to non union women who are the most vulnerable workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  914. Sanford L. Tanenbaum: A LabourStart correspondent in the US. Member of LL 1725 IAMAW and Contributing Editor to The Victory News. He is the former editor of LL 2444 The Local Review 1993-1998. [recent stories] [send message] @
  915. Sanna Sandberg: Sanna is a member of Kommunal, in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  916. Indah Saptorini: Indah works for ICEM Asia MNC Trade union & Social Dialogue project as Indonesia Project Coordinator. [recent stories] [send message] @
  917. Sara Becher: Sara works for the International Department of the Histadrut, in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  918. Nelson F. Saragih: Nelson works for the Indonesia Federation of Pulp and Paper Workers [recent stories] [send message] @
  919. Sara Lee: Sara is a LabourStart correspondent in Singapore. [recent stories] [send message] @
  920. Sergio Arrambide: Sergio is a member of SNTMMSSRM. [recent stories] [send message] @
  921. Emma Saunders: Emma is an organiser and researcher for the ReAct, a small NGO based in France. ReAct has set up a network of organisers and volunteers throughout 14 countries to help communities and workers organise against multinational companies. [recent stories] [send message] @
  922. Sian Jones: Sian is the national press officer for the Communication Workers Union in the U.K. [recent stories] [send message] @
  923. Scot Walker: Scot is a Unite convenor, working in the meat industry, working with Unite, EFFAT and IUF to organise meatworkers globally. [recent stories] [send message] @
  924. Gianni Tedesco: Gianni helps to cover Korean labour news for LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  925. Steven Dawes: Steven is a steward for AFSCME local 251 and runs the Labor Forum on the Democratic Underground. [recent stories] [send message] @
  926. Sean McCourt: Sean is an industrial officer at ASU VICTAS BRANCH. [recent stories] [send message] @
  927. Sedraoui Driss: [recent stories] [send message] @
  928. Sarah Gardner: Sarah Gardner works at the ACTU Education and Campaign Centre in Sydney. [recent stories] [send message] @
  929. Kang Yeon Bae: Kang is Education and Information Head of the Korean Health and Medical Workers [recent stories] [send message] @
  930. Serge Diakite: Serge is deputy general secretary of SYNAPPCI - National Union of Media Professionals in Côte d'Ivoire. [recent stories] [send message] @
  931. Sergey Fishov: Seafarers Union of Russia [recent stories] [send message] @
  932. Seth Michaels: Seth is on the blogging team at the AFL-CIO, in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  933. Shabnam Hameed: Shabnam is currently working as the Trade Union Advisor for Konfederasaun Sindikatu Timor-Leste (KSTL) which is the national peak union body in that country. [recent stories] [send message] @
  934. Shafiur Rahman: Shafiur produces and researches documentaries. His areas of interest are human rights, migrant workers and labour issues. His work includes a documentary on the garment workers of Bangladesh. [recent stories] [send message] @
  935. Shakti H.: Shakti is a research associate at the New Trade Union Initiative in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  936. Shamima Nasreen: Shamima is President of the Independent Bangla Garments Workers Employee Federation (SBGSKF) in Bangladesh. [recent stories] [send message] @
  937. Shane Enright: Shane is Community Organiser (Unions and Workplaces) ``and Global Trade Union Adviser at Amnesty International UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  938. Shashidharan: Shashidharan is Assistant Secretary Accounts Branch, SCRMU-AIRF (All India Railwaymen's Federation). [recent stories] [send message] @
  939. Shawn Perry: Shawn is the Communications Director of the Amalgamated Transit Union - the largest international union of transit and allied workers in the United States and Canada, with over 190,000 members. [recent stories] [send message] @
  940. Shay Cohen: Shay is a member of the new union Power to the Workers in Israel. [recent stories] [send message] @
  941. Shenaz Navaz: Shenaz works for the Labour Research Department, an independent research organisation which has been providing information for trade unionists for 100 years. [recent stories] [send message] @
  942. Sheryl Aylward: [recent stories] [send message] @
  943. Shiva Mahbobi: Shiva Mahbobi is an Iranian former political prisoner, campaigner, and spokesperson for the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI), women’s rights activist, producer and presenter for a TV program on political prisoners in Iran. Shiva’s work at CFPPI also involves campaigning for release of jailed labour activists in Iran. Check out and [recent stories] [send message] @
  944. Sid Shniad: Sid, one of our Canadian correspondents, has been Research Director of the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) in British Columbia for the last 21 years. [recent stories] [send message] @
  945. Siavosh Hosseini: Siavosh works for The Media Express, a source of news about Iranian workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  946. Sia Sadeh: Based in Germany, Sia does solidarity work in support of workers in Iran. [recent stories] [send message] @
  947. Silvana Pennella: Silvana has retired after 22 years of work in the European trade union movement, particularly in trade union education. [recent stories] [send message] @
  948. Sindhu Menon: Sindhu is associated with a journal, Labour File - a bimonthly on labour and economic affairs. The journal is published from New Delhi by the Information and Feature Trust. [recent stories] [send message] @
  949. Kay Tillow: Kay is Director of Organization for the Nurses Professional Organization. She is a lifelong union activist and organizer and is currently involved in building union support in the US for national single payer healthcare, HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for all. Her website is [recent stories] [send message] @
  950. Svitlana Iukhymovych: Svitlana represents Labor Initiatives NGO, one of Ukraine’s very few civil society organizations promoting decent work and economic fairness. [recent stories] [send message] @
  951. Snehal Shingavi: Snehal is a member of the Texas State Employees Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  952. Sokny: Sokny works for the Free Trade Union of Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC). [recent stories] [send message] @
  953. Solidariteit: [recent stories] [send message] @
  954. Steve Zeltzer: Steve is a labor journalist and labor video producer. [recent stories] [send message] @
  955. Sonia Sanchez: Sonia works for PSI, the global union federation for public sector workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  956. Teona Henderson: We are an independent trade union in the service sector in the country of Georgia. We would like to connect, share, support others fighting for labor rights in the world. We believe that internationalism is the key to making us stronger. We will support other labor struggles in every way we can from sharing information to directly offering our experiences. [recent stories] [send message] @
  957. Bahram Soroush: Bahram is in charge of Public Relations for the International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran. [recent stories] [send message] @
  958. Sarah Newell: Sarah is a campaigner at the International Labor Rights Forum. [recent stories] [send message] @
  959. Gerhard Jüttner: Gerhard is a LabourStart correspondent in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  960. S. Głąbiński: [recent stories] [send message] @
  961. Gösta Fagerholm: Gosta is a member of the Building Workers Union in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  962. Ron Wood: Ron has worked at Shell's Stanlow Manufacturing Site in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire for 36 years. He is a steward, branch secretary, union appointed safety rep and represents Unite on the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum. [recent stories] [send message] @
  963. Staphany Wong: [recent stories] [send message] @
  964. John Proctor: John, now retired, was a member of the Utility Workers Union America and the IWW. [recent stories] [send message] @
  965. Stephanie Schmoliner: Steffi is a union secretary at IG Metall Bezirk KĂĽste in Germany. [recent stories] [send message] @
  966. Stephanie Lord: Stephanie is a full-time political activist and active on political trade unionism activities. She writes a weekly column in An Phoblacht on workers issues and contributes regular feature pieces to this paper on trade union related news. She also keep an online blog which sometimes features trade union news. [recent stories] [send message] @
  967. Stephen Boon: Stephen is a National Representative for Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  968. Stephanie Michaels: Stephanie was a public sector employee with the Alberta government (Canada) for over 35 years.S he held various positions within her union (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees) at the local or chapter level and has been a union steward most of her working life. [recent stories] [send message] @
  969. Steve Beers: Steve is currently working with the United Auto Workers in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  970. Stephen Day: Stephen works for the AUS in New Zealand. [recent stories] [send message] @
  971. Scott Pattison: Scott is Communications Officer for the Health Sciences Association of Alberta, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  972. Stirling Smith: Stirling was a director of Labour and Society International (LSI), the group which originally supported and sponsored LabourStart. Today he works as a consultant and trainer for the Ethical Trading Initiative, the ILO and others. [recent stories] [send message] @
  973. Radu Stochita: Radu is a LabourStart correspondent in Romania. [recent stories] [send message] @
  974. Deborah Stringer: Deborah is a member of CUPE in Ontario, Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  975. Stuart Elliott: Stuart Elliott, based in Wichita, Kansas, is active in the American Postal Workers Union. He is also webmaster for Kansas Workbeat,, the website of the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. [recent stories] [send message] @
  976. Stein Stugu: Stein is a trade union activist in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  977. Suki Chung: Suki Chung works for Labour Action China (LAC), a labour rights non-governmental organization based in Hong Kong. [recent stories] [send message] @
  978. Eko Sumaryono: Eko is a member of SBNIP in Indonesia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  979. Sunday Odiama: Sunday is Researcher and Information officer for theUganda building civil, construction engineering Cement Allied workers union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  980. Suparada Pakkaad: Suparada works for the IUF Asia Pacific region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  981. Susan O'Donnell: Susan is a writer and member of the editorial board, New Brunswick Media Co-op. She writes on labour as well as other issues. [recent stories] [send message] @
  982. Suzanne Adely: Suzanne is India Project Coordinator for the International Department of the United Auto Workers (UAW). [recent stories] [send message] @
  983. Suzanne McNabb: Suzanne is National Women's Officer for the NZ Tertiary Education Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  984. Stephen Wishart: Stephen works in the Office of Corporate Affairs for UNITE, the clothing and textile workers union in the US and Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  985. Terrie Albano: Terrie is the editor of the People's Weekly World newspaper in the U.S. [recent stories] [send message] @
  986. Tariq Arafa: Tariq works for NASUWT, the largest teachers' union in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  987. Tasha Ferguson: Tasha is a union steward, the Co-Chair of the Women's Committee as well as the Alternate Worker Safety Rep for the United Steelworkers Local 6166 in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  988. Ahammed Tausifur Rahman: Ahammed Tausifur Rahman is the Finance Secretary of Bangladesh Apparels Workers Federation-BAWF. [recent stories] [send message] @
  989. Abathun Takele Sahele: Abathun is President of the T&CWUIF, in Ethiopia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  990. Tria Donaldson: Tria is a communications officer for CUPE and would like to broaden their reach. She also blogs for Rabble and the Georgia Straight and regularly write content on labour disputes, activism and other topics. [recent stories] [send message] @
  991. Llewellyn Kenny: Llewellyn is a member of CUPE, in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  992. Terry Haekyong Shin: Terry is a LabourStart correspondent in South Korea. [recent stories] [send message] @
  993. Tessel Pauli: Tessel is based in the Netherlands and works as as Urgent Appeals Coordinator for the International Secretariat of the Clean Clothes Campaign. The Clean Clothes Campaign is a coalition of consumer organisations, trade unions, researchers, human rights groups and other organisations that aims to improve working conditions in the garment industry worldwide. There are national Clean Clothes Campaigns in 11 European countries. At the International Secretariat we often receive requests for international solidarity from our partners in garment-producing countries when garment workers' rights are violated at specific factories. Our activities (urgent appeals) to support these organisations and workers are writing letters of protest to companies or public authorities, launching large-scale public e-mail and fax campaigns directed to pressure companies or authorities to take action, send solidarity messages to workers and their organisations, etc. [recent stories] [send message] @
  994. Narenthra Rao: Narenthra is a member of the National Executive of the Natioal Union Of Bank Employees Malaysia (NUBE). [recent stories] [send message] @
  995. Thursday Balatucan: Thursday is a journalist and media person in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  996. Tichaona Fambisa: Tichaona is Coordinator for Southern Africa for PSI. [recent stories] [send message] @
  997. Geoff Tickle: Geoff is a lifetime member of the MUA in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  998. Tilakaasiri: Tilakaasiri is President of FTUDC Sri Lanka. [recent stories] [send message] @
  999. Tim Evanson: Tim is a LabourStart correspondent in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1000. Tim Gunstone: Tim is an external organizer for the NUW in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1001. Will Scott: Will is Organizer for Local 105 of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1002. Tilak Jang Khadka: Tilak is secretary general of CLASS Nepal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1003. Tamsin Lloyd: Tamsin works in National Communications for the Maritime Union of Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1004. Tracy MacMaster: Tracy is president of OPSEU's Toronto area council. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1005. Tristan Masat: Tristan is the Country Director for the Solidarity Center in Ukraine. He provides technical assistance in support of worker rights and democratic trade unions in the region. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1006. TN Labour Blog: TN Labour Blog is a volunteer collective that documents and researches on issues of labour and issues related to the working class in Tamil Nadu, India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1007. Tom Cassauwers: Tom is a member of ABVV union youth organisation in Belgium. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1008. Tom Grinter: Tom works as Communication, Campaigns Assistant for the ICEM in Geneva. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1009. Doug Cunningham: Doug is a news producer/anchor/reporter for Workers Independent News (WIN). They produce labor radio news heard on more than 200 U.S. radio stations. They do a daily radio newscast and a 15-minute twice a week internet radio news and interview program. Their news is distributed via web sites an a podcast as well as on the radio. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1010. Tom Harris: Tom is an intern at LabourStart. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1011. Toni Mast: Toni is ICT officer for Union to Union in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1012. Tony Burke: Tony is assistant general secretary at Unite, Britain's newest -- and largest -- trade union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1013. Gary Walton: Gary is a union rep for Unison. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1014. Tornike Gabinashvili: Tornike is the International Relations Specialist of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation and has been involved with numerous professional activities (manifestations, strikes, seminars, etc.) that the union has organized. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1015. Craig Bourne: Craig is a LabourStart correspondent in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1016. Jason Thomas: Jason is a member of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union - JeonGyoJo. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1017. Paula Geraghty: Paula makes media about workers disputes and has a channel called Trade Union TV (Ireland). [recent stories] [send message] @
  1018. Bill Trbovich: Bill is Director of Communications for the IAMAW in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1019. Danny McHugh: Danny is a LabourStart correspondent in Ireland and a member of SIPTU. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1020. Tula Connell: Tula works for the Solidarity Center. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1021. Kývanç Eliaçýk: Kývanç is Director of the International Relations Department at DISK - the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1022. Tye S.K. Jaye: Tye is secretary general of the National Trade Unions of Public Service and Allied Workers in Liberia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1023. Tymoteusz Staniucha: [recent stories] [send message] @
  1024. Zakhar Popovych: Zakhar is an independent LabourStart correspondent in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1025. Maxim Nechiporenko: Maxim is an independent LabourStart correspondent in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1026. Andrew Ishenko: Andrew is a member of Pryama Diya (Direct Action), independent student union in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1027. Illia Vlasiuk: Illia is a coordinator of Pryama Diya (Direct Action), independent student union in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1028. Volodymyr Ishenko: Volodimir is an editor of "Spilne" ("United"), journal on trade union and leftist policy and sociological studies in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1029. Nina Potarskaya: Nina is an independent LabourStart correspondent in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1030. Vitaliy Atanasov: Vitaliy is a coordinator of Workers’ Movement Archive in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1031. Sergij Ishenko: Sergij is an independent LabourStart correspondent in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1032. Sergey Hobotnya: Sergey is chair of the Chernigov Regional Committe of the AIWU in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1033. Jose Noel Alemania: Jose is the acting president of Nestle workers union and also the deputy general secretary of PAMANTIK-KMU(Unity of Workers in Southern Tagalog-May 1 Movement) in the Philippines. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1034. Matt Alley: Communications Specialist for the United Mine Workers of America's Communications Department/UMW Journal. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1035. Delia Gaskill: Delia is a communicator with Unifor Local 2002 (the airline division of Unifor) in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1036. Ben Traslavina: Ben works for the Maine AFL-CIO. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1037. Leanne Shingles: Leanne is Communications and Campaigns Officer for the Finance Sector Union of Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1038. Mariya Strauss: Mariya is Media Coordinator for the ILCA, in the United States. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1039. Richard Negri: Richard is a freelance writer, technology consultant and union activist. He publishes a blog at He's a member of the UAW National Writers Union in the USA and is currently the Health and Safety Director for SEIU Local 121RN based in Pasadena, California. He is co-leading on a Cal/OSHA workplace violence prevention standard campaign ( [recent stories] [send message] @
  1040. Michael Urminsky: Michael is a labour lawyer, and has worked with Canadian and International Unions and the International Labour Office. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1041. Peter Ussing: Peter is a member of PROSA, the union of IT Professionals in Denmark. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1042. Susan Duncan: Susan is web/communications officer for the Union of Taxation Employees / Syndicat des employé-e-s de l [recent stories] [send message] @
  1043. Valarie Hartling: Valarie was the full time President of CUPE local 2316, for 10 years. CUPE local 2316 represents the workers at the Children's Aid Society of Toronto. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1044. Tom Erik Vennesland: Tom Erik is a LabourStart correspondent in Norway. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1045. Vikesh Poojary: Vikesh is a LabourStart correspondent in India. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1046. Vikki Chan: Vikki works for the IHLO - the Hong Kong Liaison Office of the international trade union movement. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1047. Ville Henrik-Klemens: Ville works for the LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Cooperation in Sweden. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1048. Viola Wilkins: Viola is a long term community and union activist in Australia, and a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1049. Vitaliy Dudin: Vitaliy is an activist in the "Defence of Labour" trade union and "Left Opposition" in Ukraine. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1050. Vittorio Longhi: Vittorio Longhi is an Italian labour and political journalist. He writes for the Italian leftist daily il Manifesto and for the CGIL trade union's weekly Rassegna Sindacale. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1051. John Villiers: John is based in Lesotho. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1052. Vladimir Komov: Vladimir is an organiser for the Confederation of Labor of Russia (KTR). He was earlier a mechanic on the metro coach plant, which situated near Moscow, where he became an active member of the trade union Zashchita (“Defence”) [recent stories] [send message] @
  1053. Valerie Nichols: Valerie is Operations & Development Manager for the China Labour Bulletin. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1054. Ryan Larue: Ryan is a member of IUOE local 870 in Canada. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1055. Wade Rathke: Wade is the Chief Organizer of ACORN International. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1056. Christer Walivaara: Christer is general secretary of the Nordic Federation of Building and Wood Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1057. Warren Bone: Warren worked for Unite, the largest union in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1058. Bill Bumpus: Bill Bumpus works for Union Web Services in Massachusetts. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1059. Peter Wegenschimmel: Peter is an activist at the Inicjatywa Pracownicza in Warsaw, born in Austria, studying sociology in Warsaw, working together with the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung. In his research he is working on the prospects of including migrant-workers into trade unions. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1060. Benjamin Weinthal: Benjamin Weinthal worked for 10 years as a union representative and organizer in the New York City labor movement. He worked for 1199 SEIU and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 966. He is currently based in Berlin,Germany and is the Labor Notes Correspondent for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and writes for both American and German-language publications. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1061. Mark Bowers: Mark is Director of the Yukon Employees Union/PSAC [recent stories] [send message] @
  1062. Kevin Jones: Kevin runs the Safety at Work blog - [recent stories] [send message] @
  1063. Wilke Witte: Wilke is a LabourStart correspondent in Berlin. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1064. William Johnson: Will is one of the editors at Labor Notes, in the USA. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1065. Willie Terry: Wllie is a retired member of CSEA/AFSCME unions. He is a trustee officer for the Troy Area Labor Council, in New York. He currently hosts a radio show called "Labor Talk" on WOOC 105.3 FM in Troy, NY. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1066. Dave Greenstein: Dave represents and advises workers in the UK. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1067. Ben Atteberry: Ben is a long-time member and activist in U.S. union movement; a member of Int'l Association Bridge Structural Ornamental Ironworkers (ret'd.), American Federation of State County Municipal Employees (ret'd), and the Industrial Workers of the World (active, delegate). He says, "I'd like to be able to report content concerning the IWW as I believe that industrial solidarity unionism provides an alternative paradigm of significant importance, especially concerning younger generations seeking alternatives to current trade union models." [recent stories] [send message] @
  1068. Yahia: Yahia is a trade unionist in Yemen. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1069. NG Yap Hwa: Yap is Communication Assistant for IndustriALL Global Union Southeast Asia Office, in Malaysia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1070. Yasitha Sameera: Yasitha is a member of the All Ceylon Bank Employees Union. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1071. Yasmine Mather: Works with the Solidarity Campaign With Iranian Workers. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1072. Yasmin Prabhudas: Yasmin works for the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). [recent stories] [send message] @
  1073. Yoorie Chang: Yoorie graduated from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, and hopes to contribute news of young people involved in organising and the labour movement primarily from the US. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1074. Lennon Ying-Dah Wong: Wong is General Secretary of the First Commercial Bank Industrial Union (FCBIU) in Taiwan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1075. Yee Ting Ma: Yee Ting Ma is a member of the International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN). [recent stories] [send message] @
  1076. Yi-Han: [recent stories] [send message] @
  1077. Yu Bin Chiu: [recent stories] [send message] @
  1078. Alexander Zaharkin: Alexander is a LabourStart correspondent in Russia. He is chairman of a regional alliance "Profsvoboda" trade union organizations SOTSPROF in Khanty-Yugra. He began his trade union activities with the establishment of the primary trade union organization "Surgutneftegaz" in 2006. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1079. Zita D. Allen: Director of Communications for District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, which represents 120,000 municipal employees in the city of New York and 50,000 retirees. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1080. Zely Ariane: Zely Ariane is a political and women's right activist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1081. Zehra Khan: Zehra is General Secretary of the Home Based Women Workers Federation in Pakistan. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1082. Zoe Reynolds: Zoe is the MUA media and communications officer in Australia. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1083. Laure Akai: Laure is an activist of Union of Syndicalists and National Federation of Labor, a new union with a few portals, including the relatively new Pracownik. [recent stories] [send message] @
  1084. Zubair Ashraf: Zubair is a LabourStart intern. [recent stories] [send message] @