The LabourStart calendar.

Published by LabourStart: September 2013

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All proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to support LabourStart's campaigning activities.

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The 2014 wall calendar that should hang in every union office

LabourStart has produced a calendar celebrating some of the important workers' struggles around the world in the last year or so.

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Below, you can preview the images we've used this year. We have used photos from all around the world, from the USA to Hong Kong. Many of the photos come from campaigns which you, as LabourStart supporters, have helped directly: the Hong Kong dockers, Peruvian civil servants, and Turkish trade unionists fighting as part of the Taksim Solidarity movement.

Next year we'll be asking for photos from LabourStart's partners and supporters for a 2015 calendar, so keep your camera handy!

The Korean union KGEU stages a sit in for union rights.  South African trade unionists protest against the practices of labour brokers.  Members of Egypt's free trade union movement on a protest during the Arab Spring.  Hong Kong's dockers during their 40 day strike in 2013.  Workers in India show solidarity with their comrades in Bangladesh on a May Day march.  Turkish riot police attack trade unionists with tear gas during the Gezi Park protests.  Peruvian civil servants protest against attacks on their union rights.  Australian workers celebrate the dropping of charges against activist Bob Carnegie.  Supporters of striking Chilean dockers parade through the streets.  A worker from the militant '3 Cosas' campaign of outsourced staff in the University of London gives a speech.  Workers from Metal-Is at the LabourStart 2011 Global Solidarity Conference in Istanbul.  Walmart workers on strike during Black Friday in 2012.