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Labour Court fees hike riles unions 2020-09-18 [Elitsha]

'Government agents are still pursuing us' 2020-09-16 [Daily News]

ZCTU bemoans criminalisation of trade unionism 2020-09-16 [BusinessTech]

Hotels-Cum-Quarantine Centres Ignore Covid-19 Rules – ZCTU 2020-09-15 [New Zimbabwe]

Tripartite Negotiating Forum a monumental failure: ZCTU 2020-09-13 [Daily News]

ZCTU calls for stricter mine inspections as country records two accidents in a day 2020-09-11 [Elitsha]

Nurses end three-month strike over pay 2020-09-09 [Daily Maverick]

ZCTU to engage govt over former farm workers’ compensation 2020-09-06 [PIndula News]

No going back on strikes: ZCTU 2020-09-01 [NewsDay]

Teachers to join protests 2020-08-31 [Bulawayo24]

Workers not giving govt a break, devise new protest methods 2020-08-30 [ZimEye]

ZCTU plans workplace-based strikes 2020-08-29 [Pindula News]

SAFTU condemns Zimbabwe government for corruption 2020-08-28 [SAFTU]

ZCTU plots lunch hour protests 2020-08-28 [Bulawayo24]

Teachers’ strike continues as government announces examination dates 2020-08-28 [Elitsha]

Unions campaign for Covid-19 awareness in Zimbabwe 2020-08-27 [IndustriALL]

ZCTU Calls For National Strike 2020-08-26 [ZimEye]

Govt, ZCTU showdown looms as labour mobilises for lunch-time protests 2020-08-26 [New Zimbabwe]

Union signs historic agreement on health and safety vs. COVID-19 2020-08-26 [BWI]

ZCTU SG speaks on the effects of RBZ’s abolition of mobile money platforms 2020-08-23 [Pindula News]

Mugabe dared the ZCTU to form its own political party and regretted it all his life 2020-08-20 [ZimEye]

Court bars recognized lawyer from representing jailed journalist 2020-08-19 [IFJ]

ZCTU endorses Catholic Bishops' letter 2020-08-18 [Bulawayo24]

Striking nurses struck off July payroll 2020-08-14 [Elitsha]

Labour organisations pile pressure on Mnangagwa 2020-08-14 [Bulawayo24]

ZCTU urges govt to allow them to attend next month’s negotiation forum 2020-08-14 [Pindula News]

Zimbabwe is in the vicious grip of a failed liberation movement, says Numsa 2020-08-13 [Zimbabwe Situation]

Liberators have turned oppressors: ZCTU 2020-08-12 [NewsDay]

Zimbabweans look back to Ian Smith’s Regime with nostalgia – ZCTU 2020-08-12 [New Zimbabwe]

Zimbabwe’s young workers dance ahead of International Youth Day 2020-08-11 [BWI]

Mnangagwa told to stop harassing workers 2020-08-11 [Bulawayo24]

AUC, ITUC-Africa urge govt to protect human rights amidst covid-19 pandemic 2020-08-11 [Leadership]

ZCTU to name and shame firms exposing workers to Covid-19 risks 2020-08-08 [New Zimbabwe]

UNI condemns Zimbabwe for labelling trade union as terrorists 2020-08-06 [UNI Global Union]

Zimbabwean government labels union “terrorist organization” 2020-08-06 [IndustriALL]

ZCTU boss vows more worker protests in the wake of activist crackdown 2020-08-05 [allAfrica]

BWI: 'Zimbabwean trade unionists are not terrorists!' 2020-08-04 [BWI]

Private doctors send distress call 2020-08-04 [Bulawayo 24]

We Cannot Work On Empty Stomachs, Health Workers Tell Govt 2020-08-04 [The Conversation]

ZCTU Won’t Relent Until Govt Addresses Workers’ Grievances – Mutasa 2020-08-04 [Pindula News]

ZCTU boss vows more worker protests in the wake of activist crackdown 2020-08-04 [New Zimbabwe]

Denounce Patrick Chinamasa: ITUC 2020-08-02 [Daily News]

“We Are Not Terrorists”: ZCTU 2020-07-29 [ZimEye]

Zimbabwe Union, Leader, Targeted in Advance of Worker Protests For more info 2020-07-28 [Solidarity Center]

ZCTU demands $600 US minimum wage 2020-07-27 [Newsdze]

Everyday shall be a day of protests – Mutasa 2020-07-27 [Newsday]

Everyday shall be a day of protests 2020-07-27 [Zimbabwe Daily]

Zim a failed State: ZCTU 2020-07-26 [NewsDay]

ZCTU backs rural teachers’ call for better pay 2020-07-22 [Pindula News]

CFNU appealing to Zimbabwe government on behalf of Canada's nurses  ActNOW!  2020-07-19 [CFNU]

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