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Unions condemn anti-strike laws in Zimbabwe 2023-02-02 [IndustriALL]

ZCTU petitions Mavima over workers abuses at Manhidze Steel Company 2023-01-31 [New Zimbabwe]

Govt railroads anti-labour laws: ITUC 2023-01-18 [NewsDay]

ITUC condemns draconian new laws 2023-01-14 [ITUC]

ZCTU blasts Parliament for passing ‘illegal’ Health Services Act; health workers face jail for striking under statute 2023-01-13 [New Zimbabwe]

Government threatens health workers with jail if they strike 2023-01-12 [The Derrick]

Union demands daytime duties for female security guards 2023-01-05 [The Chronicle]

You simply rebranded POSA to MOPA, prove us wrong – ZCTU tells government 2022-12-27 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU threatens to boycott TNF meetings 2022-12-24 [Zimbabwe Independent]

ZCTU bemoans shrinking civic space; accuses govt of smuggling back ‘repressive colonial laws’ 2022-12-22 [New Zimbabwe]

Power cuts spell doom on jobs 2022-12-10 [Zimbabwe Independent]

Private security to get police training 2022-12-03 [Elitsha]

ZCTU blasts Mthuli Ncube's paltry 2023 budget tax free threshold 2022-12-01 [Bulawayo24 News]

Government, social partners sign MoU on Decent Work Country Programme 2022-11-30 [The Chronicle]

Govt, unions confer over labour migration 2022-11-30 [ZWNEWS]

ZCTU blasts Mthuli Ncube’s paltry 2023 budget tax free threshold 2022-11-30 [New Zimbabwe]

Freedom of expression under threat as cabinet approves Patriotic Bill” 2022-11-25 [Pindula ]

ZCTU raises alarm over Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2022-11-24 [263 Chat]

ZCTU urges private sector to pay bonuses in US dollars 2022-11-22 [Pindula ]

More than 4 000 Zim doctors and nurses left country in 2021 in ‘US dollar’ pay row 2022-11-21 [IOL]

Workers in Zimbabwe’s food industry mobilize against repression, unpaid wages 2022-11-21 [People's Dispatch]

Public sector unions to receive annual bonuses 2022-11-18 [Elitsha]

ZCTU challenges employers on bonus 2022-11-17 [Zimbabwe Independent]

Workers to re-intensify campaign vs. asbestos 2022-11-16 [BWI]

Workers to re-intensify campaign vs. asbestos 2022-11-15 [BWI]

Unionists strengthen organising and negotiation initiatives in wood and forestry industry 2022-11-12 [BWI]

Chinese firms in horrendous labour violations – says ZCTU 2022-10-28 [New Zimbabwe]

Zimbabwe struggles to end child labour 2022-10-22 [Elitsha]

ZCTU urges government not to evoke painful Gukurahundi memories 2022-10-19 [New Zimbabwe]

ZCTU faces collapse 2022-10-14 [Elitsha]

Unemployment reaches all-time high, trade union calls for solutions 2022-10-05 [Briefly News]

Trade union paints bleak picture of economy 2022-09-29 [The Zimbabwe Mail]

Teachers’ union vows full blown strike on Monday 2022-09-25 [The Mail]

ZCTU slams rising ‘judicial activism’ and brutality against workers, threatens demonstrations 2022-09-15 [New Zimbabwe]

Journalist assaulted by party security officers amid increased attacks on media workers 2022-09-14 [IFJ]

I earned more as a farmworker in South Africa than as a maths teacher in Zimbabwe 2022-09-07 [GroundUp]

Fired nurses union leader plans to appeal against dismissal 2022-08-23 [Pindula ]

Stop persecution of nurses: ZCTU 2022-08-18 [NewsDay]

Education unions commit to unite to advance social dialogue and quality education 2022-08-12 [Education International]

ZCTU urges Mnangagwa to fulfil his promises to civil servants 2022-08-11 [Pindula ]

Create jobs through your budgets, ZCTU tells Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube 2022-08-08 [New Zimbabwe]

Education unions commit to unite to advance social dialogue and quality education 2022-08-05 [Education International]

The Women In Zimbabwe Building Gender Equality, Brick By Brick 2022-07-28 [Worldcrunch]

Govt divides workers’ unions… pays medical aid for some 2022-07-25 [Newsday]

Massive civil service strike looms 2022-07-25 [Bulawayo 24]

Zimbabwean government labels union “terrorist organization” 2020-08-06 [IndustriALL]

ZCTU blasts Security Minister over ‘reckless' coup claims, threats 2020-10-01 [New Zimbabwe]

Nurses ‘reluctant' to take COVID vaccine: Union 2021-02-27 [CGTN Africa]

Corruption is the elephant in the room — ZCTU 2020-06-21 [Daily News]

Mugabe was a Pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to emancipation – ZCTU 2019-09-11 [Diggers News]

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