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Mineworkers union leader: ‘Please stand with Ukraine and help us win this war’ 2022-11-23 [Green Left Weekly]

Australian labour council donates emergency radios to Ukrainian miners union For more info 2022-11-18 [European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine]

Government threatens confiscation of trade union property 2022-11-17 [Brave New Europe]

Svitlana Samosud, President, Agro-Industrial Workers Union of Ukraine, Fighting for Freedom in Ukraine 2022-11-15 [IUF]

IFJ reaffirms support to its affiliates 2022-10-29 [IFJ]

Solidarity with Ukraine: Education unionists from the United States and Poland meet with colleagues in Ukraine 2022-10-21 [Education International]

Ukrainian unions: understand our situation! For more info 2022-09-29 [European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine]

ILO scales up its assistance to Ukraine 2022-09-26 [ILO]

Nuclear unions in solidarity with Ukrainian workers 2022-09-24 [IndustriALL]

Nuclear unions in solidarity with Ukrainian workers 2022-09-23 [IndustriALL]

Coal miners defy national protest ban to go on strike 2022-09-22 [Brave New Europe]

We demand justice for Georgy Gongadze 2022-09-19 [EFJ]

Report from Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpen – Barbarism of the Russian Invasion 2022-09-11 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

New Aid Delivery To Ukrainian Trade Unions 2022-09-11 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

Unions Strive to Keep Ukraine’s Mines Running, Protect Civilians and Appeal for Solidarity 2022-09-11 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

Polish educators in full solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues and children 2022-09-06 [Education International]

Russian rocket destroys office of journalists’ union in Kharkiv 2022-09-01 [EFJ]

Unions helping Ukrainian refugees fight for their rights in Poland 2022-09-01 [UNI Global Union]

KVPU Women's Committee: Promoting Convention 190 and joining work on CEDAW alternative report 2020-04-23 [KVPU]

Independent trade union of the PJSC 'Sukha Balka' is facing pressure in the fight for labor rights For more info 2017-12-01 [КВПУ]

Trade unions strongly oppose new law that undermines labour rights, collective bargaining, and democracy 2022-08-31 [EI]

Inspection of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant must address workers' health and safety 2022-08-27 [EPSU]

MFRR partners reiterate call for safety and support of media 6 months after invasion 2022-08-25 [EFJ]

Education International condemns Russian attacks against teachers and education in occupied territories 2022-08-25 [Education International]

More Attacks on Rights of Ukrainian Workers For more info 2022-08-23 [Solidarity Center]

Amid Putin’s war, criticism of Zelensky’s anti-labour laws grow 2022-08-22 [Green Left Weekly]

International effort to support journalists in Ukraine 2022-08-19 [EFJ]

Unions united for peace in Ukraine ?? 2022-03-19 [UNI]

Increased support to journalists in Ukraine 2022-08-15 [EFJ]

Support workers' struggle for labour and union rights  ActNOW!  2022-08-13 [BWI]

Support workers' struggle for labour and union rights  ActNOW!  2022-08-11 [BWI]

Union aid: support Ukraine mineworkers' resistance 2022-08-10 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

While workers defend the country, parliament turns against them  ActNOW!  2022-08-09 [ITUC]

Ukraine: Global unions urge Zelensky to veto anti-worker laws  ActNOW!  2022-08-09 [GLW]

Podcast: In Midst of War, Ukrainian Parliament Attacks Worker Rights For more info  ActNOW!  2022-08-09 [Solidarity Center]

Update on Ukraine 2022-07-28 [IndustriALL]

How Ukrainian Trade Union members are supporting their fellow Ukrainians 2022-07-27 [ILO]

Methane explosion in the coal mine ‘Novodonetska': four miners got serious injuries For more info 2017-06-13 [kvpu.org.ua]

Miners of mine ‘Rodynska' are ready to start a hunger strike underground if wage arrears aren't be paid For more info 2017-11-02 [KVPU]

The court closed the case of the protest of 94 workers of uranium mine “Ingulska” without considering For more info 2018-02-12 [http://kvpu.org.ua]

Miners of the SOE ‘Selydivvugillia' refuse to work without payment For more info 2019-02-18 [KVPU]

The photo exhibition 'For a decent and safe work” has opened in Kyiv For more info 2017-04-28 [kvpu.org.ua]

Sex Worker's March in Ukraine: “We have the right to work” 2017-04-08 [politicalcritique]

PSAC extends solidarity to the people of Ukraine  2022-03-03 [PSAC]

Raivis Veckagans: “We will cooperate with all trade unions and look for compromise solutions for development of each port” 2017-01-13 [Hellenic Port News]

“A great humanitarian tragedy” 2022-03-09 [IndustriALL]

Titel på jobbet 2022-02-23 [Arbetet Global]

”Our main priority now is employment protection for those who will have to go to war” 2022-02-24 [Arbetet Global]

New labour law could ‘open Pandora's box' for workers 2022-05-28 [Brave New Europe]

Russian Invasion – EFFAT stands in Solidarity with Ukrainian People 2022-03-18 [EFFAT]

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