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Nurses and healthcare workers call on Suter Health to correct egregious payroll errors and provide remedies to all affected workers 2022-08-06 [National Nurses United]

Amy’s Kitchen closes San Jose facility after workers seek to form a union 2022-08-05 [Prism]

The Machine that Ate People: Tech, Spying Emotions, AI, Algorythms & Worker's Dystopia With Peter Mantello For more info 2022-08-05 [LVP]

Kaiser mental health workers signal open-ended strike in Northern California 2022-08-04 [CalMatters]

United Farm Workers begin march to Sacramento 2022-08-04 [KION]

Postproduction Workers at ShadowMachine Unionize With the Editors Guild 2022-08-04 [The Hollywood Reporter]

Port of Oakland reopens as trucker protest moves to free speech zone 2022-07-26 [CBS]

Hundreds of SEIU 1021 SF Non-profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic Workers Strike For Living Wages For more info 2022-07-28 [LVP]

Farmworkers join California Labor Federation as Lorena Gonzalez takes over 2022-07-28 [The Times]

Workers & Delegates Speak Out At 2022 CA Labor Federation Convention For more info 2022-07-27 [LVP]

Strike Could Be Coming to West Hollywood Pavilions Pharmacy 2022-07-25 [WeHo Times]

Privatization of The Port of Oakland, Community Colleges & K-12 Education For more info 2022-07-24 [LVP]

California Port closes gate for third day amid protests 2022-07-21 [Bloomberg]

A West Coast port worker union is fighting robots. The stakes for the supply chain are high 2022-07-23 [CNBC]

Agriculture labor board helps Oxnard strawberry workers resolve complaint 2022-07-23 [Ventura County Star]

At tainted San Francisco shipyard, is ‘safe' site really safe? Pelosi Says It's Safe 'it is important to remember that the Navy and EPA have confirmed that people who live on, work at and visit the Hunters Point area are safe.' For more info 2018-05-06 [SF Chronicle]

Tesla factory is ‘hotbed for racist behaviour,' worker claims in class-action lawsuit 2017-11-14 [The Financial Post]

Musk's Tesla Accused Of Ignoring ‘Pervasive Harassment' At Workplace 2017-03-01 [Daily Caller]

Two Univ CA Unions To Strike Next Week, UCOP Calls Decisions to Strike “Unfortunate” 2019-03-16 [Daily Nexus]

“Our struggles as students are intertwined with the struggles of workers”: A.S. Senate Endorses Upcoming AFSCME Strike 2019-11-11 [U Cal Daily Nexus]

Los Angeles Times Guild Demands Management Answers On “Shadow Newsroom” Operations 2018-01-28 [Deadline]

Navy does damage control for Pelosi, Feinstein and Lennar as it continues to claim Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard are ‘safe' For more info 2018-07-06 [SFbayview]

Randy “Ironstache” Bryce and Mayor Garcetti to Address 1,000 Workers! 2018-03-11 [LAFed]

Graduate Students Stage “Grade-In” to Protest Working Conditions 2017-12-24 [The Guardian]

‘Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Justin Roiland: “Fuck The Union” 2017-09-17 [Cartoon Brew]

High-powered voices join dispute at 2 LA radio stations over ‘cheap and sometimes free labor' 2017-08-28 [LADaily News]

Rancho Palos Verdes voters to decide on worker salaries and panic buttons — but not until 2019 2018-07-19 [The Times]

Writers Guild West Set to Develop ‘Mission Statement' to Address Sexual Harassment, Discrimination 2017-12-20 [LMT]

Grocery Workers “Overwhelmingly” Approve New Contract, Avoiding Strike 2019-09-15 [Los Feliz Ledger]

Morongo Casino placed on union group's no-patronize list; tribe rejects ‘bad faith' claim 2017-12-06 [The Press-Enterprise]

With Trump in office, Cesar Chavez marchers move from ‘si, se puede' to ‘resiste' 2017-03-26 [Sacramento Bee]

The city big oil built: When industrial disaster strikes, residents must “shelter in place” 2017-01-15 [Salon]

Bay Area Workers Urge Federal Judge to Rule Quickly to Protect Local Services from Illegal Trump “Sanctuary City” Order 2017-04-16 [SEIU Local 1021]

Health care workers' union declares itself a ‘sanctuary union 2017-04-09 [SF Examiner]

Tech shuttle companies hire replacements for union bus drivers — who haven't voted to strike 2018-08-29 [The Examiner]

Oakland workers suspend strike — but no contract in place 2017-12-12 [SFGate]

Hundreds of Union Workers Flood City Hall, Request it ‘Close the Gap' 2019-01-18 [SFWeekly]

Hotel Housekeepers to Rally for a “Hotel Housekeepers' Bill of Rights.” 2019-03-27 [The Lookout]

Henry “Hank” Lacayo - Labor leader marched with Chavez 2017-05-11 [Thousand Oaks Acorn]

Complaint alleges California dialysis providers—including Fresenius—discriminate against Latino and Asian patients 2022-01-13 [UNI Global Union]

Tesla Labor Battle Over “Fair and Responsible Workplace” Could Affect Taxpayer Rebates 2018-07-02 [Clean Technica]

AFL-CIO “Solidarity Center”, a Tool of US Imperialism? For more info 2021-12-06 [Pacifica]

IATSE Members “Deserve Respect” Says Union As Strike Authorization Ballots Hit Inboxes This AM 2021-10-04 [Deadline]

Sacramento City Educators Vote to Strike in Protest of ‘Massive Unfair Labor Practices' 2019-03-16 [FOX40]

Santa Clara SEIU workers voting on county's ‘last, best' contract offer 2019-10-24 [Gilroy Dispatch]

CA Attorney General Says Our Courts Confirm, Uber and Lyft Are Trying to Evade the Law by Illegally Classifying Their Drivers as “Independent Contractors” 2020-10-24 [Sierra Sun Times]

“There Are So Many Things That We Can Learn From This Strike” 2019-02-09 [Jacobin]

Rep. Ro Khanna on a Public Takeover of PG&E: “Why Can't We Provide Power to Our Own Citizens?” 2020-01-09 [Jacobin]

City of Coachella passes ‘Hero Pay' raise for essential workers, including farmworkers 2021-02-10 [News Channel 3]

Hundreds Of Doctors, Nurses And Other ‘Medicare For All' Advocates Rally In Front Of American Medical Association Meeting 2019-06-10 [ KHN]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-08-1917 Frank H. Little, anti-war activist & IWW organiser is lynched in Butte, Montana. He was on IWW's Exec Board when he was killed. [more]

1-08-1942 American Federation of Musicians strikes against recording companies over royalty payments, most settling within a year. [more]

3-08-1981 The PATCO strike begins, effectively shutting down air travel in the US. 2 days later President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and broke the union. [more]

3-08-1821 Uriah Smith Stephens born. A tailor, he led 9 garment workers in founding the Knights of Labor in 1869. [more]

4-08-1997 185,000 members of the Teamsters begin a successful 15-day strike at UPS. [more]

5-08-1981 President Reagan sacks 11000 federal air traffic controllers for striking and refusing his order to return to work. [more]

7-08-1890 Birth of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, IWW organiser and founder of the ACLU. [more]

7-08-1919 Actors Equity becomes a recognised union after stagehands honour actors' picket lines. [more]

7-08-1894 Eugene Debs & three union leaders arrested following the Pullman strike. [more]

8-08-1881 United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America forms & becomes one of the largest trade unions in the US. [more]

9-08-1890 Knights of Labor strike on the New York Central railroad; ends in defeat due to scab labour. [more]

10-08-1935 Transport workers in New York descend on a courthouse with money from their own pockets to bail out Mike Quill, their president, arrested after attending a picket line. [more]

11-08-1828 Workingmen’s Party, first US labour party, forms in Philadelphia. [more]

11-08-1894 Troops force 1200 jobless workers out of Washington, DC, including Jack London & Big Bill Haywood. [more]

17-08-1985 A yearlong strike begins at the Hormel meat packing plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

17-08-1918 95 members of the IWW were jailed for resistance to the First World War. [more]

18-08-1927 Radio station WEVD - named for IWW labour leader Eugene V Debs – goes on the air in New York City. [more]

19-08-1909 IWW issues first edition of the “Little Red Song Book”. [more]

21-08-1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion begins, Southampton County, Virginia, 56 slaves executed, 120 killed. [more]

22-08-1965 5 flight attendants form an association to defend themselves against an industry requiring women not to marry, retire at 32 and comply with criteria of weight, height and appearance; it becomes the AFA. [more]

23-08-1970 Led by César Chávez, the Salad Bowl strike, largest farm worker strike in US history, begins. [more]

25-08-1950 President Truman ordered the federal government to seize control of the railroads in order to prevent a planned strike by 1.7m union members. [more]

25-08-1925 The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, is founded. [more]

26-08-1935 United Auto Workers union founded. [more]

28-08-1987 John Sayles's film “Matewan” about attempts to organise a union by coal miners is released. [more]

29-08-1921 West Virginia miners marching to free their imprisoned comrades face state forces and private detectives in the five-day "Battle of Blair Mountain." [more]

31-08-1939 Mexican-American women workers walkout at California Sanitary Canning Company, winning a union contract and wage increase. [more]

31-08-1933 Italian-American labour organizer Giovanni Pippan murdered during organizing campaign of bread wagon drivers in Chicago. [more]

31-08-1999 Detroit teachers start 9-day wildcat strike, winning "books, supplies, smaller class sizes" & 4% raise. [more]