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Harland and Wolff deal set to safeguard jobs at historic shipyard 2019-08-17 [GMB]

Labour commitment to empower councils to 'save our shops' is welcomed by Usdaw 2019-08-17 [USDAW]

Ryanair bully boy tactics puts travel plans at risk 2019-08-17 [BALPA]

East Midlands Trains - RMT members rock solid again this morning 2019-08-17 [RMT]

#DownTools as part of the SoA’s annual Summer Challenge 2019-08-16 [Society of Authors]

Hinkley Point mental health issues must be wake up call for construction industry 2019-08-16 [Unite the union]

Unite signs groundbreaking hospitality charter with the Stand comedy club including Edinburgh fringe venues 2019-08-16 [Unite the union]

British Steel - exclusive talks with preferred bidder 2019-08-16 [GMB]

All-women shortlists must not be ‘meddled with’ 2019-08-16 [UNISON]

Thousands protest against Asda's ‘crippling workers with poverty pay’ 2019-08-16 [Morning Star]

Peterloo was the massacre that led to a new democratic era 2019-08-16 [The Guardian]

Rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages in past 10 years, finds TUC 2019-08-15 [TUC]

Government only doing ‘half the job’ by replacing police officers 2019-08-15 [UNISON]

TSSA Response to First Trenitalia takeover of West Coast mainline 2019-08-15 [TSSA]

'Call for justice remains unanswered' two years on from start of Grenfell inquiry 2019-08-15 [FBU]

Government urged not to sell out UK food workers as ‘chlorinated chicken threatens jobs’, warns Unite 2019-08-15 [Unite the union]

BALPA calls on Ryanair to attend ACAS talks to resolve current pilot dispute 2019-08-15 [BALPA]

Italian job on West Coast Mainline tightens foreign grip on UK rail operations 2019-08-15 [RMT]

No-deal Brexit would raise inflation and shrink the economy, says TUC 2019-08-14 [TUC]

Time to Halt Abellio Takeover of East Midlands Trains - Cortes 2019-08-13 [TSSA]

Contracted railway workers to walk out against ‘appalling’ management conduct 2019-08-13 [Morning Star]

TSSA Statement on Caledonia Sleeper Brakes Failure 2019-08-13 [TSSA]

Asda forced worker to choose: stop caring for disabled son or lose job 2019-08-12 [GMB]

Survey of UK gaming industry reveals long hours culture and bullying claims 2019-08-12 [BECTU]

RMT announces further strike action by rail renewals workers at Clarke Chapman Facilities Management 2019-08-12 [RMT]

Food workers rise up: the fight for £15 an hour begins 2019-08-12 [Morning Star]

Unite - Potential British Steel buyers must talk to us about securing a long-term future 2019-08-11 [Unite the union]

Boris blamed for power cut chaos that brought Britain to standsill 2019-08-11 [Metro]

Real pay cut for millions of lower and middle paid workers, TUC analysis reveals 2019-08-10 [TUC]

Government urged to drop post-Brexit prohibition on environmental disclosure 2019-08-10 [NUJ]

Urgent Answers Needed Over Major Power Failure 2019-08-10 [TSSA]

Stop the pensions robbery, reduce contributions by 2% 2019-08-09 [PCS]

Serco should be stripped of Sleeper service after stranded passengers forced to pay for tickets to London 2019-08-09 [TSSA]

DVSA IT workers to strike for 1 month 2019-08-09 [PCS]

10% increase in fires met with more government complacency 2019-08-09 [FBU]

Prime Minister’s no-deal threat is ‘toxic’ for the economy, says TUC 2019-08-09 [TUC]

Ryanair pilots in Ireland vote to strike over pay 2019-08-09 [Guardian]

English PEN guidelines for authors attending literary festivals 2019-08-09 [Society of Authors]

Three quarters of public support tax rises for social care - poll 2019-08-08 [GMB]

Stop “painful” hold up of improving our pensions, firefighters say 2019-08-08 [FBU]

‘Think again’ UNISON tells government on LGPS plans 2019-08-08 [UNISON]

Boris Johnson’s new Brexit chief wants to scrap Theresa May’s commitment on workers’ rights 2019-08-08 [Independent ]

Sale of BT Fleet Ltd to Aurelius For more info 2019-08-08 [CWU]

Unite calls for toxic cabin air inquiry after British Airways fume event 2019-08-07 [Unite the union]

Doctors are not the only ones who need NHS pensions help, says UNISON 2019-08-07 [UNISON]

Honour your living wage promise PCS tells Boris Johnson 2019-08-07 [PCS]

FBU members should say no to below-inflation offer 2019-08-07 [Socialist Worker]

Asda Employees Set To Protest Over 'Punitive' New Contracts 2019-08-06 [Huffington Post]

HMRC pay award 'unfair, unbalanced and inadequate' 2019-08-06 [PCS]

A phone call or your life? – Choose LIFE and let it ring – Road Safety Campaign message! 2019-08-06 [CWU]

This month in labour history

6-08-1914 The Labour Leader, the newspaper of the Independent Labour Party, publishes an anti-war appeal to workers. [more]

8-08-1920 The country sees large 'citizen demonstrations' against intervention in Soviet Russia. [more]

8-08-1842 Thousands of mill and factory workers across Lancashire walk out in support of the People's Charter. [more]

9-08-1920 The TUC and the Labour Party agree to move a resolution for a general strike if Britain declares war on Soviet Russia. [more]

11-08-1917 LAbour politician Arthur Henderson resigns from the war cabinet over its refusal to allow workers' representatives to attend the Stockholm peace conference. [more]

12-08-1933 London taxi drivers go on strike against the wishes of their union. [more]

13-08-1889 The beginning of the great dockers strike [more]

16-08-1819 Yeoman attack a crowd gathered in MAnchester to demand parliamentary reform, in what becomes known as the Peterloo Massacre. [more]

23-08-1976 Fifty workers at the Grunwick film processing plant in north west London go on strike for the right to join a trade union. [more]