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RMT on Hull Trains suspending operations from midnight 2020-03-29 [RMT]

Firefighters to deliver food, drive ambulances and retrieve dead bodies 2020-03-29 [Union News]

GMB warns of looming NHS staffing crisis as PPE shortage takes its toll 2020-03-29 [Union News]

Wren Kitchens sacks staff … then invites them back after coronavirus crisis 2020-03-29 [Union News]

RMT issues list of bus safety demands 2020-03-29 [Union News]

Unite issues appeal for evidence of over-crowded construction sites 2020-03-29 [Union News]

A message from CWU General Secretary 2020-03-29 [CWU]

Postal workers receive thanks from United Nations body 2020-03-29 [The National]

Royal Mail deliveries under threat as union leaders urge workers to call in sick rather than risk contracting coronavirus while postmen say slam lack of protective equipment 2020-03-29 [Daily Mail]

Carluccio’s accused of cynical wage theft during coronavirus crisis 2020-03-28 [Unite the union]

Unite statement on CPCS Emergency Covid-19 Card ‘profiteering’ 2020-03-28 [Unite the union]

Nespresso finds child labor at three Guatemalan coffee farms 2020-03-28 [https://news.trust.org/]

Public sector workers deserve recognition for their brilliant response to massive challenges 2020-03-28 [PCS]

Agencies must support supply staff in education sector 2020-03-28 [NEU]

Tackle climate crisis and poverty with zeal of Covid-19 fight, scientists urge 2020-03-28 [The Guardian]

UK to use firefighters to deliver food, collect bodies in coronavirus crisis 2020-03-27 [JP]

#Clapforcarers: why grassroots solidarity against Coronavirus matters 2020-03-27 [Opendemocracy]

‘Brave’ education staff in open schools need extra protection during COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-27 [EI]

New wage support measures a step forward for self-employed workers, says TUC 2020-03-27 [TUC]

COVID-19: Firefighters to deliver food and medicines, drive ambulances, and retrieve bodies 2020-03-27 [FBU]

Elderly and rural communities left cashless amid coronavirus crisis 2020-03-27 [GMB]

Horizon: Commission orders ‘largest-ever’ Court of Appeal referral 2020-03-27 [CWU]

Freelance package offers hope, but also problems 2020-03-27 [NUJ]

Diageo workers call for shutdown amid covid-19 safety fears 2020-03-27 [Unite the union]

Official line needed now on construction site closures 2020-03-27 [Construction Enquirer]

US-Britain trade talks must cease until pandemic is over, charities urge 2020-03-27 [Morning Star]

C-19 crisis throws precarity of work into sharp relief 2020-03-27 [Morning Star]

McCluskey's call to chancellor: End bogus self-employment to make your support scheme work 2020-03-26 [Unite]

Number of children living in poverty rises by 100,000 in a year, 'shocking' figures reveal 2020-03-26 [Independent]

RMT Calls for COVID-19 Guidance for Seafarers on Ferries 2020-03-26 [RMT]

Chancellor needs to urgently clarify his job retention scheme for firms that are in crisis now 2020-03-26 [BALPA]

Here is a vital update on coronavirus and the dispute for all Royal Mail Group members 2020-03-26 [CWU]

JD Sports condemned by Usdaw for putting lives at risk and calls for their Rochdale warehouse to be temporarily closed 2020-03-26 [USDAW]

Government must reassure anxious NHS staff about equipment concerns, says UNISON 2020-03-26 [UNISON]

‘Managers are bringing tea to us’: inside the 111 service during COVID-19 2020-03-26 [UNISON]

Youngest, oldest, BAME and disabled workers hardest hit by Coronavirus crisis 2020-03-26 [GMB]

London Overground Agency Staff Update - Coronavirus 2020-03-26 [TSSA]

‘Send home Shirebrook workers on full pay’ – Unite tells Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley 2020-03-26 [Unite the union]

UK police record 51% rise in modern slavery offences in a year 2020-03-26 [BBC]

Unions call for Health and Safety Executive to intervene on COVID-19 fears 2020-03-26 [Prospect]

McCluskey: Working people must not pay for this crisis 2020-03-26 [Unite]

McCluskey: A heartfelt thanks to our reps and stewards 2020-03-26 [Unite]

Slavery victims may be unable to stop work during COVID-19 and also face being pushed further into debt bondage 2020-03-26 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Reaction to Wetherspoons 'U-turn' 2020-03-25 [BFAWU]

Union to take legal action on behalf of gig economy workers affected by coronavirus 2020-03-25 [Ekklesia]

Gig economy fight-back: Union smashes crowdfunding target to take government to court 2020-03-25 [Left Foot Forward]

Passengers on the Tube 2020-03-25 [ASLEF]

London Underground - Statement from Sadiq Khan 2020-03-25 [ASLEF]

COVID-19 Coronavirus - Guidance for unions 2020-03-25 [TUC]

Covid-19: Confusion for workers and lack of financial support at odds with national emergency 2020-03-25 [Unite the union]

This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]

11-03-2014 Bob Crow - RMT leader died [more]