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International solidarity brings victory: Selma is free! 2023-06-07 [EPSU]

Construction workers' union: Go to the polls to get rid of the AKP-MHP government 2023-05-24 [ANF]

Turkey among 10 worst countries for working people: ITUC 2023-05-10 [Stockholm Center for Freedom]

EFJ supports AFP journalists in Istanbul in their 7th day of strike action 2023-05-10 [EFJ]

Nurses are on the march 2023-05-05 [Ein]

Top Turkish court finds rights violation in dismissal of worker resisting ministerial strike ban 2023-05-05 [Duvar]

Economic problems and elections dominated May Day rallies in Turkey 2023-05-02 [Evrensel]

Labour Day Rallies in Istanbul 2023-05-02 [Bianet]

Reuters workers in Türkiye prepare to strike 2023-04-26 [UNI]

Trade unions to mark Labor Day at Istanbul’s Maltepe Square 2023-04-18 [Duvar]

Broadcast regulator must stop punishing critical reporting ahead of elections 2023-04-14 [EFJ]

EI solidarity mission to Türkiye: Educators and unionists on the frontlines 2023-04-12 [EI]

Apparel brands must ensure workers in Turkey are paid and kept safe 2023-04-05 [MSN]

Turkish workers dismissed after wage increase demand 2023-03-30 [IndustriALL]

Police prevent automotive workers march to Ankara 2023-03-29 [Bianet]

Urgent support needed for hundreds of thousands of workers after Türkiye and Syria earthquakes 2023-03-28 [ILO]

Workers fight union busting in ORGE Furniture 2023-03-23 [BWI]

International solidarity brings relief to educators, students, and populations affected by the earthquake 2023-03-23 [Education International]

Workers fight union busting in ORGE Furniture 2023-03-21 [BWI]

SES former co-president Gönül Erden released 2023-03-20 [PSI]

Union opposes return-to-work order in quake-hit workplaces 2023-03-11 [BWI]

Union opposes return-to-work order in quake-hit workplaces 2023-03-10 [BWI]

Strong solidarity needed for earthquake victims 2023-03-02 [IndustriALL]

Concerns over workers' rights violations at POSCO Assan in Turkey 2023-03-02 [IndustriALL]

IFJ launches solidarity call for journalists in Turkey and Syria 2023-02-28 [IFJ]

Detention of union leaders sets back relief efforts 2023-02-27 [ETUC]

Aggressive anti-union tactics intensify at textile plant in Turkey 2023-02-25 [IndustriALL]

Solidarity is in unions’ DNA 2023-02-25 [EI]

Journalists reporting from earthquake- affected areas face safety, hygiene and health problems 2023-02-23 [EFJ]

UNISON's earthquake solidarity appeal 2023-02-20 [Unison]

Trade unions demands job quota for quake victims 2023-02-20 [Duvar]

WFTU calls for solidarity with the people of Turkiye and Syria 2023-02-15 [WFTU]

Media restrictions hampering humanitarian relief efforts after earthquake 2023-02-13 [EFJ]

Call for solidarity with unions in Turkey 2023-02-10 [IndustriALL]

Women in solidarity action call on Barutçu Tekstil boss: Reinstate laid-off workers 2023-02-09 [bianet]

After devastating earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria, ITF and affiliates stand ready to help 2023-02-08 [ITF]

EPSU is with the Turkish workers and communities hit hard by the earthquake of 6 February 2023 2023-02-08 [EPSU]

BWI offers condolences and solidarity to Turkey after major earthquake 2023-02-08 [BWI]

UNI Global Union stands with the people of Türkiye 2023-02-08 [UNI Global Union]

Fiber producer SASA must respect workers’ rights 2023-02-07 [IndustriALL]

BWI offers condolences and solidarity to Turkey after major earthquake 2023-02-07 [BWI]

Devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria - ITUC condolences to Turkish affiliates 2023-02-06 [ITUC]

Unions demand justice for 42 miners killed in Turkey 2023-01-29 [IndustriALL]

Unions demand justice for 42 miners killed in Turkey 2023-01-26 [IndustriALL]

Turkish paper workers picket for higher wages 2023-01-16 [IndustriALL]

2,000 metal workers to go on strike 2023-01-16 [PD]

Striking workers in Turkey achieve 84 per cent wage increase 2023-01-11 [IndustriALL]

Солидарность с турецкими рабочими Bekaert 2022-12-22 [IndustriALL]

Solidarity with Bekaert strikers 2022-12-22 [IndustriALL]

International support for picketing health workers in Turkey 2022-12-23 [EPSU]

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