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74 media rights violations in 2023 2024-04-08 [IFJ]

Although beset with challenges, cotton growing has returned Idlib 2024-01-25 [Equal Times]

WFTU condemnation statement on the new attack in Syria 2023-10-07 [WFTU]

Driver killed and journalist critically injured by alleged drone attack by Türkiye 2023-08-29 [IFJ]

TV journalist killed in roadside bomb in Daraa province 2023-08-10 [IFJ]

Syrian women make advances in the face of war 2023-04-26 [Equal Times]

Global education union community solidarity helps teachers and other education staff 2023-03-28 [Education International]

Between war and the recent earthquake, health workers are exhausted after ten years of trauma in north-west Syria 2023-03-17 [Equal Times]

Unions donate to new solidarity fund for earthquake survivors in Türkiye and Syria 2023-02-19 [ITF]

The WFTU demands the immediate withdrawl of sanctions against Syria 2023-02-15 [WFTU]

Education International stands in solidarity with communities devastated by the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye 2023-02-12 [EI]

Journalist killed and another injured in Turkish airstrikes 2022-12-09 [IFJ]

Teachers of Aleppo countryside insist on strike till demands met 2022-10-15 [Enab Baladi]

Journalist detained accused of “spreading disinformation” 2021-02-10 [IFJ]

UN Human Rights Council addresses abuse of children's rights in Syria 2018-03-17 [EI]

Fixer, black market money charger, kidnapper: navigating Syria's dystopian job market 2019-06-06 [Equal Times]

Suspension of Rudaw Media Network 's licence 2022-02-08 [IFJ]

IFJ and SJU demand release of jailed journalist 2021-12-15 [IFJ]

Jailed journalist in critical condition must be released 2021-09-18 [IFJ]

TV reporter detained in Al Hasakah 2021-05-05 [IFJ]

ILO calls for urgent action to create decent jobs in Syria 2021-04-09 [ILO]

Journalist detained for second time in six months 2021-03-24 [IFJ]

TV cameraman assaulted in north-eastern Syria by armed group 2021-02-03 [IFJ]

Journalists' association and professional groups launch campaign for media workers' safety 2021-01-28 [IFJ]

Sold into Syrian servitude, Filipina workers tell of abuse, rape and imprisonment 2021-01-25 [Wash Post]

Journalist and media activist shot dead 2020-12-15 [IFJ]

Rojava: statelessness in a time of pandemic 2020-05-19 [Opendemocracy]

EI condemns the targeting of schools in the war 2020-02-29 [EI]

Education union reports terrible toll of Turkish military aggression in Northeastern Syria 2019-10-25 [Education International]

Education International condemns Turkish aggression in Syria 2019-10-18 [Education International]

Two journalists killed and four injured in explosion in northern Syria 2019-10-16 [IFJ]

The IFJ demands the release of journalist Mohammad Tawfiq al-Saghir 2019-06-06 [IFJ]

Ghouta, Syria: surviving under siege 2018-02-23 [equal times]

IFJ condemns killing of Russia Today journalist in Syria 2017-08-02 [NUJ]

The Syrian refugee crisis is promoting a surge in privatisation 2017-04-19 [Education International (EI)]

ITUC Condemns Barbaric Nerve Gas Attack 2017-04-05 [ITUC]

The Syrian rappers caricaturing IS through hip hop 2017-02-23 [Equal Times]

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