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Labour market policies a challenge for government negotiations 2022-09-22 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Volvo gives all employees six-month paid parental leave 2021-03-31 [RTÉ]

Sweden lands new landmark main agreement 2022-08-18 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Swedish employment law – a drama with many acts 2020-11-11 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Media freedom made in Scandinavia – six examples of best practices 2020-05-06 [EFJ]

Two journalists prosecuted for investigating the sinking of ‘MS Estonia' 2020-10-16 [EFJ]

First labour movement didn't fear technological change – they embraced it to demand higher wages 2021-05-18 [The Conversation]

“No more dead construction workers” – message from Congress of Byggnads 2018-06-04 [BWI]

Dockworkers' Union imposes a ban on new recruitment and overtime at APM Terminals in Gothenburg 2017-01-12 [Port News]

Supporting Sweden's pulp and paper workers 2021-04-29 [IndustriALL]

PM ahead of the ILO Conference: It's not arm wrestling 2018-05-22 [ips]

Fighting against Welfare Cuts and Ikea's Housing Speculations 2017-04-19 [transnational strike]

Statement of the Subway Workers' Union in Stockholm on the attack in Sweden 2017-04-08 [WFTU]

Workers reveal poverty wages and labor law violations in H&M's supply chain 2018-09-26 [ILRF]

Nordea Bank's 6,000 Job Cuts Are Just the Beginning, Union Says 2017-12-01 [Bloomberg]

Global solidarity in focus at Swedish Electricians' Congress 2018-05-31 [BWI]

A leader in Swedish education is remembered for his lifetime's work 2018-02-13 [Education International]

Sweden's smooth energy transition Sweden's smooth energy transition 2018-01-15 [Equal Times]

Swedish researchers examined whether a six-hour workday is the way forward; here's what they f 2018-04-30 [Equal Times]

Amazon's ruthless business model meets Sweden's labour unions 2020-08-14 [Politico]

Kommunal Congress expresses support for Ukrainian workers and elects new President 2022-06-08 [EPSU]

The dockworkers' union is being sued for the Russian ship blockade 2022-05-18 [Teller Report]

Why international academics and researchers in Sweden should join a union 2022-04-28 [The Local]

Another yellow card from Sweden against platform work proposal 2022-03-25 [Nordic Labour Journal]

LO: The ETUC no longer represents us 2022-01-31 [Nordic Labour Journal]

New Swedish delegation to fight work-related crime 2021-10-13 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Education union community mourns outstanding advocate for quality education and international solidarity 2021-09-08 [Education International]

More power to central organisations 2021-09-08 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Byggnads lauds Swedish footballers' support for migrant workers 2021-05-03 [BWI]

Chinese embassy threatens Swedish journalist 2021-04-16 [IFJ]

Swedish union urges FSC to stop certifying Burmese export materials 2021-04-05 [BWI]

EFJ joined 23 organisations in expressing solidarity with the Swedish media outlet Realtid 2021-03-24 [EFJ]

Politicians Let Schools Sink into a Swamp of Corruption 2021-02-13 [Diane Ravitch]

MFRR calls for acquittal of Swedish documentary makers 2021-02-05 [EFJ]

EFJ and Swedish Journalists Union condemn the political interference from Polish ambassador 2021-01-18 [EFJ]

Construction union warns of massive strike 2020-11-22 [BWI]

Country Faces Historic Pay Battle for Its Covid Fighters 2020-10-12 [Bloomberg]

Talks on labour reform collapses, political crisis looms 2020-10-07 [BWI]

Exiled Turkish journalist attacked in Stockholm 2020-09-30 [EFJ]

Swedish young workers want to tip balance in favour of labour 2020-06-24 [BWI]

Young workers want to tip balance in favour of labour 2020-06-22 [BWI]

Swedish union at loggerheads with employers on CBA, strike looms 2020-06-10 [BWI]

In A Unionization Breakthrough, Paradox Interactive Signs Labour Agreement With Trade Unions 2020-06-04 [Kotaku]

Dozens of ICU workers in Stockholm are being paid 220% of their salary during the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to a 'crisis situation' deal that goes back to long before the outbreak 2020-04-16 [Business Insider]

Union gains 5,000 new members during COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-27 [UNI]

Management and workers return to the bargaining table, but disagreements remain 2020-02-12 [Edmonds]

Youth and gig economy workers key to growth say leaders at Swedish union congress 2019-10-08 [UNI Global Union]

BWI President Speaks at Almedalen about Migrant Workers Rights 2019-07-15 [BWI]

Women in Trades Meet to strategize on Gender Equality 2019-06-07 [BWI]

Swedish unions help to strengthen their Latin American peers 2019-04-22 [IndustriALL]

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