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Global unions oppose attempts to slash labor rights in Sri Lanka 2023-09-08 [PSI]

PA commends Govt, Trade Union support for ‘Revenue Share Model’ 2023-09-04 [The Daily News]

Unions protest against government�s anti-worker decisions 2023-09-02 [IndustriALL]

Global union community demand respect for the labour rights of workers 2023-08-30 [EI]

Global unions oppose law that seeks to curtail labour rights 2023-08-30 [BWI]

Sri Lanka: Massive protest in Columbo against government unfavourable labour law reforms 2023-07-28 [WFTU]

Trade unions and civil organizations up-dated about truth commission 2023-07-27 [The Island]

Govt increased fuel prices to please Sinopec-trade unionist 2023-08-07 [The Island]

Statement on the crisis faced by garment workers in Sri Lanka 2023-08-04 [Clean Clothes Campaign]

Journalist assaulted and detained at protest 2023-08-01 [IFJ]

Unions protest government?s debt restructuring and labour law changes 2023-07-26 [IndustriALL]

Labour law reforms: For whom? 2023-07-25 [The Island]

Healthcare sector is experiencing a migration wave 2023-07-24 [Himal]

Precarity and Protest in Neoliberal Sri Lanka 2023-06-28 [Asian Labour Review]

Attack on trade union rights in Sri Lanka 2023-06-03 [IndustriALL]

Labour Ministry issues clarification on NLAC appointments 2023-06-02 [Newswire]

Exclusion of women from National Labour Advisory Council comes under fire 2023-05-29 [The Financial Times]

Puttar hospital on strike over police inaction 2023-04-26 [The Island]

Strike if justice is not served to CCA members beaten up when checking for hoarded eggs 2023-05-10 [The Island]

Private bus owners threaten strike action unless random emission test stop 2023-05-23 [The Island]

Factory workers out of Labour Council 2023-05-21 [The Sunday Times]

May Day in pictures 2023-05-03 [The Island]

SJB slams FUTA as govt warns of extremist hand in on-going strike 2023-04-20 [The Island]

FUTA calls off strike with militant caveat 2023-04-13 [The Island]

Proposed anti-terror bill labelled tyrannical, undemocratic 2023-04-13 [IFJ]

“No Fuel distribution” : CPC unions announce Strike 2023-03-29 [Newswire]

Petroleum utility battles unions over anti-privatization protests 2023-03-29 [Economy Next]

Tuk Tuk Drivers: Mobility, Austerity and Survival in Neoliberal Sri Lanka 2023-03-25 [Asian Labour Review]

President ready for talks with striking unions, IMF deal likely tomorrow 2023-03-19 [The Sunday Times]

Strike makes a dent amid claims and counterclaims 2023-03-19 [The Sunday Times]

Strike ends but unions vow to intensify action to win their demands 2023-03-16 [The Island]

JVP will not support sustained strike beyond Mar 15: Lal Kantha 2023-03-14 [Economy Next]

Trade Unions Warn Of Countrywide Strikes On March 15 2023-03-14 [Onlanka]

Sri Lanka hit by strikes by trade unions against tax reforms ahead of IMF bailout deal 2023-03-14 [PTI]

Country hit by strikes by trade unions against tax reforms 2023-03-14 [EastMojo]

Unions threaten to intensify action 2023-03-04 [The Island]

CEBEU claims power tariffs can be reduced even without restructuring 2023-03-10 [The Island]

Rights of Sri Lankan women continuing to be violated -State Minister Geetha Kumarasinghe 2023-03-07 [The Island]

Unions determined to go ahead with strike despite essential services gazette 2023-03-01 [The Island]

Sri Laka workers defy strike ban to protest IMF bailout plan 2023-03-03 [Al-Jazeerah]

Crisis-hit Sri Lanka's public workers protest power tariff, tax hikes 2023-03-02 [Saltwire]

An urgent need for immediate and decisive debt relief and social dialogue 2023-02-07 [ITUC]

Sri Lanka central bank workers protest tax hike as governor defends painful measures 2023-01-27 [economynext]

Public appeal to cancel Sri Lanka’s debt 2023-01-16 [IndustriALL]

IndustriALL stands in solidarity with working people in Sri Lanka 2022-12-10 [IndustriALL]

Gendering the debt crisis: Feminists on Sri Lanka’s financial crisis 2022-11-13 [CADTM]

Sri Lankan Unions continue to fight against crisis 2022-11-07 [IndustriALL]

Workers struggle due to high inflation 2022-10-29 [IndustriALL]

CPC unions all out to scuttle restructuring bid 2022-10-20 [The Island]

Sri Lanka: Photos of the of the national convention of hotel workers that took place on the 5th October in Columbo 2022-10-11 [WFTU]

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