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Railway employees who are on strike given ultimatum to report to work by 12 noon today 2024-07-12 [The Island]

Pernicious, ubiquitous strikes 2024-07-13 [The Island]

Ad-hoc allowances trigger strikes in state sector 2024-07-13 [The Island]

Striking railway workers and govt in no mood to compromise as commuters suffer 2024-07-12 [The Island]

Showdown on cards between govt and state sector unions over tough demands 2024-07-12 [The Island]

A railway union strike in Sri Lanka leaves tens of thousands of commuters stranded 2024-07-11 [The Post]

Uni non-academics ready to give up union action if..... 2024-07-01 [The Island]

SLAS union demands pay hike, threatens sick note campaign 2024-06-25 [The Island]

Court bars planned teacher-prinical protest in Columbo 2024-06-27 [The Island]

Tea estates condemn workers to sub-human lives, tribunal testimonies show 2024-06-23 [The Sunday Times]

Los sindicatos de Sri Lanka reclaman un diálogo social sobre controvertido proyecto de ley 2024-06-19 [IndustriALL]

Unions in Sri Lanka call for social dialogue on controversial bill 2024-06-19 [IndustriALL]

Railway strike to continue; thousands inconvenienced 2024-06-14 [The Island]

At first-ever Workers’ Tribunal: Judges recommend govt. to uphold dignity, rights of plantation workers 2024-06-11 [The Daily Mirror]

DFCC Bank supports Sri Lanka Tamil Women's Union's celebration of International Womens Day 2024-05-22 [The Island]

Call for declaring Jan 10 as day of Hill Country trade union martyrs 2024-06-11 [The Island]

35 days of trade union action cripples university system 2024-06-06 [The Mirror]

Implementation of wage increase, responsibility of government and plantation owners -general secretary of Lanka Jathika Estate workers union, MP Vadival Suresh 2024-05-03 [The Island]

Festering pay tangle scuttles uni operations, unions dig in their heels 2024-05-12 [The Times]

President to attend two May Day rallies 2024-05-01 [The Island]

Ceylon Electrical Workers Union Government Over New Electricity Act 2024-04-21 [Lanka Sara]

CEB experienced staff in alarming exodus aftr inflation, taxes-union 2024-03-17 [The Island]

CEB experienced staff in alarming exodus aftr inflation, taxes-union 2024-03-17 [The Island]

CEB experienced staff in alarming exodus aftr inflation, taxes-union 2024-03-17 [The Island]

Backlog of containers caused by customs trade union action will take at least three weeks to clear 2024-03-21 [The Island]

72 health sector unions to resume strike from Tuesday 2024-03-29 [The Island]

Over 40 NGOs and Trade Unions in Sri Lanka Reject IMF Proposal 2024-03-20 [The Guardian]

Striking Sri Lankan Workers Continue to Protest as Negotiations Break Down 2024-03-16 [Sourcing Journal]

State hospitals paralysed with 72 unions on strike 2024-02-14 [The Island]

Station master's union demands reinstatement of officers suspended for alledgedly assaulting two foreigners 2024-03-10 [The Island]

Union win in Sri Lanka 2024-03-05 [IndustriALL]

Engineers union guns for CEB spokesman over his comments on live TV show 2024-02-22 [The Island]

කාන්තා කම්කරුවන්ට සුරක්ෂිත රැකියා සහ වඩා හොඳ වැටුප් – ජාත්‍යන්තර කාන්තා දිනය 2024 2024-03-02 [IUF Asia/Pacific]

Garment workers in Sri Lanka attacked by employer 2024-02-15 [IndustriALL]

Health unions strike despite Finance Ministry assurances 2024-02-14 [The Daily News]

Health trade unions to resume strike as talks fail 2024-02-12 [Adadarana]

Health trade unions’ strike continues for second day straight 2024-02-02 [Adadarana]

Health workers decide to call off strike from tomorrow 2024-02-02 [Newswire]

Health sector trade unions to launch strike tomorrow 2024-01-31 [Adadarana]

Health unions issue ultimatum to govt. to resolve salary anomaly by end of month 2024-01-31 [The Island]

Govt. should not clash with trade unions: PM 2024-01-23 [The Financial Times]

Media, Civil Society and Trade Union Collective calls for defeating repressive laws 2024-01-22 [The Island]

University non-academic workers stage token strike 2024-01-19 [The Island Online]

Health sector strike to resume 1st February 2024-01-19 [The Island]

Hospital services left crippled as 72 trade unions launch strike 2024-01-16 [Adadarana]

DAT allowance dispute: 72 health sector unions launch indefinite strike today. 2024-01-16 [The Island]

GMOA opposes health sector trade unions’ strikes; Nurses not to join planned strike 2024-01-15 [Adadarana]

All health workers, except doctors, to launch island-wide strike next week 2024-01-13 [Adadarana]

Soldiers sent to key hospitals as health workers 2024-01-12 [Arab News]

Soldiers sent to key hospitals as health workers strike 2024-01-11 [Reuters]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

15-07-1980 Almost half a million workers strike over rising costs and stagnant wages. 40,000 are fired by the government. [more]