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Workshop: Robot Journalism – Should we be afraid? 2018-05-07 [EFJ]

Workers earning less than eight years ago – ETUC 2017-03-30 [Portugal News]

Sindicato diz que greve da Polícia Judiciária fez paralisar vários departamentos 2019-02-05 [SAPO]

Professores em greve a todas as atividades nas escolas nas férias da Páscoa 2019-04-11 [Observador]

UGT garante que não aceita “mexidas na Lei da Greve” 2019-05-02 [Observador]

AGEPOR: SEAL strike is 'inconceivable' in full 'dramatic situation facing the country» 2020-03-19 [Revista Cargo]

Strike lowers production at Portugal refineries – union 2018-12-18 [The News]

Strike finally ends at Setúbal 2018-12-21 [Port Strategy]

Stop quer fazer história com nova greve nas escolas contra a violência e o amianto 2019-11-09 [Publico]

Fruit pickers lured to Portugal by the dream of a ‘raspberry passport' 2022-01-31 [The Guardian]

Portugália cancels airline strike 2018-07-11 [The Tribune]

Portugal's doctors have announced a three-day national strike set for 8, 9 and 10 May 2018-03-24 [theportugalnews]

Largest workers' union launches week of initiatives for equal employment 2019-03-04 [The News]

Flights canceled in Portugal due to airport workers' strike 2021-07-19 [AP]

Flights canceled in Portugal due to airport workers' strike 2021-07-18 [WREX]

Portugal's disabled population continue to struggle for independent living 2017-05-02 [Equal Times]

Foreigners, borders service (SEF) union calls off this week's strikes 2021-06-01 [MB]

Flights canceled in Portugal due to airport workers' strike 2021-07-18 [News 95.7]

Costa threatens to quit over teachers' pay dispute 2019-05-04 [Politico]

Lisbon Metro closed on Sunday due to strike 2022-06-26 [The News]

Long queues at Lisbon airport to extend into summer - Union 2022-06-14 [Saltwire]

Exploited Asian fruit pickers 2022-04-27 [Deutsche Welle]

#RatifyC190 to respond to the threats of being a woman and a journalist 2021-11-22 [IFJ]

Portuguese law bans employers from contacting staff out of hours 2021-11-15 [Financial Times]

SEF strike causes 4 hour queues at airport 2021-08-23 [The News]

Strikes to affect trains until 15 September 2021-07-30 [The Portugal News]

Airport Strike Cancels 300+ Flights 2021-07-19 [Simple Flying]

Over 300 flights cancelled due to strike at airports 2021-07-19 [Times of India]

Two hundred flights cancelled at Lisbon airport at start of strike 2021-07-19 [Reuters]

Noise ban lifts remote workers' hopes for peace 2021-02-15 [RTÉ]

Four journalists under illegal police surveillance 2021-01-14 [IFJ]

Education union calls for adequate framework to ensure the health and safety of teachers in risk groups 2020-12-09 [EI]

Union calls for strike to force government to negotiate 2020-12-09 [EI]

Teachers in high-risk groups need improved conditions and options 2020-12-05 [Education International]

Union seeks social dialogue on pandemic impact on teachers and students 2020-07-24 [Education International]

Union demands further support for media sector 2020-05-23 [IFJ]

Players union slams 'opportunist' furloughs 2020-04-08 [Canada.com]

Public sector workers strike, rally over small pay rise 2020-02-01 [Canada.com]

Airport strike prompts cancellation of flights 2020-01-04 [Infosurhoy]

Airport strike prompts cancellation of flights to and from Lisbon 2019-12-30 [WKZO]

Airport strike prompts cancellation of flights to and from Portugal's capital 2019-12-30 [The Guardian]

Airport Workers Begin Strike Over Pay, Plan Further Action In 2020 2019-12-28 [UrduPoint]

Portuguese Airport Workers Strike Over Pay, Threaten Further Action in 2020 2019-12-27 [The Times]

BWI visits IKEA Industry Plant in Portugal 2019-12-05 [BWI]

Pressure Builds as Portuguese Fuel-Tanker Drivers Call Another Strike 2019-08-26 [South EU Summit]

Ryanair strike kicks off in Portugal, minimum service guaranteed 2019-08-21 [Canada.com]

Portugal strike: Tanker drivers defy threat of arrest 2019-08-15 [BBC]

Fuel truck bosses, union agree to complete negotiations by year's end 2019-04-20 [The News]

Truck drivers to meet essential supplies as fuel dries up 2019-04-17 [Yahoo]

UPS workers gain first-ever contract with the company 2019-04-12 [UNI Global Union]

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