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Saad: Delivers Palestine's speech before the fifth congress of the International Trade Union Confederation 2022-11-23 [PGFTU]

The general union holds the regular meeting of the general secretariat and the executive committee 2022-11-15 [PGFTU]

The 'principle threat': Time to talk about the Palestinian class struggle 2022-11-15 [Kia Ora Gaza]

The Palestinian working class needs our solidarity more than ever 2022-11-10 [MS]

Impunity for crimes against Palestinian journalists must end 2022-11-10 [ET]

The women's department in Hebron organizes a heritage exhibition entitled Jenin, the source of dignity 2022-11-10 [PGFTU]

Organising under and against apartheid: the New Unions in Palestine 2022-11-09 [GLU]

Hamas arrests journalist exposing corruption in Gaza 2022-11-09 [IFJ]

Nablus transport workers union meets transport minister 2022-11-02 [PGFTU]

Ramallah council of trade unions holds its regular meeting 2022-11-02 [PGFTU]

Saad: Receives the ministerial committee tasked with dealing with the repercussions of the siege of Nablus 2022-10-26 [PGFTU]

A worker was injured by Israeli gunfire west of Hebron 2022-10-26 [PGFTU]

Israeli soldiers attack TV journalists 2022-10-22 [IFJ]

Palestinians strike in West Bank, Jerusalem over Israel killings 2022-10-21 [Al Jazeera]

Palestinian workers’ strike, August 21: a demonstration of power but lacking leadership and direction 2022-10-20 [MAAN Workers Association]

Israeli forces shoot and arrest three workers west of Hebron 2022-10-20 [PGFTU]

Shaher Saad: The closure imposed by the occupation on Nablus causes trajedies 2022-10-20 [PGFTU]

Palestinians strike against Israeli siege on Jerusalem camp on 2022-10-12 [Al-Jazeerah]

Shaher Saad performs the duty of condolences to the Doctor Abu Al-Tin 2022-10-18 [PGFTU]

Shaher Saad performs the duty of condolences to the Doctor Abu Al-Tin 2022-10-18 [PGFTU]

PSI Affiliates in Palestine working towards a modern labour law 2022-10-14 [PSI]

Civil disobedience in Shafat and Anata Camps-Arrests and cautious calm in Jerusalem 2022-10-13 [Ma'an]

Trade Unions: About 84,000 workers receive in Gaza receive NIS700 per month 2022-10-13 [Ma'an]

Saad receives the Secretary General of the French General Confederation of Workers 2022-10-12 [PGFTU]

General Confederation of Trade Unions discusses ILO-related programmes 2022-10-09 [PGFTU]

'Permit brokers'. Imaginary profits and tax evasion victimized by the worker 2022-10-09 [PGFTU]

Two journalists shot by Israeli forces in Occupied Palestinian Territories 2022-10-08 [IFJ]

Workshop for the Department of Women in the northern governorates on the convention (190) 2022-10-07 [PGFTU]

Sick pay Fund accumulated in the fund belongs to Palestinian workers and must be returned to them 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestinian women entering Israel to work complain of sexual harassment on the waiting line inside the Checkpoint 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Palestinian workers’ strike, August 21: a demonstration of power but lacking leadership and direction 2022-10-01 [MAAN Workers Association]

Signing of a collective work agreement for the employees of the Caesar Hotel 2022-09-27 [PGFTU]

Nablus Agriculture Union supports strike of employees vegetable oil company 2022-09-27 [PGFTU]

Saad: President Abu Mazen's speech gave the Palestinian speech new impetus to reap more political and diplomatic achievements 2022-09-26 [PGFTU]

Palestinian women present their paper at the first conference of Arab trade union women 2022-09-26 [PGFTU]

Palestine wins 9 gold medals at Golden Chef festival in Egypt 2022-09-26 [PGFTU]

Palestinian civil society's urgent letter to the UN 2022-09-26 [Anitapartheidmovement.net]

A call from Palestinian Trade Unions to unions in Europe for an act of meaningful solidarity 2022-09-22 [Youtube]

Israeli authorities release fishermen from Gaza after arrest 8 days ago 2022-09-21 [Ma'an]

Shaher Saad as President of the Arab Federation of Trade Union 2022-09-16 [PGFTU]

The general union signs a co-operation agreement with the Center for Feminist Studies 2022-09-07 [PGFTU]

Israel extends detention of Palestinian journalist Lama Ghosheh for fourth time 2022-09-12 [The New Arab]

National Alliance for social justice calls for formation of a national network to combat violence and harassment 2022-09-12 [PGFTU]

Historic twinning and cooperation agreement between the main trade union and labor unions in the Arab world 2022-09-12 [PGFTU]

Kuwait begins procedures for hiring teachers from the West Bank and Gaza 2022-09-11 [Ma'an]

The General Union holds it periodic meeting of the general secretariat and the executive committee 2022-09-05 [PGFTU]

Committee to support journalists: 129 violations against media freedoms in August 2022-09-02 [Ma'an]

Palestine trade unions organize a workshop to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations in dialogue and sustainable development 2022-09-01 [PGFTU]

Let us Breathe ! For more info 2021-05-11 [FacebookTwitterשתף The oppressive permit regime imposed on Pa]

In Photos: Daily struggle of Palestinian workers at Checkpoint 300 2017-11-27 [Ma’an News]

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