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Diplomatic bullying: Israel won't renew visas to UN workers in West Bank and Gaza 2020-10-20 [Haaretz]

Hotline for women in East Jerusalem 2020-10-17 [WAC]

Global response to Israeli Apartheid: A call to the UNGAand international civil society organizations 2020-09-23 [Al-Haq]

Israel ban fishing off Gaza coast 2020-08-20 [Middle East Monitor]

Israel frees Palestinian boycott activist from detention 2020-08-18 [Associated Press]

MP's take part in 'Hela' teachers protest against Knessat 2020-08-09 [Ma'an]

WFTU condemns the non-existance of the name Palestine on google maps 2020-08-15 [World Federation of Trade Unions]

#FreeMahmoud 2020-08-15 [BDS Campaign]

Training in e-learning critical as return to education deferred 2020-07-11 [EI]

Joint statement of IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll European Trade Union on Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands 2020-07-08 [IndustriALL]

IFJ calls on authorities to take action on threats against a woman journalist 2020-06-30 [IFJ]

High Court rejects petition to compensate Palestinian workers hit by crisis 2020-06-08 [Times of Israel]

Unions call on the Canadian government to fight to stop the annexation of Palestinian lands 2020-06-03 [CLC]

Union criticises AP for arbitrary dismissal of senior cameraman 2020-05-30 [IFJ]

WAC-MAAN: Hotline for East Jerusalem workers and jobless during the Coronavirus shutdown 2020-05-28 [WAC MAAN]

Palestinian Workers Risk COVID-19 or Losing Income For more info 2020-04-23 [Solidarity Center]

Coronavirus 'Disaster' at Israeli Factory Prompts Policy Revamp on Palestinian Workers For more info 2020-04-08 [Haaretz English]

Palestinians worry about expenses as virus blocks way to work in Israel 2020-04-02 [The Times]

IFJ condemns Israeli army assault on journalists in Beita 2020-03-15 [IFJ]

UNI Global Union & ITUC call on Norway´s Oil Fund to exclude companies in illegal West Bank settlements 2020-03-06 [UNI Global Union]

No compensation for Palestinian journalistshot by Israeli army 2020-02-27 [+972 magazine]

Proposals on Israel/Palestine are an affront to Palestinians 2020-01-31 [Scoop World]

PJS records 760 violations against Palestinian journalists in 2019 2020-01-11 [IFJ]

Israeli forces detained Palestinian TV journalists in Jerusalem 2019-12-09 [IFJ]

EI condemns the temporary closure of the Jerusalem office of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education by Israeli authorities 2019-12-09 [Education International]

50 Palestinian workers in a food plant in Atarot Industrial Zone go on strike 2019-12-07 [WAC-MAAN]

IFJ reacts on Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists 2019-12-03 [IFJ]

Hundreds of journalists stand up against Israeli decision to shut down Palestine TV 2019-11-28 [IFJ]

Israeli forces raid Palestine TV and production company, order six month closure 2019-11-27 [Committee to protect journalists]

Through the wire — Palestinians risk jail to work in Israel illegally 2019-11-24 [The Times]

Hebron: Palestinian photojournalist looses sight of one eye by Israeli military 2019-11-19 [IFJ]

A Palestinian worker who collapsed during work was thrown down by the roadside by a formean in Maya Foods plant in Mishor Edumimim 2019-11-16 [WAC-Maan]

Journalists condemn court-ordered closure of 59 websites 2019-10-25 [IFJ]

Thank you, UK workers, for standing in solidarity with Palestine 2019-10-08 [Labour List]

WAC-MAAN and Kav LaOved demand to stop automatic dues payments by Palestinian workers to the Histadrut, instead allowing workers to choose to join WAC-MAAN 2019-09-29 [WAC-MAAN]

PA isn't paying Gaza’s civil servants as it doesn't possess enough information 2019-09-17 [Al-Monitor]

Israeli Company Fined for Paying Palestinian Workers 9 Shekels an Hour 2019-08-22 [Haaretz]

More Palestinians find Israeli work despite conflict 2019-09-16 [AFP]

Palestinian workers in a West Bank settlement strike for their right to choose WAC-MAAN as their union 2019-09-12 [WAC-MAAN]

The Decades-old War on Palestinian Workers 2019-08-25 [IMEMC]

Israeli forces injure 3 journalists at West Bank and Gaza protests 2019-08-10 [CPJ]

Journalist kicked by police officer 2019-08-07 [IFJ]

WAC-MAAN signs Collective Agreement at N.A. Metal in Mishor Adumim, Area C 2019-07-31 [WAC-Maan]

Israeli soldiers attack journalists with live bullets and teargas bombs 2019-07-26 [IFJ]

IFJ welcomes Prime Minister’s commitment to improve journalists’ safety 2019-06-27 [IFJ]

WAC-MAAN - A decade of organizing Palestinian workers in the West Bank Settlements 2019-06-24 [WAC-MAAN]

Palestinian workers might finally have labor courts to settle their cases 2019-05-23 [Al-Monitor]

Reporters without borders: Israel shot journalists intentionally 2019-05-23 [Kia Ora Gaza]

Israeli navy shoots Palestinian fisherman in Gaza 2019-05-19 [Palesinian Information Centre]

Australian and Canadian firms pull out of Israeli settler railway 2019-05-12 [Electronic Intifada]

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