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Pacific countries are not 'outposts' to grow labourers for Australia, Samoan PM says 2023-08-31 [ABC]

Educators stand in solidarity for climate justice and a just transition in first-ever climate conference 2023-08-19 [Education International]

International Labour Day2023: Agri-workersrenew call for rights protection as food and climate crisis worsen 2023-05-09 [PAN Asia Pacific]

Pacific medical team reaching out to cyclone hit workers in rural New Zealand 2023-03-07 [Radio New Zealand International]

Underpaid at home, vulnerable abroad: How seasonal job schemes are draining Pacific nations of vital workers 2022-11-29 [Phys]

NZ's health recruitment may impact Pacific, nursing experts say 2022-08-06 [Stuff]

Takeda's sell-off of primary care biz to Celltrion triggers union protest 2020-06-12 [KoreaBioMed]

Solidarity sparks union renewal programme in Asia-Pacific 2022-06-11 [EI]

RSE scheme needs an overhaul-Green Party MP 2022-05-21 [Radio New Zealand]

Abused RSE workers in Australia too afraid to speak out 2022-05-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

Union calls out Australian wool industry push for cheap Pacific labour 2022-05-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

IFJ, UNESCO launch kit to defend media freedom in the Pacific 2021-12-23 [IFJ]

SWIDT-Bunga 2021-12-01 [Youtube]

TEU welcomes Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa as world's first Pasifika vice-chancellor of a university outside the Pacific nations 2021-11-16 [TEU-Te Hautu Kahurangi]

Fiji, Phillipines urged to do more for seafarers 2021-11-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

PSI brings the voice of workers to the WHO Western Pacific 2021-11-10 [PSI]

How Cuban medical training helped Pacific nations face the pandemic 2021-09-23 [Radio New Zealand International]

Nauru leader defends USP council decision to reappoint Ahluwalia 2021-06-12 [Radio New Zealand International]

This Steinlager ad distorts the truth about the anti-nuclear protest in the Pacific 2020-12-16 [The Spinoff]

Melanesia: New report highlights increasingly hostile media environment 2020-08-10 [IFJ]

IMO issues plans to free seafareres around Pacific and beyond 2020-05-10 [Radio New Zealand]

Teachers in Pacific feel the strain amid commercialization of education 2019-10-22 [Radio New Zealand International]

Public education systems in Pacific plagued by commercial activity, new EI report finds 2019-10-18 [Education International]

Pasefika union leaders call for urgent climate action 2019-09-26 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Canned tuna brands found failing to combat slavery in supply chains 2019-06-03 [Reuters]

Tuna Brands Failing to Tackle Modern Slavery 2019-06-03 [The Maritime Executive]

Electrical workers unite against privatisation and outsourcing 2019-04-03 [BWI]

Fish sold in Australia being caught by modern-day slaves who are forced to spend months at sea 2019-03-14 [ABC]

NZ union keen to help Pacific RSE workers 2019-03-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Building more women education union leadership in the Pacific! 2018-09-11 [Education International]

French public servants in the Pacific assured salaries won't be touched 2018-07-12 [Radio New Zealand International]

Caught 2018-05-31 [Fairfax media]

Education unions work to implement the 2030 Agenda 2017-09-08 [Education International]

Teacher unions actively engaged stakeholders in 2016 2017-02-03 [Education International]

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