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Fair pay agreements: Cabinet papers reviel workplace relations minister Brooke van Veldon at odds with government position 2023-12-04 [NEWSHUB]

Senior doctors settle pay dispute with Te Whatu Ora 2023-12-01 [Radio New Zealand]

The government must fund careworkers before landlords 2023-12-03 [E tu union]

Organiser 2023-12-03 [NZNO]

Organiser 2023-12-03 [NZNO]

Organiser 2023-12-03 [NZNO]

Organiser 2023-12-03 [NZNO]

National Sector Leader 2023-12-03 [PSA]

NZCTU presents Briefing for the Incoming Government 2023-12-03 [NZCTU]

National-ACT agreement places nearly $1 billion in the pockets of landlords 2023-11-30 [NZCTU]

Journalists reject deputy PM's comments about the media. 2023-11-30 [E tu union]

Natiopnal government cancelling fair pay agreements will increase inequality 2023-11-30 [E tu union]

Employment lawyer says government's reintroduction of 90-day trials only benefits employers, not employees. 2023-11-30 [Newhub]

Employment lawyer says government's reintroduction of 90-day trials only benefits employers, not employees. 2023-11-30 [Newhub]

ITF’s Nowhere to Hide Week of Action to be expanded to New Zealand ports as Inspectors stamp out rampant wage theft 2023-11-30 [MUA]

Healthcare workers hold vigils for colleages killed on Gaza 2023-11-30 [Health workers solidarity network]

MFAT must reverse damaging decision to remove Te Reo 2023-11-29 [PSA]

Selling Ports of Auckland would be 'letting the vultures in' 2023-11-29 [MUNZ]

Senior doctors 'routinely pressured to take on junior doctor shifts 2023-11-27 [Radio New Zealand]

NZNO member meetings put Te Whatu Ora on notice 2023-11-24 [NZNO]

'No new ideas-FIRST union verdict on coalitio 2023-11-27 [First Union]

Some staff at the Warehouse unhappy about customer giveaway 2023-11-27 [Stuff]

71 jobs to go as Massey university moves ahead with cost'-cutting restructre 2023-11-27 [Radio New Zealand]

Nurses begin fresh round of campaigning for wages and conditions 2023-11-27 [Stuff]

NZCTU presents briefing for incoming government 2023-11-27 [NZCTU]

Unions To Hold Government To Account Over Persistent Pay Gap 2023-11-26 [NZCTU]

Communications and Campaigns Advisor – Wellington 2023-11-25 [NZCTU]

Community Organiser – Wellington 2023-11-25 [NZEI Te Riu Roa ]

Coalition agreements threaten the well-being of New Zealanders 2023-11-25 [NZCTU]

Coalition agreement threatens services New Zealanders rely on and risks racial division 2023-11-24 [PSA]

Early childhood teachers should not be short-changed because of inadequate fore-casting 2023-11-22 [NZEI]

New Zealand medical lab workers strike again over low wages 2023-11-24 [Socialist Equality]

NZCTU supports th 65,000 care workers impacted by pay equity claim 2023-11-23 [NZCTU]

End the Genocide! Nationwide demonstrations 11th & 12th Nov 2023-11-09 [Unite Unionj]

Maritime Union statement on Gaza and port protests 2023-11-23 [MUNZ]

'Toxic relationship': The jobs nurses are doing instead of nursing 2023-11-23 [RNZ]

Second pay equity claim filed for 'underpaid' care, support workers 2023-11-22 [HRD]

Unions File Pay Equity Claim For 65,000 Care And Support Workers 2023-11-21 [PSA]

NZNO calls for Gaza ceasefire and protection of health workers 2023-11-21 [NZNO]

ED doctors plead for dedicated security 2023-11-21 [Radio New Zealand]

Gisborne mill workers ‘devastated’ over sudden job losses 2023-11-19 [Te Ao]

Regional Workplace Specialist – Auckland 2023-11-18 [FIRST Union]

Difficult tax choices ahead for National in talks with NZ First and Act 2023-11-18 [NZCTU]

National can't ignore ECE if its serious about a world class education system sys CTU 2023-11-09 [NZCTU]

Telehealth workers accept latest pay offer 2023-11-13 [Radio New Zealand]

Director – Auckland or Wellington Based 2023-11-11 [E tu]

Union Organiser – Auckland 2023-11-11 [E tu]

Lyttelton Port needs to stay in public ownership 2023-11-09 [The Press]

PSA's health sector committee stands in solidarity with healthcare workers in Gaza 2023-11-09 [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi]

Early childhood education teachers strike over essential funding 2023-11-06 [NZEI-te Riu Roa]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

5-12-1981 7 women workers end a 96 day occupation of a garment factory in Levin. The workers had been demanding redundancy pay. They didn’t win their immediate fight, but they did win redundancy pay in the next industrial award. [more]