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Educators in Morocco and Palestine donate wages to COVID-19 solidarity fund 2020-03-27 [EI]

Educators in Morocco and Palestine donate wages to COVID-19 solidarity fund 2020-03-25 [Education international]

Report highlights inequities caused by increased privatisation of education 2020-01-31 [IE]

Workers Protest Morocco’s Moves to Limit Strikes For more info 2019-08-06 [Solidarity Center]

Casablanca Garbage Workers On Strike 2019-08-04 [MWN]

American Labor Organization Urges Morocco to Review Legislation on Labor, Right to Strike 2019-08-04 [MWN]

Moroccan unions reject strike-restricting law 2019-07-27 [IndustriALL]

ALSA backtracks on negotiations with UMT 2019-07-26 [ITF]

Workers organise in Alsa at Morocco workshop 2019-07-24 [ITF]

Global union delegation attends National Express AGM 2019-05-10 [ITF]

Multiple Unions, Thousands of Protesters March on Labor Day 2019-05-02 [MWN]

Government Announces General Wage Boost for Public Workers 2019-04-27 [Asharq al-Awsat]

Teacher Protests for Decent Jobs: Key for All Moroccans For more info 2019-04-02 [Solidarity Center]

Teachers protest over working conditions 2019-03-26 [BBC]

Grève des enseignants : Pour Benkirane l’islam dicte d’accomplir son devoir avant tout 2019-03-24 [Yabiladi]

ITF to Alsa Morocco – time to show respect 2019-03-22 [ITF]

Women farm workers achieve justice on the job 2019-03-08 [Equal Times]

Persecution of union members 'totally unacceptable' 2019-02-19 [ITF]

Union office for Alsa-National Express to open in Tangier 2019-02-07 [ITF]

ISIA’s support of Asian Migrant Workers in Morocco 2019-02-02 [Conversareblog]

Women Farm Workers in Morocco Gain Equal Voice at Work For more info 2019-01-31 [Solidarity Center]

Local government employees stage nationwide strike 2019-01-20 [The Arab Weekly]

Moroccan unions launch “Month of Anger” 2019-01-11 [IndustriALL]

Wave of Protests to Hit Morocco with ‘Month of Anger’ in January 2019 2018-12-30 [World News]

Global Unions Forum on Migration in Morocco 2018-12-19 [BWI]

BWI Mission to Morocco 2018-12-19 [BWI]

Sporting yellow vests in solidarity with French counterparts, Moroccan workers demonstrate in Rabat 2018-12-18 [Yeni Safak]

Three labour unions withdraw from dialogue with Moroccan government 2018-12-05 [The Monitor]

Implementation of several measures for Moroccan seasonal workers in Spain 2018-12-04 [Fresh Plaza]

New Domestic Workers Law Takes Effect 2018-10-04 [Human Rights Watch]

ITF Inspectors help repatriate abandoned Ukrainian Seafarers 2018-04-19 [ITF]

Women in Morocco, Tunisia Highlight GBV at Work For more info 2018-03-12 [Solidarity Center]

#TimeIsNow: International Women’s Day 2018 For more info 2018-03-07 [Solidarity Center]

Moroccan unions to march to demand oil refinery reopens 2017-10-26 [IndustriALL]

In face of mass protests over killing of fishmonger the limits of democratization exposed 2017-10-18 [Atlantic Council]

Women’s Rights in Morocco: Balancing Domestic and International Law 2017-10-13 [Atlantic Council]

Trial of seven accused of allegedly promoting independent journalism postponed 2017-10-13 [Middle East Eye]

'Mule women' in back-breaking trade from Spain enclave 2017-10-08 [The Local]

8 journalists jailed since start of protest movement over fishmonger death 2017-09-03 [Al-Monitor]

Only job creation can quell on-going social unrest: Moroccan PM 2017-09-01 [Andalou Agency]

Fishmonger's death sparks months long protests 2017-08-28 [Brisbane Times ]

Left-Wing Coalition Calls for National March on August 27 to Demand Release of Rif Detainees 2017-08-16 [Morocco World News]

Social unrest boils over in Morocco's al-Hoceima 2017-07-30 [Al Jazeera ]

King pardons more than 1,000 social justice protesters 2017-07-30 [Al Jazeera]

Journalists protest the way Morocco obstructs coverage of Rif protests 2017-07-26 [Ifex]

Chabat and Supporters Defy Police Order to Evacuate Contested Labor Union’s HQ 2017-07-16 [Morocco World News]

Police use tear gas to halt Morocco 'million-man march' 2017-07-21 [Al Jazeera]

Police fire tear gas to disperse protests in north 2017-07-21 [Reuters]

Protest March To Go Ahead Despite Ban 2017-07-21 [The Media Line]

Burgeoning Resistance 2017-07-08 [Jacobin]

This month in labour history

20-03-1955 The Moroccan Labour Union (UMT) is created and begins to organize clandestinely. [more]

20-03-1960 The General Union of Workers of Morocco (UGTM) affiliated to the Party of the Istiqlal is created following a split within the Moroccan Union of Labor (UMT). [more]

26-03-1926 First strike of railway workers at the initiative of the unions for improved wages. [more]