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Investors raise concerns about migrant workers' rights in Gulf 2020-08-07 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Women activists in the Middle East face online bullying and sexual harassment 2020-07-09 [Opendemocracy]

For migrant workers in the MENA, flattening the curve of inequality is urgent 2020-06-29 [Opendemocracy]

'We’re poor people': Middle East's migrant workers look for way home amid pandemic 2020-06-09 [Guardian]

Arab women among most vulnerable to COVID-19 2020-05-14 [BWI]

Coronavirus deepens risks for migrant workers in the Gulf 2020-05-02 [Deutsche Welle]

In the Gulf, migrant workers fear for their future 2020-04-23 [Opendemocracy]

Gulf governments urged to protect migrant workers during COVID-19 pandemic 2020-04-22 [BWI]

ALLEGATIONS OF LABOUR ABUSE AGAINST MIGRANT WORKERS IN THE GULF 2020-03-27 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Arab educators tackle diverse challenges to education and teachers in their region 2020-02-07 [EI]

Stronger Unions! Stronger Network! 2019-10-21 [BWI]

The decades-old war on Palestinian workers 2019-08-23 [Al Jazeera]

IBF Agrees a Temporary Extended Risk Zone in the Strait of Hormuz 2019-08-13 [ITF]

Crews of Some Ships Can Refuse to Sail Through Hormuz: Union 2019-08-04 [Bloomberg]

ITF mobilising Arab World unions to respond to seafarers under threat from unscrupulous shipowners 2019-07-01 [ITF]

ITF and JNG respond to potential attacks on two tankers in Gulf of Oman 2019-06-15 [ITF]

Seafarers unions express concern about “sabotage” attack and rising tensions in the Gulf 2019-05-20 [ITF]

Union Leadership Training for women in the Middle East and North Africa 2019-03-21 [BWI]

Conflict and mass displacement increase child labour 2019-03-21 [ILO]

Arab World steering committee meet in Beirut to plan for future 2019-03-19 [ITF]

Seafarers stand united in the Arab World 2019-02-19 [ITF]

What is behind the sharp fall in number of Filipino workers in the Middle East? 2019-01-08 [Al Arabiya English]

Young trade union leaders in MENA region complete training 2018-12-19 [IndustriALL]

Foreign maids on 'hell' of kafala jobs in Middle East 2018-10-24 [BBC]

The Perils of Housecleaning Abroad 2018-08-06 [The Times]

“The Gulf is no longer a dream land for Asian migrants” 2018-06-14 [Equal Times]

Declaration on Media Freedom in the Arab World discussed at League of Arab States meeting in Cairo 2018-06-04 [IFJ]

Arab countries’ unions crucial to achieve international goals on education in their region 2018-06-01 [Education International]

WPFD joint meeting finalises key documents to promote media freedom in the Arab World 2018-05-08 [IFJ]

Building union power in oil and gas in the MENA region 2018-04-06 [IndustriALL]

UNI MENA Mentoring Program: more women for union growth 2018-04-05 [UNI Global Union]

New ILO White Paper on the construction sector in the Middle East 2018-03-07 [BWI]

Youth Unemployment: The Middle East's Ticking Time Bomb 2018-03-01 [stratfor]

Arab education unions focus on union renewal and quality education 2017-12-15 [Education International]

#MeToo, Say Domestic Workers in the Middle East 2017-12-09 [HRW]

#Tech4Worse: The problem with digital labour initiatives for the Middle East 2017-12-08 [Open Democracy ]

Migrant Domestic Workers in Oman, UAE Abused 2017-11-15 [HRW]

Domestic workers from Tanzania 'working like robots, 2017-11-15 [DW]

Domestic workers who flee their abusive employers in the UAE and Oman could be charged with a hefty fine and sent to prison 2017-11-15 [MiddleEastEye]

87th Session of Directors of Arab Labor Organization Kicked off 2017-10-08 [MENAFN]

Campaign to end violence against women progresses in MENA region 2017-09-27 [IndustriALL]

Despite migration ban, Indonesian domestic workers still face forced labour and abuses in the Gulf 2017-09-11 [Equal Times]

Race and exploitation in the Gulf 2017-08-28 [Open Democracy]

Domestic workers claiming rights under the kafala system 2017-08-18 [Open Democracy]

Al-Jazeerah head backs some form of trade union in Doha 2017-07-26 [Middle East Eye]

Towards a Trade Union policy to eliminate child labour in the Arab States 2017-07-14 [ILO]

What will it take to protect Filipino domestic workers from abuse and exploitation in the Middle East? 2017-06-19 [Equal Times ]

Gulf States’ Slow March Toward Domestic Workers’ Rights 2017-06-17 [Human Rights Watch]

We must prevent Kenyan migrants from being slaves rather than workers 2017-06-15 [Equal Times]

Abused Migrant Workers End Up in Prison After Trying to Flee 2017-06-08 [News Deeply]

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