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MEAA statement on Israel and Palestine crisis 2023-11-06 [MEAA]

ICM and member assocaitions call for peace and resourcing during violence in Israel and Palestine 2023-11-04 [International Council of Midwives]

WFTU on the completion of the visit to the Middle East 2023-10-29 [WFTU]

'From friend to enemy': Palestinians in Israel suspended from jobs over war 2023-10-16 [Al-Jazeerah]

Workers accuse Middle East operations of McDonald’s, Chuck E. Cheese and other Western brands of labor abuses 2023-10-12 [ICIJ]

ITUC stands in solidarity with the PGFTU 2023-10-11 [ITUC]

We are a movement! – women trade unionists 2023-09-13 [BWI]

Workers want more heat stress protection, push for just transition 2023-07-17 [BWI]

The situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories 2023: Report of the Director-General For more info 2023-06-05 [Reliefweb]

Planning for a just transition in MENA 2023-05-27 [IndustriALL]

Development cooperation backs up Arab education unions’ actions for democracy, gender equality and quality education 2023-02-19 [EI]

Solidarity to the workers and people of Turkey, Syria and everyone who is affected by the earthquake 2023-02-07 [WFTU]

Le secteur aérospatial d’IndustriALL donne la priorité aux droits syndicaux dans les économies émergentes 2023-02-02 [IndustriALL]

53 trade unionists graduate from IndustriALL MENA leadership academy 2023-01-12 [IndustriALL]

Statement of the WFTU regional office in the Middle East on the International Day of Peace 2022-10-05 [WFTU]

Textile unions in MENA campaign for social protection Add to favourites Read this article in: English 29 September, 2022IndustriALL affiliates in Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine have launched a campaign to fight for social protection 2022-09-29 [IndustriALL]

Statement of the WFTU regional office in the Middle East on the International Day of Peace 2022-09-08 [WFTU]

​Women and Labor: Key Struggles in the MENA Region 2022-03-16 [PSI]

“The Gulf is no longer a dream land for Asian migrants” 2018-06-14 [Equal Times]

Seafarers unions express concern about “sabotage” attack and rising tensions in the Gulf 2019-05-20 [ITF]

Approaches and responses to Covid-19 in MENA's energy sector 2020-12-19 [IndustriALL]

Palestine and increased women participation mark MENA Trade Unions' Network meeting 2021-12-14 [BWI]

Palestine and increased women participation mark MENA Trade Unions' Network meeting 2021-12-15 [BWI]

Arab countries' teacher union leaders commit to defend human rights and quality public education 2017-05-12 [Education International]

Arab countries' unions crucial to achieve international goals on education in their region 2018-06-01 [Education International]

International Women's Day 2021 | Statement of Global Union Federations for the Arab region 2021-03-08 [EI]

Raising Arabic female teachers' voices 2017-03-22 [Education International]

Gulf States' Slow March Toward Domestic Workers' Rights 2017-06-17 [Human Rights Watch]

'We're poor people': Middle East's migrant workers look for way home amid pandemic 2020-06-09 [Guardian]

Life at 50C Gulf Killer Heat 2022-06-23 [BBC]

Apartheid Israel leads the world in killing journalists 2022-06-11 [The Daily Blog]

On the road to COP27, the MENA region is far behind on climate change education ambition 2022-03-22 [Education International]

Educators in the Arab countries ready to rebuild education systems despite challenges 2021-07-12 [Education International]

Arab educators and their unions ready to rebuild education and shape the future of their work 2021-07-10 [EI]

Stolen wages 2021-05-09 [Timesofindia]

Covid challenges in the Arab World: PSI affiliates share experiences 2021-04-29 [PSI]

Union Women Launch Global Petition to End Gender-Based Violence at Work For more info 2021-04-05 [Solidarity Center]

UN Global Compact on Migration Regional Review in the Arab Region 2021-02-27 [PSI]

G4S migrant workers 'forced to pay millions' in illegal fees for jobs 2021-01-18 [The Guardian]

Middle East and North Africa unions campaign for ratification of ILO C190 2021-01-08 [IndustriALL]

Migrants and Refugees in the MENA Region: Where are they now in the COVID-19 pandemic response? 2020-12-21 [PSI]

The Cost of Contagion The human rights impacts of COVID-19 on migrant workers in the Gulf 2020-12-06 [Equidem]

HeidelbergCement and LafargeHolcim operations mapped in MENA 2020-11-09 [BWI]

Vulnerable workers hardest hit by COVID-19 fallout in fragile Arab states 2020-10-15 [ILO]

Investors raise concerns about migrant workers' rights in Gulf 2020-08-07 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Women activists in the Middle East face online bullying and sexual harassment 2020-07-09 [Opendemocracy]

For migrant workers in the MENA, flattening the curve of inequality is urgent 2020-06-29 [Opendemocracy]

Arab women among most vulnerable to COVID-19 2020-05-14 [BWI]

Coronavirus deepens risks for migrant workers in the Gulf 2020-05-02 [Deutsche Welle]

In the Gulf, migrant workers fear for their future 2020-04-23 [Opendemocracy]

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