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Telecom firm Telmex and union reach contract agreement to raise salary 4.5% for some workers 2022-06-23 [Saltwire]

A First Contract for Mexican GM Plant's Independent Union 2022-06-22 [Labour Notes]

Workers File USMCA Complaint Against VU Manufacturing 2022-06-19 [Bloomberg]

Union strikes at ArcelorMittal plant over profit-sharing 2022-06-16 [Saltwire]

Union win at Mexican auto plant brings new hope for labour rights 2022-06-10 [The Hill Times]

US files 4th labor complaint on Mexican workers' rights 2022-06-07 [ABC]

New independent Mexican union wins wage increase at GM plant 2022-05-28 [The News]

Democratic trade unions in Mexico can become reality 2022-05-25 [IndustriALL]

Independent unions in Mexico use the USMCA to stop abuse at multinational plants 2022-05-25 [El Pais]

Mexico needs (more) holidays 2022-05-22 [Equal Times]

Mexico needs (more) holidays 2022-05-18 [Equal Times]

GM agrees to 8.5% raise with new Mexico union 2022-05-14 [Automotive News]

Union at Mexico GM plant says deal reached on new contract 2022-05-12 [ABC]

GM's new Mexican union seeks 19.2% wage hike 2022-04-27 [Auto News]

New GM union in Mexico seeks 19.2% wage hike in historic talks 2022-04-26 [The Leader-Post]

Panasonic workers in Mexico elect independent union, defeating top labor group 2022-04-23 [WTVB]

Panasonic workers in Mexico elect independent union, defeating top labor group 2022-04-23 [Reuters]

Program Officer, Mexico (USDOL) 2022-04-21 [Solidarity Centre]

International Solidarity in Action: Lessons From a Path-Breaking US-Mexico Union Alliance 2022-04-21 [CounterPunch]

Auto Workers Vote to Join Independent Unions 2022-04-20 [SHRM]

Mexican union calls for U.S. probe into alleged labor abuses at Panasonic plant 2022-04-19 [Reuters]

Citizenship scandal erupts for Mexican senator who ran union while exiled 2022-04-02 [BIV]

Ensuring equity and raising the status of teachers high on the education agenda for 2022 2022-03-30 [Education International]

GM Workers At Ramos Arizpe Plant Vote To Keep Current Union Contract 2022-03-29 [GMA]

A Labor Stunner in Mexico Augurs Greater Equality — on Both Sides of the Border 2022-03-17 [Good Men Project]

Podcast: Mexican Auto Workers Win Landmark Victory For more info 2022-03-03 [Solidarity Center]

How Union Drives in Mexico Help All Workers 2022-03-03 [LA Progressive]

A second major win for independent unions 2022-03-03 [NBC]

2nd major win for independent unions 2022-03-02 [AP]

Workers at Mexico border auto parts plant oust powerful union, eying ripple effect 2022-03-02 [Reuters]

Historic union victory by Mexican workers made possible by strong labour protections in USMCA 2022-03-01 [AFL-CIO]

How union drives in Mexico help workers on both sides of the border 2022-03-01 [Nation of Change]

Real improvements for workers 2022-03-01 [The Morning Star]

U.S. trade chief Tai says watching union vote at Mexican auto-parts plant closely 2022-03-01 [Reuters]

“Queremos Vivir”: The Workers Who Wouldn’t Die for the Pentagon 2022-02-25 [In These Times]

Historic unionization at GM plant in Mexico a good beginning 2022-02-24 [The Hill]

'We Are Fed Up': A Second Mexican Auto Plant Moves to Organize Independent Union 2022-02-23 [In These Times]

Key union vote in Mexico border city moved to Feb. 28 2022-02-20 [Saltwire]

A New Union, At Last? Mexican Auto Parts Workers Get to Vote, Three Years After Strike Wave 2022-02-20 [Labour Notes]

Experts see avocado price rise, damage to Mexican producers 2022-02-18 [ctpost]

Border city auto workers gear up for union vote in trade deal test 2022-02-18 [The Financial Post]

Border city auto workers gear up for union vote in trade deal test 2022-02-17 [Saltwire]

How a little trade union in Mexico ‘defeated a many-headed monster’ 2022-02-15 [Real News Network]

Teamster leaders laud steps taken by Mexican auto workers to unionize 2022-02-05 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

An Independent Union Wins Landslide Victory Among Mexican GM Workers 2022-02-10 [NACLA]

Mexico: Independent Union Wins Landmark Election For more info 2022-02-07 [Solidarity Center]

Labor Win in Mexico Augurs Greater Equality for Workers on Both Sides of the Border 2022-02-07 [Common Dreams]

Mexican auto workers just made history by taking back their union 2022-02-05 [TRNN]

GM Mexico Workers Oust Longtime Bargaining Agent 2022-02-05 [Wards Auto]

Auto Workers Form Independent Union After Breaking Off from Corrupt Labor Group 2022-02-05 [Democracy Now]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

30-07-1766 Real del Monte silver miners and their families converge on Pachuca to protest the cut in their pay. Viceroy Gamboa's envoy reaches an agreement ending their strike on 13/09. [more]