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SNTE Proposals for a Safe Return to Classes 2020-08-05 [EI]

New NAFTA: Mexican Workers’ Fight, Die 2020-07-15 [LA Progressive]

Japanese carmakers opt to triple Mexican pay rather than move to US 2020-07-05 [Financial Times]

Juarez labor lawyer braces for possible new arrest in Chihuahua 2020-07-06 [Border Report]

House members question worker protections following arrest of Mexican labor activist 2020-07-08 [Border Report]

Mexican labor activist fights ban from border state, cites trade pact protections 2020-07-08 [Reuters]

Mexico sheds another 83,000 tax-paying jobs in June 2020-07-13 [Reuters]

New Unionism for the Mining Sector 2020-07-11 [Mexico Business News]

French aerospace firm Safran to build new Mexico factory: Mexican foreign minister 2020-07-11 [Reuters]

Mexico: Recycling Workers Facing the Pandemic Organized and United 2020-07-10 [USW]

Essential—and Expendable—Mexican Labor 2020-07-10 [Dollars and Sense]

Unsanitized: Labor Repression in Mexico and Dangers in the COVID Workplace 2020-07-10 [The American Prospect]

Juarez labor attorney with ties to El Paso faces arrest days after winning release from jail 2020-07-10 [El Paso Times]

USMCA: Enforcement or Bust 2020-07-09 [USW]

Jailing Of Labor Activist Raises Concerns About Mexico's Readiness For USMCA 2020-06-29 [NPR]

Mexican labor activist's arrest sends 'wrong signal' under North America trade deal 2020-06-30 [Reuters]

Mexico loses 12 million jobs, workers in informal sector grow 2020-06-30 [Reuters]

As New NAFTA Takes Effect, Much Remains Undone 2020-07-01 [NY Times]

A Mexican Labor Lawyer Denounced U.S. Pressure to Reopen Maquiladoras. Then She Was Jailed 2020-07-01 [In These Times]

Union Busting Under the New NAFTA 2020-07-01 [The American Prospect]

LABOUR RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT IN THE USMCA 2020-07-03 [Maquila Solidarity Network]

Country joins international labour agreement on maids' rights 2020-07-05 [AP]

Labor Leader’s Arrest Draws Protests as USMCA Trade Deal Goes into Effect 2020-07-02 [Democracy Now]

Jailing Of Labor Activist Raises Concerns About Mexico's Readiness For USMCA 2020-06-30 [NPR]

U.S. unions urge Mexico to defend workers' rights after labor advocate's arrest 2020-06-16 [Reuters]

US identifies 12 Mexican products linked to forced or child labor 2020-06-19 [Mexico News Daily]

Steelmaker Altos Hornos de Mexico says will lay off 2,400 workers 2020-06-19 [Reuters]

U.S. unions urge Mexico to defend workers' rights after labor advocate's arrest 2020-06-17 [The Financial Post]

VW to start sending workers back to Mexico plant Tuesday 2020-06-15 [Automotive News]

Victory for NOTIMEX workers after 108 days of strike and camping 2020-06-13 [IFJ]

Mexican state arrests border labor lawyer Susana Prieto 2020-06-09 [AP]

Arrest of Mexican labor activist raises concerns for worker rights 2020-06-09 [Reuters]

Deaths Prompt Questions About Covid-19 Safety in Mexico Factories 2020-06-10 [WSJ]

Mexico labor lawyer to be held pending trial on riot charges 2020-06-11 [AP]

Top Mexican labour lawyer arrested after activism in US-owned factories 2020-06-11 [Guardian]

Arrest of Mexican labour activist raises concerns for worker rights 2020-06-10 [The National Post]

News agency Notimex shut down by strike 2020-06-09 [AP]

Following Strikes by Mexican Workers, U.S. Presses to Keep Border Plants Open 2020-05-08 [Labour Notes]

Coronavirus Has Mexico’s Workers Pinned Between U.S. Business Interests and Their President’s Obsessive Austerity 2020-05-05 [The Intercept]

Mexico to reopen automotive plants; safeguards will protect workers 2020-04-25 [Mexico News Daily]

U.S. Pushes Mexico To Open Some Factories 2020-04-26 [NPR]

DeLauro Statement on Congressional Notification of July 1 Entry into Force of Renegotiated NAFTA 2020-04-24 [Rep. Rosa DeLauro]

Pascrell Urges Strong Enforcement of new NAFTA 2020-04-27 [Rep. Bill Pascrell]

Sweeping Mexican factory shutdown strains U.S. production of critical supplies 2020-04-27 [Politico]

Coronavirus: Mexico factory staff question 'essential work' 2020-04-28 [BBC]

Manufacturers want to reopen; in Ciudad Juárez some haven’t closed 2020-04-29 [Mexico News Daily]

Mexican miners ask U.S. to consider it in talks on re-opening 2020-04-29 [Reuters]

Feinstein, Cornyn Urge State Department to Minimize Disruption to U.S.-Mexico Supply Chain 2020-04-29 [Sen. Diane Feinstein]

As Workers Fall Ill, U.S. Presses Mexico to Keep American-Owned Plants Open 2020-04-30 [NY Times]

Coronavirus: Mexican factories risk workers' lives 2020-04-30 [Deutsche Welle]

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