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Trade union movement must build bridges with NGOs and political allies 2021-12-11 [Aliran]

Forced labour allegations: Tip of the iceberg? 2021-12-06 [Aliran]

Authorities continue criminal defamation case against Sarawak Report editor 2021-11-17 [IFJ]

Government secures seat at UN Human Rights Council 2021-10-28 [IFJ]

1 dead, 1 injured in coal mill fire, unions seek probe 2021-10-25 [BWI]

Social workers are frontliners too, provide for them in Budget 2022 2021-10-24 [The Star]

Farewell, Nor Azlan Yaacob 2021-10-08 [BWI]

Farewell, Nor Azlan Yaacob 2021-10-06 [BWI]

New government prevents media outlets from attending parliament 2021-09-13 [IFJ]

CSOs call for repeal of Sedition Act and stop the persecution of activists 2021-09-08 [IFJ]

ST Microelectronics Malaysia - don’t put profit before workers’ safety 2021-08-17 [IndustriALL]

Riot police block opposition members from entering parliament 2021-08-04 [IFJ]

Malaysian union files ILO complaint against HICOM 2021-08-03 [IndustriALL]

Malaysia doctors strike, parliament meets as COVID strain shows For more info 2021-07-28 [Al Jazeera]

Migrant workers in Malaysia win labor suit against Goodyear 2021-06-17 [The Economic Times]

Media vaccinations urged so journalists can carry out work safely 2021-06-12 [IFJ]

Malaysian union wins collective agreement after nine years 2021-05-18 [IndustriALL]

Reinstate YTL cement workers - sign the petition 2021-05-10 [BWI]

Call to cease crackdown on media 2021-05-05 [IFJ]

NUJM and IFJ launch report on press freedom in Malaysia 2021-05-05 [IFJ]

Press freedom drops to new low 2021-04-30 [IFJ]

Wrong to force workers to be vaccinated 2021-04-22 [FMT]

Workers voted yes to union in Malaysia’s timber company 2021-04-21 [ICM]

Sabah workers demand release of delayed wages and allowances 2021-04-21 [BWI]

Workers voted yes to union in Malaysia’s timber company 2021-04-21 [BWI]

Sabah workers demand release of delayed wages and allowances 2021-04-21 [BWI]

Malaysian government urged to end emergency rule and reform labour law 2021-04-15 [IndustriALL]

Women trade union group in Malaysia calls for 98 days of maternity leave 2021-03-26 [HRM]

Farewell, Jamaluddin Mat Isa 2021-03-17 [BWI]

Government continued to source PPE from Malaysia suppliers accused of modern slavery 2021-03-15 [The Guardian]

New emergency laws criminalise 'fake news' 2021-03-12 [IFJ]

MTUC: Socso contribution rate should be increased, but only for employers 2021-03-11 [The Mail]

Malaysia’s dirty gloves 2021-03-09 [Le Monde Diplomatique]

Union pushes for workers' reinstatement 2021-02-26 [BWI]

A Setback for Media Freedom 2021-02-24 [IFJ]

Buyers shun major Malaysian palm oil producers after forced labour allegations 2021-02-15 [Thomson Reuters]

Union calls for protection of teachers as frontline personnel 2021-01-26 [Education International]

Union calls for cooperation amidst national lockdown 2021-01-18 [IFJ]

Unions oppose parliament suspension 2021-01-16 [BWI]

Hidden camera reveals 'appalling' conditions in overseas PPE factory supplying Canadian hospitals, expert says 2021-01-15 [CBC]

Unions oppose parliament suspension 2021-01-14 [BWI]

Migrant workers hope for more protection in Malaysia 2021-01-11 [UCA News]

US bans second Malaysian palm oil giant over forced labor 2020-12-31 [AP]

US bans imports of palm oil from Malaysia’s Sime Darby over forced labour allegations 2020-12-30 [South China Morning Post]

Bank Union Registers Labour Relations Concerns about HSBC 2021-01-05 [TUAC]

Lo: Industrial Relations Act amendments will lead to more proactive industrial relationship, improve worker’s rights 2020-12-30 [Borneo Post]

The Indonesia migrant domestic workers finally formed their own organization – PERTIMIG 2020-12-28 [IDWF]

https://news.trust.org/item/20201223032137-sedum/?utm_campaign=trafficking&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_source=secondListing&utm_content=link1&utm_contentItemId=20201223032137-sedum 2020-12-24 [Thomson Reuters]

Malaysian glove maker denies its workers are living in shipping containers 2020-12-24 [Thomson Reuters]

A Company Made P.P.E. for the World. Now Its Workers Have the Virus 2020-12-20 [NYTimes]

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