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Laws allowing excessive overtime makes Malaysia party to propagating forced labour 2023-09-25 [Aliran]

Union calls on government to respect ILO decision and reinstate workers 2023-08-21 [IndustriALL]

Malaysia: Exploitative employment is the key reason migrant workers become undocumented, finds IOM study 2023-08-11 [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre]

Government authority blocks news outlets ahead of state elections 2023-08-09 [IFJ]

Workers’ rights champion Rajasekaran passes away 2023-08-08 [The Star]

Trades union body in support of progressive wage policy 2023-07-14 [Now]

Amend Sabah Labour Ordinance to protect employees, says MTUC 2023-07-09 [The Star]

Amendments to Sarawak Labour Ordinance up for submission to MoHR, says Gerawat 2023-07-09 [The Post]

New ILO study highlights steps to strengthen decent work in Malaysia’s rubber glove supply chain 2023-07-04 [ILO]

Union win in Malaysia: After decade-long organizing struggle, AEON voluntary recognizes union 2023-06-07 [UNI]

Building Power Through Associations: Experience of Grab Drivers in Malaysia 2023-06-04 [Asian Labour Review]

A Labour Agenda for Malaysia 2023-05-28 [Asian Labour Review]

HR Ministry replaces labour DG amid foreign workers job scam 2023-05-19 [Malaysiakini]

Abuse of migrant workers will tarnish Malaysia’s image 2023-05-08 [Aliran]

Education International honours the memory of education champion Perianan Ramanathan 2023-05-05 [Education International]

Workers’ unions say setting of minimum wage should take into account various aspects 2023-05-04 [The Mail]

Labour rights: Negotiating for change 2023-05-04 [Aliran]

May Day in Malaysia: Minimum guarantees for workers means a fairer society for all 2023-05-04 [China Labour Bulletin]

Workers' unions want higher employers' EPF contribution for those earning below RM4,001 2023-04-30 [The Star]

ILO Committee supports union against company's refusal to negotiate 2023-04-01 [BWI]

IFJ welcomes groundbreaking new NUJM agreement 2023-03-08 [IFJ]

5th convention of GSG Malyasia had concludes 2023-02-19 [GEFONT]

New ILO initiative to help protect migrant worker wages in Malaysia 2023-02-03 [ILO]

Major review of labour policies needed, say researchers 2023-01-29 [freemalaysiatoday]

A labour agenda for Malaysia 2023-01-20 [New Mandala]

Just pay your people! 2023-01-06 [freemalaysiatoday]

Gaming unions prepare for changes to labour legislation 2022-12-17 [UNI]

Two arrested for harassment of Malaysia Gazette journalists 2022-11-14 [IFJ]

Migrant workers issue legal claim against Dyson for alleged forced labour and abusive working conditions 2022-11-10 [Leigh Day]

Former Utusan Malaysia media workers to receive compensation 2022-11-02 [IFJ]

Government accused of political interference in the media 2022-09-17 [IFJ]

Goodyear settles labour abuse claims with workers in Malaysia 2022-09-15 [The Jakarta Post]

Apple supplier in Malaysia must immediately stop union busting 2022-09-13 [IndustriALL]

ILO rules HICOM Malaysia violates freedom of association 2022-08-24 [IndustriALL]

ILO rules HICOM Malaysia violates freedom of association 2022-08-23 [IndustriALL]

Probe forced labour claim in timber industry, govt urged 2022-08-19 [FMT]

Unions file petition, seek justice for migrant worker wrongfully jailed and whipped 2022-08-18 [BWI]

Unions file petition, seek justice for migrant worker wrongfully jailed and whipped 2022-08-16 [BWI]

New bill risk crippling unions 2022-07-22 [IndustriALL]

Whipped migrant worker acquitted, unions mull reparation 2022-07-27 [BWI]

Whipped migrant worker acquitted, unions mull reparation 2022-07-26 [BWI]

MTUC: Easing of MCO ‘too fast and too soon' 2020-05-04 [The Daily Express]

Bill to repeal ‘Anti-Fake News' Act fails 2018-09-13 [IFJ]

En Malaisie, les syndicats réagissent à la réforme des lois sur les relations sociales et les syndicats 2019-01-19 [IndustriALL]

‘Union's role is to find best solution for workers' rights' 2018-09-05 [The Post]

‘No levy on foreign workers' 2017-01-03 [The Star]

The Indonesia migrant domestic workers finally formed their own organization – PERTIMIG 2020-12-28 [IDWF]

Dyson faces legal action over ‘forced labour' and exploitation 2022-02-17 [Channel 4 News]

Kula warned against ‘simplistic' solution in cutting foreign workers' salaries 2018-12-15 [FMT]

GPs go ‘on strike' for higher consultation fees 2019-06-11 [Today]

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