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ITF intervenes to prevent ‘politically motivated’ arrest of South Korean trade union leaders 2022-04-27 [ITF]

Shipyard worker reinstated after 37-year struggle 2022-04-20 [IndustriALL]

Thousands of unionized workers call on Yoon to improve labor conditions 2022-04-13 [Yonhap]

OECD starts talks between Chanel Korea and union 2022-04-10 [JoongAng Daily]

logistics union says no to death from overwork 2022-03-19 [UNI]

‘Sexism exists’: S.Korea feminist presidential candidate’s lonely crusade 2022-03-08 [Politiko]

Courier union agrees to end labor walkout at CJ Logistics 2022-03-02 [Yonhap]

‘Drivers have died’: South Korea’s couriers camp out for change 2022-02-24 [Al Jazeera]

Kim Jin-suk, trade unionist who scaled crane to protest layoffs, reinstated after 37-year struggle 2022-02-24 [Hankyoreh]

Samsung Electronics unions threaten first-ever strike, impact unclear 2022-02-16 [Saltwire]

Delivery union continues to occupy CJ Korea Express headquarters for the third day 2022-02-12 [News Directory3]

Samsung may face the first workers' strike in 53 years 2022-02-07 [Equal Ocean]

Samsung Elec union poised for first-ever strike upon collapse in wage talks 2022-02-04 [Pulse]

'Sewing Sisters' tells story of the textile workers who fought back 2022-02-02 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Samsung Electronics about to reach wage agreement 2022-01-23 [The Times]

Delivery platform workers form labor union 2022-01-19 [Korea Bizwire]

CJ Logistics strike goes on, but so do deliveries 2022-01-18 [JoongAng Daily]

South Korea will see a massive labor uprising on January 15 2022-01-14 [In These Times]

‘Won’t take it any more’: South Korea’s Starbucks baristas rebel 2022-01-12 [Al Jazeera]

Chanel Korea Workers Union wins wage increase and collective agreement, pressing on to secure justice for sexual harassment cases 2022-01-04 [UNI Global Union]

Unionized delivery workers at CJ Logistics to go on strike 2021-12-23 [Yonhap]

Préavis de grève générale 2021-12-23 [Yonhap]

Umbrella union opposes ex-FM's bid for ILO leadership 2021-12-21 [The Times]

“Korean employers, we are not machines or slaves.” 2021-12-20 [Kyunghyang Shinmun]

Chanel Korea employees to begin strike next week 2021-12-08 [The Times]

Microsoft Korea Workers’ Union votes to strike over wages and disregard for workers’ sacrifice during pandemic 2021-12-04 [UNI]

Strikes in South Korea shut down road freight as fight for Safe Rates escalates 2021-12-01 [ITF]

Hyundai Tackles Unionized Labor Rates By Investing In Contract Manufacturing Plant Before EV Shift 2021-11-21 [Carscoops]

Police Grill KCTU Acting Chief over Downtown Rallies 2021-11-19 [KBS WORLD Radio]

South Koreans Protest In 'Squid Game' Costumes Demanding Wage Hike, Job Security 2021-10-24 [Republic World]

UAW calls for immediate release of president of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions 2021-10-22 [UAW]

Korean unions use Squid Game to mobilize for general strike 2021-10-22 [IndustriALL]

Cosmetic retail workers press for a higher wage and fairer sales incentive system 2021-10-22 [UNI]

KCTU “Large-scale rally in Seoul on the 13th of next month…The general strike started yesterday” 2021-10-22 [Newsdirectory3]

Bus barricades and marching unionists 2021-10-22 [Hankyoreh]

General strike in Korea for workers’ rights and Just Transition 2021-10-21 [IndustriALL]

General strike in Korea for workers’ rights and Just Transition 2021-10-21 [IndustriALL]

Half a Million Workers Prepare to Walk Off Jobs in General Strike 2021-10-19 [Truthout]

Union to push ahead with strike despite mounting concerns 2021-10-19 [The Herald]

1,000 food delivery workers to join one-day general strike next week 2021-10-15 [The Herald]

Umbrella union to hold large-scale rally during next week's one-day general strike 2021-10-14 [The Korea Times]

Starbucks workers plan rally over excessive workload 2021-10-04 [The Herald]

Starbucks workers plan rally over excessive workload 2021-10-04 [The Herald]

President of South Korea's militant union federation arrested for organizing rally 2021-09-11 [Labor Notes]

Arrest of Korean trade union leader raises concerns about freedom of association and assembly 2021-09-06 [TUAC]

IndustriALL Global Union condemns arrest of KCTU president YANG Kyeung-soo and demands his immediate release 2021-09-05 [IndustriALL]

BWI on the arrest of KCTU Chair Yang Kyeung-soo 2021-09-05 [BWI]

BWI on the arrest of KCTU Chair Yang Kyeung-soo 2021-09-03 [BWI]

Labor umbrella organization head arrested for holding rallies despite COVID-19 ban 2021-09-02 [Korea Times]

South Korean trade union head arrested over protests violating Covid rules 2021-09-02 [EFE]

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