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Top news - Haryana

No letup in safai strike, key meet tomorrow 2023-05-28 [The Times]

‘Union membership to contract workers at the heart of labour struggle at Manesar’ 2023-05-24 [The Hindu]

Sanitation workers protest in Gurugram, demand regularisation of jobs 2023-04-21 [Hindustan Times]

Sanitation Workers on Protest in Gurgaon, Demand Expansion of Workforce, Regularisation of Jobs 2023-02-26 [Newsclick]

Meeting inconclusive, sanitation workers continue strike 2022-10-29 [HT]

Sanitation workers’ protest in Gurugram raises a stink 2022-10-27 [HT]

Union membership for contract worker creates ripples in Gurugram auto hub 2022-10-10 [The Hindu]

4 sanitation workers suffocate to death while cleaning sewer at Faridabad Hospital 2022-10-06 [PTI]

पथेर की ईंटों की मजदूरी बढ़ाने की मांग, प्रदर्शन 2017-04-13 [Nagrik]

मजदूर संगठनों ने एसडीएम कार्यालय पर दिया धरना 2017-03-02 [ददैनिक भास्कर]

Construction workers’ deaths: Gurgaon police arrest three accused 2022-08-06 [Express News Service]

4 workers killed after inhaling toxic gas in Haryana factory 2022-08-04 [Hindustan Times]

‘Demands not met', Asha workers strike work 2018-06-16 [TNN]

‘They're scared of us, we're not scared of them' — women workers after Urban Company sues them 2021-12-23 [The Print]

‘Demands not met', Asha workers strike work 2018-06-16 [The Times]

Health workers to go on strike, stay in ‘home isolation' 2021-06-21 [TNN]

Workers ‘suspended, transferred for bid to form union', hold protest 2018-01-19 [The Times]

Khattar's ‘Gift' Not Enough, Anganwadi Workers' Strike to Continue, Says Union 2021-12-30 [Newsclick]

“The government is taking revenge for the 18-day strike that we had organised earlier.' 2018-12-05 [Newsclick]

‘Minimum wage can be segregated' 2019-05-02 [Tribune News Service]

Roadways workers to hold ‘chakka jam' on Sept 5 2018-08-30 [The Tribune]

Government workers' union plans strike over pay in January 2018-12-23 [The Digital Globalist]

Roadways employees' stir: 28 Khaps join protest, 2-day govt staff strike from today 2018-10-30 [Express News Service]

Supporting roadways staffers' strike: 2.5 lakh Haryana govt employees likely to go on mass casual leave today 2018-10-26 [The Express]

Workers at Manesar auto parts firm struggle to form union' - Report 2017-12-06 [Steel Guru]

Government calls agitating Haryana Roadways workers' 2018-10-21 [The Times]

Roadways workers' strike to continue as talks fail 2018-10-25 [The Times]

Roadways workers' union to meet today 2018-12-06 [TNN]

Now, workers' union to launch stir, threatens assembly gherao 2018-09-07 [The Times]

10 months after death on conveyor belt, workers still can't form a union 2018-01-10 [The Times]

Roadways unions' strike on January 8, 9 2018-12-20 [PNS]

Production resumes at Honda's Manesar plant; workers plan another march on Wednesday 2019-11-26 [The Times]

Construction Workers Stage Statewide Protest, Union Calls for Gherao of Deputy CM's Residence 2021-06-08 [Newsclick]

Multi-Purpose Health Workers' Strike Continues for 3rd week 2018-09-13 [Newsclick]

Trainees Hired, Wage Hike Denied: Honda Pours Cold Water on Contract Staff's Uprising in Manesar 2019-12-26 [Newsclick]

Protesting staff get employee unions' backing 2018-10-22 [The Tribune]

Furnace blast kills 2 workers at Rohtak unit 2022-07-19 [TNN]

CITU condemns vindictive actions of Haryana govt against road transport workers 2022-04-02 [CITU]

Haryana: BKU Charuni holds state-level meeting of union workers in Kurukshetra 2022-03-23 [TOI]

CITU condemns the barbaric repression by Haryana police against striking Anganwadi workers and helpers 2022-03-07 [CITU]

Explained: Why thousands of anganwadi workers are protesting 2022-01-24 [Indian Express]

CITU condemns Haryana Government invoking ESMA against the striking doctors 2022-01-14 [CITU]

Inspired by farmers, Anganwadi workers launch protests 2021-12-26 [The Times]

Protest Called Off But Service Professionals at Urban Company Say Fight Will Continue 2021-12-24 [Newsclick]

Urban Company women workers say company's new policies will hurt their earnings 2021-12-23 [Mint]

Urban Company women workers protest against new work systems 2021-12-22 [EN Trackr]

Exclusive: Urban Company sues women gig workers protesting against the company 2021-12-22 [EN Trackr]

Naraingarh Sugar Mills workers end strike 2021-09-29 [The Times]

A year into lockdown, migrant labourers in Guragon continue to struggle without work 2021-03-28 [First Post]

Frontline workers to get jabs from February 4 2021-01-31 [TNN]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-05-1923 The country's first May Day celebration. [more]

8-05-1974 A national railway strike begins. 1.7 million workers were involved in demanding higher wages and shorter working hours. Indira Gandhi’s government brutally suppressed the strike with 1000s being sent to jail and losing their jobs. [more]

18-05-1905 Seafarer Surat Alley was born in India. He moved to Britain and during WWII and helped organise a strike of seamen to improve conditions for lascars: sailors on UK ships from Asia and the Middle East, who worked under inferior conditions. [more]