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We are only safe when everyone is safe: aviation unions join call for TRIPS Waiver to fight Covid 2021-05-08 [ITF]

UN task force should probe why governments failed to fulfill obligations to seafarers during pandemic 2021-05-08 [ITF]

Education unions’ success in improving working conditions and status for the profession despite COVID-19 crisis 2021-05-08 [EI]

US support for the TRIPS waiver: a step closer to equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines for all 2021-05-08 [EI]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday May 7, 2021 - Labour's global climate action plan 2021-05-08 [Radio-Canada]

ICN reaction to US backing of waiver on vaccine patents 'a game-changer that can save millons of lives' 2021-05-08 [International Congress of Nurses]

LafargeHolcim, ¡asume compromisos concretos frente a los derechos de los trabajadores! 2021-05-03 [IndustriALL]

LafargeHolcim, make a concrete commitment to workers’ rights! 2021-05-03 [IndustriALL]

BWI Song of Solidarity for May Day 2021-05-06 [BWI]

Union actions on vaccination education 2021-05-05 [IUF]

May Day 2021: Free all jailed trade unionists - watch the video 2021-05-05 [LabourStart]

LafargeHolcim misses opportunity to make concrete commitments to workers' rights 2021-05-05 [BWI]

LafargeHolcim misses opportunity to make concrete commitments to workers' rights 2021-05-05 [BWI]

World Press Freedom Day 2021 2021-05-05 [IFJ]

WHO updates guidance on aerosol transmission 2021-05-05 [IUF]

International Day of the Midwife 2021-05-05 [International Confederation of Midwives]

Recovery must be driven by public investment in local public services 2021-05-03 [PSI]

Live Event: Free All Jailed Trade Unionists - in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey and Belarus 2021-05-02 [LabourStart]

WFTU May Day Event-successful and militant celebration of May Day 2021 2021-05-02 [WFTU]

St. Joseph the Worker and the value of labor 2021-05-01 [Angelus]

May Day protesters demand more job protections amid pandemic 2021-05-01 [ABC]

Have we fulfilled the promise of International Workers’ Day? 2021-05-01 [World Economic Forum]

Labour Day 2021: History And Significance Of May Day 2021-05-01 [News18]

Labour Day 2021: History, Significance, theme of May Day and all you need to know 2021-05-01 [India Today]

It’s time to end oppression and respect workers’ civil liberties 2021-05-01 [ITF]

May Day 2021: Trade unionists fight for democracy around the world 2021-05-01 [EI]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday April 30, 2021 - A union started Int'l Workers Memorial Day 2021-05-01 [RadioLabour]

May Day statement: The best way forward is through collective bargaining 2021-05-01 [UNI Global Union]

May Day: Change comes from power; power comes from numbers 2021-05-01 [BWI]

May Day 2021 : Against Incidental Survival: Social Protection for Domestic Workers is not Luxury, it is a Must. 2021-05-01 [IDWF]

International Labour Day: Solidarity is key to our common survival and prosperity 2021-04-30 [ILO]

Happy May Day! 2021-04-30 [IUF]

Work from home: challenges amidst opportunities 2021-04-29 [Global Labour University]

Olympics Playbook falls behind world class Covid-19 protective measures 2021-04-29 [UNI]

PSI May Day statement: It’s time to move from applause to action 2021-04-29 [PSI]

Accelerating vaccines for transport workers is a humanitarian and economic imperative 2021-04-29 [ITF]

‘A total own goal’: Shipowners’ wage cuts plan a slap in the face for pandemic heroes 2021-04-29 [ITF]

The crackdown on supply-chain bullies who pit worker against worker 2021-04-29 [ITF]

EI and OECD launch Principles for Effective and Equitable Educational Recovery 2021-04-29 [Education International]

No Recovery is Possible without us: Health and Safety at Work for Domestic Workers 2021-04-29 [IDWF]

This year on May Day, let’s not forget the class war prisoners 2021-04-28 [Eric Lee - Solidarity]

International Memorial Workers Day: Remember the dead, fight for the living 2021-04-28 [IFJ]

International Workers’ Memorial Day: Remembering those we have lost, demanding change so we lose no more 2021-04-28 [UNI Global Union]

LafargeHolcim unions pledge to intensify campaign for labour rights 2021-04-28 [BWI]

Climate literacy, helping students make informed choices for the future 2021-04-28 [Education International]

We need a strong, resilient occupational safety and health environment 2021-04-28 [ILO]

International Workers Memorial Day 2021: Why we must fighter harder than ever to win safe workplaces as a right 2021-04-28 [IUF]

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2021-04-28 [ITUC]

Education International’s Manifesto: Education, a tool to fight the threat of the climate crisis 2021-04-27 [Education International]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work ILO calls for resilient occupational safety and health systems for future emergencies 2021-04-27 [ILO]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-05-1889 May Day - the international workers' holiday. [more]