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Entry into Force of the Montreal Protocol 2014 2020-01-23 [IFALPA]

AIRF's Protest Letter Against Privatization to Minister of Railways. For more info 2020-01-22 [AIRF Communications Centre]

Global unemployment projected to rise by around 2.5 million in 2020: UN labour report 2020-01-22 [PTI]

Precarity: a political problem 2020-01-22 [Opendemocracy]

What is artisanal gold and why is it booming? 2020-01-20 [Moneyweb]

Point-Wise Objections by AIRF to the Privatization Proposals of Indian Railways For more info 2020-01-17 [AIRF Communications Centre]

Uruguay becomes first country to ratify ILO Convention 190 2020-01-16 [IndustriALL]

The Machines Have Us Trained for Obedience 2020-01-16 [Global Research]

Let’s remember our union wins as we gear up in 2020 for the fight of our lives 2020-01-16 [Equal Times]

The Complicated Relationship Between Robots And Workers 2020-01-14 [Forbes]

UNI Global Union and the ITUC show solidarity with Amazon climate activists 2020-01-14 [UNI Global Union]

International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization shares AIRF's Video For more info 2020-01-13 [AIRF Communications Centre]

Worker organising can counter labour abuse in the Global South 2020-01-13 [Al Jazeera]

How can journalists protect their mental health from online harassment? 2020-01-13 [EFJ]

'Making women visible in occupational health and safety', a new IUF resource 2020-01-11 [IUF]

ITF speaks for global maritime professionals at International Association of Maritime Universities 2020-01-11 [ITF]

RadioLabour's World Report for the week January 6-10, 2020 2020-01-11 [RadioLabour]

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2020-01-10 [World Socialist Website]

Soundtrack to the streets: a year of global protests – and the songs that underscored them 2020-01-10 [Equal Times]

Global players union warns of 'significant resistance' to four-day Tests 2020-01-09 [Sport24]

Here’s What Workers of the Global South Endure to Create Corporate Wealth 2020-01-06 [Truth Out]

Save Railways, Save Nation For more info 2020-01-05 [AIRF Communications Centre]

IFJ mourns 49 killed journalists in 2019 2020-01-04 [IFJ]

Work: it’s time for a new year’s revolution 2020-01-03 [Opendemocracy]

#WeAreITF: End of year messages from ITF president and general secretary 2019-12-31 [ITF]

Global Trade Union With 200 Million Members Declares Solidarity With Iran Protesters 2019-12-24 [NCRI]

How the Modern Workplace Fails Women 2019-12-24 [Marker]

What we learned from over a decade of tech activism 2019-12-23 [Guardian]

E-commerce report shows Amazon model is unsustainable 2019-12-23 [UNI Global Union]

Education unions join international efforts to ensure refugees’ rights in and through education 2019-12-23 [Education International]

Surge in Supply Chain Transparency 2019-12-22 [Maquila Solidarity Network]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday December 20, 2019 2019-12-22 [RadioLabour]

TUAC on new OECD report: Urgent need to step up Official Development Assistance 2019-12-20 [TUAC]

Gender equality in public service media: guidelines for building a gender-balanced workplace 2019-12-20 [EFJ]

The renewable energy sector may ‘pass’ the environmental test, but what about labour and human rights? 2019-12-20 [Equal Times]

A rights-based approach for climate migrants 2019-12-19 [NUPGE]

Education unions join international efforts to ensure refugees’ rights in and through education 2019-12-19 [Education International]

Surge in garment industry transparency, shows new report 2019-12-19 [UNI Global Union]

UNI launches guide to address challenges of LGBTI+ workers 2019-12-19 [UNI Global Union]

“There is no real alternative to social dialogue, collective agreements and the voice of workers” – even the OECD agrees 2019-12-19 [Equal Times]

Joint press statement on the constructive working relationship established in Latin America between the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), UNI Global Union and Deutsche Post DHL Group 2019-12-18 [ITF]

Lack of urgency and ambition overshadow closing of 2019 UN Climate talks as too many governments ignore threats of climate crisis to people 2019-12-18 [ITUC]

International Migrants Day 2019-12-18 [ITUC]

AIRF India Campaigns in 96 Languages to Ratify ILO C 190 For more info 2019-12-16 [AIRF Communication Centre]

COP25 blog – 15 December 2019 2019-12-15 [IndustriALL]

“We know enough to take action” 2019-12-16 [IndustriALL]

Global Union files OECD Complaint against LafargeHolcim for Labour Violations 2019-12-16 [BWI]

COP25 blog – 13 December 2019 2019-12-14 [IndustriALL]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday December 13, 2019 2019-12-14 [RadioLabour]

World journalists call on fellow colleagues across the world to sign a joint statement demanding Julian Assange's immediate release 2019-12-13 [IFJ]

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